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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Brad Carlton - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Brad Carlton Played by Don Diamont on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Don Diamont (CBS)

    Birthday: 1962-12-31
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Marital Status: Married to Cindy Ambuehl - Four Children with his ex-wife & a set of twins with Cindy!
    Real Name: Don Diamont
    Height: 6' 1"


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    Goody Gumdrops!

    Thursday, September 11 2008

    Jill encounters Brad working on a laptop at the Club. She asks if he's working on his resume, and snarks about his short tenure at Newman. He smirks, saying that the Feds will soon be looking for her. She counters that she might have some tidbits about him for Restless Style! When she leaves, Heather approaches. He asks after Adam, and tells her to have him give him a call - they can brainstorm together. She says she will and leaves.

    Brad is at the coffee house when Kevin returns and gets a phone call that all of his records from Jabot are being subpoenaed. He hangs up and Brad asks what is going on at Jabot. Kevin tells him that it appears the SEC is investigating Jill and that she has stepped down! Kevin then listens as Brad confirms a new position heading up an energy firm. At a nearby table, Amber frets to Jana that she can't reach Liam. She then admits that if Daniel would take her back she would drop Liam in a minute!

    Flip of the Coin!

    Tuesday, September 09 2008

    Neil arrives at Newman Enterprises and raises an eyebrow at the sight of Brad standing in the hall. He keeps going past and Brad smirks. J.T. follows Neil into his office and asks what Brad is still doing hanging around. Neil says that when he was hired, he insisted on a huge buyout package. J.T. tells Neil that he's got something on him - Brad was the one who hacked into the Newman files all those months ago. He explains that Victoria covered for him. Neil looks thoughtful. They head into Brad's office. He greets them with a smile. Neil tells him to resign or he'll have him arrested for corporate theft! Neil says if they go public with the theft, Brad won't get a job at a pet store! Neil says he'll keep it under wraps if he voluntarily resigns immediately. Neil slaps down the papers on the desk. Brad isn't happy, but he signs and leaves.

    The Hedge Clipper!

    Wednesday, September 03 2008

    At Newman Enterprises, Adam tells Brad that business will be moving forth without his half-siblings. He says he'd like to see how they make out in the real world without help. Brad tells Adam that he should be reinstated to the Board of Directors. Adam suggests they call a press conference. Brad has hand-picked a reporter, but warns the guy will ask why he fired Neil and Victoria. Adam clears his throat, "I'd like to focus on the future." Brad suggests that he acknowledge his roots. The reporter is called in and Adam tells him it's a new era for Newman Enterprises. Brad tells the reporter that this is Victor Newman Jr., but Adam corrects him. "Not Junior. Victor Adam Newman."

    Victoria arrives at Newman Enterprises and asks Brad where Adam is at. Brad says he's sorry about the loss of her dad. He assures her that as CEO he will try to carry on Victor's vision. She smirks and tells him it doesn't matter - there's about to be another shift! "I have news about my father."

    The New CEO!

    Thursday, August 28 2008

    At Newman Enterprises, Adam speaks to someone unseen, telling the person that he has been left Newman Enterprises and he needs to surround himself with people he can trust - that's why he fired Neil Winters. He tells the person that his resume looks good and he'd like to offer him the position of CEO of Newman Enterprises. Adam passes a paper across the desk with the salary he had in mind written on it. A hand reaches out and takes the paper, saying, "I've no doubt the salary is fair. I'll take the position." It's Brad Carlton! They discuss how many opportunities have been lost due to hesitation. Adam is sure that with the two of them running things, Newman will be better than ever before. "It's just too bad my old man won't be around to see it."

