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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Traci Abbott Carlton Connolly

    Full detailed profile on Traci Abbott Carlton Connolly Played by Beth Maitland on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Beth Maitland (CBS)
    Traci Abbott Carlton Connolly

    Actor: Beth Maitland

    Who played Traci Abbott Carlton Connolly over the years

    Beth Maitland (1982-1996; 1999; May 2001 - present)

    Useful information on Traci Abbott Carlton Connolly

    * Married to Steve Connolly.
    * Resides in an uptown apartment in New York City.
    * Had a major crush on Danny Romalotti.
    * Arrested for crashing her car while addicted to pills.
    * Often lost her men to other hungry women.
    * Forgave her husband Steve for his infidelity.
    * Shipped a wild Colleen to Genoa City in an attempt to get her on the right path.
    * Had a very hard time dealing with her father's death.


    Current: Best-selling Author
    Past: Singer in Danny Romalotti's band


    Traci arrived back in Genoa City from boarding school in 1982. Having always felt inferior to her old sister Ashley, Traci grew up very insecure.

    Her first bout of love came after being the fan club president to rock star Danny Romalotti. Just when Traci got the opportunity to sing with Danny, she found herself fighting for his affection with the beautiful Lauren Fenmore. In fact, most of Traci's life was spent feeling rejected. After she fell for Professor Tim Sullivan, Traci was so depressed after finding him in bed with another woman that she attempted suicide!

    Shortly after Traci fell in love with the Abbott's gardener, Brad Carlton. As her luck would have it, Brad's bitter ex-wife Lisa came to town and kidnapped Brad! Kept in a cage, Lauren Fenmore came across Brad, but in an attempt to save him she was captured, too! Fortunately, just as Lisa was leaving the scene, Traci's brother Jack came in and rescued Brad and Lauren. During Brad's absence, thinking that he had abandoned her, Traci had filed for divorce. After finding out that Traci was pregnant with his child, Brad remarried her. However, even after Colleen was born, their marriage continued to falter and Traci ended up taking Colleen to NY, divorcing Brad and marrying Steve Connelly. For many years, Colleen would grow up referring to Steve as her father and to Brad as a visitor.

    Traci finally found her calling after she wrote and published her first novel "Echoes of the Past," then went on to write a second "Epitaph for a Lover."

    After discovering that Steve had cheated on her, Traci briefly moved back to Genoa City to sort out her life. Despite her daughter's objection, she forgave Steve and moved back to New York with an angry Colleen in tow. When Colleen began acting out through broken curfews and marijuana smoking, Traci sent her back to GC to live with her father John Abbott.

    Although Traci hasn't made many visits back to town since, she did return to Genoa City in 2006 when John was sent to prison for the murder of Tom Fisher and later left her book tour to come back when he died from a massive stroke right before being released from prison. Having a difficult time handling her father's death, Traci left town soon after the funeral.

    Traci has recently made a trip to Genoa City for a Jabot shareholder meeting, and met with Ashley, Jack, and Billy in New York to discuss Jack's plan to bring the company back into the Abbott family's control.


    Danny Romalotti (annulled)
    Brad_Carlton (divorced - first time)
    Brad_Carlton (divorced - second time)


    Danny Romalotti
    Tim Sullivan
    Steve Connolly


    John Abbott (father - deceased)
    Dina Abbott Mergeron (mother)
    Jack Abbott (brother)
    Ashley Abbott (half-sister)
    Sharon Collins Newman Abbott (sister-in-law)
    Billy Abbott (half-brother)
    Robert Abbott (grandfather - deceased)
    Keemo Volien Abbott (nephew)
    Kyle Jenkins (nephew)
    Abby Carlton (niece)
    Robert Carlton (nephew - deceased)


    Colleen Carlton (daughter with Brad Carlton)


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    Tuesday, September 09 2014: Y&R Recap: We Are Sisters!

    Abby enters the Club ranting to Traci about Mariah. Traci encourages her to take a kinder approach and find some compassion. Abby has to go deal with another criminal. Up at Dive Bar, Vikki bumps into Stitch and asks him what's going on between him and her sister. He wonders why she cares. Vikki feels the baby kick. Stitch says not to worry about Abby - he can barely tolerate her. She saw them downstairs at a table. Stitch says they're working together - Ashley hired him at Jabot. Abby appears and hits him. She warns there's a confidentiality clause in his contract and Victoria's a Newman. Vikki hugs Abby and leaves. Abby brings up Stitch's past again and he asks her to please stop. Abby admits she liked him before. She can't understand how he could do what he did. Stitch leaves.

    Friday, August 08 2014: Y&R Recap: Should I Buy A Black Dress?

    At Jabot, Jack gets a call and tells Abby, Traci, and Billy that Ashley wasn't on the plane to join their family gathering. They talk about their love lives and Jack blurts that he's in love with Kelly and it's time for him to let go of Phyllis. Billy wonders if he's sure. Jack can't stay in limbo. Traci wants Jack to be happy, but Abby still has reservations about Kelly. Once alone, Jack warns Billy not to start in on Kelly. Billy feels he has no room to criticize. He admits he's had sex more than once with Chelsea, who he cares a friend. Jack is talking about Billy getting through his grief when Traci and Abby return. They have a group hug. Billy goes. Abby wonders if she should buy a black dress for Jack's wedding. Jack and Traci chide her. Abby tells them about her date with Devon, who admitted he was in love with a married woman. Jack urges her not to shut the door on love. Abby leaves and Jack and Traci marvel over him finding love again.

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