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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Lily Winters Ashby - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lily Winters Ashby Played by Christel Khalil on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Christel Khalil (CBS)

    Birthday: 1987-11-30
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA USA
    Real Name: Christel Khalil
    Height: 5'3


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    Y&R Recap: Killer Instinct.

    Thursday, October 30 2014

    At the Club, Cane complains to Joe that his proposal will be very personal for Dylan McAvoy and the other small business owners who will have to relocate. Joe reminds him how business works. Colin appears. They talk about having the killer instinct. Colin feels Cane has it; it's why it pains him to see him running a bar. Jill appears with the twins and Lily. Jill's introduced to Joe and gushes over him before cornering Colin over his insulting Cane in front of Joe. Colin plays innocent. She demands to know what he's up to. Nearby, Lily beams as Joe charms the kids. Cane takes them out. Joe tells Lily he would be a dad if he could have a do-over. Later, Cane reassures Lily that he likes working there. Lily then talks to Jill, who hopes Joe's not getting Cane fired up about business again. Lily thinks Joe's envious of what Cane has. Across the way, Colin, Cane, and Joe discuss Joe's plans. Colin goes off to phone Kurtz - he's found a way to pay them back. Jill catches him hanging up and questions his interest in Joe's business. At the bar, Joe says into the phone that everything's going according to plan.

    Y&R Recap: Big Happy Family.

    Wednesday, October 29 2014

    At the Club, Cane asks why Lily's distracted. She tells him she thinks Hilary's pregnant. Neil appears. "Hilary's pregnant?" Cane warns this is how rumors start. Neil and Lily enthuse about Moses being a big brother. Cane blurts, "You can't have a baby with Hilary." They gape at him. He says he meant now might not be the best time - Neil recently asked Hilary for a divorce. Neil thanks Cane for his concern, but he sees things differently now. After, Lily worries to Neil that she spilled the beans about the pregnancy. Neil says Hil can still have her moment. "But I'll need your help." By the door, Cane stops Devon, who assures him Hilary's not pregnant - he just saw her, but won't see her again. Cane is skeptical. Devon swears he'll keep his distance. Cane warns next time, he'll tell Neil everything. Later, Kelly arrives and talks to Lily about confronting Jack. She beams. "What he and Phyllis had is in the past."

    Y&R Recap: Any Guy You Want.

    Thursday, October 23 2014

    At the Club, Lily tells Devon that Hilary and Neil should be there soon. Devon makes an excuse. Lily wonders why he's avoiding them. They appear. Lily greets Neil and Hilary says she was hugely surprised when he showed up in New York. Lily and Neil step away. Hilary gives Devon his phone. Devon tells her their time together were the best days of his life. Neil tells Lily how much he loves Hilary. Lily's convinced she's good for him. She asks Hilary to join her for lunch. Neil joins Devon, who blows off his invitation to go for food. Neil talks about putting the family back together. Devon watches Hilary and Lily, who are chatting. Lily goes on about how great New York must have been for her and Neil. Hilary excuses herself. Lily goes over to Devon and Neil and asks what's wrong with Hilary. She reappears and says she needed fresh air. Lily acknowledges that Hilary's changed. Hilary and Neil leave. Devon tells Lily that was nice. Lily muses about Hilary running off to the bathroom during lunch and thinks she's pregnant.

    Y&R Recap: Still Standing.

    Tuesday, October 21 2014

    At the Club, Cane tells Devon he wants him to stay away from Hilary. He's actually glad Neil lost his eyesight so he didn't see them in bed. Devon wants Cane to keep quiet. Nearby, Lauren and Lily do business. Lily tells Lauren that Neil went to New York - she thinks Hilary might be the key to his happiness. Lauren wonders what's keeping Michael. They spot Cane and Devon. Lily asks if Hilary was surprised by Neil. Cane muses that it was quite a reunion. Devon realizes his phone's missing. Lily suggests he call it. By the bar, Maureen tells Victor she and Nikki have something in common. She explains that she's Ben's mother. He asks where Nikki is. Maureen tells him she's at a charity meeting. Victor offers her a drink and accuses her of working on Nikki to put in a good word for Ben with Victoria. Maureen says he's very much in love with her. Vic says he was disappointed to hear he was a convicted killer. Ben hurt his daughter, that's something he won't forget.

    At the Club, Michael spots Lauren and kisses her deeply. He's 'ready to go' so they head up to a suite. After intense sex, Michael crows about being alive. When Lauren showers, Michael calls to schedule his biopsy. In the dining room, Devon joins Cane, who tells him he's done enabling him and Hilary. Cane joins Lily and Joe appears. He tells them Avery is his ex-wife. Lily asks if he's seen her. He says yes, and he met Dylan today. He's happy for them. Lily thinks that's pretty noble of him.

    Y&R Recap: Give Her Time.

    Wednesday, October 15 2014

    At the Club, Neil tells Cane he came up with the perfect surprise for Hilary. Joe appears and Cane introduces them. Joe tells Cane he needs a favor - the number of a good lawyer. Cane provides one and then listens to Neil's idea. He agrees it's perfect and offers to be his wing man. Joe calls someone and says it's practically a done deal. Nearby, Kelly tells Lily she's moving out and it's over for her and Jack. She recounts what happened at Jabot. Lily feels awful. Kelly says she's going to get the rest of her things. Lily joins Cane and Neil and says Hilary proved she's devoted to Neil. Neil is excited about his surprise. Lily checks on Joe, who chats with her about Cane leaving the corporate world. Lily says he did it for his family. Joe talks about compromising his personal life for work, but that's over now.

    At the Club bar, Kelly reminisces about Jack and listens to his voicemail message that he's trying to figure this all out and nothing can make the time they shared less special or important to him. Nearby, Joe tells Lily he's single when she muses about him getting back to Chicago. Lily checks in with Kelly, who tells her about the Abbott mansion run-in. She confides that her heart keeps telling her she and Jack still have a chance.

    Y&R Recap: On The Outside Looking In.

    Monday, October 13 2014

    At the Club, Lily finds Kelly working and suggests she take time off and get away. Kelly doesn't want to hide from her problems. Ben appears. Lily leaves Kelly to fill him in on Jack's fiancee returning. Ben talks about being Victoria's rebound guy. He thinks Billy will always come first because she loved him first too. Lily joins Neil and Cane for speculation on Devon's love life. She tells them he admitted there's a special woman and thinks Cane should find out more. Cane sputters, "Why me?"

    At the Club, Kelly confides in Lily that Jack called wanting to talk. Lily wants those she cares about to be happy. At the table, Cane and Neil rehash the bachelor party and talk about having strong-willed wives. Neil remarks that it's a good thing, or he'd probably be divorced by now. Lily rejoins them and Neil talks about the house and wanting to do something for Hilary to make up for asking for a divorce. He's glad she didn't take him up on it.

    Y&R Recap: I Owe You?

    Thursday, October 09 2014

    At the Club, Lily and Devon discuss the non-wedding. Lily remarks on poor Kelly's situation. Devon wonders if it doesn't matter that Jack and Kelly are in love. Lily wonders what he cares anyway. They bicker about what Jack will do and who will get hurt. Talk turns to helping Neil since Hilary's out of town. Devon says if he needs them he'll let them know. Lily wonders why he's not in a better mood since his love life has picked up. Devon is appalled to hear that housekeeping told her he borrowed a room and that she mentioned it to Neil. "Why don't you mind your own business?" He chastises her for gossiping and says she has no idea how much the woman means to him. Lily presses, but Devon says it's been a long day. Lily tells him to have faith good things will happen. Devon looks at Hilary's phone number and calls for his jet to go to New York.

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