    Brad arrives at Restless Style and asks to speak to Jack in private. Sharon leaves the room and Brad thanks Jack for printing the article. Jack remarks that it is going to taint Jabot stock, but Brad says he doesn't care. "You're looking at the new CEO of Newman Enterprises!" In the front area of Restless Style, Sharon asks Nick how he is doing with Victor's death. He says he'll get through it just like he did with Cassie. They embrace as Phyllis looks on. Jill comes in and spots Brad. She says that his presence there confirms her suspicions - he's behind the article. As she fires him from Jabot, he smirks. "No problem!" He informs her of his new position. "I'm like a cat; I always land on my feet!" Jill threatens him with a lawsuit, but he smugly says he dealt with far worse. "Bring it on!" Jill then turns to Jack, promising to sue him. She tells Jack that he's bitter because she's running Jabot. Nick, Sharon, and Phyllis hear her and watch her walk out. Nick tells Jack that he makes him sick - he hurts everyone and doesn't care. He tells him that he knows what he said about his dad in the interview. Jack says he is sorry about Victor, but Nick says Jack just continues to gloat and brag, and it's time he did something about it! Jack insists he's sorry about his father, and Nick asks if that's why he was hacking into his server. Jack tells Nick to grow up, and Sharon jumps in and takes Nick's part. Jack shakes his head and says to Phyllis, "I guess we know where her loyalties lay, don't we?" Phyllis replies, "We sure do."

    Presumed Dead!

    Friday, August 22 2008

    At Jabot, preparations are underway for Lily's photo shoot. Jill is surprised when Cane walks in. She warns him that Lily is on her way, but he assures her he can handle it. Just then, Chloe arrives. Jill asks, "What are you doing here?" Chloe explains that she is overseeing the cross-promotion on behalf of Restless Style! Chloe tells Jill she has been thinking about the engagement party. She notes that Cane clearly doesn't want to do it, so she's okay with that. Jill, however, says it's necessary, like a business obligation. Chloe then tells Jill that her choice of venue is a little stuffy. Jill calls her a little snip and says it doesn't matter what she thinks. Cane goes to his office. Brad wanders in and gives Jill a file. She apologizes to him for not finding time to explain Cane's appointment to him. Brad says it's fine. She asks if he is considering leaving Jabot, but Brad smiles and says that he'll be sticking around for awhile.


    Wednesday, August 13 2008

    In the hallway at Jabot, Traci Abbott arrives. She greets her ex-husband Brad happily and they embrace. They turn to discussing what the reason is for the shareholder's meeting. He asks Traci to support him as CEO. Gloria and Jeffrey walk up, just as Jill comes out to call people into the meeting. She asks what they are doing there. They both laugh and tell her even if you have one stock you can attend! She tells them to sit at the back. As everyone moves into the meeting room, Jill walks up to the podium at the front and wastes no time - she apologizes for David Chow having been put into power, and then announces the appointment of a new CEO. "My son Cane Ashby!" There is polite applause, but Traci looks at Brad with surprise! Jill asks Cane to speak. He says he is honored and humbled to be standing there. He says he believes in the company. Brad gets up and walks out. He calls someone and says "Meet me at Crimson Lights. Now!"

    Brad meets Jack at Crimson Lights. He tosses a file across the table to him. Jack picks it up and reads the contents. "You realize if I print this it will blow the power structure at Jabot sky-high?!" Over at the counter, Daniel confesses to Kevin that he has a date and is moving on. Kevin isn't so sure it's a good idea, but says it's better than him moping! Traci comes in and greets her daughter Colleen. They catch up before Colleen leaves to get ready for her date. Traci heads over and joins her brother Jack and Brad. Brad excuses himself, and she and Jack discuss Jabot. She tells him it was sickening to hear Cane talking about Jabot! Gloria and Jeffrey arrive and she is wondering if they can combine their shares and kick Jill out. Jeffrey says they need to get some proxies. Gloria admits that Ashley and Billy both laughed at the suggestion. She suddenly spies Traci and smiles. They head over to Jack and Traci and tell them that they have been buying up Jabot stock. They have enough that if they combine it with theirs, they'll have enough to get rid of Jill and Cane! Jack says he can't work there anymore due to the court order. Jeffrey says he can - just not as CEO. "Think about it!" As they leave Sharon comes in to find Jack in a daze.

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