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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Brad Carlton - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Brad Carlton Played by Don Diamont on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Don Diamont (CBS)

    Birthday: 1962-12-31
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Marital Status: Married to Cindy Ambuehl - Four Children with his ex-wife & a set of twins with Cindy!
    Real Name: Don Diamont
    Height: 6' 1"


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    A Clean Slate?!

    Thursday, December 04 2008

    Still at the GCAC bar, Phyllis re-reads the evidence she has against Jack - the items from Mexico and the motel are highlighted. She calls Brad and tells him to discreetly hang around the GCAC dining room tonight - Sharon's going to need a ride home and a big strong shoulder to cry on! She then heads up to the suite and prepares for a night of seduction! Downstairs, Nick arrives and the bartender gives him a room key - Nick grins.

    Jack and Sharon are seated in the dining room and Jack makes a toast to his beautiful wife. Brad watches from a distance. A gift is brought to the table and Jack explains to Sharon that it's from her to him! It's a clean slate! Brad sighs and calls Phyllis - she tells him to sit tight!

    In the Club dining room, as Jack chalks on the 'clean slate', Michael comes up and says he needs to talk to him. In front of Sharon he accuses Jack of writing the diary! Jack protests, but Michael keeps pressing, until Jack stands up and warns, "Get off my back!" As he threatens to have Michael thrown out, the waiter brings the envelope to Sharon containing Jack's credit card statement! She asks about the motel and the escort service, and Jack, with Michael making faces beside him, tries to save himself by confessing to being a sex addict!

    New Sheriff In Town!

    Wednesday, December 03 2008

    Back at the stockholder meeting, Kevin drags Gloria away from the fray to ask about his promotion. She tells him to 'make nice'. Colleen approaches Lily, who tells her that what Billy did was disloyal, but Colleen says she's wrong - it was her grandfather's company! Jill stands with Cane and Chloe shaking her head in disbelief. Billy asks to speak with her, but Cane warns him off - even raising his voice! Ashley apologizes to Jack for her late arrival. Jack says it was perfect timing. She then confirms that she is pulling out of Forrester and will be running Jabot hands on - she will also be holding him to his promise not to try and get involved! Cane, meanwhile, tells Billy that he's a disappointment as a brother. Billy dismisses Chloe's attempt to speak to him, then rebuffs Kevin's attempt as well. Brad makes a remark to Jill, prompting her to tell him to get lost, and Jeff takes Jack aside, reminding him that if the Bardwells aren't happy - this all goes 'bye-bye'!

    We're About To Make History!

    Tuesday, December 02 2008

    Brad arrives at the Jabot stockholder meeting, and Jill notes wryly that the crowd just gets more interesting. Brad tells her that the shareholders barely bought the 'Aussie on training wheels' before, and now that Kay's gone - her regime is going to be a hard sell! Chloe is off to the side of the room calling Cane and telling him to get himself back there! Just then, Colleen comes in. They exchange barbs. Nikki blows in next, and confronts Jill - she'll be leaving once Jill returns Katherine's ring to her!

    Kevin has arrived at the Club and is sitting down with Gloria. She tells him not to worry about anything - he will get everything he's been promised. Kevin is unsure about Jeff and Jack. Nearby, Jack tells Jeff that the transition will be seamless. Jill tells Nikki that she thinks Katherine should have left her the ring, but it's way down her list of priorities. She tells her to get a life! Nikki approaches Jack and accuses him of framing Victor for murder. Jack smirks, "Let 'er rip!" But Nikki doesn't say much. Jack is surprised that she's letting things go with 'the Mustache'. She suggests he try it sometime! Jill asks Chloe if she's heard from Cane. Just then, he arrives. Cane tells Chloe about Ana being in foster care, and remarks that apparently, Billy was saving the day! Jill spots Billy walking in and says she is so glad they're both there! Billy looks uncomfortable and Jack gives him a knowing look across the room!

    Sitting down at the shareholder meeting, Colleen asks Brad if he really wants to be there - they all treat him so badly. Nearby, Jack warns Billy that it's no time for cold feet - they're doing this for Dad! Jill calls the meeting to order, first remembering Katherine. As Nikki begins to leave, Jack whispers that she might want to stick around, but Nikki says she can't watch Jill takeover for Katherine. As Jill begins to talk, Gloria interrupts and says that as of today, there will be new leadership at Jabot - and it will no longer be the Chancellors! She explains that the majority share has shifted back to John Abbott's children. Jill stares at Jack as Gloria continues to talk. Brad smirks. Jill lunges forward as Gloria announces that Jill and Cane will be cleared out of the building by the end of the week. Jill says she won't let her takeover, but Billy stands and interrupts. As Lily walks in, he announces that he is William Abbott, and he will be running Jabot! Jill, Gloria and Cane are stunned!

    Chill Out!

    Tuesday, November 25 2008

    Phyllis, at Brad's house, says she thinks they can help one another. She says Sharon's marriage is about to fall apart - and she can arrange for Brad to be there when it does! Nick phones her cell, and tells her he knows that Jack helped get the diary published. She says they'll talk later. Brad then wants to know why Phyllis wants to help him get Sharon. She says she doesn't trust Sharon to stay away from Nick. Unconvinced that she's telling him everything, Brad passes. Phyllis says to call if he changes his mind!

    Brad finds Sharon at the bar in the GCAC. She says she could use a friend. Brad offers his services, but Sharon doesn't want to drag him into her problems with Jack, noting he warned her plenty of times not to marry him! Brad says he's there to listen if she ever needs an ear. She smiles.

    Brad calls Phyllis and says he's been thinking about what she said. Phyllis says Jack doesn't respect Sharon anymore than he did her, when they were married. She tells Brad to be ready. Brad says when Phyllis calls, he'll be there - for Sharon's sake!

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