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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Brock Reynolds - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Brock Reynolds Played by Beau Kayser (Deceased) on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Beau Kayser (CBS)

    Birthday: 1951-05-22
    Birthplace: Toronto Ontario, Canada
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Beau Kayser (Deceased)
    Height: 6' 3"


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    What's the Rush?

    Friday, November 05 2010

    Outside by the car, J.T. sends Reed back inside for a moment. Victoria makes her case again about him taking Reed from his mother. Vikki makes it clear she'll never forgive him. J.T. stands miserably by the car. When everyone else comes outside, Vikki takes Reed aside to say goodbye. J.T. moves to put him in the car, but he runs back to Vikki. She sends him back and cries as the car starts and they pull away.

    The Last Time.

    Friday, September 17 2010

    In the hospital hallway Murphy asks the doctor about Kay, then turns to Tucker and asks what he was talking to her about when she collapsed. Tucker realizes that he thinks he caused it! Brock and Jill arrive, and Murphy turns back to Kay's room, but tells Tucker he can't come in! They all go in with the doctor, who says he's still waiting for test results. Katherine wakes up and complains about the jabbering. She asks why they aren't taking care of Nina at the house. Jill says they're not there yet. Kay demands to know what's going on. The story about Pomerantz comes out. Kay insists they go to Nina and Phillip. She asks for time alone with Murphy. Brock and Murphy look out at Tucker. Murphy asks Brock to tell him there won't be a good time. Murphy turns back to Kay, who says they need to talk about her living will. Murphy argues against it, but Katherine is firm - she wants to live until she dies, and die with dignity. He doesn't know if he can agree to pull the plug. The doctor, Jill, and Nikki return saying Kay needs a catscan. She's wheeled out. Jill tells Nikki there's no reason for her to stay. They bicker heatedly and Nikki ends up saying something inappropriate. She leaves. Brock, meanwhile, is arguing with Tucker, who says he has as much right to be there as he does - he's a part of the family whether he likes it or not.

    Katherine has returned to her hospital room and the doctor announces she was just dehydrated and did not have a heart attack. As Murphy grins, and Jill hugs Brock, Tucker looks in through the window.

    Dead To Rights!

    Thursday, September 16 2010

    Everyone gathers at the church for Chance's funeral. Victor and Nikki fuss over Katherine, Mac greets Brock, who thanks JT for putting a smile on his daughter's face. Ashley and Jack speak to Nina and Phillip. Brock asks them all to be seated. Michael kisses Jill's cheek and says Lauren sends her condolences, she's out of the country. Jill snarks about her not calling or showing up, and Cane apologizes to Michael. Chloe spots Heather and asks what she's doing there. Kevin tries to intervene, but a cat-fight ensues. Paul jumps in, as does Esther, but it's Kay who gets them to shut up and sit down. The casket is carried in. Pomerantz shows up, which bothers Nina. Brock speaks, followed by Phillip, who tells how proud he was of his son. Jill talks about Chance next, saying what trait he got from everyone in the family. Kay speaks about how he enriched their lives. Brock gets up again and concludes with a prayer. Sargent Goldman presents Nina with the flag.

    Back at the Chancellor Estate, Kay and Nikki chat with JT and Mac. Cane speaks to Michael about Jill. Esther gives Tucker and Neil appetizers - they talk about Kay seeming fragile. Tucker and Neil discuss Malcolm and Sofia, Neil says it's a family thing. Victor and Ash talk about Abby, and she appears beside them, saying there are more important things than money. Kay is taken upstairs, leaving Nikki to ask Victoria to acknowledge Victor's gesture. Vikki scoffs loudly, which attracts Jack. He wonders how Victor would react to her working at Jabot. Cane leaves, and Vikki offers to pick up Reed at Tiny Tots. JT agrees. Victor stops Vikki, but she blows him off. Ashley tells Tucker she can't help but think about Colleen today. Katherine wonders why the rest of them haven't come back yet. Tucker checks on Kay, who is getting tired of everyone hovering. Suddenly, she collapses in his arms!

    Going Down?

    Monday, January 25 2010

    Brock and Nikki are at the Chancellor Estate. Nikki tells him that she got a message to meet Katherine here - it seemed urgent. She fills Brock in on the DNA results just as Katherine comes in. Katherine rants that she just found out that the most despicable man she knows is her son, and Jill is sleeping with him! Katherine says he not only went after her company, he went after her family too - he wants to obliterate everything she cares about! Brock leaves to confront Tucker, and Nikki urges Kay to sit down. Katherine gets to thinking that Jill was the one who found Jo-Jo - she must have set her up! Nikki muses that Jill only cares about herself. Katherine thought they had truly become family - she's devastated and angry! She vows to never be taken in by the likes of Jill Foster Abbott ever, ever again!

    Brock arrives at Tucker's office. They spar for a few moments. Tucker remarks that he conquered Katherine. Brock informs him that now it's time for him to get to know his mother!

    Brock comes back into the Chancellor Estate and softly tells Katherine there is someone there who she needs to see. Katherine agrees, as long as it's not Jill. Tucker steps into the room and quietly says, "It's me." Katherine asks if he has something to say to her. Tucker asks her the same question. She doesn't. Tucker remarks that his time is valuable, and they've wasted it. Brock muses that he had to try. Tucker leaves, and Katherine weeps in Brock's arms.

    Classic Mustache!

    Friday, January 22 2010

    Katherine, Jill, Brock, Neil, Malcolm, and Devon are gathered at Cane and Lily's place. Mac arrives, and they tell the group they have an announcement! Lily encourages Mac to go ahead and tell them. Mac smiles, and says she had her first ultrasound, and everything checked out - twice! Everyone realizes they're having twins! There are congratulations all around. Cane asks Jill to consider herself the grandmother - she's tickled. Kay, Jill, and Brock leave.

    JT meets with Mac at Crimson Lights. They discuss their situations briefly. Brock arrives and JT asks Mac to watch Reed for a moment. Brock takes the opportunity to tell Mac that what she's doing is great, but she's going to give birth to two children - is she really ready for that kind of sacrifice? Mac reassures him, just as JT returns with a tea refill. Brock takes off, and Mac offers to help JT with Reed while Victoria's away.

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