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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Esther Valentine - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Esther Valentine Played by Kate Linder on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kate Linder (CBS)

    Birthday: 1947-11-02
    Birthplace: London, England
    Marital Status: Married Ronald Linder ( February 14, 1976 - present )
    Real Name: Kate Linder
    Height: 5' 4"
    Web site:


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    Y&R Recap: Saint Nikki.

    Wednesday, July 16 2014

    Jill and Colin are at her place toasting to her plan. He's had his doubts about their scam and reminds her that she can never wear her necklace in public again. They contemplate what to do with their money. Esther interrupts and accuses them of being up to something. Lauren wander in and notices Jill isn't wearing her necklace. Jill claims it was stolen. Esther wades in but Colin insists this doesn't concern her. Jill makes a speech about Katherine. Esther is so moved she cries and leaves. Lauren looks at them cockeyed and asks about the insurance. They sit down and talk business. Lauren wants to open another boutique in a hotel. Sounds great to Colin. The redhead needs cash. Colin suggests they use the insurance settlement but Jill needs to think that over. Once Lauren leaves, Colin tells Jill they can be partners. She thinks they better have some ground rules.

    Y&R Recap: Come Back To Us.

    Tuesday, May 27 2014

    At the Chancellor Estate, Jill asks Cane over the phone not to report Colin missing. Esther appears as Jill is yelling at Katherine's portrait. She says she called someone to take care of the rat in the attic. They bicker briefly until Jill apologizes - it's a tough day for Esther because of Chloe. Esther cries that all she does these days is say goodbye. Jill pats her. After, Jill visits Colin in the attic and they negotiate the terms of his release. He hums the tune from the music box and alludes to having found the sheet music. "So clever of Katherine..." Jill asks, "It's in the music?" Colin talks about the fortune and how Katherine wanted her to be happy. Jill reminds him he tricked his way into this money. He won't show her the goodies until she frees him. Once downstairs, Colin rejoices in the sunshine. Jill tells him he smells and asks for the information. She grabs the sheet music and it's a blank page. The exterminator arrives. Jill hollers that she wants the rat to suffer. Jill throws things at Colin and Katherine's necklace falls from the chandelier.

    Kevin, Esther, Chloe, Michael, and Lauren meet at the police station, where arrangements have been made for her transfer to the facility. Chelsea arrives. Chelsea tells Chloe she's the best friend she ever had and that will continue. They hug. Chloe cries that she wants to get strong and be someone they can all count on. Billy brings Connor in. Chloe holds him and tearfully talks to him. He can see her because of Delia. Chloe takes a moment with Billy to tell him that what happened to Delia wasn't his fault - he was an amazing father. Billy says they'll never forget her, but her loss can't be the biggest part of her memory. Chloe tells him to look after Chelsea and Connor. They leave. Chloe says a private goodbye to Kevin, who urges her to go to Fairview. She needs to be away from Delia's favorite places. Kevin cries that she needs to come back to them. Chloe says goodbye to Lauren and Michael and leaves with Esther for the airport. Chloe waits at the elevator for Esther to pull the car around and looks at Billy's sperm sample in her purse.

    Y&R Recap: Fired By Dinner.

    Tuesday, May 20 2014

    Lauren is with Chelsea at the penthouse. They discuss being committed to their plan regarding Chloe. Later, Kevin arrives to find Esther, Lauren, and Michael there. They talk about saving Chloe. Kevin assumes they want to put her in Fairview and hollers, "No!" Esther agrees, and arguing ensues. Michael and Lauren get Esther on board, but Kevin protests that Chloe is looking to the future finally. Billy arrives and says Chloe's idea of the future consists of making another Delia with him. Chelsea confirms it's true. Kevin recalls the aphrodisiac and agrees to go along with their plan.

    At the penthouse, Michael gives those gathered a pep talk, and Billy whispers with Chelsea about Victoria. Chelsea urges him to give her time. Chloe steps out of the elevator and hears them all talking about the intervention and how her therapist signed off on it through the door. Chelsea says if they don't do it, who knows what Chloe will do next.

    Y&R Recap: Wild Times.

    Wednesday, May 14 2014

    Colin makes banging noises in the Chancellor attic as Jill answers the door to Lauren, who is looking for Esther. Jill says Esther's out. Lauren listens. "What is that?" Jill says it's either the old plumbing or Katherine's ghost. Lauren says she came about Chloe. She hopes Esther can reach her. Jill thinks Chloe will find her way back like Billy did. When Esther arrives, she wants to investigate the pipe problem, but Jill says she'll handle it. She goes up and hisses at Colin to shut up. She chuckles when he suggests that Cane might be missing him. Jill tells him he'll be released when the papers are signed. She teases him about steak and then they bicker. She says she can't trust him. He insists the marriage is real. Jill exits. Later, Cane drops in and asks Jill about Colin. She lies that he's on a business trip. Cane wonders if he's returned to his old ways. Jill says he'll never change, they can only hope for the best. After, Jill rejoins Colin and tells him Cane came because he was concerned about her. Downstairs, Cane finds Colin's wallet, which contains a Bonaventure card.

