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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Ashley Abbott - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ashley Abbott Played by Eileen Davidson on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eileen Davidson (CBS)

    Birthday: 1959-06-15
    Birthplace: Artesia, California
    Marital Status: Married Vincent Van Patten (April 15 2003 - present) 1 child
    Real Name: Eileen Davidson
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Y&R Recap: Only One Choice.

    Wednesday, November 26 2014

    At the Jabot lab, Ashley asks Ben if he wants time off to spend with his mom. He says she disappeared. Ash asks about Kelly - it must have been rough on her to learn Jack's engaged to Phyllis. Ben is stunned. He tells Ashley she must have found out right before he told her he's been lying to her; he's been lying to everyone. After Ben tells all, Ashley is happy for him that the truth is out. Ben just hopes the truth will make all the difference with Victoria. Ash invites him to dinner with her and Traci, but he declines. Ben gets a call...

    Y&R Recap: You Belong Together.

    Friday, November 21 2014

    At the penthouse, Billy tells Chelsea that he helped deliver Victoria's baby. Ashley arrives. Billy says it's not a good time, but she has something to say. Chelsea goes upstairs. Billy doesn't want another 'you belong together' pep talk about Victoria. Ash says, "You belong together." Billy says his life is with Chelsea and Connor. Ash feels he's fooling himself. She leaves. Chelsea is on the stairs. She tells Billy she heard. Billy says Ash was out of line, and admits being there for the birth brought everything back - he had a moment. Chelsea asks if he wants to be with Victoria. Billy wants to be with Chelsea. She asks if he can honestly say nothing will change between them if Victoria's baby is his.

    At the Abbott house, Phyllis tells Jack family and friends are coming for an engagement party. Jack replies, "No Phyllis. That is not a good idea." Summer and Austin arrive, followed by Abby and Traci. They enthuse over the engagement news. Jack says the announcement is premature. Phyllis asks why. Jack wants time to savor it with Phyllis first. It turns out no one can stay. Phyllis is upset. Jack intervenes. Summer thanks him. Later, Traci takes Phyllis to see some roses out back. Ashley enters and hisses at Jack, "You're marrying her?" She wonders how him falling for another woman fits into the plan. Jack says he has to tell Kelly it's over. Ash is appalled he hasn't already, and urges him to tell her immediately before she hears it from someone else. Phyllis and Traci rejoin them. Jack has to go out. Phyllis accuses Ashley of talking behind her back. Ash suggests they get things out in the open. Phyllis thinks not. Ashley convinces her to stick around. Phyllis suggests they get the family albums out and then slips out.

    Y&R Recap: Killer Instinct.

    Thursday, October 30 2014

    Ashley finds Ben shirtless in his room. She says they have an hour to kill and they flirt. Ben's tired. She realizes he didn't sleep well thinking about Victoria and advises him to follow his heart. Ashley tells him Victoria was asking her questions and wonders if he can redeem himself in her eyes, why doesn't he? Ben gets agitated. Ash asks, "You took the fall for someone else, didn't you?" Ben muses that Ashley would have plead guilty to forever to protect her dad. Ash agrees, but says she was never put to the test. Ben says she's helped him make a decision.

    Y&R Recap: Any Guy You Want.

    Thursday, October 23 2014

    At the park, Ashley tells Ben the kiss proves the potion has the desired effect. Ben counters that it could mean they're simply human. Ash wipes off the scent so as not to be attacked as Ben laughs. He admits if she's right, it's incredible. Victoria and Abby appear in time to hear him refer to their kiss. Victoria asks, "Anyone I know that you're not kissing?" Ashley insists it was business talk and wonders if she's after trade secrets. Ash goes and Abby follows. Vikki tells Ben that Abby was great at the class but there were couples there. Vikki wishes things were different; that he had been honest. Ben says she deserved honesty, but he can't regret those months together. They smile about their good memories. Ben wants to start over. Victoria tells him about her hopes and fears related to the pregnancy and remarks that Billy's moved on. She admits it feels right with Ben. Suddenly, Ben is arrested.

    At Crimson Lights, Abby grills Ashley, who insists she and Stitch were discussing the new perfume. She tells her how special it is. Abby wants to know more. Ashley whispers that it's pheromones; a love potion. She admits it's why Stitch kissed her - it works. Abby is amazed; you could get any guy you want. Ash says it will light the fire, but you have to keep it burning. Abby pesters Ashley about Stitch. She says he may not be so bad after all. Ash insists they only have a professional relationship and he may have a baby with Victoria. Abby says she belongs with Billy. She wants to use the fragrance on them. Ash says they'd need more than a love potion.

    Y&R Recap: Walking On Eggshells.

    Wednesday, October 22 2014

    At the Club, Kelly frets to Ben about a lost file and complains about Maureen lurking. They commiserate about getting mixed signals from Jack and Victoria. Ashley appears to work with Ben. They all chat. Ashley lets Kelly know Jack is working to figure things out. Ben and Ashley sit and she tells him she was also arrested for murder. She was trying to protect someone she loved from going to prison. He wonders if the person hadn't come forward, would she have kept the truth to herself. Ash says of course.

    Ashley and Ben walk through the park. He smells garbage and she holds out her wrist - it's the scent she's working on. Ben hopes she's kidding. He puts his scarf around her neck and pulls her into a kiss. After, he apologizes. Ashley knows why it happened - she's developed a love potion with pheromones in it. They just have to refine the aroma because it's too pungent. Ben is amazed. They agree to keep things professional.

    Y&R Recap: Face The Music.

    Monday, October 20 2014

    At the Abbott mansion, Victor tells Phyllis she's there because of him, now he wants her help. He says she and Sharon have information that is of great importance to Nicholas. He wants that information as repayment. Phyllis can't help him unless there's full disclosure. Victor reminds her neither of them want Nick with Sharon. He vows to blow Sharon out of the water, but Phyllis' hands will remain clean. In the other room, Jack shows Ashley the consent for medical treatment form Victor provided for Phyllis. They join Victor and Phyllis. Ashley hugs Victor and tells Phyllis she looks fantastic. Phyllis laughs because Ashley hates her. Victor moves to leave, but Jack suggests he stick around and face the music.

    Summer and Austin arrive at the Abbott mansion. Jack fills them in on Victor arranging the experimental treatment and signing Summer's name on the consent form. Jack assumes he's also responsible for Daniel's art grant. Summer says she thought she signed trust fund documents. Phyllis asks why she was signing those. Summer deflects. Victor explains that he had to do it this way or Jack would have blocked the treatment because it was his idea. Victor encourages them to ask Jack why he didn't go to the same lengths to save Phyllis. Phyllis admits she's grateful. Jack vows to look into this further. Victor goes, certain that Phyllis will thank him for what he's done. Ashley sees him out and then pats Austin. "So Phyllis, how do you like your handsome new son-in-law?" Phyllis asks, "You're already married?" She's had it with being protected and talks annulment. Summer yells at her not to even try - it won't work. Jack mutters that it won't; he even tried to bring in the police. Austin and Summer exit. Jack encourages Phyllis to take it out on him. He's worried about Victor's accusation that he didn't do all he could to save her. Phyllis reassures him. They discuss Victor wanting information regarding Sharon. Phyllis' head is spinning. Austin asks to speak to her. He says he loves Summer. Phyllis says he can prove he's worthy by telling her what else is being kept from her. Summer appears after Phyllis asks for his phone to access the internet. She tells Summer they've come to an understanding. Ashley, meanwhile, asks Jack if Phyllis is strong enough to learn another woman was sleeping in her bed.

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