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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Sharon Collins Newman Abbott - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sharon Collins Newman Abbott Played by Sharon Case on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sharon Case (CBS)

    Birthday: 1971-02-09
    Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan USA
    Marital Status: Married Sandy Corzine (2007)
    Real Name: Sharon Case
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Y&R Recap: Take A Chance On Me.

    Tuesday, July 29 2014

    At home, Sharon dreams that Nick says he and Faith are moving back from the tackhouse because she's keeping things from him. Sharon awakens and asks Nick not to leave her. He reassures her. Sharon is certain she will hurt him. He wonders if she's remembered something. Sharon flashes to the lipstick in the stairwell and curses the elusive secret. Nick won't discuss the secret. Sharon tells him why she loves him, and notes how he's taken Mariah in.

    At the hospital, Sharon has a memory flash of entering the lab and shudders. She joins her therapist to be hypnotized but it won't work. Sharon complains that she has everything she's ever wanted but is still scared she'll lose it all. After, Sharon runs into Nikki, who thanks her for helping Summer. They make amends. Nikki brings up Cassie's death and Nick not wanting to take the paternity test.

    Sharon arrives at The Underground looking for Nick and tells Mariah she had another memory. Nick appears. "What did you remember?"

    Y&R Recap: The Fear Of Cows.

    Monday, July 28 2014

    Billy is at Undergound getting a lecture from Nick. Billy thinks Victoria should be grateful for exposing Ben. They argue about his methods and Nick insists his sister doesn't want him back. Billy refuses to believe that. He accuses Nick of being a hypocrite. Mariah and Sharon chat in the corner. Sharon interrupts Nick's argument and Billy walks off. She has a shoot and tells Nick she'll be home late. Mariah watches them kiss. Cane and Lily arrive to see Devon but he's gone. Cane slips off to leave a message for Devon, reminding him that Hilary is his step-mother. He joins Lily for drinks. She's creeped out about the Cassie look-a-like. They get called to the Club to fix the dishwasher.

    Stitch shows up at Crimson Lights. Dylan tells him all about the hearing. Ben tells him about his day and confesses a few things to him. Sharon arrives. Her shoot was cancelled so she just came in for coffee. Ben leaves for air. Sharon senses the tension. Dylan can't believe how much people in Genoa City lie. She has a flashback of the infamous lipstick and then gives him a pep talk. He joins Ben outside. "You were my best friend," he says. He wishes he'd been honest with him. Dylan doesn't want to see his sister hurt.

    Nick and Mariah head home. He makes her a sandwich. They discuss their parents until Sharon arrives. She and Nick head to bed. Mariah stares.

    Y&R Recap: A Banner Day For The Abbotts.

    Thursday, July 17 2014

    At the Underground, Sharon walks in as Mariah and Nick have a laugh behind the bar. She’s happy to see them getting along. Mariah heads off and Sharon gives Nick the details about her recent encounter with Ian. She admits she threw him out. She shows Nick Summer’s wedding photo with her two dads. Nick gives Jack credit for being gracious. Sharon says it’s not right. She tries to explain her uneasiness seeing both Jack and Nick as Summer’s father. It feels off to Nick too. Sharon updates him on her session with her doctor. It could be the start of a major breakthrough. She wishes she could jog the memories. Later, Stitch wanders in. Mariah treats him to a beer and keeps working while Nick and Stitch talk. Stitch is hoping to be part of his sister’s life. Nick demands his sister stays happy.

    At Jabot, Jack, Billy and Abby run into each other in the hall. Abby muses it will be another banner day in the Abbott family. They meet in Jack’s office and the talk turns to Summer’s wedding. Abby is unhappy Jack gave up and walked her down the aisle. Jack supports Summer and is happy Kelly talked him into it. Abby snaps at Billy about dating some ‘mystery s***’. He’s not giving up - Vikki is moving on with Stitch. Abby shares that Lily thinks she should start dating and maybe she will. Abby leaves and Billy admits he is going to make mistakes but it’s who he is. Sharon shows up to talk and Billy leaves. She wishes she could remember her secret but believes whatever happened between her and Phyllis happened around the time of her accident. Jack tells Sharon that after the accident he remembers she was supportive and very distraught when Phyllis slipped back into a coma.

    Later at the Underground, Billy ambles in and confronts Stitch. They verbally attack each other before Billy declares that when the paternity test confirms the baby is his Stitch is history. Billy picks up a call from Chelsea, who hangs up quickly. Stitch tells Billy he’s must be done with Victoria since he’s sleeping with Chelsea. Billy warns that the more Victoria learns about him the more she’ll want to dump him. Stitch reminds him of Kelly and says he appreciates Victoria. Billy yells, "I’ll never accept that Victoria wants to be with you!" Chelsea overhears from the door and pulls Billy away. Later, Stitch tells Chelsea he’s not the same person as he was in St. Louis. He warns if she destroys him it will also destroy any chance she has with Billy. Over a drink Chelsea tells Billy she has to be honest. Sharon returns and tells Nick about her meeting with Jack.

    Y&R Recap: Saint Nikki.

    Wednesday, July 16 2014

    Ian shows up at Sharon's with flowers. They discuss Mariah and he complains about how Victor has nearly destroyed his livelihood. He spots a photo of Cassie and gasps. "No wonder you reacted the way you did," he says. They talk about the hoax Victor played on her. She reminds him of what he's done to Nikki. Sharon doesn't have time to hear his side of the story and shows him the door. They agree that Victor has underestimated her.

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