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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Lily Winters Ashby - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lily Winters Ashby Played by Christel Khalil on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Christel Khalil (CBS)

    Birthday: 1987-11-30
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA USA
    Real Name: Christel Khalil
    Height: 5'3


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    Y&R Recap: The Fear Of Cows.

    Monday, July 28 2014

    Billy is at Undergound getting a lecture from Nick. Billy thinks Victoria should be grateful for exposing Ben. They argue about his methods and Nick insists his sister doesn't want him back. Billy refuses to believe that. He accuses Nick of being a hypocrite. Mariah and Sharon chat in the corner. Sharon interrupts Nick's argument and Billy walks off. She has a shoot and tells Nick she'll be home late. Mariah watches them kiss. Cane and Lily arrive to see Devon but he's gone. Cane slips off to leave a message for Devon, reminding him that Hilary is his step-mother. He joins Lily for drinks. She's creeped out about the Cassie look-a-like. They get called to the Club to fix the dishwasher.

    At the Club, Kelly and Jack bicker about trust. "I love you damn it!" he blurts out. He wanted to tell her in a more romantic way. After Phyllis, he never thought he'd fall in love again. She's touched but she's still upset about the Ben situation. She may not have forgiven her brother but she can't be angry anymore. He repeats that he loves her but won't push. She cries as he heads for the door, passing Cane and Lily on the way. Lily sees how upset Kelly is so goes over to talk to her. Kelly thinks she just chased off the best thing that ever happened to her. Lily encourages her to go after him.

    Y&R Recap: Bonehead.

    Tuesday, July 15 2014

    At the club, Neil wishes Cane would just tell him what he's thinking. They bicker about what Hilary wants. Neil talks about how much she's always wanted a home. Lily pops up to say that Devon and Hilary are looking around in the laundry. Cane drifts off. Neil and his daughter argue about whose heart Hilary is breaking more. He can't stand this conversation. They change the topic to the kids. He worries about Devon. She thinks he just needs a woman. Downstairs, Devon and Hilary are in the laundry. She wants to know why he's really leaving. He wants to globe-trot and slack off. After some badgering, he admits it's because of her. He asks why she wants him to stay. She gives him a puppy dog look and says people depend on him. He's not leaving forever. Just long enough to get over her. He explains that it's 'killing him' to 'torture himself' when nothing will change. She claims his feelings for him are in the past tense. She trips into his arms. They tear off each other's clothes and leap into a pile of soiled laundry. Cane walks in. They hear something and he leaves without being seen. Hilary tells Devon he needs to go. He buttons up and wishes things didn't have to be this way. Once he's gone, Cane rears his head. He knows what's going on and wants her to do the right thing for Neil. Cane tells her she needs to find a way to limit the damage. Meanwhile, Devon heads upstairs and tells Lily and Neil that he just needs to get out of town. His dad thinks that's a bad idea because it would be running away. He tells Devon to be a man and face his unfinished business. Devon agrees to that.

    Y&R Recap: Witch Hunt.

    Wednesday, July 09 2014

    At the Dive Bar, Hilary tells Devon she deserved to be dunked - she's not a good person. He disagrees and offers her a room to use until her clothes are dried. Lily watches and complains to Cane. After, Neil arrives and asks about Hilary. The twins tell him Lily pushed Hilary into the pool. Neil angrily confronts Lily. In the suite, Devon apologizes for Lily. "It's not like her." Hilary scoffs. Devon says he'll take her clothes to housekeeping. When he returns, she's just wrapped in a towel. Devon returns her clothes and they get close, but Devon steps back. He says he's tried everything but nothing stops the feelings he has for her. Hilary says she shouldn't be hearing this. There's a knock - it's Neil. He rants that this has to stop. Devon and Hilary realize he is talking about Lily's behavior. Devon apologizes, but Neil assures him he's has nothing to be sorry for - he's not responsible for Lily. He goes on about them being family and says maybe Devon will even grow to love Hilary. Devon exits and Neil tells Hilary that Devon gets it. Hilary suggests an immediate honeymoon. Back at the pool, Lily concedes to Cane that she shouldn't have pushed Hilary in front of the kids. Cane insists she has to move on. Lily refuses - she's certain Hilary will hurt Neil. Cane sighs. Lily realizes he thinks so too and asks what he knows. Cane says a battle's shaping up - perhaps because it happened too fast. Devon storms over, pours a drink, and tells Lily never to do anything like that again. Lily asks if he's okay. He mutters about getting out of town.

    Y&R Recap: Little Girl Dreams.

