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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Evan Owen

    Full detailed profile on Evan Owen Played by Chris Potter on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Chris Potter (CBS)
    Evan Owen

    Actor: Chris Potter

    Who played Evan Owen over the years

    Chris Potter (May 2007 - present)

    Useful information on Evan Owen

    * A friend from Gloria Abbott's past


    Current: Unknown
    Past: Unknown


    Evan will appear in Genoa City in May as a friend from Gloria Abbott's past.










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    Wednesday, June 06 2007: Wreckage From The Newman Jet!

    At the coffeehouse, Lauren and Gloria go over plans for Gloria's reception. While Lauren leaves to go visit Phyllis, Evan approaches Gloria and she says, "I'm tapped out!" However, Evan explains he's not there for more money and that he's met someone and says, "I want to give her something. I was thinking… jewelry." Although Gloria doesn't want to part with any of her possessions, Evan goes on, "Considerate it a farewell present."

    Back at Lauren's, just as Gloria hands over some diamonds to Evan, William shows up and has him arrested! Not going down without a fight, Evan blurts out, "Your wife paid me to stay here and help her so you'd marry her!" William assures Gloria they'll talk about this later then leaves. Gloria turns to Lauren and says, "I just lost my husband!" Later, William calls and asks Gloria to meet him at The Club.

    Monday, June 04 2007: DNA Retest: Gloria Bardwell!

    Over breakfast at The Club, while Gloria is rambling about plans for a wedding reception, William thinks back to Evan's magic trick and wonders if Gloria pulled it when submitting her DNA! After William gets called away to work, Kevin shows up with a gift for Gloria - a clock - and says, "Time's a tickin' don't get caught!" Seeing as Gloria doesn't have access to William's money, she asks Kevin for a loan to payoff Evan! As Kevin is warning Gloria that Evan will continue to blackmail her for more money, Evan walks in! Despite initially turning her down, Kevin hands over some money to Gloria then leaves!

    When Evan approaches Gloria's table, he threatens to tell William that she switched her DNA sample if she doesn't give him a substantial amount of money! Before their conversation can go any further, William arrives back! After Evan leaves, while kissing Gloria, her hair gets caught and she screams, "Ouch!" William distracts her and asks to talk about their reception, leaving Gloria unaware that he ripped out a strand of her hair!

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