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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Brock Reynolds - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Brock Reynolds Played by Beau Kayser (Deceased) on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Beau Kayser (CBS)

    Birthday: 1951-05-22
    Birthplace: Toronto Ontario, Canada
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Beau Kayser (Deceased)
    Height: 6' 3"


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    A Bad Omen!

    Monday, April 06 2009

    In the Chancellor living room, Brock welcomes Mackenzie back, and Jack calls for a celebration of the return of Katherine! Billy tells Kay that he knew it was really her in the hospital. Katherine calls for the attention to go back on the bride and groom - she's going to clean up, then wants to see Delia. Nikki takes Murphy on a tour of the house. Jack asks Ashley if she noticed the look on Billy's face when he realized that he's not related to Mac. Ashley did - and says it's all a bad omen, since his marriage is a huge mistake. Jack hisses that it's the only way for him to keep that baby. Colleen, meanwhile, tells Chloe that she should get to know Mackenzie - there are many interesting things about her she should know! Billy goes over to Mac, who tells him that her timing sucks. She says the baby is beautiful and she's happy for him. Chloe brings the baby over and Mackenzie goes to clean up. Chloe tells Billy she's sorry about his mom - his world must be totally rocked! He says he can't believe it!

    Brock tells Mackenzie, when they get a moment alone, that she looks like a wreck. She admits she can't help wondering what might have been with her and Billy.

    It's War!

    Friday, April 03 2009

    As the wedding nears, Jack gloats to Jill about the marriage. Jill says it's doomed. Katherine and Brock discuss Billy and Mac having to annul their marriage, and the fact that they may not be related after all. Brock says Mac has an extraordinary life now. Esther comes running in and embraces Katherine. Colleen also comes over, smiling. Katherine introduces them to Murphy. As Esther crows about Chloe marrying the love of her life and having a beautiful little girl, Jill rolls her eyes.

    In the parlor, Brock announces that the tests have come back - Katherine is definitively his mother! As Brock, Murphy, Nikki, and Esther embrace, Jill hangs back. She tries to say it is a mistake, but Katherine says they still love each other - can't she please put this behind her. Jill steps out for a gulp of fresh air, then turns back to the others, telling them not to look at her - she doesn't want their pity! Esther comes in and Jill tells her that she better get the maid's outfit out! Esther is pleased that they finally have proof. Jill says it was better thinking she was dead! Murphy steps forward, and Jill lashes out that he digs worms for a living! Katherine gets angry. Jill brings up that Phillip loved her more, and Katherine shouts, "Enough!" Jill asks what she's going to do about it?! Katherine says she tried to work this out in a gentle way, but Jill wouldn't have it - if she wants a war, then that's what she'll get! When Jill mouths off to Nikki, then Murphy again, Katherine shouts, "Forgive me Chloe!" and grabs a hunk of the wedding cake - mashing it in Jill's face!

    After the Full Moon.

    Wednesday, April 01 2009

    Murphy and Katherine are at the trailer. She decides to teach him some dance steps. They do a fun cha-cha! Brock and Nikki come up to the door outside. Brock is worried about meeting 'the woman', but Nikki is very confident. When he and Katherine meet eye-to-eye, they immediately embrace - he knows her! They sit down to chat, and Brock asks a lot of questions about her memory issues. He asks if she was tested for Lyme Disease - that's what it sounds like! Nikki says Katherine wasn't tested for that - she calls the doctor! They go to the doctor for Katherine to be tested, then return to the trailer. As they discuss how the results will be back quickly, Nikki wonders if Brock has spoken to Jill yet. When Nikki gets down on Jill, Katherine defends her! Brock leaves, and Nikki runs out to the car to get something for Murphy for the wedding. Murphy assures Katherine that he's in for everything, but he's concerned about Jill. When Nikki comes back, the doctor phones - Katherine has Lyme Disease! Katherine is thrilled!

    Brock arrives at the Chancellor Mansion and tells Jill that the woman is the Duchess. Jill says it's easy for him - he's got nothing to lose! Jill laments that she will not be Katherine's daughter anymore! Brock tells her they still will be mother and daughter - in their hearts - that's all that matters! He wants to take her to Katherine, but Jill says she can't - she cannot believe she is Katherine! Brock assures her they'll get through this together.

