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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Ji Min Kim

    Full detailed profile on Ji Min Kim Played by Eric Steinberg on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eric Steinberg (CBS)
    Ji Min Kim

    Actor: Eric Steinberg

    Who played Ji Min Kim over the years

    Eric Steinberg (Oct. 2006 - September 4, 2007)

    Useful information on Ji Min Kim

    * Single.
    * Acting owner of House of Kim - really owned by Jack Abbott.
    * Was used as a front man for Jack Abbott in order to regain control of Jabot.
    * Along with Jack, he offered Carmen Mesa money to move to Hong Kong.
    * Under suspicion by many for having a hand in Carmen Mesta's murder.


    Current: Acting owner of House of Kim
    Current: Acting owner of Jabot


    Mr. Kim appeared to everyone in Genoa City as the owner of the House of Kim, a company that bought Jabot Cosmetics from Katherine Chancellor. However, it would later turn out that Jack Abbott was the real owner of the House of Kim who was using Mr. Kim and the dummy corporation as a front in order to regain ownership and control of his family's company.

    A puppet of sorts to Jack, Mr. Kim has recently found himself under suspicion by many in the murder of Carmen Mesta. Seeing as Jack feared that Carmen knew his secret, he asked Mr. Kim to offer her a substantial amount of money to move to Hong Kong and take on a job with the House of Kim. However, shortly after his offer, Carmen turned up dead!

    Although Mr. Kim has proved loyal to Jack Abbott, the real question is... Would he murder Carmen Mesta in order to keep that loyalty and risk the repercussions of being caught?










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    Thursday, July 05 2012: Come To Papa!

    Gloria welcomes Victor and Sharon to Gloworm. Kevin and Chloe appear and ask Victor about Abby. Victor and Sharon don't blame Chloe for being upset with her. Victor learns of Abby's arrest and tells Sharon to call Nick and Victoria. He heads out. Chelsea and Adam enter and tell Gloria and Jeff they're engaged. Jeff chuckles at Adam's suggestion they pick up the tab - he's only Chelsea's uncle. Sharon watches with pursed lips. She calls Nick to tell him about Abby. Chloe overhears. Later, Anita arrives, says she heard about the engagement on Faceplace, and gushes to Jeffrey about their 'little girl'. He says William is the father. Anita says the twin she was with had a heart-shaped mole on his thigh. Gloria chokes on her champagne. Jeff comes clean, and hugs Chelsea. "Come to papa!" Gloria has a hissing match with Jeffrey about his memory while Chelsea worries Anita will steal the spotlight at her wedding.

    Friday, November 06 2009: The Man You Called Has Been Stabbed!

    In the waiting area of the hospital, Mackenzie arrives and greets Cane. He says they've got Lily on an antibiotic now. Katherine and Murphy also appear and tell Neil they are there to support him. Jill and Neil hug - she assures him Lily will be okay. When Cane goes in with Lily, Neil makes a remark about Cane hiding things from Lily, then apologizes, saying it's taken them all some time to trust him again. Jill nods.

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