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    The Young and the Restless CAST - John Silva

    Full detailed profile on John Silva Played by John Castellanos on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    John Castellanos (CBS)
    John Silva

    Actor: John Castellanos

    Who played John Silva over the years

    John Castellanos (1989 - 2004 - recurring)

    Useful information on John Silva

    * Single.
    * Resides at Wilton Building Suite #305.
    * Represented Danny Romalotti in a drug charge case.
    * Represented Christine Blair in a sexual harassment case against Michael Baldwin.
    * Worked for Victor Newman.


    Current: Defense Attorney
    Past: Divorce Attorney
    Past: Corporate Attorney


    Although his personal life has remained a mystery since John Silva came to town in 1989, he has come to the aid of many of Genoa City's residents in their time of need, including the Abbot's, the Chancellor's and the Newman's. Some of John's most memorable cases were getting Danny Romalotti off on drug charges, helping Christine Blair prosecute Michael Baldwin in her sexual harassment suit, representing Jill Abbott in her divorce from John, enabling Jill to stake her claim on the Chancellor mansion, filed for divorce on behalf of Malcolm Winters from Olivia, and helped Jack gain custody of his son Kyle. In his later years, John worked alongside friend and co-worker Christine Blair and has always been a loyal friend to Victor Newman who he has successfully gotten out of trouble more than once!

    Throughout the years, John took time out for an affair or two, including a brief fling with Nina Webster and a hot and steamy relationship with Jill Abbott. If it weren't for Jill's inability to be honest with John, they may have had a chance at the 'real thing.' In any case, if you're looking for a lawyer with ethics and class, John Silva is definitely your man!




    Nina Webster






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    Thursday, October 18 2012: Proceeding As Planned.

    At home, Jack has left Billy a message to join him at Abbott Enterprises when John appears. Jack says he must be proud that they finally bested the Newmans. John is ashamed of him - being number one doesn't matter when you've given up all your principles to get there. They bicker. John says Jack hasn't done this to benefit his family, it's about him versus Victor - the only one who benefits is Jack! John asks about Abby, Nick, and Victoria. Jack says he can't worry about them right now. John scoffs when Jack complains about him not being supportive. Nick comes to the door and tells Jack that he put Victor in the hospital. Jack chuckles that he just attended Victor's funeral. Nick raises his fist. He tells Jack he hates what is happening to him. Nick suggests he turn this around so he can live with himself - he's lost his soul. Nick leaves. John tells Jack he was right. Billy arrives and says Newman is Johnny's legacy - he'll accept his offer.

    Monday, June 18 2007: An Image Of You...

    Walking through the halls at Newman, Jack comes upon Brad and Sharon in the break room and says, "Sharon, what're you doing here?" Phyllis soon barges in with a file and says, "Got what I needed, let's go!" As quick as Jack arrived, Brad, Phyllis, Sharon and he go their separate ways… Later in Victor's office, as Jack is talking to Victor's portrait, wondering if he is the right person for the senate seat, John appears and says, "Why wouldn't you be?" Although John thinks Jack is capable of winning the campaign, Jack thinks he may deserve everything he's getting and says, "Maybe it's karma, but I'm not going down without a fight."

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