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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Heather Stevens (PAST) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Heather Stevens (PAST) Played by Vail Bloom on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Vail Bloom (CBS)

    Birthday: December 1 1975
    Birthplace: Princeton, New Jersey
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Vail Bloom


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    Locked in the Ladies Room!

    Tuesday, April 06 2010

    Back in the Club searching for victims, Victor finds and injured Heather and helps her gingerly out. She says there was a time when he would have let her bleed to death. They get outside and Nikki rushes over. Victor is upset to learn that Ashley went back in with her brothers to search for Faith. Murphy comes over to Nikki and says he can't find Katherine. She reassures him.

    Adam Is In the Building!

    Monday, April 05 2010

    Katherine makes a speech at the ball, followed by Nikki, who says that Emily Abbott had a personal emergency and won't speak. Murphy and Katherine do thank yous. The D.A. whispers to Heather and Rafe that they're suspended as of tomorrow! Billy and Victoria discuss Victor - she doesn't feel like getting into it with her father tonight. Billy gives her a rose and she puts a few petals in her bosom!

    Still at the ball, Chloe and Chance slow dance. She muses this will probably be the closest they get to sex. He takes her home to discuss it! Victoria and Billy spin on the dance floor. They decide to go elsewhere, but Billy runs into Heather and Rafe who are angry about the cabin. He says it's their own fault - they let Adam best them! Phyllis urges Nick to go up and check on Sharon in light of Adam being loose. Jack stops to chat with Phyllis, but Patty yanks him away.

    Katherine, Jack, Jill, and Murphy marvel over a huge donation. Kay says there is the donor - it's Tucker. They all look over to where he's dancing with Ashley. Jack and Neil note they don't like it. Just then, Sharon screams from the stairwell, "Jack! Victor! Adam's in the building!" As they all confer, Nick runs in and says Adam got away. But he's right there in disguise. Patty sees Adam and they have an angry hushed exchange. Paul sits with Lauren, but notices something is wrong with Heather and goes to talk to her. Lauren spots Daisy and follows her. Sharon receives a call from Adam - he says he's in the basement and she has to come or a lot of people will get hurt!

    Victor and Jack head into the basement to look for Adam. Ashley, Heather, and Patty are also down there. Nick searches with a flashlight and notices a gas leak - he hollers for everyone to get out! They all come upstairs before Nick to usher everyone out. As everyone leaves, Michael comes back in and starts calling out for Lauren. Patty is still inside, as is Ashley, and Phyllis gets her dress caught on the wheelchair. Suddenly, the place explodes into a fireball!


    Tuesday, March 30 2010

    At Crimson Lights, Heather and Billy are discussing the scene at the cabin and Adam, when JT and Reed appear. Billy thinks back to being with Victoria and then greets them. After they walk away, Heather gets a call about Adam's case.

    Katherine, Jack, and Victor plan the ball together at the Club. Patty comes in and greets Jack. Kay takes her by surprise by thanking her for agreeing to be one of the main speakers at the Policeman's Ball! Billy comes in and scoops up Patty playfully. Heather follows, announcing that Adam is due to go back to jail at week's end. Victor and Heather leave, and the others toast Dr. Peterson, who made it possible for Adam to be tried. Billy and Kay head out, and Jack thanks her for the evaluation. At the bar, Kay stops with Billy to talk about Jill. He says she went rogue at the magazine, but he's got her under control. Murphy comes up and kisses Kay.

    As Vikki is leaving Adam's room, Victor comes in with Heather. They say Dr. Peterson's evaluation was accepted - he's fit to stand trial. Adam says it will never happen! Heather informs him that he will be transported back to lock up on Friday - she wishes there was a death penalty for the things he has done to people! She leaves, and Adam turns to Victor. They get into it over why Adam did the things he did. Adam orders Victor out - but Victor isn't finished with him yet. He informs him that all traces of him have been removed from the ranch and Newman Enterprises - it's like he's been erased! Victor walks out, ignoring Adam's taunts.

    Smoke and Mirrors!

    Wednesday, March 17 2010

    At the hospital, Victor comes in with a file folder and holds up a paper from it. He says it's from Sharon - it's annulment papers - not a divorce. Adam says Sharon wouldn't do that to him. Victor comments that he needs to go back to jail, and asks who he is - what happened to him? As Victor walks out, Adam shouts, "Just let me die!" Heather comes in and he tells her that they'll just torture him in jail. She says that's a pretty good description for what he did to Ashley and Sharon! Adam pleads with her to help him - she knows him. Heather says no one knows him! Adam begs from the bottom of his heart - she scoffs at the idea that he has a heart - it's all smoke and mirrors!

    Heather comes back into Adam's room and tells him not to get excited - she hasn't changed her mind about helping him - she's just there to introduce him to his court-appointed psychiatrist - it's Patty!

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