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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Paul Williams - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Paul Williams Played by Doug Davidson on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Doug Davidson (CBS)

    Birthday: 1954-10-24
    Birthplace: Glendale, California USA
    Marital Status: Married Cindy Fisher (May 27, 1984 - present) 2 children
    Real Name: Doug Davidson
    Height: 6' 1"


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    Y&R Recap: That's Absurd.

    Wednesday, May 20 2015

    At the police station, Christine and Paul discuss his bad press. He calls Kyle, Kevin, Summer and Mariah in to lecture them for obstructing his investigation. He explains that there is no more evidence connecting the drug kingpin to the killing. The FBI claim it was a false match. After the kids leave, Paul wonders how he lost his lead. Christine tries distracting him. They recall her pregnancy and he comforts her. She thinks they need to take a vacation. He suggests they go to Washington to look into why the FBI refuses to acknowledge that Marco could be involved.

    Y&R Recap: White Knight Syndrome.

    Monday, May 18 2015

    Kevin, Kyle and Summer arrive in Paul's office, eager for any new information on the killer. He informs them that the lab matched the evidence to a killer in the FBI database. He's the head of a South American drug cartel. Summer and Kyle complain about Fen. Kevin defends him. Paul admits the authorities have no idea where the killer, Marco Anacelli, is. Later, Dylan arrives and Paul repeats what he said to the others. After he leaves, an FBI agent arrives and tells Paul that he will be taking over the investigation. Paul still wants information about Marco. The agent looks through the evidence and doubts Marco is really involved or even alive.

    Y&R Recap: Winner Takes All.

    Friday, May 15 2015

    At the cabin, Fen explains to his agitated friends that he was being blackmailed for changing his grades. As the gang yells at him, Paul and the cops bust in. Fen defends himself for finally telling the truth and then answers Paul's questions about the threatening texts he received. He hasn't heard anything since he spiked the punch. They try to figure out if they have any evidence. Fen has the envelope the vial was in and hands it over. He's determined to confess everything to his parents. Paul will allow that but orders him to go straight back to Arizona after he sees them. Kevin tries to defend Fen as his friends lecture him. He points out how many stupid and lousy things they've all done. Abby still blames him for the killings. Summer and Kyle will never forgive him. Kevin continues pleading for compassion.

    At the police station, Paul runs the envelope through the FBI database. A match comes up.

    Y&R Recap: Train Wreck.

    Thursday, May 07 2015

    At the station, Paul tells Christine that Sharon seems to him like a woman convinced of her own innocence. Chris joins Sharon and asks her to tell her, woman-to-woman, why she should believe her. They talk about Dylan believing in her. Sharon says she's a lot of things, but not a killer. They talk about the pain of losing a child. Sharon could never have caused that for Courtney's parents. She asks Christine to wonder about there being so much evidence against her - she's not stupid. In Paul's office, Dylan confronts his father about Sharon. Paul says she was practically begging to get arrested. Dylan wants to see her. Paul says he can when she's done with Christine, who is still taking the case to trial. Chris appears. She won't discuss the issue with Dylan. Dylan goes in and tells Sharon that somehow he'll get her out of there. He tells her about his argument with Avery. When he steps out, Sharon sees Avery's text on his phone and decides to 'help' him. Dylan returns with the news that she got through to Christine. Chris confirms she is dropping the charges. Once alone, Dylan and Sharon kiss. Awkwardness ensues and they agree it was a 'moment' and shouldn't make things weird. Dylan says she won't lose him as a friend. Chris tells Paul they have a killer to catch.

    Y&R Recap: It's All My Fault.

    Wednesday, May 06 2015

    Sharon strolls into The Underground. No one's happy to see her there. She announces that she is innocent and was framed. Nick asks her to go and insists there is nothing to celebrate until the charges have been dropped. Sharon won't go and demands some chardonnay. Victor calls the cops. Sharon's kids try to talk her into leaving. She won't budge. A cop arrives to arrest her. Michael is on the phone with Noah and suggests she stay quiet. Paul arrives and takes over. He arrests her and leads her out. Victor props up at the bar and chats with Sage about her new job and her 'enigmatic' ex-husband. "He's not an enigma. He's a jerk," Nick grumbles. The mustache gets a call about Jack's accident and departs. Sage can see how much Nick wants to support Sharon and urges him to go. It's not his job anymore, he claims.

    At the station, Michael pleads with Paul concerning Sharon. Paul thinks she's out of control. The lawyer tells him he has no case against her. Later, Kevin drops in to see his brother. Michael's moody and admits that he's separated from Lauren. Meanwhile, Sharon is with her kids in the cells. She's flustered and wants to escape. The kids talk her down and get her to take her meds. Paul comes in and kicks the kids out. Michael joins his client. Paul admits the case is weak but that's all he'll say. Sharon insists she's innocent. Paul explains she'll be in lock up until the trial begins. She tells him to do what he has to so he can find the killer.

    Y&R Recap: What's The Status Of Things?

    Monday, May 04 2015

    Dylan barrels into Paul's office and confronts him about why he's ignoring the latest evidence - Sharon's fingerprints were planted. Paul is angry Dylan's telling him how to do his job. They bicker about the latex on the tire iron. Paul thinks Dylan will regret getting mixed up in this. Dylan wonders what kind of person turns their back on a friend. When Paul hints that Sharon should confess, Dylan is stunned. He gets a call from Noah and leaves.

    In Paul's office, Dylan tells his frustrated father to check the photo of Sharon outside Austin and Summer's apartment. Paul can't - the computer system's been compromised and Austin's laptop was stolen. Dylan marvels. "How does that even happen in a police station?" Dylan says there must be something on there that would free Sharon - Paul must find it.

    Y&R Recap: Let's Go Throw Us Some Rice.

    Friday, May 01 2015

    At the station, Kevin tells Paul he's trying to learn what Courtney uncovered that got her killed. Paul knows what she found. He shows Kevin a screen shot of Sharon sneaking into Austin and Summer's apartment the night he later died. She was looking for him. Kevin feels something about it isn't right. Later, Michael arrives with his new evidence. Paul says he also has new evidence and Sharon has conned him. As they argue, Michael reveals that he and Lauren have separated. Paul says they need to be together to get through the dark times.

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