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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Mackenzie Browning

    Full detailed profile on Mackenzie Browning Played by Clementine Ford on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Clementine Ford (CBS)
    Mackenzie Browning

    Actor: Clementine Ford

    Who played Mackenzie Browning over the years

    Clementine Ford (April 1 2009 - November 5, 2010)
    Rachel Kimsey (March 2005 - April 2006)
    Kelly Kruger (February 2002 - July 2003)
    Nicole Tarantini (2001 -temporary replacement)
    Ashley Bashioum (Feb. 1999 - Feb. 2002; May 2004 - March 2005)

    Useful information on Mackenzie Browning

    * Single
    * Ran away from home.
    * Arrested for underage drinking.
    * Found her biological grandmother in a homeless shelter.
    * Fell in love with Billy Abbott not knowing he was her cousin.
    * Lived with JT Helstrom.
    * Befriended Kevin Fisher when no one else would.
    * Left Genoa City in search of a new life.
    * Returned to Genoa City and found out she is not actually related to Billy Abbott.


    Current: Darfur Volunteer
    Past: Working on the reconstruction of New Orleans
    Past: Co-owner of Crimson Lights Coffee House
    Past: Supervisor at Market Street Recreation Center
    Past: Taught pre-school and kindergarten on an Indian Reservation
    Past: Attended Genoa City University
    Past: Worked at the Glow By Jabot Boutique
    Past: Attended Northwestern University
    Past: Graduate of Walnut Grove Academy
    Past: "Glo By Jabot Kid" for Jabot
    Past: Waitress at Crimson Lights Coffeehouse
    Past: Volunteer at the local homeless shelter


    After being sexually abused as a child by her stepfather Ralph, Mackenzie Browning left her mother Amanda and St. Louis behind. We first meet Mackenzie (Mac) in 1999 as a run away who was staying at the Genoa City homeless shelter. Little did she know that her new friend Kay (Katherine Chancellor) was her long lost grandmother and the two found each other at a time when they both felt so alone.

    When Katherine returned to her estate, Mac went too, but things weren't easy. Dealing with her grandmother's roommate, Jill Abbott, was at times unbearable. When Jill's son Billy moved back to Genoa City, he didn't take kindly to his mother's meanness. Although Billy and Mac didn't get along all that much, he put a stop to Jill's nasty comments toward Mac.

    Anticipating meeting her father Brock, Mac was heartbroken when word came that he had died on a mission in India. Feeling a sense of abandonment, Mac packed her bags and was headed out the door just as Brock appeared! The two immediately clicked and have been close ever since.

    Mac took a liking to Raul Gutierrez and the two dated for a while. However, after Billy and Mac were crowned King and Queen at their junior prom, they realized that they could no longer fight their feelings. Later that night, Billy came to the Chancellor Estate and the two professed their love. Being that Billy was the son of Mac's grandmother's archenemy, Jill Abbott, Mac and Billy were forced to hide their relationship for fear that Jill would stir up problems and alert Mac's mother and step-father to her whereabouts.

    Billy and Mac went on to take part in the Glow By Jabot Kids Summer Production, and it wasn't until their senior year that Billy wanted more from Mac than she was willing to give, ultimately leading to their breakup. However, Mac later opened up to Billy and admitted that she didn't want to have sex because her stepfather had molested her as a kid. When Mac's stepfather came to Genoa City and tried to rape Mac again, Billy hit Ralph over the head and saved Mac.

    After high school, Mac went off to college and Billy set off on a mission to Louisiana to help Mac's father, Brock, build homes for the needy. After the two arrived home on Christmas break, they decided never to be apart again and moved into a loft apartment with Raul and Brittany. Mac and Billy later became engaged and made plans to spend their lives together. However, devastation came, right after their wedding, when they found out that Billy's mother Jill was the long lost daughter of Mac's grandmother Katherine Chancellor, making Mac and Billy cousins! Not able to deal with the reality of it all, the marriage was annulled, the two parted ways and left Genoa City to heal their wounds.

    Mac later returned to GC to help Katherine recuperate from her drinking binge. Having grown up around her drunken stepfather, Mac couldn't handle living at the mansion and moved back to the loft with JT, Raul and Britney. Mac started dating Daniel Romalotti until she found out that he had lied about his age, then went on to date her roommate JT - who she fell in love with and lost her virginity to.

