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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Detective Maggie Sullivan

    Full detailed profile on Detective Maggie Sullivan Played by Tammy Lauren on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tammy Lauren (CBS)
    Detective Maggie Sullivan

    Actor: Tammy Lauren

    Who played Detective Maggie Sullivan over the years

    Tammy Lauren (Oct. 30, 2006 - present)

    Useful information on Detective Maggie Sullivan

    * Lead detective in the Carman Mesta murder case.
    * Has a love interest in Paul Williams.
    * Was shot and left to die by Shelia Carter.


    Current: Detective


    Detective Sullivan first came on the scene in Genoa City in October 2006 to investigate to the body of Carmen Mesta found behind club Indigo. It is her 'take no bull' attitude that makes her an asset to the GC police department. Throughout the case, she has remained a force to be reckoned with and continues to search for the truth as to who killed Carmen, where she was murdered and why?

    After becoming suspicious of Paul's whereabouts, Maggie put a trace on his cell phone, which led her to the warehouse where Shelia Carter was held hostage! In an attempt to save the woman behind the bars, Shelia shot Maggie who is now recuperating in the hospital.




    Paul Williams






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    Thursday, February 21 2008: Off the Hook!

    At Crimson Lights, Heather and Maggie discuss the stalled Ji Min murder case. They commiserate over finding nothing incriminating at the Abbott house, and Heather announces it's time for her to tell their boss the truth about the case so she can move on with her career. Paul comes in and joins them. Heather brings him up to speed on her decision. Inside the coffee house, Daniel approaches Amber, who tells him that Heather is outside and seems upset. Outside, Heather has made her call to the boss who hangs up on her! Paul encourages her to look at all the possibilities out there - maybe it's time for a change. Heather notes that she doesn't much believe in herself. Inside, Amber coaxes Daniel to go ask Heather out and not to worry about her feelings. Daniel goes and asks Heather, who accepts. Amber watches sadly as they leave together. Paul and Maggie discuss Heather and remark on how much progress he's made with her... Later, at the Club, Heather thanks Daniel for dinner and invites him back to her place for a nightcap!

    Wednesday, February 06 2008: A Bumpy Night!

    At Crimson Lights, J.T. comes in to meet Paul and surprises him by sharing that he and Victoria are getting married tomorrow! He asks Paul to be his best man and Paul happily agrees... Meanwhile, in her room, Victoria is having a visit with Phyllis and Nick. She asks Phyllis to be her matron of honor. She jokes that Nick wouldn't look so hot in the dress! Phyllis says she's moved and Vikki notes that she wasn't very supportive at her wedding, but she has been good for her brother, and she'd be honored if Phyllis would do it. Phyllis sincerely tells her she would love to... Back at the coffee house, J.T. has left and Maggie comes in to meet Paul, she tells him that they searched the Abbott house, but she has a feeling they're not looking in the right direction!

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