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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Cane Ashby - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Cane Ashby Played by Daniel Goddard on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Daniel Goddard (CBS)

    Birthday: 1971-08-28
    Birthplace: Sydney, Australia
    Marital Status: Married to Rachel Marcus, Ford and Sebastien
    Real Name: Daniel Goddard
    Height: 6' 2"
    Web site:


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    Y&R Recap: Knickers!

    Wednesday, April 16 2014

    Cane toasts Lily in the office after the fashion show. Lily thanks him for the flowers, but he didn't send them. She reads the card and throws it out. Cane gets it and sees it's from Colin. In the dining room, Jack and Summer talk about the great event and thank Kelly for her hard work. Kelly asks Jack about their do-over meal. Summer looks uncomfortable. Noah is heading out the door when he bumps into Caroline Spencer. They chat. Caroline joins Jack and meets Summer. Jack talks about making the show an annual event. Later, Jack tells Summer he's proud of her and they talk about how it might have been if she'd grown up with the Abbotts. Jack leaves and Kelly sits with Summer and gives her a thank you gift for her hard work - truffles. Summer says it was great; now she understands why her mom loved working at Jabot. Kelly's sure her mom would have been proud of her.

    At the Chancellor Estate, Jill appears as Colin tells someone on the phone that his wife will lead them to the old girl's money. She questions him, but the doorbell rings. He jumps. "Knickers!" It's Billy and Johnny. Jill tells him Colin is dodging her questions. Colin makes a speech about his lovely wife. Colin takes Johnny so Jill can ask Billy about Victoria. Billy says she won't even see him - she's using the nanny as a buffer. He tells her he's back at Jabot. She's proud and thinks Victoria will be too. Billy warns her to be careful with Colin and leaves. After, Jill demands Colin answer her about the phone call. She didn't hear what he said, but knows he's putting a lot of effort into evading. The doorbell rings - it's Lily and Cane. Lily asks Colin, "What is it going to take to keep him out of their lives." Cane tells Jill that Colin sent Lily flowers. Colin turns to Jill and says the phone call was about the delivery. "No good deed goes unpunished," he laments. Lily says they'll never forgive him for trying to kidnap their kids. Colin thought they were on civil terms now. Jill thought so too. Colin sighs about the time he's missed out on with the grandkids and how he's getting older. Jill thinks the twins deserve to know their grandfather, though she's no fool - there will always be grey areas where her husband is concerned. Cane suggests to Lily that they be honest with the kids. Colin appreciates whatever they can do. Jill tells Colin he is changing, but next time send her flowers too - it makes a better cover story.

    Y&R Recap: Bickering And Bad Shoes.

    Friday, April 11 2014

    At the Club, Lily and Cane talk about making the fashion show a success. He kisses her and suggests some upstairs stress relief. Lily nixes the idea. Nearby, Devon helps Hilary with her dress. They wonder why Neil is late...and Chelsea. They find Lily and ask her. She has no idea and complains about Hilary's hair. Hilary assures her she can work the runway and still do her Jabot job. Devon can't believe Lily's attitude. Neil arrives downstairs and Michael says he looks marvelous before joining Lauren. They talk about the pregnancy and the test that should be run due to her age. They flash to having tests with Fen. Lauren asks if he'd be okay if their baby wasn't perfect. In the office, Kevin warns Chloe about making moves against Chelsea. Chloe says he's not the boss of her. Kevin warns her about her attitude toward Chelsea and the company. In the ballroom, Lily complains to Cane and Neil about Hilary. Cane doesn't think she'll do anything wrong. He wonders why Lily is staying angry. Devon finds Hilary and reassures her. Esmerelda appears and exchanges barbs with Hilary. Summer intervenes. Chloe appears hollering about bickering and bad shoes. She takes charge. Hilary warns Summer to watch Esmerelda doesn’t keep the jewelry. In the office, Neil tells Devon about Leslie’s sudden marriage.

    Chelsea arrives at the Club and questions the accessories the models are wearing. Chloe says she made some changes when she was busy with something more important. Chelsea blurts, “It was Adam. They found Adam’s body.” By the bar, Lauren and Michael discuss Fen’s troubles. She blames herself and laments that she doesn’t deserve this baby. Michael reassures her. Lauren talks about needing to bond with the baby before doing any tests. Upstairs, Hilary hears Neil talking to Devon about Leslie. She enters and asks Devon to intervene with Chelsea and Chloe. Hilary tells Neil to be grateful – he doesn’t deserve to be treated like that. They discuss what love should be, and Neil gives a heartfelt speech before kissing Hilary. Chelsea and Chloe end up by Lauren and Michael downstairs with Chloe screaming she had a right to know Adam was dead. She is glad he died scared and alone. Upstairs, Lauren tells Devon and Kevin that Chloe and Chelsea are arguing in the dining room. Lily tells Cane she’s going to look for Hilary and she’ll be civil. Kevin arrives in the dining room as Chelsea tells Chloe she lost someone too. Chloe says Adam was evil. Chelsea screams that it was an accident, but Chloe won’t accept that because she uses Delia as an excuse to be the spiteful little b**** she’s always been. Chloe slaps her. “You’re a b****!”

