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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Victoria Newman Abbott - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Victoria Newman Abbott Played by Amelia Heinle on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Amelia Heinle (CBS)

    Birthday: 1973-03-17
    Birthplace: Phoenix, Arizona
    Marital Status: Married to Thad Luckinbill (Y&R's JT)
    Real Name: Amelia Heinle
    Height: 5' 6"


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    Y&R Recap: Best Behavior.

    Friday, April 18 2014

    The Abbotts arrive at the ranch with Billy bringing up the rear. Ashley runs interference when Victor tells Billy he isn't too bright. Billy cautiously greets Victoria, who says his being there will mean a lot to Tyler and Abby. Jack asks Victor for a club soda and they muse about the families coming together. Abby and Tyler join Ashley and they make some awkward chit-chat. Jack and Leslie talk about Tyler being nervous. Traci gives Abby marriage advice - don't get sucked into the family drama. Tyler thanks Victor for opening his home. He says he takes his family's happiness very seriously. Nick and Sharon arrive. Noah comments on them making a statement and then Abby confronts Nick about bringing Sharon there. He defends his relationship. Victoria eyeballs Billy, and Nikki and Abby have a heartfelt chat about their mutual admiration. Victor gets everyone's attention and asks Ashley to make a toast. She talks about three families coming together to celebrate love and mentions how happy Brad and Colleen would be for Abby as well. Victoria goes outside and Billy follows. They kiss and Victoria takes off for home. Inside, Victor makes a more practical speech about marriage involving respect and forgiveness. He wishes Abby and Tyler all the happiness in the world. Summer chats with Traci about working at Jabot. Traci urges her to travel and meet new friends - Phyllis wouldn't want her to put her life on hold. Courtney talks to Tyler about feeling out of their depth in the talk of trust funds and such. Nearby, Ashley and Abby enthuse about Billy going after Victoria. Victor grumbles to Nikki about the same, and remarks on Nick bringing the pyromaniac with him too. Nick and Sharon approach. Nick says it's like a new beginning for all of them. Victor grunts, "Okay son," before moving on to argue with Jack about Bonaventure. Nikki claps for everyone to get cake. Someone watches through the window. When Nick runs out to the car, Victor ends up alone with Sharon. Outside, Nick comes face-to-face with Cassie's lookalike.

    Billy knocks on the door after Victoria gets home. She doesn't want to talk, but wants to show him something. She changes into a black dress. He wants to take her for dinner, but she says Stitch is coming to get her. She wanted to show him she's moving on. Billy says what they have will never be over. Vikki calls Ben to confirm and then sighs.

    Y&R Recap: House Calls.

    Monday, April 14 2014

    Stitch wakes up on Victoria's couch and learns he slept for 13 hours straight. She says he must have needed the rest after that double-shift at the hospital. He tells her he got a great night's sleep. She calls him a liar. "You're obviously in pain." Vikki massages him. They talk about having a real date. Stitch calls her cellphone from his and asks her out. She accepts. Victor arrives when Stitch is washing up. He hands her the gift Billy left on the doorstep. Stitch reappears. Victor muses about a doctor making house calls. "I haven't seen that for a hell of a long time." They makes plans to spar again and Stitch goes. Victor grills Victoria, who says she misses Billy, but is moving on. She asks about Adam's remains. He won't discuss it.

    Nick arrives at Victoria's house with a gift for Johnny and greets Victor, who tells them Abby is engaged to Tyler. He's pretty sure it's a mistake, but wants to have a celebration. They agree to attend. Nick says Sharon will be his date. Victor resists, but says he'll give them details later. Victoria questions Nick, but decides she has no room to talk. She says she loves Billy but isn't going down that road again. Nick muses he said the same thing before.

    Y&R Recap: Lightening Struck.

    Thursday, April 10 2014

    Avery freaks out about her cooking show audition at Crimson Lights. Dylan asks what's really going on. She admits she's feeling very insecure about the whole thing. Dylan reassures her and says she's putting too much pressure on herself. Avery kisses him. Meanwhile, on the patio, Victoria agrees to go to dinner with Stitch.

    Stitch arrives at Victoria's house with a birthday gift for Johnny and flowers for her. He suggests they keep dinner low key.

    At the Club, Jack lets Kelly know he told Billy they were having dinner together. Stitch and Victoria walk in. The couples regard each other with puzzlement. Stitch takes Victoria out. Kelly apologizes to Jack - she doesn't blame Victoria for hating her. Jack asks about Stitch. Kelly says there was a time they were close; they're not anymore. They decide to have dinner again sometime. Meanwhile, Cane rejoins Hilary in the office and tells her about his questionable past and how he was forgiven. He can't forgive her for her cruelty to Lily, but he thinks she deserves a second chance. She asks about Lily dialing down the attitude. Cane will see what he can do.

    Back at Victoria's house, she and Stitch eat Burger Barn takeout. Both apologize for their botched dinner plans. She wipes something off his mouth. He says this is her place with Billy; after they eat he'll shove off. However, he dozes off on her shoulder. Billy sees them through the window.

    Y&R Recap: Playing Doctor.

    Wednesday, April 09 2014

    Victoria opens the door of her house to Billy, who is ready to celebrate Johnny's birthday. She says they're not doing it - Johnny picks up on the tension between them. Vikki says she's having a kids' party Saturday and taking him to the ranch for dinner tonight. Billy complains about Victor. Vikki mentions Nikki and Jill's plan to bring them together. Billy assures her he wasn't in on that. Vikki brings Johnny down and Billy gives him a gift. Billy says he needs to get to Jabot - he sold the restaurant. She says she'll see him Saturday.

    Y&R Recap: Into The Fire.

    Monday, April 07 2014

    In the park, Billy wants honesty from Victoria. She eventually admits she slept with Stitch. Victoria says Ben has been supporting her since the night he took off looking for Adam. She says she was driving herself crazy over the separation papers when she saw him with Kelly. "I was just done." Billy says he ran into her by chance. Vikki snipes, "You couldn't keep walking?" Billy asks if she was evening the score by bedding Stitch. She says they were separated - not one thing to apologize for. Billy laments how many things he's asked her to forgive. If he was her, he'd leave too. Vikki says she would try again if she honestly thought they wouldn't end up in the same place again. She'll have Avery file the papers.

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