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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Detective Maggie Sullivan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Detective Maggie Sullivan Played by Tammy Lauren on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tammy Lauren (CBS)

    Birthday: 1968-11-16
    Birthplace: San Diego, California USA
    Real Name: Tammy Lauren
    Height: 5'4"


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    Off the Hook!

    Thursday, February 21 2008

    At Crimson Lights, Heather and Maggie discuss the stalled Ji Min murder case. They commiserate over finding nothing incriminating at the Abbott house, and Heather announces it's time for her to tell their boss the truth about the case so she can move on with her career. Paul comes in and joins them. Heather brings him up to speed on her decision. Inside the coffee house, Daniel approaches Amber, who tells him that Heather is outside and seems upset. Outside, Heather has made her call to the boss who hangs up on her! Paul encourages her to look at all the possibilities out there - maybe it's time for a change. Heather notes that she doesn't much believe in herself. Inside, Amber coaxes Daniel to go ask Heather out and not to worry about her feelings. Daniel goes and asks Heather, who accepts. Amber watches sadly as they leave together. Paul and Maggie discuss Heather and remark on how much progress he's made with her... Later, at the Club, Heather thanks Daniel for dinner and invites him back to her place for a nightcap!

    A Bumpy Night!

    Wednesday, February 06 2008

    At Crimson Lights, J.T. comes in to meet Paul and surprises him by sharing that he and Victoria are getting married tomorrow! He asks Paul to be his best man and Paul happily agrees... Meanwhile, in her room, Victoria is having a visit with Phyllis and Nick. She asks Phyllis to be her matron of honor. She jokes that Nick wouldn't look so hot in the dress! Phyllis says she's moved and Vikki notes that she wasn't very supportive at her wedding, but she has been good for her brother, and she'd be honored if Phyllis would do it. Phyllis sincerely tells her she would love to... Back at the coffee house, J.T. has left and Maggie comes in to meet Paul, she tells him that they searched the Abbott house, but she has a feeling they're not looking in the right direction!

    Hurricane Gloria!

    Monday, February 04 2008

    As Maggie and Heather discuss the case of Ji Min's death, Jill comes into the office and asks what the status of the investigation is. Heather tells Jill she still thinks Victor may have done it. Jill tells the two of them to get real and start looking at Jack Abbott. She insists that Victor must have been framed and Jack is the one behind it!

    The D.A. arrives in Heather's office and asks what she and Maggie are discussing. She says the Ji Min case, but he says that isn't her case anymore! He tells her she is reassigned to two narcotics cases. She exclaims that they are routine low-level cases. Maggie vows to keep her informed on the other case and Heather thinks back to the day she ran into Victor and he threatened her. She heads to the Club bar where Victor approaches her. He asks if her boss fired her yet. She says no, but she's been demoted. He tells her he would be happy if she would redeem herself - by finding Jack Abbott guilty! After he leaves Heather, Victor runs into David who informs him that he and Nikki are looking for a new home - together. Vic suggests Tijiuana Mexico!... Over at the bar, a tipsy Heather runs into Adrian, who encourages her to let herself off the hook. Colleen, who is working, witnesses their close exchange. Paul and Maggie arrive and ask Heather to join them for dinner. Heather in turn invites Adrian. The foursome adjourns to a table and Colleen comes to take their order. Adrian asks to have what Heather is having and Colleen briskly walks away. They begin to discuss books and Adrian and Heather have so much in common that he suggests that they start their own book club! Colleen has arrived with the drinks and is less than impressed! After dinner, Heather insists she needs to get back to work and Paul offers to help go over the files - she takes him up on it. She says good-bye to Adrian and says, "You, me, book club!" After she's gone a jealous Colleen makes a crack to Adrian. When he explains that Heather was feeling down, she apologizes, but she is still obviously put-out.

    Eyes Wide Open!

