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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Esther Valentine

    Full detailed profile on Esther Valentine Played by Kate Linder on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kate Linder (CBS)
    Esther Valentine

    Actor: Kate Linder

    Who played Esther Valentine over the years

    Kate Linder (Nov. 1985 - present)

    Useful information on Esther Valentine

    * Single.
    * Resides at the Chancellor Estate at 12 Foothill Road.
    * Loyal friend and maid to Katherine Chancellor for over twenty years.
    * Once started a fire in the Chancellor mansion kitchen that almost burnt the entire place down!
    * Briefly left Katherine's employ to care for Nina Webster's infant son.
    * Was held captive with Katherine by Kay's look-alike Marge Catrooke.
    * Had a one-night stand with a man named Tiny and later had his child.
    * Fell for a con man, Norman Peterson, who later shot and killed Kay's husband Rex.
    * Became a trained alcohol abuse counselor in order to help Katherine after she started drinking again.
    * Encouraged Katherine to have a reading with Psychic Sylvia Browne.
    * Recently had her daughter, Chloe, who had been away at boarding school, come back to town.


    Current: Katherine Chancellor's maid
    Past: Alcohol abuse counsellor


    Since 1985, Esther Valentine has been more than just a maid to Katherine Chancellor. Although infuriating to Katherine at times, Esther's friendship and companionship has always meant the most. Esther is best known for her airy humor and nosiness with each new guest that arrives at the Chancellor Estate, forcing Katherine to remind Esther to excuse herself and go fetch the tea!

    Of the last twenty-some years, Esther has only strayed from Katherine once after widow Nina Webster Chancellor had decided to leave the mansion with her baby Phillip. Since Esther had taken care of him since birth, she only felt it was right to leave with Nina to continue to care for the boy she had grown to love. At first, Nina befriended Esther and even took her out with the intensions of finding Esther a man of her own! For the first time in her life, Esther had a one-night stand with a plumber named Tiny, but never saw him again. Missing Katherine and realizing that Nina had used her, Esther returned to the mansion to find that Katherine had replaced her with a strange couple named Robert and Shirley.

    Suspicious of Kay's new employees, Esther found herself, along with Mrs. C., being held hostage by the couple and woman who was posing as Katherine! Luckily, Katherine's son Brock returned home and rescued Esther and his mother in the knick of time, sending the imposture and her accomplices to prison!

    Esther soon found out that her one-night stand had resulted in a pregnancy and later gave birth to baby Kate. Katherine and her husband Rex were happy to have Esther back, along with a new baby to spoil, until one fateful mistake would leave Esther reeling with guilt forever.

    Still on the hunt for Mr. Right, Esther answered a personal ad and invited con artist Norman Peterman into the Chancellor home. Although Norman easily gained Esther's trust, Katherine and Rex weren't as easily convinced. After he proposed, Katherine set out to protect Esther by arranging a fake wedding. Thinking he was alone to steal the Chancellor fortune, Norman broke into Kay's safe and was caught in the act by Rex! Unfortunately, Norman shot and killed Rex in the process and was later sent to prison for murder. Although devastated, Katherine forgave Esther and has held a watchful eye over her where men are concerned ever since!

    With her daughter having been in boarding school for years, Esther has remained loyal to Katherine during many dramas in her life: finding out that her long lost daughter was her archenemy Jill, dealing with the past, and Esther even became a certified alcohol counselor to help Katherine regain her life after falling off the wagon from the immediate new stress in her life.

    Esther encouraged Kay to seek the help of world-renowned psychic Silvia Browne to help uncover the meaning of her reoccurring, disturbing nightmares.

    Esther is now a grandmother! Her daughter, Kate, aka, Chloe, who had been away at boarding school for years, turned up in Genoa City and gave birth to Cordelia, a child with Jill's son, Billy Abbott. Esther inherited half the house when Katherine was presumed dead, but is back to being the maid now that Katherine has returned. She continues to spar with Jill regularly, dotes on Delia, and is now dealing with Kay's presumed daughter Jo-Jo!


    Norman Peterson (not legal)


    Tiny (father of her daughter Kate/Chloe)
    Norman Peterson


    Kate Tina Valentine, aka Chloe Mitchell (daughter with Tiny)



    Wednesday, July 16 2014: Y&R Recap: Saint Nikki.

    Jill and Colin are at her place toasting to her plan. He's had his doubts about their scam and reminds her that she can never wear her necklace in public again. They contemplate what to do with their money. Esther interrupts and accuses them of being up to something. Lauren wander in and notices Jill isn't wearing her necklace. Jill claims it was stolen. Esther wades in but Colin insists this doesn't concern her. Jill makes a speech about Katherine. Esther is so moved she cries and leaves. Lauren looks at them cockeyed and asks about the insurance. They sit down and talk business. Lauren wants to open another boutique in a hotel. Sounds great to Colin. The redhead needs cash. Colin suggests they use the insurance settlement but Jill needs to think that over. Once Lauren leaves, Colin tells Jill they can be partners. She thinks they better have some ground rules.

    Tuesday, May 27 2014: Y&R Recap: Come Back To Us.

    At the Chancellor Estate, Jill asks Cane over the phone not to report Colin missing. Esther appears as Jill is yelling at Katherine's portrait. She says she called someone to take care of the rat in the attic. They bicker briefly until Jill apologizes - it's a tough day for Esther because of Chloe. Esther cries that all she does these days is say goodbye. Jill pats her. After, Jill visits Colin in the attic and they negotiate the terms of his release. He hums the tune from the music box and alludes to having found the sheet music. "So clever of Katherine..." Jill asks, "It's in the music?" Colin talks about the fortune and how Katherine wanted her to be happy. Jill reminds him he tricked his way into this money. He won't show her the goodies until she frees him. Once downstairs, Colin rejoices in the sunshine. Jill tells him he smells and asks for the information. She grabs the sheet music and it's a blank page. The exterminator arrives. Jill hollers that she wants the rat to suffer. Jill throws things at Colin and Katherine's necklace falls from the chandelier.

    Kevin, Esther, Chloe, Michael, and Lauren meet at the police station, where arrangements have been made for her transfer to the facility. Chelsea arrives. Chelsea tells Chloe she's the best friend she ever had and that will continue. They hug. Chloe cries that she wants to get strong and be someone they can all count on. Billy brings Connor in. Chloe holds him and tearfully talks to him. He can see her because of Delia. Chloe takes a moment with Billy to tell him that what happened to Delia wasn't his fault - he was an amazing father. Billy says they'll never forget her, but her loss can't be the biggest part of her memory. Chloe tells him to look after Chelsea and Connor. They leave. Chloe says a private goodbye to Kevin, who urges her to go to Fairview. She needs to be away from Delia's favorite places. Kevin cries that she needs to come back to them. Chloe says goodbye to Lauren and Michael and leaves with Esther for the airport. Chloe waits at the elevator for Esther to pull the car around and looks at Billy's sperm sample in her purse.

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