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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Katie Logan Spencer

    Full detailed profile on Katie Logan Spencer Played by Heather Tom on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Heather Tom (CBS)
    Katie Logan Spencer

    Actor: Heather Tom

    Who played Katie Logan Spencer over the years

    Heather Tom (August 30, 2007 - present)
    Nancy Sloan (contract: 1987 to 1989; recurring: 1994 to 1996; guest: 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004)

    Useful information on Katie Logan Spencer

    * The youngest child of Stephen and Beth Logan.
    * Told Thorne that her sister Donna didn't really love him so he called off their wedding.
    * Received a heart transplant from her brother Storm.
    * Slept with and got pregnant by Nick who was married to her niece Bridget at the time.
    * Married Bill Spencer.


    Current: Stay-at-home Mother
    Past: CEO of Spencer Publications
    Past: Executive at Spencer Publications
    Past: CEO of Forrester Creations
    Past - Forrester Creations Public Relations
    Past - Waitress
    Past - Babysitter for Brooke


    When she was a teen, Katie was not very attractive (she had skin issues). Out of pity, Donna convinced her friend, Rocco, to date Katie to make her feel good. Katie fell for him, but soon caught Donna with him - thus beginning her conflict with her sister, who she felt had betrayed her.

    Katie eventually figured out that Rocco was in love with Donna and intended to propose to her. Despite her broken heart, Katie picked herself up and soon started dating a boy at college called Kurt.

    Katie and Donna located their missing father together, and the sisters were thrilled when their parents reunited and went away together.

    The ensuing years saw Katie only appearing for special events and babysitting Brooke's kids. Katie came back on a permanent basis for her sister Donna’s wedding to Thorne. However the wedding was called off when Katie overheard Donna admit she wasn’t in love with Thorne and was only marrying him to get back at his mother Stephanie. While Donna temporarily disowned her sister, Katie received a new friend in Stephanie who was grateful to her for intervening.

    Katie started working at Forrester Creations in PR, where she and Jake discovered a videotape that led them to believe her father Stephen shot Stephanie. It was later revealed that her brother Storm had in fact shot Stephanie, not her dad. Stephen still insisted on taking the blame, so his son wouldn’t have to, but Stephanie found out and threatened to tell the police. Katie stepped in and persuaded Stephanie to keep quiet.

    Once it was learned that Brooke was the biological mother of Nick’s son Jack, Katie panicked that it would ruin Brooke and Ridge’s relationship. In an attempt to keep her sister and Ridge together, Katie played cupid with Nick and Bridget and brought them back together. Katie also offered up her babysitting services and began watching Jack. While tending to Nick’s baby, Katie started to fall in love with Nick, but chalked it up to just a harmless crush.

    Meanwhile, Storm started to unravel and when Katie tried to disarm him of the gun he was carrying, it went off and wounded Katie. Katie was placed on a heart and lung machine and the prognosis looked bleak. Storm took matters into his own hands and committed suicide so Katie could have his heart.

    Once out of the hospital, Katie’s body started to reject Storm’s heart and everyone feared the worst. In order to make sure Katie’s last days were perfect, the Logans arranged for Katie to relive her prom with Nick as her date. Nick also took Katie to Catalina Island to enjoy a lovely getaway. As death loomed, Bridget found a cool gene therapy that saved Katie’s life.

    Once Katie recovered, she agreed to officiate Bridget and Nick’s wedding (she was ordained on the Internet), even though she was now full blown in love with Nick. After the wedding, Katie discovered she was pregnant with Nick’s baby from their one-night stand on Catalina, which they had kept secret. Nick was forced to confess to Bridget, which led to the end of their marriage. Katie moved in with Nick, but unfortunately lost the baby. However, Katie and Nick decided to stay together and become a couple.

    Their union didn't last, as Katie realized Nick was still in love with Bridget. After they broke up, Katie got drunk in a bar and met Bill Spencer, who took care of her in her inebriated state. They struck up a flirtation, which led to love and eventually marriage.

    Once Bill took over Forrester Creations, he named Katie CEO, which caused some problems in her family. The couple weathered the storm, but Steffy became an obstacle when she tried to seduce Bill in hopes of breaking up their marriage and getting the company back for her family.

    Katie and Bill had a period of happiness, but were at odds again after she learned he had plotted to kill Amber. Steffy tried to take advantage of the situation by seducing Bill behind Katie's back, but was unsuccessful. Katie and Bill spent time apart while Bill helped Steffy search for Thomas after the plane crash. Katie planned a vow renewal ceremony as a surprise for Bill. The ceremony went ahead, but Katie was unaware that Bill planned to leave her. When she found out afterward, she suffered a heart attack. Bill had a complete change of heart upon seeing Katie's life in jeopardy and realized what he had in her. Katie recovered and confronted Steffy and Bill separately. Bill elected to stay in his marriage.

    Katie got pregnant and Bill and her family worried about the risks, but she didn't.

    Katie went into premature labor when she saw Hope's father Deacon Sharpe and learned Bill had gotten him released him from prison to prevent Hope's wedding to Liam. She delivered her son via emergency C-section, but suffered a heart attack on the table and nearly died.

    After her near-death experience, Katie had a hard time connecting with her new son Will, and blamed Bill for what he had done. Taylor thought Katie had post-partum depression, but she refused to believe it. Worried she would die and orphan her baby, she ran away and asked Bill for a divorce.

    From afar, Katie worked to push Bill and Brooke together, convinced Brooke should take her place in Bill and Will's life. When Katie thought she was having another heart attack she went to the hospital. She wasn't dying, and Donna was able to snap Katie out of her cloud by bringing baby Will to see her.

