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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Sheila Carter

    Full detailed profile on Sheila Carter Played by Michelle Stafford on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Michelle Stafford (FayesVision/
    Sheila Carter

    Actor: Michelle Stafford

    Who played Sheila Carter over the years

    Michelle Stafford (December 2006 - February 2007)
    Kimberlin Brown (1990 - January 2006) (On and off throughout the years - recurring)

    Useful information on Sheila Carter

    * Single.
    * Switched Lauren Fenmore's baby at birth.
    * Has killed repeatably to get what she wants.
    * Escaped from mental institutions.
    * Kidnapped Lauren Fenmore.
    * Has repeatedly terrorized Lauren Fenmore.
    * Poisoned Lauren Fenmore through a necklace that her son gave her.
    * Blew up a yacht in an attempt to kill Lauren Fenmore and Tom Fisher.
    * Had plastic surgery to look like Phyllis Summers.
    * Held in a cell by Paul Williams and Michael Baldwin.
    * Has two daughters running around unnoticed.
    * Kidnapped Phyllis Newman, Summer Newman and Fen Baldwin!


    Current: Criminal
    Past: College classes in Toronto
    Past: Executive Assistant at Forrester Creations
    Past: Nurse at Forrester Creations
    Past: Nurse at Genoa City Memorial Hospital


    Shelia Carter first appeared in Genoa City in 1990 as a nurse working at Memorial. Since the first moment she laid eyes on Dr. Scott Grainger, Shelia has been terrorizing Lauren Fenmore! After drugging Scott, Lauren's husband, he and Shelia had sex and she became pregnant. Scott divorced Lauren out of obligation, then found out that Lauren was pregnant too! Unbeknownst to anyone, Shelia had a miscarriage, but was determined to still have Scott's child. Shelia then bought a child on the black market and switched it with Lauren's baby! Lauren's baby, Dillon, ended up dying of meningitis and Shelia went on to raise Lauren's real child Scotty! After Shelia's mother threatened to tell Lauren the truth, Shelia kidnapped Lauren and held her and her mother in a cabin. When the truth finally came out, Shelia tried to kill Lauren, but in the end Lauren and Scott were reunited with their child, leaving everyone to believe that Shelia had died in a fire.

    On the run from the law, trying to start a life somewhere new, Shelia took off for LA and fell in love with Eric Forrester of Forrester Fashions. Although she managed to keep her identity hidden, Lauren showed up in LA to attend Eric and Shelia's wedding! Although Lauren was convinced to keep quiet for a while, Shelia's identity came out and she went on to cause much harm to those living the Bold and the Beautiful life and in her capture escaped prison twice!

    In 2005, Shelia returned to GC in disguise as a student who Scotty (Lauren's son) was tutoring and convinced Scotty to write her memoirs. During their time spent on Scotty's new book venture, Shelia managed to poison Lauren and even worked with Michael's stepfather Tom Fisher to kidnap Lauren on her and Michael's honeymoon!

    While everyone had thought Lauren died in an explosion during her and Michael's honeymoon, Tom Fisher had turned the tables on Shelia and had held both her and Lauren hostage! Amazingly, Shelia and Lauren had worked together to try to escape Tom's hold, but in the end failed. After Scotty had found out that his co-author partner was a fake and later found out and realized that the story for their novel was in fact a horror replica of his mother's life, Paul Williams was able to track Lauren and Shelia down in an old abandoned farmhouse and save Lauren's life. However, once again, Shelia escaped.

    In October 2006, Paul found out that Shelia had plastic surgery to look like Phyllis Abbott. Since Paul had just seen the 'real' Phyllis, he became suspicious when he saw the Phyllis look-alike out buying baby clothes. To his surprise, he followed her to a warehouse to see that she had a nursery set up behind a makeshift cell! Paul turned the tables on Shelia and locked her in what she would've used to kidnap Lauren and baby Fen!

    Although Paul told everyone that he had DNA proof that Shelia had died, Lauren's husband Michael followed Paul to the warehouse one day and now knows that Shelia lives on! However, Shelia managed to escape after shooting Detective Maggie Sullivan and took Phyllis, Summer and Lauren's son Fen hostage! Enemies of Shelia Carter better watch out, because she has proven, repeatedly, to be a woman of many resources!


    Scott Grainger (deceased)
    Eric_Forrester (divorced)
    James Warwick (divorced)


    Connor Davis
    Grant Chambers
    Tom Fisher


    Molly Carter (mother)


    Son (with Scott Grainger - deceased at premature birth)
    Mary Margaret Warwick aka Ericka (daughter with James)
    Diana Carter (daughter with Massimo_Marone)



    Friday, November 09 2007: Paul admits to Heather he's her father!

    Heather arrives at Crimson Lights as Kevin curiously wonders what she is up to, she comments it is the case involving Sheila Carter and notes that Maggie was shot last time she was around. Kevin exclaims that wasn’t all Sheila did and recounts all the crimes Sheila committed against his family as he walks away stating everyone is better off now with Sheila Carter dead and buried.

    Heather visits Lauren at her home questioning her about Sheila Carter. Lauren has horrid flashbacks of Sheila and begins to wonder if she’s back as Heather apologizes only wanting some information for the file. Lauren admits just hearing the name Sheila Carter sends chills down her spine and points out Sheila wanted both her children. Heather queries whether Lauren feels comfortable about discussing what happened last time as Lauren recounts how Sheila had plastic surgery to look like Phyllis, kidnapped Phyllis, her daughter and Lauren’s son and then recalls how she found them all fighting over a gun! She relays she couldn’t tell them apart, was terrified yet when Sheila went to pick Summer up, Lauren knew who she was and shot her. Heather calls her a hero, while Lauren states she protected her family. Heather mentions the cage as Michael walks in finding out what they were discussing, advising Heather his wife isn’t comfortable talking about that subject. He quickly makes up an excuse for her to go and picks up her coat to help her out the door. Once Heather leaves, Michael is visibly upset and wants to know why Heather was questioning Lauren about Sheila, she fills him in and he is very suspicious about her visit.

    At Crimson Lights, Heather speaks to Maggie about William’s cases and brings up Sheila Carter. Heather wonders how she found Sheila as Maggie has flashbacks of finding Sheila who she thought she was Phyllis in a warehouse. She recounts how she tried to help Phyllis only to find out she was Sheila, who tried to choke her to death, she skims over the story and states Sheila shot her and Paul found her without knowing what happened, only glad that he found her and stayed with her until the paramedics arrived. Maggie questions Heather about why the Carter case, while Heather tells her she’s working on repeat offender cases to keep them off the streets.

    Heather stops by to speak to Phyllis at Newman about Sheila as Phyllis questions why she’s bringing her up. Heather wants to understand repeat offenders as Phyllis tells her to refer to the file. Heather brings up the fake nursery and Phyllis mentions she never saw it, that Sheila came to her and she was freaked out she looked exactly like her. She recalls how Sheila tricked Lauren into bringing her son over, then recalls the retirement home and being held captive. She admits Lauren made a difficult decision and shot and killed Sheila Carter, end of story. Phyllis reminds her to remember this exchange of information when her parole comes up.

    Thursday, November 08 2007: Victoria's blood pressure rises!

    Upstairs in her apartment, Heather calls the office and asks all the files to be pulled on Sheila Carter first thing in the morning!

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