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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Brad Carlton - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Brad Carlton Played by Don Diamont on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Don Diamont (CBS)

    Birthday: 1962-12-31
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Marital Status: Married to Cindy Ambuehl - Four Children with his ex-wife & a set of twins with Cindy!
    Real Name: Don Diamont
    Height: 6' 1"


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    Dragged Out By His Neck!

    Wednesday, October 08 2008

    At the GCAC, Brad runs into Sharon and they sit down for smoothies at the bar. Brad brings up the Editor's letter, and says he was ticked off to see what was written about her. She tells him Phyllis wrote it, and she is happy to be out of that viper's nest. Brad tells her about his involvement with David, and she laments that he could go to jail paying off David's gambling debt. "Why did you put yourself in that situation?" Brad tells her everything will be fine when they find this Walter Palin guy and he confirms that Brad has no ties to him!

    Heather meets with Brad in the Athletic Club dining room. She informs him that Walter Palin has turned up dead. She tells Brad that since David isn't around to corroborate his story, someone is going to be left holding the bag, and from where she stands - it's him! He tells her he isn't meeting with her again without an attorney present! Brad goes and makes a phone call to his lawyer, telling the secretary that answers that he doesn't give a damn where he is - find him! Heather goes up to her room and Adam is there. She tells him that the D.A. is very pleased about the progress in the investigation. He tells her that his day was a disaster. She leaves and Adam calls Jack.

    Shut Out!

    Thursday, September 18 2008

    At the coffee shop counter, Jana tells Amber she heard her on Loveline. Amber laments that Daniel didn't call in, and now Liam won't call her back - she's really down. Suddenly, Liam calls her. He tells her that he can't make it to Daniel's showing. She admits to Jana that she can't go to Daniel's show without Liam - he already thinks she's making him up! Jana tries to encourage her to go. Suddenly, Colleen walks in and asks if they've seen Daniel! She heads over to a table where Brad is sitting alone and tells him that she's going to Daniel's showing in New York with Lily. He asks if it will be awkward since he's Lily's ex-husband. Colleen assures him it's fine. He fills her in on the charges against him and promises her that he did nothing wrong. Colleen wanders back over to Jana and Amber and mentions that she's Daniel's date for the show in New York. Just then, Daniel walks in. "Hi girls!" Amber goes off on him for taking Colleen as his date to something so important. She calls him out on getting over her so quickly and sliding the next girlfriend into the slot. Daniel replies that Colleen might not be 'the one', but she might be! Colleen stands defiantly by Daniel's side as Amber angrily tells him she won't be attending his stupid show! Jana takes Amber aside and sadly tells her that maybe she and Daniel should let each other go - they're hurting one another. Colleen, meanwhile, encourages Daniel to forget what just happened and forget Amber all together! He sends Colleen out ahead of him, and goes over to Amber. He tells her he'd really like her to be there tonight - most of the work is of her! She tells him to go to Hell. Jana assures Daniel she doesn't mean that, but Daniel walks away. Amber sighs, "What did I just do?"

    Sharon arrives at the coffee house where she runs into Nikki. As they chat, Nick calls Nikki and asks her to come back to Restless Style to discuss something. She hangs up the phone just as Brad approaches. He asks if his name came up when she spoke to the SEC yesterday. Nikki calls him out on his terrible behavior where David was concerned. "Was my job that attractive to you?" She then leaves. Sharon, who has overheard, comes over to Brad and encourages him to hang in there! He spots Heather at an outside table and goes over to talk. She says she can't talk to him while he's under investigation. He tells her to find Walter Palin!

    The Bogeyman of Restless Style!

    Wednesday, September 17 2008

    Outside on the terrace at the coffee house, Jill sits at a table. Cane approaches and she is short with him about life after leaving the company. He tells her he is just trying to take care of her. He leaves and she looks up to see Brad! She notes that he doesn't look too well, and he retorts that she wouldn't either if she'd been in jail! Inside, Adam approaches Cane and asks him to take a look at his resume! Cane questions why he should, and Adam explains that he came to town to connect with his father and it didn't work out. He claims he was fired for personal reasons, not for lack of talent. Cane considers this. Back outside, Jill denies having anything to do with his arrest. Brad says if he can prove it was her, he'll skewer her on the stand so badly, Katherine will have no choice but to cut her out of Chancellor Industries permanently! Jill says she's not scared of him!

    Cane arrives back at Jill's table in Crimson Lights. She fills him in on Katherine's veto of Adam. Jill laughs and says she's been there. He says he just wants to be a good CEO and wants her to respect his decisions. Inside at the counter, Adam runs into Brad and tells him that Nikki Newman is speaking about him to an SEC examiner!

    Sweet and Innocent - Not!

    Tuesday, September 16 2008

    In the courthouse hallway, Brad waits in handcuffs. Sharon arrives, saying she came as soon as she got his message. He gives Sharon his version of his involvement with David. He says he called her because of their history, their friendship. She offers to go in with him, but he says she doesn't need to get involved, but thanks her for coming. She wishes him luck as he is taken into the courtroom.

    Brad comes out of the courtroom and is angry that he had to hand over his passport. He tells his lawyer to find out if the FBI is investigating Jill as well. Colleen arrives and after being filled in, muses that she must have left her cell phone at Daniel's house. She admits to her father that she is seeing him. Brad asks if it's serious. She says they understand what each other is going through. He advises her to take it slow.

    Michael heads back to Crimson Lights and fills Kevin in on finding Gloria still at his apartment with River. He tells his brother that he just wants River out of his life! At a nearby table, Brad learns from his lawyer that Jill sold him out to save her own skin! Jeffrey arrives and asks Michael to help him set up a surprise for Gloria the next day. In the course of conversation, Michael tells him that Lauren and Fen are out of town, and have been for awhile. Jeff realizes Gloria has been lying.

    Cheatin' Hearts!

    Friday, September 12 2008

    At the Club, Brad meets with two men who represent the company that wants to hire him. Suddenly, the FBI agent arrives and interrupts. Brad tries to put him off, but he insists that they need to talk. Brad and the FBI agent go to the bar area. He asks Brad if he can explain how money he gave to David Chow ended up in an offshore account that belonged to Tony Amato! The FBI agent questions Brad about Skye, who attended the poker games and wound up dead. Brad seems fed up, telling Agent Miller to refer any other questions to his attorney. Nearby, Heather lurks, listening in! She calls Jill to report in when the FBI agent puts Brad under arrest!

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