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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Ashley Abbott - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ashley Abbott Played by Eileen Davidson on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eileen Davidson (CBS)

    Birthday: 1959-06-15
    Birthplace: Artesia, California
    Marital Status: Married Vincent Van Patten (April 15 2003 - present) 1 child
    Real Name: Eileen Davidson
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Y&R Recap: Identify The Enemy.

    Monday, March 30 2015

    At the Club, Victor and Victoria discuss her life. Talk turns to his plan to take over Jabot. Ashley appears and gives them a sample of Hex and raves about it. Vikki learns Victor made an offer to buy Jabot. After, Victor tells Vikki he's happy for Ashley. "Before long she'll be working for me." Upstairs in Stitch's room, Dylan wants answers. Abby says if anyone goes to the police she's dead. Dylan says Noah feels Sharon is in danger too. Abby replies, "Unless she's the one sending the messages." Dylan doesn't understand why she'd accuse Sharon and threatens to call Paul. They tell Dylan everything. He feels they're dealing with a dangerous killer. Stitch and Dylan are determined to identify the enemy. Once alone, Abby and Stitch bicker until Ashley knocks. She's stunned that Abby knows about her and Stitch. Ben leaves. Ash explains to Abby about the hook-up. Abby doesn't believe it meant nothing to Ashley. Ash accuses Abby of developing feelings for Ben. Abby denies it. Victoria knocks. "Is everything okay?" Ash says it was a heated discussion about marketing. Abby says Ben went to look after something.

    Y&R Recap: Dynamite.

    Wednesday, March 25 2015

    At Jabot, Ashley gushes to Billy about Hex. He's proud of her. He tells her he and Chelsea are going to look at a wedding venue. Ash sensed Chelsea wanted to wait. Ash accuses him of rushing to tie the knot to put Victoria behind him. Billy is exasperated. Chelsea arrives and tells Billy she's going out of town - she assumed the wedding appointment was canceled. They agree to reschedule. Chelsea mentions Gabe's picking her up and leaves. Ash points out they're not on the same page. Billy disagrees.

    Y&R Recap: The Pendulum Always Swings.

    Monday, March 23 2015

    At the Jabot lab, Jack, who is talking about Brash & Sassy being off the market with Ashley, takes a call. He asks, "You're sure?"

    At the lab, Ash shows Abby and Ben the packages of Hex. They talk about Victor pulling Brash & Sassy - he's up to something. In a moment alone, Abby worries to Stitch about him keeping the secret of Austin's murder from Victoria. Stitch says the fewer people who know, the better. She hates that she dragged him into it. Ash sees Ben reassuring her. She sends Abby to marketing and asks Ben, "Are you sleeping with my daughter?" Stitch is stunned. He says he's looking out for Abby because Victoria asked him to, and adds she's a good person.

    Y&R Recap: I'm Always Watching.

    Monday, March 16 2015

    At the Abbott house, Adam looks at Chelsea and says marriage is the promise to love each other forever. Jack tries to interrupt, but Adam says his wife needs to know how much he loves her. "She doesn't even know who I am." Jack hollers it's enough and pulls Adam out of the room. Kyle makes a toast. Chelsea worries about Gabriel. In the other room, Jack and Adam bicker about revealing the truth. Jack argues it would serve no one but Adam; it's a move Victor would make. He suggests Adam let Chelsea move on. Adam will never give up on her. Jack implores him to wait longer and trust. Meanwhile, Ashley startles Abby by telling her, "The mirror. Lipstick." She needs to fix her lipstick. Kyle pulls Abby aside - she's acting jumpy. He warns her not to confide in anyone. Ash joins them. Abby says she's tired and leaves. Nearby, Billy says Jill and Colin aren't coming. Chelsea thinks Jill is against them. Billy wants Chelsea to set the wedding date for a month from now. They learn Phyllis and Jack are marrying then. Chelsea says theirs will have to be later.

    At the Abbott house, Phyllis gets a call from Avery and leaves. Ashley tells Billy she approves of Chelsea. Sage apologizes to Chelsea for Gabriel, but Chelsea wasn't upset by him. Sage wonders what's bothering her. Chelsea says Billy took her off guard wanting to marry so soon - she wants to plan a big wedding. Kyle gets a text from Kevin on his way out - he can't reach Abby. In the other room, Adam tells Jack he won't leave things to fate. He walks out and apologizes to Billy; it wasn't the right time to bare his soul, he'll wait to get the right person alone for that. Billy steps aside with Jack, who worries he's rushing this marriage because of Gabriel. Billy denies it. Ash leaves. Jack wonders where Phyllis went.

    Y&R Recap: The Steppers.

    Friday, March 13 2015

    At the Abbott house, Jack, Phyllis, Billy, Chelsea and Ashley are gathered before the engagement party. Billy wonders if they get a weird vibe off the couple staying there. Jack says the Abbotts can't judge weird. Chelsea asks about Jack and Phyllis. Phyllis says she's back in the house but there's no guarantee of a wedding. Chelsea says they haven't made wedding plans either. Billy pulls her aside to ask if she even wants to get married. She says of course, but Billy offers her an out. Chelsea insists she's planning and wants him. Meanwhile, Ashley and Phyllis snap at each other. Ash leaves Phyllis with Jack, who wants Phyllis to marry him in a month. She's not sure about their future. He's sure enough for both of them and makes a speech about not wasting a moment. He puts the ring back on her finger. "It's official," she says, but needs more than thirty days. Jack insists by April's end she'll be his wife.

    At the Abbott house, Jack reads a card from Traci, Chelsea remarks why her parents won't be there, and Ash tells Billy she's actually happy for Jack and Phyllis. Nearby, Sage snarks at Adam for drinking too much. Jack intervenes and warns Sage she has no idea how to handle this new version of Gabriel. Abby and Kyle whisper about her being a target. Jack makes a nice toast. Adam then says he wants to make a toast. "There's something you need to hear."

    Y&R Recap: Modify His Behavior.

    Thursday, March 12 2015

    At the lab, Ashley, Stitch and Victoria discuss Abby. Ash thanks Victoria for taking Abby's side and then asks her to leave. They bicker. Ash gets a call from Noah about Abby.

    At the hospital, Noah, Summer and Courtney speculate about who hurt Abby. Kyle appears. Noah grills him. Kyle says they had an argument and Abby stormed off. Noah is suspicious of Kyle. They go to see Abby and discuss the seriousness of the situation. Summer says they got a warning to keep quiet. An officer arrives to take Abby's statement alone. Courtney stays and stares hard at Abby when he asks what happened. Ashley arrives and Abby says it was a random mugging. The officer notes her purse wasn't stolen. Once alone, Abby snaps at Ashley that she doesn't want to talk about it. In a waiting area, Ben worries that he shouldn't have told Abby about Austin's agenda. Victoria reassures him. Nearby, Kyle is about to tell Courtney, Summer, and Noah who he thinks is setting them up when Nick interrupts. Nick moves on to Ben, Victoria, and Ashley, who asks Ben to look at Abby. He goes in and chastises her for walking alone. She says she had just returned from the cabin - the last place she saw Austin before he was killed. Ben blurts, "Killed?" Abby protests - is he the grammar police? She's tired. Ben rejoins Victoria and says Abby shouldn't be alone. Vikki agrees she should stay with them. Nearby, Kyle theorizes that the killer didn't want something in Austin's documentary to get out. Noah says it could be someone in their family.

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