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    The Young and the Restless CAST - J.T Hellstrom

    Full detailed profile on J.T Hellstrom Played by Thad Luckinbill on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Thad Luckinbill (CBS)
    J.T Hellstrom

    Actor: Thad Luckinbill

    Who played J.T Hellstrom over the years

    Thad Luckinbill (Nov. 2000 - November 5, 2010)

    Useful information on J.T Hellstrom

    * Resides in a house on the Newman property with Victoria and their son, Reed.
    * In his younger years was known for throwing wild parties with alcohol and drugs for underage friends.
    * Left Billy Abbott passed-out-drunk in the snow to die.
    * Was arrested for assaulting Kevin Fisher.
    * Was once in a relationship with Colleen Carlton.
    * Cheated on Mac with Victoria Newman.
    * Has assisted Paul Williams as his apprentice in many high profile cases.
    * Witnessed Brad Carlton kill two men who were out to harm Brad's family.
    * Battled Brad over paternity of Victoria Newman's baby.
    * Was proven to be father of baby and married Victoria.


    Current: Head of Security at Newman Enterprises
    Past: Apprentice Detective working with Paul Williams
    Past: Genoa City University off and on
    Past: Worked part time at the Glow By Jabot Boutique
    Past: Graduate of Walnut Grove Academy
    Past: "Glow By Jabot Kid"


    In 2000, Jeffery Todd Hellstrom, otherwise known as J.T., first appeared in Genoa City as the hot boyfriend of Brittany Hodges with the 69' GTO. During his high school years, J.T. always knew how to have a good time and where to have it. After his fling with Brittany, J.T. moved on to Walnut Grove hottie Rianna and spent most of the time partying it up!

    J.T.'s first 'real' attraction was to Mackenzie Browning. Too cool to be involved with the initial Glow By Jabot Kids Summer Production, J.T. enjoyed watching from behind the cameras and making fun of the cast. While Billy was dating Brittany, J.T. started to notice Billy's interest in Mac. Seeing both a challenge in Mac and a way to stick it to Billy, J.T. began to cause problems between the threesome, which only resulted in Billy and Mac growing closer. During the holidays, now a senior, J.T. joined the Glow By Jabot Campaign and once again dated both Rianna and Brittany on and off.

    While everyone else was making plans to head off to college, J.T. stayed behind and found himself being drawn to a much younger, fourteen year old, Colleen Carlton. However, Colleen's family knew of J.T.'s reputation and put a halt to the relationship fast! However, the two continued to sneak around until Colleen's mother found out and had J.T. arrested for contributing to the delinquency of a minor after Colleen ran away! In time, J.T. proved himself to Colleen's dad and was allowed to continue seeing Colleen. Just when J.T. appeared to have changed, he was lured into an affair with Brittany's mother, Anita Hodges! Colleen found out and was heartbroken, but later forgave him.

    When Colleen's friend Lily got mixed up with Kevin Fisher, Colleen didn't approved, sending Kevin on a rampage against Colleen. After locking Colleen in a cooler at Gina's restaurant, Kevin started the place on fire, but J.T. saved her in the knick of time! J.T. went to Kevin's apartment and beat him silly, later finding himself arrested once again.

    Finding college not to be his thing, J.T. met up with a record promoter and accepted a recording contract. After accompanying J.T. in LA for a video shoot, Colleen couldn't handle seeing J.T. with other girls and she ended their relationship after he was forced to state that he was 'single' at a press release.

    J.T. ended up walking out of his contract and returned to Genoa City to find that Colleen had moved back to New York City. J.T. went on to work as an apprentice detective with Paul Williams. J.T. and Mac became roommates after a tough time in Mac's life and the two ended up admitting their feelings for one another. However, after a fight over Mac not telling J.T. about her miscarriage, he ended up having a one-night stand with Victoria Newman! Although Mac had forgiven him, Colleen moved back to GC and ended up winning back J.T.'s heart. After Mac moved out of the loft, Colleen soon moved in.

    Things with J.T. and Colleen began to go downhill after he was hired to investigate Brad's past. Although J.T. is one of the privileged who know the whole story behind Brad Carlton, in the beginning, he was forced to keep Colleen in the dark. In January of 2007, J.T. really began to notice a change in Colleen after she had started working so closely with her new professor Adrian Korbel. Although wanting to make the relationship work, J.T.'s heart was broken after Colleen expressed her interest in moving out of the loft and on with her life - without J.T.

    J.T. started seeing Mackenzie, but wound up cheating on her with Victoria Newman, whom he fell in love with. When she found out she was pregnant, there was a possibility that the baby might belong to Victoria's ex-husband, Brad Carlton. After the baby was born, DNA testing proved the baby to be J.T.'s son and he and Victoria married.


