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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Brad Carlton - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Brad Carlton Played by Don Diamont on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Don Diamont (CBS)

    Birthday: 1962-12-31
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Marital Status: Married to Cindy Ambuehl - Four Children with his ex-wife & a set of twins with Cindy!
    Real Name: Don Diamont
    Height: 6' 1"


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    Newmans Sell!

    Thursday, July 10 2008

    Skye arrives at Brad's place and says they should discuss strategy before Chow arrives. Brad says he might not be coming - he's trying to be a good boy. Brad smirks, "That's something I've never been!" As they flirt intensely, Brad offers her a martini. When David calls and says he's coming, Skye asks Brad what's in this for him. She jokes, "Do you want to be King of the World?" Brad looks thoughtful, "Something like that."

    The Wrong Impression!

    Monday, July 07 2008

    Nikki and David sit at the Club eating. Brad comes over and announces that Jabot Retro is ready for test marketing. He also informs them that Jill has decided upon Lily as the Face of Jabot. Nikki says she didn't know about any of this and Brad notes that they have both been out of the loop lately! As Nikki gets Jill on the phone to complain that there was no memo, Brad explains that actually, he and Jill tried to call both David and Nikki, and got no response. David clears his throat and says that his phone was probably turned off due to the meeting in L.A. Brad says, "C'mon tell the truth! Did you two kids rendezvous in L.A. for that honeymoon you never took?" Nikki leaves, and David tells Brad in confidence that he is no longer staying at the Club, and that he and Nikki are separated!

    Whole Lotta' Shakin' Goin' On!

    Monday, June 30 2008

    At Crimson Lights, Brad arrives and questions Colleen as to why she didn't come home last night - or at least call. Colleen snaps at him that she doesn't want to have to call. "Dad, this isn't going to work!"

    At Indigo, Jack and Sharon discuss Amber the animated character. Sharon notes that Amber showed up on time and did everything she was asked that morning. As they look at the latest issue, Jack laments having Katy Perry on the cover. Just then, Victor and Sabrina come in and exchange pleasantries. When they go to their own table, Sabrina says she senses that Victor doesn't like that man! Victor admits that he avoids Jack whenever possible, telling her that he has always been jealous of his success. Sabrina wonders if Jack went into business with Nick on purpose. Victor says of course he did! Nearby, Jack complains to Sharon about all of the reprehensible things Victor has done to him. Sharon says he's always been good to her, but Jack tells her not to be fooled - Victor wants their business to fail! As Jack and Sharon prepare to leave, Brad comes in and makes a rude comment about their new cover. "Restless Style goes Tiger Beat!" Jack lies that the cover is a big hit. When Brad walks away, Sharon looks at Jack questioningly. Jack says, "It may not be, but it's going to be a big hit - I'll see to it personally!" At Victor's table, Adrian has arrived to begin the interview with Sabrina.

    Colleen arrives at Jabot. Brad apologizes for his behavior earlier, but Colleen tells him she is moving out. He asks where she is going and she tells him, "Jack and Sharon's."

    One Way Ticket Out of Town!

    Tuesday, June 24 2008

    At Jabot, Jeffrey sits and watches Gloria work the phones in reception. Nikki comes in and Gloria says there are many phone messages for David. Nikki says she'll take them. Just then, Brad comes by also looking for David. Nikki gets angry and cuts Gloria off when she tries to suggest an idea. "I'll be in my office and I don't want anyone to disturb me!" As Gloria sighs, Jill comes out and takes Jeffrey by the hand dragging him into her office. When a call comes in for Jill, Gloria tells the caller that she is out for Botox treatments! Inside Nikki's office, Victoria asks why she bit Gloria's head off out there. She assumes that it's Victor's wedding that is bothering her. Nikki tells her suddenly that that isn't it - David wants a divorce! Nikki tells her daughter that marrying David is the worst thing she's ever done - the biggest mistake she's ever made! Victoria tries to soothe her crying mother and then admits that she saw David giving Brad a check the other day - it made her suspicious. As Jill sticks her head in looking for David, Victoria tells her it's not a good time, and then suggests to Nikki that they go somewhere else.