    A Good Day For a Haunting!

    Thursday, November 20 2008

    Amber and Daniel arrive at the Chancellor home and are greeted by Esther. Danny and Gina come in and Gina begs Daniel to try and get Danny to stay for a few more days, but Danny says he can't. Billy comes through the door next and is warmly greeted by Cane. Just as Mitchell Sherman asks everyone to have a seat, Gloria and Jeffrey blow into the room. Jill looks outraged! Mitchell begins to read the will. She leaves Brock 1% of her estate in trust so that he may continue his good works, and he is also named Chairman of the Chancellor Foundation. Danny and Gina get one half of 1% of her estate in cash as her stepchildren, and she leaves Esther enough money to live the rest of her life in comfort as well as her entire 50% ownership of the Chancellor Estate! Esther nearly faints, and Nikki calls for water. Billy smirks at Jill, "Mom, you may be in the market for a new maid!" Jill takes Mitchell aside and says that Katherine must have been drunk when she made the changes, but Mitchell tells her it's ironclad and Katherine was certainly not impaired! He continues the reading of the will, telling Nikki, that as someone who Kay thought of as a daughter, she has been left Katherine's jewelry and her mother's ring - a family heirloom!

    I've Been Expecting You!

    Tuesday, November 18 2008

    Jill thanks Gina for arranging the reception at the GCAC. Esther, Danny, Liz and Brock all discuss how much Katherine would have liked the service. Billy, Cane, Chloe, Amber and Daniel join in the conversation too. They joke about how wild she could be at times and share a laugh. Neil, Karen, and Lily arrive and pay their respects. Jill thanks them for coming. Billy asks Brock why he called her 'the Duchess', and Brock explains that that's the way he always saw her. Liz agrees that she had a regal bearing. Neil takes Lily aside and asks if she's okay - she's been very quiet. Lily notes that it's just a sad day. Neil is joined by Karen and they tell Lily that they're engaged. She congratulates them happily. Nearby, Brock introduces Cane to Nina. Cane tells her that he's the 'other' son - Jill will always consider Philip her son as well. He says he'd like to meet her son sometime, and she says he'd love that too. They agree to meet to chat later.

    This Should Be Good!

    Monday, November 17 2008

    At Katherine's funeral, Victor has just caused a sensation by walking in and sitting down next to Ashley. She tells Victor that everyone is staring and he says, "Let them." The organ music begins and Danny asks Nina why she's not sitting with the Chancellors. Nina laughs, saying she'll stick with the people who like her, noting Jill will never forgive her for marrying Philip. Amber whispers to Daniel that his mother asked her to call a truce, and Jack glowers at the back of Victor's head! Brock goes to the front of the church to deliver the eulogy. He tells them they are there to celebrate the life of this most extraordinary woman. His voice breaks, but he continues, saying that she was a loving mother, great friend, she supported charities and would roll up her sleeves and serve food to the poor. He describes other things she did for the community. He calls her a 'classy lady' and an 'angel on Earth', who is now an angel in heaven. Dina asks Traci where Colleen is, but Traci says she wasn't feeling well. Dina complains that she wanted to see her, but Traci informs her mother that she could see her anytime. Jack asks Traci if she knew Victor was coming - she says she had no idea. Brad, whispers from behind Jack, "This ought to be good." Jack grits his teeth. Just then, Liz Foster, the woman who raised Jill, arrives and Jill jumps up to embrace her. Outside the door, Gloria and Jeff come in, with her complaining that they're late, and him cursing the parking!

    Brock continues the service by leading the guests in The Lord's Prayer. Victoria and Nick and their families whisper about Victor's return and wonder if he'll be arrested when the funeral ends. Michael and Lauren arrive and take a pew behind Neil, who tells Michael not to fall out of his seat, but Victor's there - sitting next to Ashley Abbott! Jeffrey smirks, saying, "Who says there's no good theater in this town!" As Brock keeps telling about "the Duchess", Lily watches Cane, and Ashley turns in her seat to look at Jack. He gives her an incredulous look!

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