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    The Young and the Restless CAST - David Chow - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on David Chow Played by Vincent Irizarry on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Vincent Irizarry (CBS)

    Birthday: 1959-11-12
    Birthplace: Queens, New York
    Marital Status: Married to Avalon House
    Real Name: Vincent Irizarry
    Height: 6' 0"
    Web site:


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    Friday, August 01 2008

    Back up at the house, Nick leaves Nikki alone, telling her he will check on her later. She lays down and seems to go to sleep. Suddenly her eyes open and she sees David! He disappears, but she hears a little girl shaking a rattle and singing. The girl won't answer Nikki, and soon David reappears saying, "It's no use. She's dead. You killed her." Nikki asks him who the little girl was. He tells her that was Sabrina's daughter. "And you're the reason she died." Nikki begins to freak out, telling him repeatedly that he is the killer. "You hurt so many people!" He chuckles at what an easy mark she was, what a fool. As the little girl begins humming again, Nikki turns to see Sabrina with her arm around the girl. Nikki is horrified! Suddenly, she awakens on the couch. The phone is ringing. She answers and is told that Sabrina is dead.

    I'm Dying Aren't I?

    Monday, July 28 2008

    At the scene of the accident, Victor and Michael crawl down and are told that the driver is dead and a woman has been rushed off. Victor looks inside the car. "I told you not to get involved with this man," he says as he flashes back to through his past with Nikki. He notices a piece of jewelry and picks it up. Horrified, he walks over to David and asks if Sabrina was in the car with him. He nods and gasps. Michael rushes Victor to the hospital.

    We are Having a Bundle of joy.

    Friday, July 25 2008

    At the gala, David mixes some drugs in with Nikki's ginger ale. He hands her the glass and offers a toast to her. She doesn't want to drink to a failed marriage. He won't contest the divorce, but still loves her. She says his lies destroyed them. He promises to be out of her life forever by morning. They toast. She drinks.

    Katherine and Jill think the evening is going well. They're eager to see Lily accept Cane's proposal. David interrupts and tells Katherine that he thinks Nikki is drinking. She sighs. Brad and Jill stand across the room watching and wondering what they are saying. She hopes this will lead to proof that Katherine is too incompetent to be on the board. Jill gets a call about the Chow story that aired on the news. She tells Brad what's happening. They grimace at the timing; this could ruin everything.

    David brings Katherine outside to see Nikki. She asks her if she's been drinking. "No," Nikki laughs, almost falling over. David suggests they go home. Katherine tells her to. Nikki agrees to go after she uses the ladies room. "David, keep an eye on her," Katherine begs. David calls for his car. Nikki walks inside and stumbles around the gala until she bumps into JT. He tells her he needs her help with the baby and rushes her out.

    David runs around the gala searching for Nikki before asking Katherine if she's seen her. Katherine worries and Jill drifts over. She tells her about the Chow scandal hitting the news. Katherine says they have to handle this quickly and tells her that Nikki seems to have fallen off the wagon. "Perfect!" Jill groans.

    Sabrina goes out to get her car. She's not feeling well and the wait is long so she asks David if she can have a lift with him. He reluctantly agrees. They climb into the car together. The driver makes a call: "I've got them both." They drive off. Victoria rushes out of the gala searching for Sabrina. She finds Adam and Heather instead. Adam snipes at her but she's not in the mood. Their car comes and they leave.

    As David and Sabrina drive along, she receives a text message from Victor. David glances over before a set of oncoming headlights light up his face and the car crashes into them.

    I Could own the Whole Damn Place!

    Thursday, July 24 2008

    At the club, Nikki comes down the stairs to David. She agrees to put up a front for the gala. He wishes she would give their marriage another chance. That won't happen. She just wants to get this over with.

    David tries to be friendly to Brad and Jill. They confront him about his gambling and ask him to resign. He insists he's done nothing wrong and threatens to tell the board "everything" if they force him. Victoria takes David away to speak. Jill asks Brad if there's something she should know. "Would you like to see my phone records?" he offers. She declines. Victoria calls David up to speak to the gala. He announces that they have exceeded their fundraising goals.

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