    In Jill's office at Jabot, she is just about to lock the door and seduce Jeffrey when Chloe bursts in. She says she needs her to sign off on something, then pumps her for information on Lily's party. Jeffrey goes to get coffee and Jill tells Chloe to make sure she takes a copy of the signed papers to Cane. Chloe smiles. As Jill walks out, Chloe picks up a pair of sunglasses that belong to Jill and takes them with her! Out in the hallway, Victoria asks Brad if he loaned David money. Brad denies it saying the check the other day was for a horse. Nikki comes out of her office wearing dark glasses and Victoria tells Gloria that her mother will be out of the office for the rest of the day. Chloe comes by and asks about Lily. Gloria directs her to the GCAC! Gloria then calls Jana to complain about what a bad day she is having. Jana gives her a pep talk and Gloria thanks her. When she hangs up and walks into the board room, she catches Jeffrey and Jill making out! She goes back to her desk and is warned by Brad to keep her ideas simple - like new paper clips. Gloria tells him that one day he'll regret treating her like this. In the boardroom, Jeff admits to Jill that he slept with Gloria - and he's not sorry! She tells him that he will be!

    My Best Friend's Wedding!

    Friday, June 20 2008

    David and Nikki sit at the Club and he tells her she doesn't have to pretend that she's fine - he realizes she's probably bothered about Victor's wedding. As she is denying it, Brad comes in and joins them. As he discusses buying a factory for Jabot, David spots an ad for a huge poker tournament in Las Vegas in the newspaper! Nikki tells Brad to go ahead with the factory purchase and says she's going to see her new horse, which David mentions he bought from a friend of Brad's. Nikki excuses herself, and Brad says she is putting on a good face. "You'd never know Victor was getting married today!" As Brad asks if David is in on the home-run pool, David tells him that he is going to start trying to earn his money the old-fashioned way. Brad smirks, says, "Okay!" and then leaves. David then picks up the newspaper with the poker tournament ad! Nearby, Paul notices him reading it and he comes over. Paul taunts him, saying it must be tough with temptation like that everywhere. David coolly replies that there are 12 step meetings everywhere as well. Paul walks away and David gets on the phone. "Thank God you're there! I really need your help!" Paul pauses in the doorway and watches David suspiciously. David speaks to his sponsor frantically, telling him to help him through this!

    Brad arrives at the Abbott Mansion and is thrilled to have Abby run into his arms! Ashley and Brad catch-up and she tells him that Gloria is staying there. Brad encourages her to move back and come to work at Jabot. They discuss Nikki and David's marriage and how Victor is now marrying Sabrina. Brad and Ashley agree that they've seen this all before - they marry other people, but ultimately it's the Victor and Nikki dance!

    Down at the barn, Adam and Victor are dressed in their suits and marveling at the transformation it has undergone. As they discuss who will be coming to the wedding, Victor takes that moment to explain who Ashley Abbott and Abby are, and to break the news that Abby is Adam's half-sister. Adam chuckles, "And I thought I was the youngest!" He tells Victor amiably that he looks forward to meeting them. Just then Jill arrives and jokes about Victor Newman being married in a barn! She looks across the room and spots Jabot employee Heather with Adam. She approaches and they assure her that their relationship will not affect company business. After they excuse themselves, Brad arrives and says to Jill, "Is that what it looks like?" Jill replies, "Unfortunately, yes." Nick and Phyllis arrive and Victor gushes over Summer in her little dress. Nick wishes Victor luck on his big day. Victor thanks him and says it is really too bad that his sister won't be there. Nick says she has made her choice and they need to just move on. Adam comes over and Nick greets him. Ashley and Abby greet Victor and Abby goes off to find Summer. Ashley then confides to Victor that she was very surprised when he called and said he would be getting married! Victor concedes it has been an unexpected occurrence. He sadly explains to Ash that Victoria won't be attending, and Ashley says she is very sorry to hear that. However, outside the barn, Victoria stands with J.T. and Reed!

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