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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Logan Armstrong - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Logan Armstrong Played by Deanna Russo on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Deanna Russo (CBS)

    Birthplace: Northern New Jersey
    Real Name: Deanna Russo


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    Swedgy Designs and Skinny-Dipping!

    Tuesday, June 10 2008

    At Restless Style, Adrian compliments Amber on her reception skills and reminds her that he is buying her dinner because he got the assignment. Just then, Lily, Chloe and Devon blow in for Lily's fitting. Lily asks Adrian if he has heard from Colleen, since she left on a bad note. He tells Lily they're fine. As they proceed with the fitting, Chloe presses Lily to accept more assignments and Devon tells her to back off. As Lily and Devon leave for dinner, Chloe calls Cane and asks him to come over to the magazine! Soon the elevator opens and Chloe is surprised to see Devon standing there! He says Cane sent him to pick her up so he could be alone with Lily! Devon calls Chloe on wanting Cane for herself. She denies it. Devon says he's been watching - she puts on a real show when Cane's around. "I see right through you, and Lily's going to see it too!" Chloe tries a distraction tactic, by telling Devon that, actually, she's into him!

    Near Misses!

    Friday, December 14 2007

    J.T. is in the NICU taking pictures of the baby. When he comes out Colleen is still there to keep him company… Across town, Lily is at Cane's office with him. She finds the file he is looking for and they nearly kiss. When the sound of a vacuum startles them, Lily pulls away and says they should go.

    Victor is looking for answers...

    Tuesday, October 30 2007

    At the hospital, Logan asks Brad about his eyes but he is frustrated about not being able to find out more about Victoria and asks for her help. Later, Logan fills Brad in about Victoria and her condition. She assures him the baby is fine too. He asks what will happen if Victoria’s condition deteriorates and she states that the baby’s condition will deteriorate as well. The sign to look for is if Victoria’s hands start to claw as well as other things.

    In State Custody!

    Wednesday, September 05 2007

    At the hospital, Logan explains the severity of Summer’s infection then says, “We’re going to keep an eye on her.” Before Nick heads into Summer’s room, he begs Michael to arrange it so he can talk to Phyllis! After Nick leaves, Michael calls the prison while Daniel takes a call from Jack. Later, when Jack arrives, Daniel fills him in on Summer’s condition – as Lauren worries that Fen will pick up this contagious infection! Just as Lauren heads home, Amber calls Michael screaming, “Ji Min is dead! Help me! I’m freaking out!” Michael warns her not to say a word then heads to The Club.

    Ji Min: Dead!

    Tuesday, September 04 2007

    Once at the hospital, although Phyllis begs someone to help her baby, she’s forced to wait – That is until Logan arrives! As Nick follows Phyllis into a room, Nick tells Michael to do everything he can to get an extension for Phyllis! Later, while Logan is in with Summer, Nick and Phyllis are forced to wait in the waiting room. After Logan comes out, she explains that Summer is dehydrated – and that it could just be the flu – then heads back in for further testing. Although Phyllis refuses to go to jail, Michael warns that he’s done everything - but she must report to jail!

    While waiting to hear more news on Summer, officers come in and forcibly arrest Phyllis! As they are taking Phyllis away, kicking and screaming, Daniel, Michael, Lauren and Nick all promise to be there for Summer! Shortly after, Logan comes out to report that Summer has RSV – and very bad respiratory infection!

    The Tale of George Kaplan!

    Tuesday, August 21 2007

    After Logan stops by and tells Nick and Phyllis, “I’m sure she’ll be fine, but call me if her fever spikes,” Logan leaves... While rocking Summer, Phyllis goes over all of Summer’s favorites with Nick then begins singing her baby girl a lullaby with fear of tomorrow – and the possibility of jail. Through tears, Phyllis asks Nick, “Can you sing that her?” Nick nods with sadness…

    Although Logan makes a stop at the coffeehouse, Brad calls and asks her to meet him… When Logan arrives at The Club, she informs Brad that the job at Memorial didn’t work out and that she already took another job. Although Brad is initially happy for her, he's saddened to hear she’ll be taking a job far away with Doctors without Borders and says, “I’ll miss you. Come back sometime.” With a smile, Logan replies, "Maybe I'll do that."

    Daniel - Fired!

    Tuesday, August 07 2007

    Later, at Crimson Lights, while Colleen and Kevin are talking about Jana, Brad introduces them to Logan, to which Kevin questions Logan about Jana’s brain tumor. Feeling no comfort by Logan’s insight, Kevin once again states he will not allow the hospital to push Jana’s case aside like this! Alone with Colleen, with Brad watching on, Colleen asks Kevin to be careful around Jana then the new friends embrace. After Kevin walks away, when Brad approaches Colleen and asks her to steer clear of the whole Jana situation, she agrees – only if Kevin doesn’t manage to get sucked back into it again. Colleen expresses needing to be there for Kevin.

    Carlton Divorce: Final!

    Wednesday, July 25 2007

    When Logan runs into Brad at the gym, she thanks him again for calming her nerves in the elevator yesterday then expresses being nervous, once again, for a job interview she has at Memorial. Brad is glad to hear Logan is staying in Genoa City and replies, “It’s time for a fresh start.” Brad agrees and says that he’s getting a fresh start too.

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