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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Ashley Abbott - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ashley Abbott Played by Eileen Davidson on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eileen Davidson (CBS)

    Birthday: 1959-06-15
    Birthplace: Artesia, California
    Marital Status: Married Vincent Van Patten (April 15 2003 - present) 1 child
    Real Name: Eileen Davidson
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Y&R Recap: It Wasn't My Idea.

    Monday, April 21 2014

    At the ranch, Courtney and Noah chat with Ashley and Abby. Noah teases Abby that he feels bad for Tyler, whom she left on his own. Ashley tells Abby she's heading out - she wants to see somebody. In the living room, Sharon tells Victor that Nick ran out to the car. He lets her know he hasn't forgiven her even though he's being kind. He's tolerating her presence for Nick's sake. Sharon wants him to acknowledge that what she did was because of a bi-polar episode. Victor says he believes she's bad for Nick, but hopes he's wrong. Sharon insists she's working to get better. Noah and Courtney appear. Sharon wonders about Nick. Courtney and Noah go to look. Outside, Nick sees the Cassie lookalike and gasps. "Cassie?" She runs and he follows.

    At the hospital, Stitch is surprised to see Ashley. He asks what brings her by and they chat. She asks when he's off duty. Stitch says he has a date. Victoria appears. Ashley notes how awkward this is and asks Victoria how long it's been since she filed for separation from Billy. A week? Victoria tells Ben that Ashley is her former step-mother and asks what she's doing there anyway. Ashley says she came to say hello to a friend. Stitch goes to change and Ashley grills Victoria about Billy. Vikki says it's none of her business. She tells Ashley she can't set herself up for anymore disappointment. She wonders if Ashley's concerned about her marriage or about her relationship with Ben. He returns looking spiffy. Ashley tells him she'll call the next time she's in town if any of her body parts need looking after. Ben tells Victoria he needs to stick around to reassure a sick boy. She says they can still have their date and gets French takeout brought in. Victoria asks about his connection with Ashley and admits she was jealous. He likes that. After, he alludes to them being 'involved' and kisses her.

    Still at the ranch, Victor tells Abby he may steal Tyler and bring him over to Newman-Chancellor. She nixes the idea. Ashley returns and chats with Victor about pulling the families together. He's glad Ashley came.

    Y&R Recap: Best Behavior.

    Friday, April 18 2014

    At the Abbott house, Traci admires Jack's suit. Billy appears in a t-shirt and says he's not going. A voice says, "The hell you're not." It's Ashley. They have a laugh about Victor inviting all the Abbotts. Billy wants to give Victoria space, but they encourage him to come.

    Y&R Recap: Short-Circuit.

    Friday, January 03 2014

    At Crimson Lights, Abby and Tyler tell Ashley about their trip to Los Angeles. Abby says the only glitch came when she temporarily reverted to a drama queen. Ashley asks Tyler what his intentions are toward Abby. Tyler fills her in on his background and how he came to town to be close to Leslie. He says he now knows Abby was the reason he was meant to be there. Stitch arrives and Abby greets him. He chats briefly and heads to the patio. Kelly's there. She asks if he and his wife are over. He won't discuss his wife with her. Later, Victoria arrives and chats with Stitch. Inside, she spots Kelly and asks about her New Year's. Kelly flashes to being with Billy and says, "Uneventful." Vikki thanks her for helping Billy. On the patio, Avery chats with Stitch until Dylan calls from Iowa. He misses her and says he's meeting one last person tomorrow.

    Ashley stops to see Billy at home. Billy admits it's a little less brutal every day. He opens up and says he's holding on to family. They hug. Vikki returns and Ashley says she's proud of them before leaving. Vikki tells Billy she ran into Kelly and invited her to dinner.

    Y&R Recap: Picket Fences.

    Tuesday, December 31 2013

    Jack is surprised to see Traci arrive at the Abbott house on New Year's Eve. He asks what she's doing there. Ashley appears. "The same thing I am - making sure the Abbotts start the new year off right." They tell him he has to start living his life again. He's angry they want him to forget Phyllis. They insist it's what Phyllis would want.

    At the Club, Lily and Cane fawn over Leslie's engagement ring. Devon and Tyler appear and a toast is made to the newest Winters. Leslie looks uncertain. Tyler and Leslie step aside. Leslie talks about making it official with Neil. Tyler mentions Abby thought she saw Mariah sneak out of their room in L.A. Leslie thinks he'll be going all 'picket fences' sooner than he realizes. Hilary comes into the lobby as Devon is running off a reporter. He thanks her for the heads-up about Mason. Neil appears, followed by Abby. Hilary watches them go into the dining room. Victor and Nikki arrive and congratulate Neil. Nick enters. Nikki and Victor are pleased, until Sharon appears behind him. Abby wonders if Sharon has a tracking device on him. Nick tells Sharon not to let them get to her. Jack enters with Traci and Ashley. Victor and Jack eyeball each other. Ashley and Victor have an exchange about peace between him and Jack. Abby glares over at Sharon, who asks Nick to check her back for knives. She muses that people will think they're a couple. He says they're friends. She thinks anything's possible. Meanwhile, Victor needles Jack about the prostitute he picked up there. He wonders what he is helping Adam cover-up in return. Jack spots Hilary and confronts her about telling his sisters what he's doing. He advises her to focus on her life, not his - kiss someone at midnight. Nearby, Leslie assures Abby, Traci, and Ash it will be a long engagement. Neil proposes a toast to Leslie. The new year is rung in. Jack says, "Happy New Year, Red." Hilary and Devon look close, and Nick and Sharon kiss. Victor notices.

    Y&R Recap: Thanksgiving Casualty.

    Monday, December 02 2013

    At the hospital, a limping Ashley tells Abby that Billy made up an excuse not to see her. She's saying her ankle's really not that bad, and she doesn't need to see a doctor when Stitch appears. Ashley gapes. Abby grins and tells Stitch they have a Thanksgiving casualty. Stitch holds Ashley's leg while Abby 'helps' them get to know each other. Stitch steps out and they bicker about whether he's married or not. Talk turns to Mariah calling Tyler. Abby wonders why he didn't block the number. They talk about trust. Stitch returns. Abby lets him know she's angling for Ashley to return to town on a more permanent basis. He tells them to call him Stitch. Ashley later tells Abby to trust her instincts with Tyler.

    Noah greets Victor jauntily at work. Victor asks about Thanksgiving. Noah doesn't want to discuss Sharon or Dylan and Nick. Kyle irritates Noah by interrupting while he's telling Victor an idea. Noah continues, saying they should spend their ad money on youth. Kyle has a twist that will quadruple their market share. He lays it out. Victor tells him to run with it, and exits, listening outside the door. Noah tells Kyle that he didn't choose his idea because it was better - he's trying to get back at Jack. Kyle doesn't think Noah can handle competition. Victor breaks it up. He confirms he found Kyle's presentation a little better - and sends Noah home to cool off. Kyle asks Victor if Noah was right. Victor reassures him he did a good job. Later, Victor is hollering into the phone when Ashley appears. "Rough day?" Victor grins. "It just got better." Ashley asks him to keep an eye on Abby, while staying out of her business...and not dragging her into his. He chuckles. She worries Jack and Victor are going to war again and wonders if they can survive.

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