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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Victoria Newman Abbott - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Victoria Newman Abbott Played by Amelia Heinle on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Amelia Heinle (CBS)

    Birthday: 1973-03-17
    Birthplace: Phoenix, Arizona
    Marital Status: Married to Thad Luckinbill (Y&R's JT)
    Real Name: Amelia Heinle
    Height: 5' 6"


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    Y&R Recap: You Made Your Single Bed.

    Thursday, September 18 2014

    At the Club bar, Jack and Kelly discuss her mother. Kelly hasn't sought her out. She doesn't want Jack involved either. "Wither my mother goes, trouble follows." Kelly confesses she'll never trust Maureen. Jack thinks Kelly bounces well, but also walks away. Kelly says Maureen's always been distant from her, and her reaction after her father's death was disappointing. She upsets her too much. Sharon appears, looking for help booking her wedding reception. Jack congratulates her, and leaves. Kelly and Sharon firm up reception plans. Sharon tells her she's glad she's with Jack and mentions having once been married to him. Kelly asks about her history with Phyllis. Sharon confesses she doesn't remember how they left things before the accident. Upstairs, Ben asks Maureen about why she's sticking around. Maureen wants to spend time with him and Kelly and see the baby. They talk about moving forward from 'that day'. Stitch leaves as Jack arrives. He tells Maureen her visit has upset Kelly. He suggests Maureen give Kelly some answers. Maureen protests she's worked hard to put the tragedy behind her. She talks about trying to protect Kelly when she was young and says she's become a strong woman. Jack exits as Nikki approaches the door. She hides, and then knocks. Maureen assures her she'll call her Nikki whenever their paths cross. Nikki acts nervous about her staying in town. She blames the tabloids and the pressures of being Mrs. Victor Newman. Maureen pours a toast to their kids. Nikki protests, but then says one drink won't hurt. At the Dive Bar, Victoria approaches Billy and Chelsea, who are kissing. "Look who's back in town." Billy assures Chelsea they owe Victoria no explanation. Stitch appears, followed shortly by Abby for a meeting. Billy learns Stitch is the new chemist. Victoria tells Abby that Nick and Sharon are getting married. After, Vikki watches Abby and Stitch work and banter, and Billy and Chelsea talk about having a relationship. As Chelsea walks past, Victoria confronts her. Chelsea says she can't have it both ways. "You made your single bed, now sleep in it." Abby interrupts their argument. Chelsea goes. Victoria accuses Abby of flirting with Ben. Abby denies it. They look over at Stitch, who tells Kelly that Jack visited Maureen; he shouldn't stir things up with mom. Downstairs, Chelsea and Billy agree they're looking forward to spending time together.

    Y&R Recap: What's-His-Abs.

    Wednesday, September 17 2014

    Nick arrives at Victoria's house and says he has news. Victoria says Victor told her about his engagement. Nick says this takes the heat off her - the only person Victor hates as much as Billy is his future wife. Victoria tells Nick he deserves to be happy. "At least things worked out for one of us." They talk about Victoria's situation. She says Billy and Stitch both caused her drama, but they're both still in her heart. They talk about the similarities in their situations with Billy and Sharon. Nick thinks Victoria deserves happiness without the hassle. Victoria thought she had that with Ben. Nick talks about Sharon some more.

    At the Club, Devon and Hilary cross paths in the corridor. He grabs her but she wants him to let go - they had an agreement. Hilary says if Neil's blindness is permanent, they'll never be together. Devon strokes her cheek and they kiss. Hilary slaps him and they kiss more as Devon pulls her into a suite. They undress and make love. After, they bask in the afterglow and kiss. Hilary gets a message from Neil, who needs her at home. At the Dive Bar, Billy runs into Chelsea. She says there's something they need to talk about. Billy teases her about their phone call the other night. A shirtless guy stops by the table. Chelsea tells him she'll meet him in the suite. When Billy acts jealous, Chelsea admits he's her new assistant. Billy feels foolish and worries about things getting weird between them. Chelsea insists she has her head on straight when it comes to him. Her assistant calls her away. Later, Chelsea returns. Billy grumbles about 'what's-his-abs'. Chelsea tells Billy they are both single - she votes for trying this out. Billy agrees that he wants to see where this is going to go. They kiss as Victoria appears. Downstairs, Lily spots Devon and tells him Neil is finally ready to accept help. Devon knows exactly what he has to do.

    Y&R Recap: Winner Of The DNA Lottery.

    Monday, September 15 2014

    At the hospital, Abby goes on to Victoria about Lamaze classes. Victoria holds her head. Abby says she'll use the breathing methods herself when she thinks about Mariah being part of their family. She complains at length about Mariah as Victoria prompts her to breathe. Victoria sympathizes with Sharon having her child taken at birth. Abby reassures Victoria about the hospital security. Vikki thanks her. Abby says she should have Billy in the delivery room. Victoria argues about leaving Stitch out and informs Abby that she and Billy are divorced.

