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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Doris Collins - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Doris Collins Played by Karen Hensel on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Karen Hensel (CBS)

    Birthday: 1948-11-01
    Birthplace: Ventura, California
    Marital Status: Married (2 children)
    Real Name: Karen Hensel
    Height: 5' 5


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    What's Next For Us?

    Friday, September 28 2012

    Sharon's surprised when her mom shows up at her door and tells her to pack her bags. Sharon says 'no' so her mom tells her she doesn't fit in there. Doris wonders why she isn't sick of hurting the Newmans. They bicker about it. Doris takes the blame for her daughter being so warped. Sharon won't let Victor and the others screw her over again. "I want to make them pay," she declares. Her mom leaves her a key to her place in case she changes her mind. Soon, Nikki arrives. She suggests that Sharon find somewhere far away to live and offers to pay her off. Sharon can't be bought. "Since when?" asks Nikki. Sharon warns that Victor is in store for a surprise.

    Girl Time.

    Thursday, July 07 2011

    Noah and Doris meet up with Faith and Nick at Crimson Lights. They remember when Nick and Sharon owned it, and then leave to go spread the ashes. Adam watches from the patio.

    On the bridge in the park, Nick holds up Sharon's ashes and says it's time to say goodbye. Adam cries behind a rock as Doris, Noah, and Nick each say a few words about Sharon, the ashes go into the water, and they all say goodbye.

    Divide And Conquer.

    Friday, May 27 2011

    Nick visits with Doris at Gloworm. She tells him that there will be no insurance money since Sharon's death was ruled a suicide. Adam appears. Doris says she invited him - she needs them both to help get the insurance money so she can set up a fund for teenage girls who can't afford to go to college. Doris hands over the paperwork and wishes them luck. Nick tells Adam they should divide and conquer. They make some calls and don't make any progress. They decide to go to New Mexico to re-examine the crash site. Adam asks if they're doing this for real - together. Nick nods, "We're doing this." Abby arrives and Nick grudgingly admits he's working with Adam. Nick and Adam go on camera to speak out and challenge the coroner's office on the ruling of suicide. Victor turns up and is surprised to learn they are heading to New Mexico together. He offers his help, but they decline. Abby approaches Victor and they sit. Nikki enters and orders a vodka tonic, but rushes out when she spots the others. Nick and Adam confirm their trip to San Pueblo, and Victor questions Abby about the night of the accident.

    A Good Soul.

    Friday, April 22 2011

    At the church, Noah and Nick are with Doris, who complains about Sharon losing her way and not listening to them. A breathtaking flower arrangement is by Sharon's photo - they're from Adam. Victor arrives and comforts Doris, who tells him he was the father she never had. Diane tells Noah she's sorry about his mom, but it's Jack who embraces him. Phyllis speaks to Nick, and they agree to talk after. Jack and Diane see her comfort him. Jack muses about Adam stranding them far away from where Sharon was, and Diane asks Victor's permission to speak to Nick. She offers her condolences. Nikki arrives, putting gum in her mouth before joining Doris. Abby and Daniel come in. They greet Noah. Billy and Vikki follow, and Daniel tries to get a moment with Billy, but can't. As the service gets underway, the D.A. stops Adam from going in by serving him with a restraining order. Everyone turns to look as the cops drag Adam away. Outside, Adam finds his flowers and card tossed on the ground. He looks at the upper window of the church. As Nick talks about how Sharon was the first true love of his life inside, Adam scales the wall. As the service concludes, Adam drops in from the bell tower saying he's not leaving until he has his say.

    He Loved Her To Death.

    Tuesday, April 19 2011

    Noah and Nick visit Doris, who wishes she had handled things differently, then Sharon would be in jail, but at least would be alive. Nick says it's not her fault - this happened due to the choices Sharon made. Doris says Adam was the one who told her what happened; he said he loved her. She scoffs, "He loved her to death." Noah gets a call from the coroner. He and Nick leave, telling Doris they'll help set up a memorial.

    Sometime Bad Is Good.

    Monday, April 18 2011

    Adam knocks on Doris's door. She doesn't want to discuss anything with him. He blurts that he identified the body. Doris sobs, "No, not Sharon." Adam says he's very sorry. He tells her about the accident. Doris blames him. Adam says he loved Sharon. Doris counters that he used her. Adam insists he didn't trick Sharon into being with him. He shows her the letter Sharon wrote to him, and the letters to Noah and Faith. Doris calls them suicide notes. Adam disagrees. Doris tells him she's glad Sharon didn't marry him again - he will not help plan the funeral and will not be welcome to attend it.

    She Invented The Game.

    Monday, April 11 2011

    Doris Collins arrives at home to find Sharon there. Doris is disgusted with her for escaping and changing her appearance. Doris wants Sharon to her to turn herself in. Sharon refuses, saying she just wants Doris to look in on Faith while she proves her innocence. Doris says Faith is her responsibility, and rants about the choices she's made since reuniting with Adam. Sharon insists she's doing this to save herself. Doris says Sharon would rather be anywhere than with her baby - she can't believe the person she's become. Sharon is stung by the harsh words, and asks her mother to support her just this once. Doris says every decision she makes is wrong. Sharon screams, "Can't you say you believe in me?" Doris turns her back, and Sharon goes.

    Lightning Fast.

    Wednesday, December 09 2009

    Sharon's doorbell rings - it's her mother. Doris asks how she's doing. Sharon remarks that she's trying to keep busy and keep her mind off things. Doris says, "Like the baby?" Doris notices the flowers and Sharon admits she's seeing someone new. Doris sighs, and says, "Already? Oh, sweetheart, when will you ever learn?" Sharon says she finally has someone who doesn't treat her like she needs saving. Doris points out that she rushes into things, and asks when was the last time she was without a man. Sharon tells her mother that her new man is Adam. Doris is taken aback, and tells Sharon she's asking for trouble.

    No Dark Colors!

    Friday, October 09 2009

    Sharon sits with her mom, Doris, in the coffee house. They discuss the loss of the baby. Doris says he won't feel it the same way Sharon will. Sharon tells her mother that she has accepted that she and Nick aren't going to be together. Sharon tells Doris that she is going up to the Abbott cabin to spread the baby's ashes. Doris realizes she's going to do it without Nick, and urges her to wait. Sharon says she has to do this now.

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