    Brittany Hodges
    Rianna Miner
    Anita Hodges


    Victoria Newman (wife)
    Tom Hellstrom (father)
    Martha Hellstrom (mother)
    Unnamed Younger Sister
    Victor Newman (father-in-law)
    Nikki Reed Newman (mother-in-law)
    Nicholas Newman (brother-in-law)
    Victor Newman Jr./Adam Wilson (half brother-in-law)
    Noah Newman (nephew)
    Summer Anne Newman (niece)
    Grant (Cousin)
    Freida (Aunt)


    Reed Hellstrom (son with Victoria Newman)


    There are no additional images yet


    Tuesday, September 03 2013: Katherine's Memorial Part 1.

    Nikki and Victor arrive at the park. Victor greets Nick. Nikki joins Jill, who asks if she's okay. Nikki says nothing will be the same again. Jill muses that they've never been close, and admits it nearly killed her sometimes how Katherine treated Nikki like a daughter. Nikki says Katherine loved Jill too. Jill thinks she put them together on preparations because she wanted them to get closer. Nikki smiles. "Maybe she was trying to tell us something." Each asks the other if Katherine told them about her letter. Danny greets them and steals Jill away. Jack arrives. Victor looks tense. Chloe looks at Katherine's portrait and flashes to a conversation they shared. Kevin appears and they talk about Delia, who is with a sitter. Kevin misses them both. Billy and Jack talk about John having been gone for seven years. Billy wonders if he's up there with Katherine skinny-dipping like they did in high school. They laugh about the old stories. Cane and Lily arrive and chat with Amber. She says they look happy. Devon looks at Katherine's portrait and flashes to when he resisted getting to know her. He laments wasting time. Neil reassures him. Gina has come in, and is talking to Victor and Nikki. Nina greets Danny. They laugh together. Lauren and Michael are there. Brock arrives. He and Jill embrace.

    Father Todd calls for everyone to take a seat. "It's time to celebrate everything we loved about the great Katherine Chancellor." He reads a bible passage as Danny plays the keyboard. Each person thinks of Katherine. Victor comes to the podium. He shares a story about Katherine not being afraid to tell him the truth. "I will never meet the like of her again. She was a remarkable woman." Nikki speaks next. She tells about Katherine being strong for her when she was drunk in Mexico. "Katherine saved me countless times." She tries not to cry, wondering what she will do without her. Devon is next. He says they barely got to say hello and here they are saying goodbye. Lauren and Danny talk about him being the first rock star Katherine ever knew. Jill, Vikki, and Nikki joke about her penchant for younger men, apologizing to Murphy. Brock shares about Katherine's disbelieving reaction when he told her he'd found God. Cane talks about Katherine giving him trouble for telling the family about her surgery. He'd do it all over again. "No tears today, my friends. No tears." Christine shares her letter, which reminds her to let the paperwork wait and live in the moment. Nina recalls how she once despised Katherine and Jill; they tried to pay her to move to Guam. Amber gets up and says, like Nikki, Katherine saved her life too. Esther takes the podium and sobs. Jill tells her to get on with it. Esther says her favorite memory was the cake fight with Jill. Last, Jill speaks. She says she has about a million stories about Katherine. "No tears, Katherine? The hell with that!" She completely breaks down sobbing. "What am I going to do without you?" Cane rushes to hold her.

    Friday, November 05 2010: What's the Rush?

    At the Chancellor Estate, Kevin listens as Chloe runs down last minute details for Mac and J.T's wedding. Katherine is raring to go. Vikki and Billy come in. Reed runs over and says, "I'm going to be in Daddy and Mac's wedding!" All is quiet as Reed asks Vikki to stay. She says she will. J.T. tells her he knows this isn't easy. Vikki tells him she's a good mom. Katherine explains to J.T. and Mac that Victoria is entitled to her anger. Lily arrives and says Cane has gone to Chicago. Mac asks her to be her Matron of Honor. They hug. Kay asks Kevin about Daisy, considering she ruined his marriage. Kevin shrugs and says Michael will see she is locked up for a long time. Paul turns up and J.T. asks him to be his best man. Paul says he's honored. The doorbell rings - it's Brock! He and Mac embrace happily. Victoria spends a moment with Reed talking about how they'll stay close after he moves. J.T. wanders in on a teary moment. Billy gives J.T. a pointed look.

    The wedding ceremony begins at Kay's house with Reed, Lily, and then Mac and Brock coming up the aisle. Brock also performs the ceremony. J.T. and Mac exchange personal vows and Brock pronounces them husband and wife. They kiss happily. Afterward, J.T. and Victoria go up to help Reed finish packing. Billy and Mac share a close moment. Katherine cuts in and embraces Mac, promising to visit often. Lily also says farewell to Mac.

    Outside by the car, J.T. sends Reed back inside for a moment. Victoria makes her case again about him taking Reed from his mother. Vikki makes it clear she'll never forgive him. J.T. stands miserably by the car. When everyone else comes outside, Vikki takes Reed aside to say goodbye. J.T. moves to put him in the car, but he runs back to Vikki. She sends him back and cries as the car starts and they pull away.

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