    Y&R Recap: Playing Doctor.

    Wednesday, April 09 2014

    At the Chancellor estate, Esther stumbles upon Jill and Colin making out on the sofa and screams. Jill chases her out, and then tells Colin she'll give Esther a raise - she just saved her from making a huge mistake. Colin is appalled - they had something beautiful going. Jill says the only thing she wants to do with him is solve the mystery. Colin apologizes. He didn't realize he'd hurt her so deeply. Jill threatens to show him deep and painful with her stiletto. Colin intends to prove that Katherine's secret doesn't mean as much to him as she does. Jill finally believes him. She admits she loves him. They kiss and go upstairs. Later, Jill wants to keep going with the search. Esther coughs before entering the parlor. Colin exits. Jill tells Esther she was wrong about Colin. In the hallway, Colin tells someone on the phone that he'll get the money. He looks at a Bonaventure business card.

    Y&R Recap: Treasure Hunt.

    Monday, March 17 2014

    At the Club, Michael toasts to family as Chelsea arrives with Connor. Chloe thinks she came for her, but Chelsea says she's there for a business meeting and asks what's going on. Lauren says Chloe and Kevin got married. Chelsea says it's a way to scam the system. Chloe approaches Connor. Chelsea says she's not allowed to see him or be around him. Chloe wants her to ask the judge to lift the restraining order. Chelsea says she can't - she's the one who asked for it. Chloe thought she'd forgiven her. She wonders if it's Victor's doing. Chelsea says she did it herself - to protect her son from Chloe. Kevin takes Connor so they can hash it out. Chloe is appalled that Chelsea still thinks she could be a threat. Chelsea is appalled that her friend and business partner would abduct her child. They tear up over how things went so wrong. Later, Kevin wants to take Chloe home and hold her in bed. She's not ready for that. He says they'll take it one day at a time.

    At the Chancellor estate, Jill is on the phone seeking information about Rachel Berenson. Colin arrives. They debate about the 'treasure hunt'. Jill expects it will prove to be a diversion, nothing more. They race to Jill's computer when an email comes in. It confirms Rachel was a translator during the war. Colin wants to talk about how romantic it all must have been. As he moves in close, Esther arrives with Michael and Lauren. Jill gets up to speed. Esther says she has high hopes for Chloe's marriage...unlike some. She goes upstairs and Lauren and Jill talk alone. Lauren asks for the real reason she married Colin. Jill says it was blackmail. They discuss it. Jill says she's choosing to stay married to him because she needs him to unravel the mystery, but won't share her inheritance. She whispers about how she'll double-cross him. Lauren accuses her of having deeper feelings than she'll admit. Jill protests. She says in the right light he can be very attractive, but he's her temporary husband. In the hall, Colin and Michael share cognac. Michael questions if he plans to double-cross Jill. Colin insists he'd never swindle Jill. Michael chuckles and issues a warning as a brother-in-law and a former District Attorney with friends. Colin says he's looking forward to a lifetime of wedded bliss. They clink glasses and drink. As they leave, Michael laughs with Lauren about being the only happily married couple there. Colin complains to Jill that his ears were burning. Jill says Lauren's worried they care for each other on some sick level. He moves in close again as Esther appears complaining about an ingrown toenail.

    Y&R Recap: Yuks And Chuckles.

    Friday, March 14 2014

    At the Club, Chloe reflects on having Kevin as her babysitter. Kevin reassures her. She worries about people whispering about her. Kevin reminds her he's the chipmunk. Suddenly, Michael, Lauren, Esther, and Gloria jump out and yell, "Surprise!" Michael says they got her there under false pretenses. Lauren grins - it was her idea. Gloria says Jeffrey will be by later. Esther pulls Chloe aside to say she's so happy for her and Kevin. Chloe explains why she remarried him. She tells Esther she's not who she was before. Esther says she's the best thing that ever happened to her. Michael tells Kevin he's proud of him. Gloria whispers to Lauren, "You know you're in trouble when Kevin's the stable one in the relationship." Lauren hisses, "Gloria!" Kevin overhears Glo saying Chloe is a mental wreck who needs therapy. She says this can't be swept under the rug. Esther gets in Gloria's face. Chloe intervenes. Everyone's irked with Gloria, but Chloe says she's right. She adds the celebration is too much. Kevin reassures her. Chloe tries to tell him she's different.

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