    Katie was ready to return to her life. Taylor told Katie she thought Bill and Brooke were cheating, so Katie confronted Brooke. Brooke explained they had only kissed after Katie had pushed them together, and Katie forgave them.

    Katie and Bill fought when she learned he was helping Brooke relaunch her lingerie line at Forrester. Katie later found Bill in Brooke's bed, assumed he cheated, took off her ring and demanded a divorce. On her way home, while Bill and Brooke made love, Katie suffered heart failure and fell into a coma.

    Katie asked for her ring back when she woke up and apologized to Bill. But at Katie's birthday party, Taylor told everyone that Brooke and Bill had slept together. Katie wanted nothing to do with either of them.

    During the divorce, Katie asked for 1 percent of Spencer Publications and the house. Bill agreed, but when his sister Karen made Katie CEO of Spencer as majority shareholder, Katie fired Bill.

    Brooke insisted the affair was over, so Katie spied on them with hidden cameras and realized Brooke was telling the truth. But Bill found the cameras before Katie took him back, so he continued with the divorce and moved in with Brooke.

    Bill returned to Katie after nearly dying in a mountain climbing accident and they made love. She signed papers giving him joint custody of Will and control of his company. It was just a trick, but Brooke proved herself to Katie by intercepting the papers and promising to stay away from Bill.

    Ridge returned to LA from Paris to reunite with Brooke, but was disgusted by her dalliance with Bill and commiserated with Katie. They fell for each other, but Katie pushed him to marry Brooke. At the wedding, Katie pretended to faint. Ceremony postponed, Katie told Ridge how she felt. He admitted he felt the same.

    Ridge proposed to Katie, and Bill proposed to Brooke. Still, Ridge followed Brooke and Bill to Abu Dhabi to stop the wedding and fell out of his helicopter. Devastated, Katie was sure he was still alive.


    Bill Spencer, Jr. (married November 13 2009 - currently in the process of divorcing)


    Thorne Forrester
    Dominick Marone


    Stephen Logan Sr. (father)
    Beth Logan (mother)
    Storm Logan Jr. (brother)
    Donna Logan (sister)
    Brooke Logan Forrester Marone (sister)
    Rick Forrester (current) (nephew)
    Bridget Forrester (niece)
    Hope Logan (niece)
    R.J. Forrester Jr. (nephew)


    Miscarriage (baby with Dominick Marone)
    Will Spencer (son with Bill)


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    Thursday, September 11 2014: B&B Recap: The Hard Sell.

    At Forrester Creations, Ivy tells Hope she didn't mean any disrespect the other day. Hope says Liam needs to take more time before jumping into another relationship. They talk business. Ivy says she can't do accessories until she gets Ridge's designs. They discuss Ivy's barbecue. Ivy says Liam came. They bicker. Ivy thinks they both want to see him happy. Hope clucks that she knows him better than Ivy. Wyatt appears and hints to Hope about good news. They kiss. Wyatt leaves and Ivy and Hope continue to discuss Liam. Ivy wants to get along - just like Hope wants for Wyatt and Liam. Hope says she won't have it any other way. Elsewhere, Maya baits Caroline about working closely with Ridge. Caroline gets frustrated when Maya asks too many questions. Katie enters. Caroline makes a comment about Ridge bringing out her talent. Maya's eyebrows rise suggestively. She leaves. Caroline complains to Katie about everyone pressuring Ridge. Katie realizes she knows Ridge's secret. Caroline explains how she figured it out. Katie is grateful - Ridge needed a breakthrough. Caroline enthuses about Ridge designing like he loves women - she is awed that she can help a man like him. Katie appreciates it - Caroline's given him something she couldn't.

    Wednesday, September 10 2014: B&B Recap: Our Secret.

    At Forrester Creations, Caroline tells Ridge everyone loves him, they'll understand. He retorts that there's nothing to understand. Caroline presses him to admit what he 'thinks' he's hiding. Ridge says they made a good team earlier. She didn't realize she was helping him too. Ridge rants about trust. He says her Uncle Bill wanted him dead. Ridge admits his hand won't do what he wants anymore. Caroline says maybe with practice, hers can. Ridge says he lost his talent after the helicopter debacle and wants to keep it quiet. Ridge feels his only chance to get it back is with Caroline. They draw together. Caroline says he still has his ability. Ridge agrees - except the ability to put it on paper. He wants to secretly design together. She has to tell Rick. Ridge says if Rick sees weakness in him, he'll strike. If they pull this off, Rick will benefit too. Caroline agrees to work with him and keep quiet. "It will be our secret." Outside, Katie and Brooke catch up. Katie admits she's stressed out over this whole thing with Ridge and has wanted to talk to her best friend - Brooke. She misses her. Brooke misses her too. Katie confides that she's not sure what to do for Ridge. Brooke talks about how Ridge, like Bill, has his whole identity wrapped up in his work. Katie muses that Ridge may have a solution and wonders if he hasn't married her because he feels like less of a man. She complains their future plans remain vague and she doesn't know who Ridge needs her to be. In Rick's office, Rick asks Maya to remove her hand from his shoulder. She insists she loves him and believes deep down he still has feelings for her too. Rick warns he could fire her. Maya says being pushy worked for Caroline. Rick tells her nothing will come of this - he loves being married and has never been happier. Maya thinks she made him happier. They talk about what wasn't right between them. Maya says it was the fear of losing each other. She goes on to Rick about Ridge being more of a problem than her right now, and reminds him what Caroline put her through. Maya thinks Rick and Caroline got married too fast. Rick warns Maya about anymore 'surprises'. Maya notes that it's okay for Caroline to mangle her name repeatedly though. "She's trained you to expect that little from her." Maya makes her way to Ridge's office and spies Ridge and Caroline embracing over their secret.

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