    Although JT didn't approve, Mac befriended Kevin Fisher and the two bought the Crimson Lights Coffeehouse from Nick and Sharon Newman. When JT's ex-girlfriend, Colleen Carlton returned to town, JT and Mac's relationship began to dwindle. After Mac found out she was pregnant, then had a miscarriage, she confided in Kevin instead of JT. When she finally told JT, he was so angry and ended up having a one-night stand with Victoria Newman. Realizing that their relationship was too damaged to overcome the deceit and outside forces, Mac packed up and moved to New Orleans to help with the Katrina cleanup. After that she relocated to Darfur to volunteer there.

    When Mac's grandmother, Katherine, was presumed dead, and then discovered to be alive after all, Mac came back to see for herself. At this point in time, DNA tests revealed that Mac and Billy Abbott aren't related by blood after all! Mac has decided to stay in Genoa City to be with Katherine, and can't seem to stop thinking about what might have been with Billy - who just married Chloe!


    Billy_Abbott (annulled)


    Raul Guittierez


    Brock Reynolds (father)
    Amanda Browning (mother)
    Gary Reynolds (grandfather)
    Katherine Chancellor (grandmother)
    Phillip Chancellor III (half-cousin - deceased)


    Miscarriage (with JT Helstrom)


    There are no additional images yet


    Friday, November 05 2010: What's the Rush?

    At the Chancellor Estate, Kevin listens as Chloe runs down last minute details for Mac and J.T's wedding. Katherine is raring to go. Vikki and Billy come in. Reed runs over and says, "I'm going to be in Daddy and Mac's wedding!" All is quiet as Reed asks Vikki to stay. She says she will. J.T. tells her he knows this isn't easy. Vikki tells him she's a good mom. Katherine explains to J.T. and Mac that Victoria is entitled to her anger. Lily arrives and says Cane has gone to Chicago. Mac asks her to be her Matron of Honor. They hug. Kay asks Kevin about Daisy, considering she ruined his marriage. Kevin shrugs and says Michael will see she is locked up for a long time. Paul turns up and J.T. asks him to be his best man. Paul says he's honored. The doorbell rings - it's Brock! He and Mac embrace happily. Victoria spends a moment with Reed talking about how they'll stay close after he moves. J.T. wanders in on a teary moment. Billy gives J.T. a pointed look.

    The wedding ceremony begins at Kay's house with Reed, Lily, and then Mac and Brock coming up the aisle. Brock also performs the ceremony. J.T. and Mac exchange personal vows and Brock pronounces them husband and wife. They kiss happily. Afterward, J.T. and Victoria go up to help Reed finish packing. Billy and Mac share a close moment. Katherine cuts in and embraces Mac, promising to visit often. Lily also says farewell to Mac.

    Outside by the car, J.T. sends Reed back inside for a moment. Victoria makes her case again about him taking Reed from his mother. Vikki makes it clear she'll never forgive him. J.T. stands miserably by the car. When everyone else comes outside, Vikki takes Reed aside to say goodbye. J.T. moves to put him in the car, but he runs back to Vikki. She sends him back and cries as the car starts and they pull away.

    Thursday, November 04 2010: There's Going To Be a Wedding!

    Paul stops in to visit J.T. and Mac. He is stunned to hear that they are moving to D.C. today! Mac leaves to tell Kay, and J.T. tells Paul he had too much heart damage to be an officer. Paul is sorry. As Paul leaves, J.T. asks him to wish Heather the best. Paul looks concerned. Mac returns later and tells J.T. she couldn't find her grandmother. Within minutes there is a knock - it's Kay. She tells them Murphy has been moved to a long-term care facility. She notices the boxes and Mac explains what is going on. Kay says she'll miss them, but is happy for her about the job. They talk about getting married and Katherine offers to make it happen today! When she's gone, they banter playfully and kiss.

    Billy shows up at Mac and J.T.'s house. Billy says he understands they are doing what they think is best for their family, but reminds them that Reed loves his mom to pieces and will be miserable without her. He says it's ripping Vikki to pieces. J.T. leaves Mac to talk to Billy, who says he wants to be happy for her, but he can only see the pain it's causing his wife. After he's gone, Katherine returns and says, "There's going to be a wedding this afternoon!"

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