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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Ji Min Kim - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ji Min Kim Played by Eric Steinberg on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eric Steinberg (CBS)

    Real Name: Eric Steinberg


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    Come To Papa!

    Thursday, July 05 2012

    Gloria welcomes Victor and Sharon to Gloworm. Kevin and Chloe appear and ask Victor about Abby. Victor and Sharon don't blame Chloe for being upset with her. Victor learns of Abby's arrest and tells Sharon to call Nick and Victoria. He heads out. Chelsea and Adam enter and tell Gloria and Jeff they're engaged. Jeff chuckles at Adam's suggestion they pick up the tab - he's only Chelsea's uncle. Sharon watches with pursed lips. She calls Nick to tell him about Abby. Chloe overhears. Later, Anita arrives, says she heard about the engagement on Faceplace, and gushes to Jeffrey about their 'little girl'. He says William is the father. Anita says the twin she was with had a heart-shaped mole on his thigh. Gloria chokes on her champagne. Jeff comes clean, and hugs Chelsea. "Come to papa!" Gloria has a hissing match with Jeffrey about his memory while Chelsea worries Anita will steal the spotlight at her wedding.

    The Man You Called Has Been Stabbed!

    Friday, November 06 2009

    In the waiting area of the hospital, Mackenzie arrives and greets Cane. He says they've got Lily on an antibiotic now. Katherine and Murphy also appear and tell Neil they are there to support him. Jill and Neil hug - she assures him Lily will be okay. When Cane goes in with Lily, Neil makes a remark about Cane hiding things from Lily, then apologizes, saying it's taken them all some time to trust him again. Jill nods.

    David Leaves Town - and Nikki!

    Monday, June 23 2008

    As the reception begins, Zara is taking a lot of photographs. Victoria approaches and reminds her that the invitation specifically says guests were not to bring cameras! Nick and Victoria pose for some photos with the wedding party. Victoria privately says congratulations to Victor and he says it wouldn't have been the same without her. Sabrina comes over and thanks her for coming and asks if she'll stay for the reception. Victoria declines, saying they have Reed, but tells Sabrina she is glad she is happy. Next, Katherine approaches Sabrina and wishes her the best in her life with Victor. Jill also compliments her on what a beautiful bride she makes. Nearby, Victor thanks a teary-eyed Jana and Kevin for coming and for helping out so much. Sabrina joins them. Adam comes over with Heather and is surprised when Victor reacts somewhat negatively to his choice of date! Victor remarks to Adam that they'll discuss it later. Phyllis, Nick, Victoria and J.T. are also discussing Adam bringing Heather to the wedding. They note that dad won't be happy that Adam is with the attorney who represented Jabot. They're absolutely right, as Victor approaches Neil and orders him to keep a close eye on Adam and Heather while he's on his honeymoon! Victor then speaks to Michael, telling him there will be some changes to his will - they'll talk soon.

    Victor feels guilty his actions...

    Tuesday, November 06 2007

    At Crimson Lights, Heather and Maggie run into Cane. They discuss the collapse and Cane wonders why out of all the people who were hurt he wasn’t.

    Later, Jack suggests to Maggie and Heather that he could maybe crack their case on Ji Min. He brings up Victor and how much he hates him, hinting that he was angry enough to twist Ji Min’s throat. He saw him go to Ji Min’s room himself. Heather brings up that he was not seen on camera but Jack protests by telling them that Victor admitted to going to see Ji Min. He reminds them that Victor has a dog with yellow hair similar to that found on Ji Min’s body, to test it.

    At Newman, Jack knocks on Victor’s door as he enters. He congratulates him on his statement and questions him about taking responsibility for what happened. Victor retaliates by asking Jack if he plans to take responsibility for Ji Min’s death. Jack doesn’t plan on it, he’ innocent. He walks over to Zapato to pet him and leaves with Zapato’s hair.

    Will Paul tell Heather the truth?

    Thursday, November 01 2007

    At the Chancellor estate, Jill and Cane discuss Clear Springs while Maggie arrives to question Jill about the leak to the press linking Jack to Ji Min’s homicide. Cane comes to Jill’s defense, Maggie then turns her question to Cane. He tells her they are too busy trying to find out what happened with a disaster. She leaves and Cane knows Jill leaked the story, she confirms it.

    Noah celebrates Halloween in the hospital.

    Wednesday, October 31 2007

    Jack and Sharon visit with Noah in his room. Sharon’s happy that her son will be okay and calls Jack her hero. He receives a call notifying him that the press know about him being a suspect in the Ji Min homicide, someone leaked the information.

    Jack runs into Maggie in the hospital cafeteria. She asks about Noah. He tells her not to pretend she cares about his welfare since the press know he is a suspect in Ji Min’s homicide. She will find out how the information was leaked, she didn’t do it.

    In Jail, Jana brings the subject of Jack negatively up to Phyllis. They hear a news report about Jack being a prime suspect in the death of Ji Min. Phyllis insists Jack’s her friend and won’t listen to Jana bash him. Jana continues by bringing up the way Jack treated Gloria and how atrocious it was. She keeps harping on Jack and finally Phyllis asks to see the Chaplain. Later, Phyllis speaks to the Chaplain, brings up John's will and how he decided to cut Gloria out of it.

    In the cafeteria, Jack and Sharon discuss Clear Springs. He just wants to be good husband, father, a good man. He brings up resigning as Senator. He has re-assessed his priorities and only wants to give her and Noah the life they deserve, as long as he is Senator he may not be able to make it happen.

    Sharon can’t think of anyone better to help raise her son and grow old with. She supports him being a Senator 100%. John’s spirit pipes up that he doesn’t know what has gotten into him, but he didn’t raise a quitter. Jack mentions he doesn’t want to be a quitter, he just wants to protect his family. Sharon warns if he steps down as Senator it could be viewed as an admission of guilt over Ji Min. John tells him he is innocent and he must fight to assert that. Sharon takes his hand knowing he will make the right choice.

    Victor is looking for answers...

    Tuesday, October 30 2007

    Phyllis and Nick are at Newman as Phyllis lets Nick know bloggers are mentioning sabotage and inspectors being paid off over Clear Springs. They flirt and joke around. He's worried about Victoria. They really want to be together but can't. David walks in and leaves a message for Jack. They both pretend fake phone calls to each other. Phyllis finds good press about Jack, but is surprised when Nick tells her about the suspicion with Jack and Ji Min's murder.

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