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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Amber Moore Romalotti - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Amber Moore Romalotti Played by Adrienne Frantz on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Adrienne Frantz (CBS)

    Birthday: 1978-06-07
    Birthplace: Mount Clemens, Michigan
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Adrienne Frantz
    Height: 5' 4"
    Web site:


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    Katherine's Memorial Part 2.

    Wednesday, September 04 2013

    At Katherine's memorial service in the park, Jill composes herself after breaking down and tells those in attendance the story of how she and Katherine met and became friends. She explains about the history between her, Katherine, and Phillip. She thought that was the end of her relationship with Katherine...but it was just the beginning. Jill says she never imagined the impact Katherine would have on her life. She marvels that they made their peace with each other...but it didn't happen overnight. Jill then reflects on how the six years they believed they were mother and daughter beautifully redefined their relationship. Others think back on Katherine and Jill's love/hate relationship. Jill says they were destined to have their lives entwined - she doesn't know what kind of universal joke that was... She recalls the last night she saw her going up the stairs. Jill says Katherine will always be with her. "None of our lives will ever be the same without you." Murphy takes the podium with an urn. He says Katherine wants everyone to participate in remembering her. Paul fondles a letter from Katherine. Christine asks if he'll open it. Father Todd reads a poem and then places the urn on a table. Each person lays a rose beside the urn and says their last words to Katherine. Chloe then reads a poem that Delia wrote for Katherine about being free. Murphy tells them there is one more surprise - today is the dedication of Chancellor Park, Katherine's place for now and for always.

    As the reception begins, Paul steps away and reads his letter from Katherine. He looks up and smiles. Jack and Victor have a civil, but brief, exchange. Devon tells Neil and Lily that today has hit him harder than he expected. Nick suggests to Avery that the park would be the perfect spot for them to get married. She agrees and they kiss. Billy and Victoria appear. Avery tells Vikki they've found the location for the wedding. Paul gets two glasses of champagne and joins Christine. He says he just read Katherine's letter. Father Todd joins them. Paul asks Todd to read the letter to Christine. In it, Katherine urges Paul to marry Christine now. Paul gets down on one knee and proposes. She accepts. Everyone applauds. Danny wishes them all the happiness in the world. Jill congratulates them. "We should turn this memorial into a wedding!" Father Todd agrees with her. Everyone claps again - even Nina. Preparations begin. Christine borrows Gina's bracelet. Lily gives Chris a new pen with blue ink. Victoria supplies an antique handkerchief for the 'something old'. Michael arranges to get a marriage certificate and Paul asks him to be his best man. They embrace. Nina approaches Chris and with a nod lets her know she'll stand up for her. Everyone takes their places and the ceremony gets underway. Paul and Chris exchange personal vows in which they agree they are soul mates. Todd pronounces them husband and wife. They kiss.

    Later, Paul and Christine receive congratulations and Todd tells Paul he has to get back to Michigan. He says Katherine would have loved all of this. They embrace. Todd leaves Paul with his bible. Everyone gradually makes their way out. Jill tells Lauren she doesn't want to leave the park. Lauren goes. Jill joins Nikki, who is sitting alone on a bench. They talk about how it was exquisite. They talk about what's next. Jill says Katherine left her an epic quest - she doesn't know what she's supposed to find. Nikki says she also left her a quest; she knows exactly what she's supposed to find, but isn't sure she's ready.

    Katherine's Memorial Part 1.

    Tuesday, September 03 2013

    Danny arrives at the park where Katherine's memorial will soon be held and does a sound check for the song he'll be singing later. Amber arrives and talks to Katherine's portrait. She wishes it hadn't taken this to get her back to Genoa City. Nick and Avery appear. They remark on it being the perfect spot for the service. Nick muses, "I may just have solved one of our problems."

    Nikki and Victor arrive at the park. Victor greets Nick. Nikki joins Jill, who asks if she's okay. Nikki says nothing will be the same again. Jill muses that they've never been close, and admits it nearly killed her sometimes how Katherine treated Nikki like a daughter. Nikki says Katherine loved Jill too. Jill thinks she put them together on preparations because she wanted them to get closer. Nikki smiles. "Maybe she was trying to tell us something." Each asks the other if Katherine told them about her letter. Danny greets them and steals Jill away. Jack arrives. Victor looks tense. Chloe looks at Katherine's portrait and flashes to a conversation they shared. Kevin appears and they talk about Delia, who is with a sitter. Kevin misses them both. Billy and Jack talk about John having been gone for seven years. Billy wonders if he's up there with Katherine skinny-dipping like they did in high school. They laugh about the old stories. Cane and Lily arrive and chat with Amber. She says they look happy. Devon looks at Katherine's portrait and flashes to when he resisted getting to know her. He laments wasting time. Neil reassures him. Gina has come in, and is talking to Victor and Nikki. Nina greets Danny. They laugh together. Lauren and Michael are there. Brock arrives. He and Jill embrace.

