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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Paul Williams

    Full detailed profile on Paul Williams Played by Doug Davidson on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Doug Davidson (CBS)
    Paul Williams

    Actor: Doug Davidson

    Who played Paul Williams over the years

    Doug Davidson (May 1978 - present)

    Useful information on Paul Williams

    * Had an affair with Nikki Newman.
    * Was arrested and exonerated in the murder of George Rawlins.
    * Had a nude photo of himself entered into a contest by Lauren and used for a centerfold!
    * Saved Christine Blair from being raped by Michael Baldwin.
    * Rescued Lauren from a farmhouse after kidnapped by Tom Fisher and Shelia.
    * Witnessed Brad kill two men who attempted to kill Sharon and Brad for the Grudgeon Reliquary.
    * Held Shelia captive in a cell.
    * Has re-established his relationship with daughter, Heather Stevens
    * Solved the mystery of Ji Min's death and discovered the truth about David Chow to protect Nikki.
    * Accompanied Nikki to Mexico to search for the missing Victor Newman.


    Current: Chief of Police
    Past: Private investigator
    Past: Investigator with Baldwin, Blair & Associates
    Past: Owner of Paul Williams Detective Agency
    Past: Genoa City Police Officer
    Past: Waiter


    Paul Williams came on the scene in 1978 as a rebellious teen. In his younger years, Paul dated Nikki Reed and ended up giving her a venereal disease! While his overbearing mother Mary wasn't able to pair him up with the girl of 'her' dreams, Paul made his parents proud when he followed in his father's footsteps and joined the Genoa City PD, then later went on to open Paul Williams Investigations.

    Paul got April Stevens pregnant out of wedlock and ended up giving up all parental rights when parenthood was too much for Paul to face. Although Paul has had many women in his life, two of the most memorable are Lauren Fenmore and Christine Blair. Paul and Lauren had many on-off moments during the years, but have always remained friends. Just when they were about to marry for a second time, Lauren submitted a nude photo of Paul to a magazine that ended up making him a centerfold! Paul, nor Mary, found it humorous and Paul decided against going back down the aisle with Lauren again. However, he has repeatedly been there to save Lauren from the evil clutches of her past, mostly Sheila Carter!

    In later years, Paul went on to work with and fall in love with Christine Blair and rescued her after being kidnapped and almost raped by Michael Baldwin! Knowing that she still had feelings for her ex-husband, Paul's once best friend, Danny Romalotti, Paul shouldn't have been shocked when he found the two making love! However, Chris picked Paul and he forgave her and they soon married.

    There came a time when Paul wanted children, but Chris wanted her career and started a law firm with Michael Baldwin - her onetime nemesis. After a big case took her to Hong Kong, Paul was left vulnerable and fell into the arms of his new client Isabella. After months, Chris returned home to find Paul in bed with Isabella and filed for divorce. Isabella later became pregnant and though she was very possessive, Paul married her. It wasn't until after their son was born that Chris returned to GC and Paul found himself still in love with her! Paul and Chris had a heavily passionate one-night stand where at one point Paul had thought that he'd crossed the line and raped her. However, they soon had another fling, but Chris decided, in the end, to marry Michael Baldwin. In an attempt to make his marriage to Isabella work, Paul confessed his infidelity, but Isabella took their son and left him. Enraged with jealousy, Isabella tried to fake her death as a way to cover up her need to murder Chris, but Paul rescued Chris in time and had his crazed wife sent to a mental hospital. Despite everything, Paul and Chris never got back together.

    For eight years, Paul's father Carl seemed to have fallen off the face of the earth after leaving for work one day. Paul got the shock of his life when Christine came across a man named Jim Bradley with the face of Carl Williams! However, Paul's father was a victim of amnesia and never remembered being Carl Williams or the family that he left behind.

    Paul has worked on cases for many of Genoa City's residents, but the 2006 case of Brad Carlton's past was one of the best. Paul and his assistant JT Hellstrom single-handedly found out that Brad Carlton was in fact George Kaplan and had been living under a fake name for years. While Paul didn't buy Brad's explanation at first, he now knows Brad's situation and continues to help Brad fight the demons of his past.

    In January 2007, in an attempt to protect Lauren from her crazed adversary, Shelia Carter, Paul captured Shelia and held her prisoner in a warehouse cell. However, Shelia managed to escape and took Lauren's son, Phylis Newman and baby Summer hostage!

    Paul's next challenge was to re-establish his relationship with his daughter Heather, who turned up in Genoa City. Heather was very angry at her father and Paul had a difficult time getting through to her, but his patience has paid off and their relationship is now becoming much closer!

