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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Gloria Fisher Abbott Bardwell - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gloria Fisher Abbott Bardwell Played by Judith Chapman on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Judith Chapman (CBS)

    Birthday: 1945-11-15
    Birthplace: Greenville, South Carolina
    Marital Status: Committed Relationship
    Real Name: Judith Chapman
    Height: 5' 3 (& 1/2)
    Web site:


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    Y&R Recap: The Kind Of Doctor I Was.

    Monday, August 04 2014

    At the station, Kevin pleads with Michael not to leave him for Nikki's case. Michael says he'll send reinforcements in. Later, Harding orders Kevin to be locked back up as Gloria appears. Kevin sighs. "You're the reinforcements?" She powders herself in preparation to deal with Harding. Kevin cringes. Glo tells Harding she's in desperate need of undercover work. She gushes over his name and alludes to her past with Chavez. Finally, she suggests that the ID badge was in Kevin's desk because he solved the crime. Harding holds his head.

    At the station, Gloria has run Harding off by fondling his 'guns' as Michael returns. Harding reappears and tells Kevin he's free to go - the ADA won't pursue a case against him.

    Y&R Recap: The Wrong Doorbell.

    Tuesday, May 13 2014

    Kevin arrives at the Club, where Chloe whispers a warning to him that his mother is all over their marriage. He sits, and Gloria tells Chloe about an aphrodisiac they've discovered - an essential oil that sends Jeffrey into overdrive. Chloe looks thoughtful. Kevin changes the subject. Lauren and Michael arrive discussing Paul and Christine's pregnancy plans. They join the table, where Gloria is still going on about the aphrodisiac and Kevin and Chloe's marriage. A toast is held to the newlyweds. Gloria's glad Chloe has a new outlook since she doesn't want her son with a cuckoo bird. Chloe spills champagne on her and everyone leaves the table in the ensuing chaos. Chloe eyeballs Glo's purse and steals the aphrodisiac. Nearby, Michael and Lauren talk to Kevin about a possible annulment and point out that Chloe may still be capable of behaving unpredictably and hurting someone. Kevin gets a call from Billy about doing a background check on someone.

    Y&R Recap: Yuks And Chuckles.

    Friday, March 14 2014

    At the Club, Chloe reflects on having Kevin as her babysitter. Kevin reassures her. She worries about people whispering about her. Kevin reminds her he's the chipmunk. Suddenly, Michael, Lauren, Esther, and Gloria jump out and yell, "Surprise!" Michael says they got her there under false pretenses. Lauren grins - it was her idea. Gloria says Jeffrey will be by later. Esther pulls Chloe aside to say she's so happy for her and Kevin. Chloe explains why she remarried him. She tells Esther she's not who she was before. Esther says she's the best thing that ever happened to her. Michael tells Kevin he's proud of him. Gloria whispers to Lauren, "You know you're in trouble when Kevin's the stable one in the relationship." Lauren hisses, "Gloria!" Kevin overhears Glo saying Chloe is a mental wreck who needs therapy. She says this can't be swept under the rug. Esther gets in Gloria's face. Chloe intervenes. Everyone's irked with Gloria, but Chloe says she's right. She adds the celebration is too much. Kevin reassures her. Chloe tries to tell him she's different.

    Jeffery greets Gloria at the Club and they talk about Chloe and Chelsea. She takes him to get out of that suit. The others do a champagne toast. Michael says the family will support Chloe and Kevin. Chelsea enters with Connor.

    Y&R Recap: Fabulous.

    Wednesday, January 22 2014

    At Chelsea's studio, Gloria greets party planner David Tutera. She tells him Lauren should be along any minute. Neil arrives looking for Chelsea. Gloria tells him to try the Eiffel Tower. Tutera tells Gloria he can't wait. Glo stalls him by introducing him to Neil and pretending that Neil won a raffle prize - Tutera's wedding planning services.

    Leslie arrives at the studio. Lauren has also arrived. Gloria gushes about David Tutera planning Leslie and Neil's wedding. Leslie likes Tutera's ideas. Neil says they want something small and intimate. Gloria hisses at Neil about putting up roadblocks - she points out Leslie happily chatting with Tutera. After, Lauren tells Tutera she's excited to work with him on the bridal expo. Tutera tells Leslie and Neil to meet at the Club to check out the ballroom. Leslie assures Neil she's fine with it. They leave and Lauren tells Gloria tearfully that Fen's gone back to prison.

    Y&R Recap: Fresh Start.

    Wednesday, January 15 2014

    At Crimson Lights, Gloria tries to get Lauren to focus on the Jabot unveiling. Lauren is distracted by Fen's situation. Gloria pulls out make-up to spruce her up and advises that nothing is so terrible it can't be covered up. Gloria passes on some words of wisdom from a fortune cookie and assures Lauren they're not powerless. Lauren thanks her. Later, Kevin joins Gloria. They discuss Lauren and Michael. Gloria says Kevin's the only beacon of light in this sea of blackness - he works with devilishly handsome Chavez and is back with Chloe. Kevin says Chloe ended things and explains about her behavior. Chloe arrives and Glo leaves them alone. Kevin won't retract his accusation that Chloe has an unhealthy obsession so she walks away. Kevin follows and says he'll do what he can to bring her peace of mind.

    Y&R Recap: Fiery Angel.

    Thursday, December 26 2013

    At Crimson Lights, Gloria tells Kevin about her trip to Bora Bora. Alex joins them as talk turns to Michael and Fen. Gloria tries to push Alex to use Kevin's talents to find Delia's killer. Kevin shouts at her. Alex smirks as Gloria goes on about Kevin's sensitive skin. Gloria grills Alex about the cases. Alex replies in Spanish. She assumes he insulted her, but he tells her he said she was passionate and has the mouth of a fiery angel. Gloria swoons and mutters about turning down the heat. Kevin asks Alex what he really said. Alex laughs and exits. Chloe arrives and Gloria says her Christmas must have been horrible. Kevin and Chloe talk about Delia. Gloria claps - she thinks they're back together. They say they're just friends. Gloria notices a onesie in Chloe's purse. Kevin asks why she has Connor's clothing. Chloe says it got there accidentally but realizes Kevin doesn't believe her. She stalks off with him following.

    Y&R Recap: This Is Our Time.

    Friday, November 22 2013

    In the prison yard, Michael grills Fen. A convict calls Fen 'Mouse' and tells him he's on laundry duty later. Fen tells Michael that Womack gave him the nickname. Michael warns him not to spy for the warden. Fen says he has enough problems. Michael is taken to see a visitor. Inside, Gloria greets him. She asks about their welfare and Fen refusing visitors. Michael assures her Fen knows she and Lauren adore him. They agree if you don't have family, you have nothing. Glo says she and Jeffrey are going on a cruise. He's happy she'll enjoy herself.

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