    At the Club, Maureen greets Nikki as 'Sherry'. Victor asks why she's calling her that. Nikki says she doesn't know. Maureen apologizes. "I thought you were my friend Sherry." Nearby, Chris starts a toast to Paul, who is whispering to Dylan about having to question him at the station. Paul thanks everyone for coming, but says he needs to get back to work - there's a development in the Ian Ward case. Chris is peeved. When Avery learns Paul is taking Dylan, she wants to go too, but Dylan convinces her to stay. When Victor takes a call, Nikki thanks Maureen for not letting on to her husband and apologizes for misleading her to believe her name was Sherry. Maureen says they have something else in common - her son may be the father of her next grandchild. Nikki gets her mind around her being Stitch and Kelly's mother. Maureen wants to celebrate with a drink. Nikki says she doesn't drink. Nick and Sharon arrive. Victor spots Sharon admiring her ring. "Are you two getting married, or what?" Nikki joins them and offers congratulations. Victor grunts at Nick saying he's keeping his family together. In the dining room, Avery leaves quickly when she hears Chris and Michael saying Paul found blood at the ranch. Later, Victoria arrives. Nikki and Victor tell her Nick and Sharon are engaged. Nikki has a go at Victor about using Mariah to terrorize Sharon. Victor gets a call from Cutler that Phyllis has talked. Upstairs, Nick makes love to Sharon in a suite. He says nothing will break them up this time.

    Y&R Recap: We Are Sisters!

    Tuesday, September 09 2014

    Abby enters the Club ranting to Traci about Mariah. Traci encourages her to take a kinder approach and find some compassion. Abby has to go deal with another criminal. Up at Dive Bar, Vikki bumps into Stitch and asks him what's going on between him and her sister. He wonders why she cares. Vikki feels the baby kick. Stitch says not to worry about Abby - he can barely tolerate her. She saw them downstairs at a table. Stitch says they're working together - Ashley hired him at Jabot. Abby appears and hits him. She warns there's a confidentiality clause in his contract and Victoria's a Newman. Vikki hugs Abby and leaves. Abby brings up Stitch's past again and he asks her to please stop. Abby admits she liked him before. She can't understand how he could do what he did. Stitch leaves.

    In his office, Victor arranges for roses to be sent to Nikki at home. Victoria appears and tells him Ashley is back and working at Jabot. Apparently she's developing a new secret perfume. Victor is pleased to see Victoria's interest. Vikki says Ashley hired Ben as a chemist - he let it slip. Victor muses they have the inside track. Victoria asks if he wants her to spy on Ben. Victor says he hid a crime from her. Victoria won't make any promises, but will keep her eyes and ears open. She tells Victor that she and Billy are officially divorced. Victor hugs her and says she made the right decision. Dr. Cutler calls. Victor says he has to take this. Victoria asks who Cutler is. Victor says he's doing fascinating research. She leaves. Cutler tells Victor that Phyllis' nurse attempted to alert Jack Abbott to her progress, but assures Victor he'll take care of it. Victor tells Cutler Phyllis is a risk-taker and urges him to push ahead with the treatment. Later, Abby finds Victoria and they discuss Stitch working at Jabot. Victoria assures Abby she's fine with it.

    Y&R Recap: Chemistry.

    Thursday, September 04 2014

    At Newman-Chancellor, Billy wants to shred the divorce papers and start fresh. Victoria doesn't want to prolong the inevitable. Billy gets her to reminisce about their weddings. They talk about their recent kiss, him busting her out of the hospital, and Johnny. Billy goes to sign the papers. She stops him to say he's not all to blame and they'll always be family, but this marriage is over. He signs and asks, "Now what?" Vikki looks at his ringing phone - Chelsea's calling. Billy speaks to her briefly and then assures Vikki there's nothing going on between them. Billy says endings are what you need for a new beginning, and leaves.

    At the Club, Abby complains to Ashley that she's about to hire a man whose entire life is a fraud. Ashley tells Abby she's being inappropriate, but she keeps ranting. Stitch defends himself and his credentials. Ashley hires him. Abby speaks to Ashley alone and wonders if she's lost her mind. Ashley defends her position and says it may help Billy and Victoria. Abby asks if she's doing it for Billy, or because she's attracted to Stitch. Ash says he's the perfect candidate. Abby snarks about them having lots of chemistry. Stitch returns. Ashley welcomes him to Jabot and leaves them to strategize. Abby warns Stitch he can stay in town, but won't get Victoria. They are bickering about the perfume campaign when Victoria appears and watches them together.

    Y&R Recap: What's Your Secret?

    Wednesday, September 03 2014

    Billy arrives at Newman-Chancellor and trades barbs with Stitch. Victoria says goodbye to Ben, who replies, "So long, Victoria." Billy reminds Victoria that four years ago today he proposed - so why send final divorce papers today? Victoria says Avery's assistant must have done it. Billy wonders if she could go back, would she still marry him? Victoria says she would. Billy asks if that means the divorce is off.

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