    Tuesday, July 08 2014

    At the Dive Bar, Cane and Lily, back from Paris early, send the twins into the pool. They discuss Neil's marriage. Lily will never be okay with it. In the dining room, Neil tells Hilary not to worry - Cane and Lily are still in Paris. Hilary spots Devon and tells Neil she wants to plan their honeymoon - they should leave now and go for a few weeks. Neil is taken aback. Thinking she's insecure, he reassures her. Hilary talks about her little girl dreams coming true and recalls the past. She's scared. Neil assures her those dreams will all come true. She leaves. Neil calls to look at a house - it's a surprise for his wife. Back at the Dive Bar, Devon joins Cane and Lily. Cane asks about the maniac throwing hundred dollar bills off the roof. Devon sighs that he did it while drunk. Lily thinks this is about a woman. Once alone, Cane tells Devon he assumes the money tossing was about Hilary. Devon fills him in on the elevator encounter. He worries if he doesn't get control, he'll break his dad's heart. Devon needs a project. Hilary arrives and Lily questions her not being at work. Hilary says she is working. Hilary remarks on how refreshing it's been not running into her. Lily knocks Hilary in the pool. She emerges hollering. Devon reassures her. She tells him she deserves it, and he knows why. Cane questions Lily's actions. Downstairs, Billy arrives and spots Kelly. He asks why she never mentioned Stitch was her brother. She asks if he really wants to do this again. He decides he doesn't. Kelly walks away.

    Y&R Recap: File The Papers.

    Wednesday, June 25 2014

    At the Chancellor Estate, Colin spills the drugged tea to keep Lily from drinking it. In the other room he mutters to himself about getting it right next time. He returns. Lily and Cane leave to pack for Paris. Colin wishes them a lovely time - he has taken Lily's phone. After, Colin drugs Jill's champagne. Jill yawns that he picked a good year. Colin says Lily left her phone - he'll take it to the Club. Jill passes out. Colin phones his associate to come and get the necklace.

    At the Club, Kelly wishes Cane and Lily a fabulous time in Paris. Cane and Lily discuss their dads and Neil marrying Hilary. Lily notices her phone's missing and leaves. Colin arrives with the phone. Cane says Lily went to his house to get it. Nearby, Ben tells Kelly he couldn't break things off with Victoria - he's in love with her, and she's divorcing Billy. He talks about all he's been through and those he's lost. Kelly embraces him. Jack arrives. Kelly tells Ben as much as she hates what he's done, she still loves him. Jack departs. In the dining room, Devon drinks heavily and tells Cane he went to the wedding - he thought Hilary might not go through with it if she saw him. Cane realizes that didn't happen.

    At the Chancellor Estate, Colin's associate sneaks in and takes the necklace from Jill's neck. Lily enters, screams, smashes him over the head with a vase, and recovers the necklace. Jill wakes up and the man runs out. Colin arrives and they tell him about the maniac who tried to steal Jill's necklace. They assure him the police are looking for the guy. Lily goes. Jill muses about the guy getting in and going straight for the necklace. Colin embraces her.

    Y&R Recap: A Fine Piece Of Real Estate.

    Tuesday, June 24 2014

    At the Club, Lily tells Neil she knows he's getting married today and she won't throw a fit. Neil says he'll be happy. Lily doesn't think the marriage stands a chance, but loves him. At the bar, Cane warns Devon that this marriage won't last a year - everyone needs to put their cards on the table. Neil joins them. Cane goes. Neil tells Devon he knows he expressed his disapproval to Hilary. Devon promises not to say another word. Neil asks him to be his best man. Devon says he can't attend - he's too busy. After, Lily tells Devon she hopes something will stop their father from marrying that witch. She wishes Devon had seduced Hilary like she wanted. Devon nods. "This one's all on me." By the stairs, Ben tells Kelly about Dylan donating part of his liver to Paul. Kelly thinks Ben tries to save lives because his conscience knows he took one. Ben talks about breaking things off with Vikki due to Jenna's threat. Kelly thinks Ben should spare Max and Victoria's baby, if it's his, from knowing what he did. Ben decides he must break up with Victoria.

    At the Chancellor Estate, Colin tells Jill, "That's a fine piece of real estate." She wonders if he means her or the necklace. Colin is stunned to hear she doesn't even take it off to shower. Jill says it's brought them luck, and it's a constant reminder that Katherine cared about her. Once alone, Colin phones his associate and complains he can't get the thing away from her neck, but tells him to keep his phone handy. He hangs up and pulls out some pills. He muses that he can't be a good husband if he's in a coffin and drugs Jill's tea. They toast with their teacups to Katherine, but Jill doesn't drink. Cane and Lily arrive and Jill offers them tea.

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