    Father Todd calls for everyone to take a seat. "It's time to celebrate everything we loved about the great Katherine Chancellor." He reads a bible passage as Danny plays the keyboard. Each person thinks of Katherine. Victor comes to the podium. He shares a story about Katherine not being afraid to tell him the truth. "I will never meet the like of her again. She was a remarkable woman." Nikki speaks next. She tells about Katherine being strong for her when she was drunk in Mexico. "Katherine saved me countless times." She tries not to cry, wondering what she will do without her. Devon is next. He says they barely got to say hello and here they are saying goodbye. Lauren and Danny talk about him being the first rock star Katherine ever knew. Jill, Vikki, and Nikki joke about her penchant for younger men, apologizing to Murphy. Brock shares about Katherine's disbelieving reaction when he told her he'd found God. Cane talks about Katherine giving him trouble for telling the family about her surgery. He'd do it all over again. "No tears today, my friends. No tears." Christine shares her letter, which reminds her to let the paperwork wait and live in the moment. Nina recalls how she once despised Katherine and Jill; they tried to pay her to move to Guam. Amber gets up and says, like Nikki, Katherine saved her life too. Esther takes the podium and sobs. Jill tells her to get on with it. Esther says her favorite memory was the cake fight with Jill. Last, Jill speaks. She says she has about a million stories about Katherine. "No tears, Katherine? The hell with that!" She completely breaks down sobbing. "What am I going to do without you?" Cane rushes to hold her.

    You Haven't Even Tasted My Sausage!

    Thursday, May 27 2010

    Daniel approaches Abby at Crimson Lights, asking if the cab took her home okay last night. He offers her a coffee, but she says she's used him enough for now. Nearby, Kevin calls Jana and leaves a message asking if she'd like to come by the coffee house. Daniel comes over and he and Kevin patch things up after their spat over Amber. Daniel admits he hooked up with Abby, but he felt like he was cheating on Amber. Kevin suggests he call Amber. He starts a letter, and Kevin mocks him, saying his butt should be on a plane. Daniel listens as Kevin prompts him to decide what he wants, otherwise he's nowhere. Daniel calls Amber on his cellphone, and she answers. She explains that she and Deacon decided that the safest place for Eric right now is in a private school. She says she needs to get a job to hire a guard for him. Daniel asks her to come back to Genoa City, so they can figure out a way to still be together. Amber asks if he can live with Eric being her first priority, saying they've grown apart and no one is to blame. They agree they have no regrets, but also agree to divorce. They hang up tearfully.

    Do I Know You?

    Friday, May 07 2010

    In the corridor of the hospital, Amber questions Daniel about why he won't come with her. He says his friends need him, and Genoa City is his home. Amber realizes he thinks their marriage is over. Daniel denies it, saying they can weather this rough patch. Amber sadly says her son isn't a rough spot. Kay, Chloe, and Murphy come in with Eric. Daniel goes to check on Kevin. Murphy takes Eric to the gift shop, and Amber tearfully admits to Kay that she and Eric are leaving town tonight, and Daniel's not coming with them!

    At the hospital, Jana is improving. Kevin and Gloria watch as the doctor gets her to follow a light with her eyes. Chloe, Daniel, Amber, and Katherine all come into the room. Amber asks if she can have a moment with Jana alone. Everyone but Kevin awkwardly leaves as they realize Daniel isn't going with Amber. Kevin is amazed that Daniel is doing this. Amber cries and says he and Jana are lucky to have one another. It's a heartfelt goodbye as Kevin says he wouldn't be alive if not for her. He leaves, and Amber tells the sleeping Jana what a great friend she's been. Jana opens her eyes.

    Kevin confronts Daniel in the hallway. He says he would follow Jana and be a father to some kid if that's what she wanted. Daniel supposes that he and Amber don't have what Jana and Kevin do then. Kevin feels Daniel is leaving Amber too. Daniel gets in the elevator and goes. Amber comes out of Jana's room and joins Chloe, Kay, and Murphy for a goodbye. Eric hugs Amber, then goes with Murphy. Chloe and Amber cry, laugh, and hug. Kay and Amber are then alone. Amber sobs that she can't say goodbye to her. Kay asks if she has to do this. Amber nods, saying she has to keep Eric safe. Katherine tells her to follow her instincts then, just like her. Amber tells Kay about Tawny, and says she's been more of a mom to her than Tawny could have been in ten lifetimes. They hug and Amber leaves.

    Amber comes into the empty apartment and calls Loveline. She says it's Marina, and she wants to speak to Stryker. She tells him she and Herve didn't make it. She cries as she says if she loves someone you set them free. Stryker is amazed to hear that they got married, but now want different things.

    Still on the phone, Daniel walks into their apartment, saying he can't live without his best friend. He tells her he wants her to have everything she wants, he'll always think of her no matter where she is, and he loves her. They hang up. Hold each other for a moment, then Amber takes her suitcase and leaves.

    See Ya'! Wouldn't Want to Be Ya'!

    Thursday, May 06 2010

    Chloe and Amber go into Crimson Lights. Amber tells Chloe that Mrs. C said she and Eric can stay with her. Chloe urges Amber to give Daniel time and everything will work out. Amber's not so sure.

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