    Y&R Recap: Lightening Struck.

    Thursday, April 10 2014

    During a meeting in the Club office, Neil wants to make sure everything is on track for the fashion show tomorrow. Kelly asks questions. Hilary says she and Neil met with Caroline and Rick Forrester and they're nice. Cane addresses Neil only and says he looks forward to meeting him. After, he questions Hilary about her latest argument with Lily. Hilary assures Neil everything is fine - she and Lily both want the show to be a success. Kelly offers to update Jack when she meets him for dinner. Neil gets a text from Leslie asking to meet. Once alone, Cane and Hilary argue. She questions him and Lily wanting to punish her forever. She's caused no more trouble and is tired of being their punching bag. Hilary wonders if they'll forgive her one day, but Cane gets called away.

    At the Club, Jack lets Kelly know he told Billy they were having dinner together. Stitch and Victoria walk in. The couples regard each other with puzzlement. Stitch takes Victoria out. Kelly apologizes to Jack - she doesn't blame Victoria for hating her. Jack asks about Stitch. Kelly says there was a time they were close; they're not anymore. They decide to have dinner again sometime. Meanwhile, Cane rejoins Hilary in the office and tells her about his questionable past and how he was forgiven. He can't forgive her for her cruelty to Lily, but he thinks she deserves a second chance. She asks about Lily dialing down the attitude. Cane will see what he can do.

    Y&R Recap: Real Models Of Genoa City.

    Wednesday, April 02 2014

    In the Club office, Lily thanks Cane for getting there so fast. He wonders if she's upset about him wanting to go to Chancellor. She talks about his options and the perks of working with her as she peels her dress off. Cane kisses her and then explains his point of view. She gets dressed. Cane says he feels like his job there is done - he needs more. Lily admires his drive. She thinks he should follow his dreams. When he reminds her he's still on the payroll, she disrobes again.

    Hilary and Neil arrive at the Club. They find Lily and Cane. Neil says they have a new idea for the fashion show. Hilary promises it will shake things up. Lily snaps, "Oh that's your specialty, right? Shaking things up?" Hilary says it was Neil's idea. Neil admits Summer inspired it - he wants to feature real people on the runway. He asks Lily to be part of the show. He's convinced Hilary to do it too. Lily snaps, "You've got to be kidding." Hilary says, "Welcome to the Real Models of Genoa City."

    Y&R Recap: Holding The Bag.

    Tuesday, March 25 2014

    At the Club, Lily asks Abby if she and Tyler are getting married. Abby complains about the online rumors and says she couldn't marry Tyler until he gets to know her family better. Abby wants Victor to see him as a good, decent man. Nearby, Cane finds Colin reading old documents. Colin starts in about business and speculates on Cane's plans where Bonaventure and Victor are concerned. Cane says he won't suck up to Victor for a job or return to Chancellor. Colin warns him that Victor might be setting him up to be left holding the bag. Victor arrives and greets Abby and Lily, who remarks that Cane will solve the Bonaventure mystery and get back to focusing on the Club. Victor mutters about him perhaps doing something more challenging. He asks Abby about the marriage rumors and warns her not embark on something she's not ready for. After, Abby tells Lily she won't admit to Victor that she and Tyler are serious. "Have you seen what he's done to Billy?" Victor sits down and Colin approaches. He introduces himself and Victor says Katherine told him all about Colin. They spar, and Colin asks if he expects his son to take the fall for Bonaventure. Victor tries to brush him off. Cane joins them. Victor says Cane can be trusted - it must have skipped a generation. Colin goes, and Victor asks Cane to sit. Lily looks over and tells Abby she's afraid that Victor already approves of Cane - she's concerned he'll lure him back to Chancellor. Abby tries to reassure her. Cane tells Victor he's found proof that Bonaventure was brought to his attention deliberately. He says Colin thinks it was Victor, who set him up. Victor asks if he agrees. Cane says he thinks someone set them both up. Victor says if his proof pans out, Chancellor is his for the running. Later, Colin brings Lily and Cane champagne as a peace offering. He apologizes for assuming Cane would rather be a high roller than work there. Abby, meanwhile, invites Victor to have dinner with her and Tyler.

    Y&R Recap: The Good In Your Father.

    Tuesday, March 18 2014

    At the Club, Lily kisses Cane and comments on him working overtime to find out what's up with Bonaventure. Cane promises his attention will be back on the Club soon. Lily asks if he's sorry they took the jobs there. Cane insists he's happy. By the door, Stitch wants to talk to Kelly about calling him a murderer. She says he'd have no friends if they knew what he was capable of. Stitch says, "Oh please, you already ruined my life once." She snaps that she's not responsible for Jenna leaving him. She won't say anything, but warns him the past catches up to you. Kelly finds Lily, who tells her the dentist she was setting her up with got engaged. Kelly orders a strong drink. Since the school's not hiring, Lily offers her a job there.

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