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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Ashley Abbott - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ashley Abbott Played by Eileen Davidson on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eileen Davidson (CBS)

    Birthday: 1959-06-15
    Birthplace: Artesia, California
    Marital Status: Married Vincent Van Patten (April 15 2003 - present) 1 child
    Real Name: Eileen Davidson
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Y&R Recap: Eye-For-An-Eye.

    Friday, December 12 2014

    At the Jabot lab, Ashley waits for Tobias to exit before bringing up the shower sex with Ben. "It was only one night, unless I'm missing something." Ben tells her his good news about the charges and suit being dropped. Ashley thinks he'll go back to practicing medicine. He won't until they're done there. Ben says things aren't done with Victoria. Ash realizes he regrets the shower sex. Ben says there's no such thing with a woman like her. They agree it was an isolated incident. Ash notes that if Victoria found out, that door would probably shut for good. Later, Tobias is alone in the lab. Victor calls and urges him to make use of it.

    At the Club, Victor hangs up from Tobias and greets Ashley. He thanks her for joining him. They catch up. Ash says Jack warned her he might fish for information. Victor plunks down an envelope and says it's a compensation for when she leaves Jabot and joins him at Newman-Chancellor. Ash finds his power games with Jack tedious and turns him down flat.

    At the Jabot lab, Ashley sees Tobias photographing her files.

    Y&R Recap: Plundering And Pillaging.

    Tuesday, December 09 2014

    Stitch wakes up hungover in the Jabot lab. Ashley hands him coffee. Once dressed, Ben says he should probably apologize. She has no regrets. Jack and Abby arrive and Abby notes Stitch is wearing the same clothes from last night when he was drunk. Jack complains this isn't a flophouse for wayward drunks. He fires Stitch. Ash and Abby shout, "No!" Stitch says he got bad news and reacted badly. Jack relents. Ben gets Victoria's phone message and says he has to step out. Jack tells Abby and Ashley he saw Victor yesterday and they have to be on guard. Ash doesn't want Abby in the middle. Jack leaves for lunch at Summer's. Abby and Ash are discussing email when Tobias appears. He removes a file from a drawer and photographs the pages when they step away. Ashley almost catches him. Abby talks to Ashley about Stitch and Ash flashes to the shower sex.

    Y&R Recap: Cold Shower.

    Monday, December 08 2014

    At the Jabot lab, Ashley gives Stitch coffee - she doesn't want him to be the hungover loser of the baby sweepstakes at the meeting tomorrow. Ben rants about true love being a crock. He admits he saw Billy and Victoria with the baby looking like a perfect family. Ash thinks he may have misconstrued what he saw during his tequila-fueled stalking. Tobias appears and Ash makes introductions. Tobias grabs a folder and exits but Ash stops him. He looks guilty as she says she knows why he's there tonight - to impress her. When Ben refuses more coffee, Ash orders him to take his clothes off. She puts him in a cold shower in his pants. He pulls her in and they kiss and undress. In an office, Phyllis and Neil meet about the fashion division. They discuss her situation and Neil talks about Malcolm's visit. "He helped me face my blindness." Neil tells Phyllis he's seeing a doctor with a cutting-edge technique that may restore his eyesight. Jack arrives to take Phyllis for a walk.

    Y&R Recap: Slick Operator.

    Friday, December 05 2014

    At the Jabot lab, Ben leaves Victoria a message that he'd like to see her and the baby. Ashley and Abby arrive and he says he has major news - he's had a breakthrough and obliterated the bad scent. Ashley and Abby sniff and are thrilled. He warns it may not be as potent since he neutralized the scent. Ash wants to open champagne, but Ben wants to go see Victoria. Abby apologizes for how she treated him regarding his father, but warns it won't change things with Victoria, who now has a bigger family with Billy. Ben goes, and Ash rants at Abby for being so blunt toward him about Victoria. Abby and Ashley welcome Tobias to their team. After, Abby gets melancholy about having no one to kiss under the mistletoe. Ash reassures her. Later, Ashley talks to Tobias about the fragrance perhaps not being as effective. He wonders what she means. Ash flashes to Ben kissing her. "We'll get into that later."

    Ben stumbles into the lab drunk as Ashley calls, "Ben?"

    Y&R Recap: Only One Choice.

    Wednesday, November 26 2014

    At the Jabot lab, Ashley asks Ben if he wants time off to spend with his mom. He says she disappeared. Ash asks about Kelly - it must have been rough on her to learn Jack's engaged to Phyllis. Ben is stunned. He tells Ashley she must have found out right before he told her he's been lying to her; he's been lying to everyone. After Ben tells all, Ashley is happy for him that the truth is out. Ben just hopes the truth will make all the difference with Victoria. Ash invites him to dinner with her and Traci, but he declines. Ben gets a call...

    Y&R Recap: You Belong Together.

    Friday, November 21 2014

    At the penthouse, Billy tells Chelsea that he helped deliver Victoria's baby. Ashley arrives. Billy says it's not a good time, but she has something to say. Chelsea goes upstairs. Billy doesn't want another 'you belong together' pep talk about Victoria. Ash says, "You belong together." Billy says his life is with Chelsea and Connor. Ash feels he's fooling himself. She leaves. Chelsea is on the stairs. She tells Billy she heard. Billy says Ash was out of line, and admits being there for the birth brought everything back - he had a moment. Chelsea asks if he wants to be with Victoria. Billy wants to be with Chelsea. She asks if he can honestly say nothing will change between them if Victoria's baby is his.

    At the Abbott house, Phyllis tells Jack family and friends are coming for an engagement party. Jack replies, "No Phyllis. That is not a good idea." Summer and Austin arrive, followed by Abby and Traci. They enthuse over the engagement news. Jack says the announcement is premature. Phyllis asks why. Jack wants time to savor it with Phyllis first. It turns out no one can stay. Phyllis is upset. Jack intervenes. Summer thanks him. Later, Traci takes Phyllis to see some roses out back. Ashley enters and hisses at Jack, "You're marrying her?" She wonders how him falling for another woman fits into the plan. Jack says he has to tell Kelly it's over. Ash is appalled he hasn't already, and urges him to tell her immediately before she hears it from someone else. Phyllis and Traci rejoin them. Jack has to go out. Phyllis accuses Ashley of talking behind her back. Ash suggests they get things out in the open. Phyllis thinks not. Ashley convinces her to stick around. Phyllis suggests they get the family albums out and then slips out.

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