    Paul worked to investigate Nikki Newman's sketchy husband David Chow, and uncovered the truth about his past - and the Ji Min murder! Paul was very protective of Nikki after David died and she found out the truth. When Victor went missing, Paul accompanied his friend Nikki to help her look for him in Mexico.

    Nikki and Paul hooked up for awhile, but she decided to go back to Victor. Paul became embroiled in emotional upheaval when a new lady in town who dated Jack was revealed to be his sister, Patty Williams! Paul supported Patty throughout her breakdowns and stays in the sanitarium, even after she tried to kill her own psychiatrist, Dr. Peterson.

    Paul wound up getting romantic with Nina when she returned to town, and spent time with old flame, Christine, when she came to town during the reveal that Nina's long lost son, Ronan, was alive. Paul and Nina are currently on the outs since she blamed his daughter, Heather, for Chance re-enlisting in the military.


    Christine_Blair_Williams (married September 4 2013; married in 1996, divorced in 2001)
    Isabella Brana (married on June 4, 2002, divorced)
    Lauren_Fenmore_Baldwin (married in 1984, divorced in 1986)
    April Stevens (married in 1981, divorced in 1981]


    Cindy Lake (deceased)
    Detective Maggie Sullivan
    Nina Webster


    Carl Williams (father)
    Mary Williams (mother)
    Father Todd Williams (brother)
    Steven Williams (brother)
    Patty Williams (sister)
    Daniel Romalotti Jr. (godson)


    Dylan "Mac" MacAvoy (son with Nikki Reed Newman)
    Unnamed Child (miscarriage with Lauren)
    Heather Stevens (daughter with April)
    Ricardo (Ricky) Carl Williams (son with Isabella)


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    Friday, July 03 2015: Y&R Recap: Victor confesses to shooting Jack

    At the station, Paul is on the phone with Phyllis. "No one witnessed Victor shoot Jack." Adam appears. "That's not true." Paul hangs up. Adam says he saw the shooting.

    At Newman, Victor tells Victoria he doesn't blame Phyllis for lashing out. Vikki says everyone is against him. Victor insists there's no evidence for Paul to arrest him. Victoria wonders if he can trust 'Gabriel'. Adam appears. He wants Victor's office. Victoria lets him know she's aware of the blackmail. Abby enters and asks Victor if he shot Jack. Victor tells her not to believe it. Paul appears to arrest him because 'Mr. Bingham' came forward as an eyewitness. Victor argues that 'Bingham' wants full control of his company. Adam says he couldn't protect him anymore. Paul arrests Victor.

    At the station, Victor secures immunity for Victoria before admitting on the record that he shot Jack Abbott in self-defense. He gives a full statement. Paul says there's one problem - Jack was not in possession of a firearm when he shot him. Elsewhere, Abby and Victoria debate about the situation. Victor emerges from Paul's office in handcuffs and says he confessed. Victoria reassures Abby that their father knows what he's doing. Later, Victor watches fireworks out the window.

    At the hospital, Paul tells Phyllis that Victor confessed and has been arrested; he said it was self-defense. Jack's machine goes off. Phyllis is certain Jack is trying to tell them Victor's lying.

    Thursday, July 02 2015: Y&R Recap: Jack points the finger at Victor, literally

    At the station, Kevin shows Paul the footage that shows Jack going past twice. Paul admits it's strange. They laugh about Kevin's suspension being over. Paul gets a call - the ballistics on Victor's gun are in - it hadn't been fired in a long time. Mariah arrives and Kevin tells her he thinks there is a connection between Jack's shooting and Austin and Courtney's deaths. He explains why he thinks that Jack is the killer, or he confronted the killer in the park. Mariah feels it makes sense.

    At the hospital, Adam tells the comatose Jack he's glad he's back. He wonders why Jack told the woman who phoned him who he is - he hopes Jack remembers their deal. Adam vows Victor will pay. Outside, Ashley and Phyllis watch. They discuss 'Gabriel'. Phyllis wonders if he and Victor are in on this together. Ash says the DNA test results will be in later. Phyllis muses about which side he'll choose. Sage arrives and assures them 'Gabe' has no love for Victor. Phyllis argues the point. Adam joins them. Ash leaves for Victor's office and Phyllis goes to Jack. Adam gets a call from Chelsea, who has also been summoned to Victor's office. He tells her he'll be there. Sage snarks that he's put himself in a worse position than before. Adam says his endgame is still happening. She worries if his lies catch up with him, she'll be complicit. Adam notes she's getting worked up. She tells him her pregnancy isn't his concern. "Do not screw me on this." He assures her it's under control. In Jack's room, Phyllis tells Jack she doesn't trust 'Gabe'. She wants Jack to wake up and tell her the truth about what happened in the park. Paul arrives with the news about Victor's gun. He assures Phyllis he'll find the shooter.

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