    Monday, January 28 2008

    In Heather's office, she and Michael discuss the interview he had with the waitress at the Club. He tells her that Carol admitted that someone paid her to say that she saw Victor at the crime scene. Heather is upset because they interviewed her three times. Heather wonders if Carol told Michael who paid her. He says no. Heather tells Michael this is only a setback in her case against Victor, but he claims she hasn't got a leg to stand on now. He tells her he's taking his information to her boss and leaves. Maggie arrives and Heather fills her in. She tells her that the waitress and her husband were stopped at the airport by the police - Michael's not bluffing! The D.A. enters and blames Heather for not realizing the witness was susceptible to bribery. He tells her that the other witness, Shawn Cahill, went to the press and told them the D.A.'s office wouldn't listen to him. The D.A. then tells Heather she has failed. Maggie tries to reassure Heather once he has left the office, but Heather has to excuse herself. Outside her office door she holds her midsection. Maggie phones Paul and lets him in on Heather's setback. She suggests he come over and talk to her - it might help. Maggie and Heather start going over evidence and Paul knocks and comes in. She tells him the case is falling apart. Paul tells her she is good at what she does, and also asks when she last ate. Just then, her boss comes in and orders Heather to call Michael Baldwin and tell him they're dropping all charges against Victor Newman! When the D.A. leaves, Heather flips on Paul for throwing her off her game during the biggest case of her career. He simply tells her that he believes in her and he's sorry that she blames him for any part of this. She sobs and asks to be left alone. When Maggie and Paul have left she phones Michael.

    My Alibi!

    Wednesday, January 23 2008

    The District Attorney meets with Heather at the Club and explains that they need to put Victor Newman behind bars. Across the room, Maggie and Paul note their presence, with Paul saying that he's heard the D.A. is a hard guy to work for. Maggie reminds him he's her boss too. Talk turns to Heather and Maggie confides in Paul that his daughter has been suffering from nightmares. Paul muses that he should probably not push her right now - it might make things worse for her. After Heather gets up from her meeting, she joins Paul and Maggie for breakfast. They discuss the Newman case, and Heather explains it has to be bomb-proof. Paul makes the mistake of suggesting that she tell the D.A. to prosecute the case himself due to her emotional issues. Heather retorts that he doesn't know her well enough to judge her capabilities! Paul apologizes and explains that he just hates seeing her under so much pressure. After she leaves the table her phone rings. It's a young man claiming to have information about the Newman case! She agrees to meet him.

    Nikki's Frozen Funds!

    Monday, January 14 2008

    At the Club, J.T. calls Nikki who is sitting at Victoria's bedside reading. She tells him it's from Don Quixote. He asks how she is doing and offers to read more to Vicki later. He tells Nikki he needs to speak with her... Also at the Club, Maggie leaves Paul alone at the table with April. April asks Paul why he told Heather the truth. She accuses him of being selfish and turning her life upside-down so he can have closure. Paul tells April he spent twenty years granting her every wish, but where their daughter's concerned he can't do it anymore. He tells her she can help him, or he'll just deal with Heather on his own. April shakes her head and tells Paul at least he could have handled it better. Suddenly, April's cell phone rings, it's Heather. She is at the coffee house, sitting at a table and looking at a 'Free Jana' leaflet. She apologizes to April for storming out on her at the Club. She tells her mother she's at Crimson Lights and asks if she would come and meet her - without Paul. After April leaves, Maggie comes back to join Paul. Discouraged, he muses that there are just so many things he wants to say to Heather. Maggie advises him to just take it slow, and remember she's under a lot of pressure at work right now with Victor's case too!

    Over at the Club, Maggie and Paul overhear a loud, hostile conversation that David is having on the phone with an unknown party, "I don't have the money! How many times do I have to say that before it finally sinks in?!" He orders the caller to back off and tells him he's getting tired of his damn antics. When he hangs up, Paul comes over and asks if everything is okay. David says it's just a business deal... Back on the coffee house patio, April assures Heather that she will get another job easily if she comes back with her. Heather says she is determined to stay in Genoa City. April warns her that she will have to deal with Paul on her own then. Heather notes that she's not all that happy with April right now either! April replies that she'll stick around for a few days - she's not going home with Heather this angry at her! Inside, Gloria has arrived and is filling Kevin in on her impending nuptials. He tells her she should have a grisly death at Jeffrey's hands. She is in no mood for laughs - she tells Kevin to have a feasible plan ready for when she returns!

    Back at the Club, Paul tries to reach Heather to no avail. He speculates to Maggie that maybe April is right - maybe it was selfish to dump all this on Heather. Maggie says it's out there - you've got to deal with it - both of you... Over at the coffee house, Daniel approaches Heather when April has left and they joke together easily.

    April Arrives!

    Friday, January 11 2008

    At the Club, Paul and Maggie are dining when Heather comes in and joins them. She sits down and they begin making small talk, when a startled Paul suddenly says, "April?!" Heather turns around to see her mother striding toward them. Paul gets up and greets her and they introduce her to Maggie. Heather gets up and tells her mother she doesn't have time to deal with her right now - she shouldn't have come! Heather stalks out and April tells Paul he shouldn't have told her the truth.

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