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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Sharon Collins Newman Abbott - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sharon Collins Newman Abbott Played by Sharon Case on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sharon Case (CBS)

    Birthday: 1971-02-09
    Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan USA
    Marital Status: Married Sandy Corzine (2007)
    Real Name: Sharon Case
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Y&R Recap: Chelsea shuts Adam out

    Monday, July 27 2015

    At the hospital, Sharon and Dylan anticipate the first ultrasound on their baby. Ben appears. They're thrilled he's been reinstated. Sharon goes to find the technician and encounters Sage who also has an appointment. Sage admits she doesn't know where she stands with Nick anymore. Sharon reassures her and offers to talk to him. Sage tells Sharon about her lie. Sharon acts supportive. Meanwhile, Dylan and Stitch discuss the changes in their lives the past year. Stitch lets Dylan know he and Abby aren't headed for the altar yet and Dylan shares that he feels he's getting everything he ever wanted. They join Sharon and Sage. After, Dylan and Sharon have their ultrasound and see the baby. They don't want to know the sex. Later, Sage is taken in when it becomes apparent Nick won't show.

    At Crimson Lights, Dylan enthuses about the ultrasound photo. Sharon becomes emotional about Sage having to face her pregnancy alone. She tells Dylan if he's going to walk out on her to do it now. Dylan is taken aback. He reassures her he's not going anywhere. "I want this baby more than anything." Sharon then decides he's staying because of the baby. Dylan wants a future with her no matter what. "I love you."

    Y&R Recap: Chelsea learns the truth about Adam

    Tuesday, July 14 2015

    At Crimson Lights, Sharon hugs Dylan. He tells her Avery's in a lot of pain and somebody needs to help her. "It won't be me." They talk about their baby. Dylan says nothing will hurt it. Dylan thanks her for protecting him by sending Paul to Joe's room. It's sexy.

    Y&R Recap: Chelsea hears 'Gabe' call himself Adam Newman

    Monday, July 13 2015

    At Crimson Lights, Dylan and Sharon puzzle over the missing gun. Suddenly Dylan says, "I know who has my gun."

    Dylan and Sharon arrive in Paul's office as he's on the phone ordering a clean arrest. He tells them his officers stopped an assault in progress and the guy was wearing a ski mask. Dylan muses that it wasn't Joe then. He tells Paul that Avery took his gun. Paul is glad they came to him. Dylan tells Sharon by the time Paul jumps through hoops it could be too late.

    Y&R Recap: Nikki tells Victor he has to let her go

    Friday, July 10 2015

    At Crimson Lights, Dylan tells Sharon he hasn't heard from Avery. Sharon is worried about Dylan going after Joe. Dylan says the GCPD will keep him in line. Later, Avery arrives and tells Dylan about the deposition. She's upset that Joe isn't arrested. Dylan says they'll make sure Joe pays; they'll go after his business and ruin his name. Avery thanks him. Dylan leaves. Sharon appears and discusses Joe's suit with Avery, who is irked by Sharon's concern. Sharon then tells her to stop dragging Dylan into her mess; he could end up in jail. Avery says Dylan won't be the one who gets hurt.

    Dylan returns to Crimson Lights and discusses the situation with Avery with Sharon. She tells him she wants him to stay away from her. She knows the signs; Avery is unbalanced and it means trouble. "For you and me and our baby." Dylan won't do anything to hurt their family. He says Sharon can even take his gun, and then realizes it's gone.

    Y&R Recap: Avery seeks out Dylan's gun

    Wednesday, July 08 2015

    Nick drops Faith off with Sharon in the park and explains he's helping Victor - what happened was self-defense. Sharon is disappointed; he worked so hard to extricate himself from that world. Nick reassures her. Sharon tells him, "Don't sacrifice yourself." They discuss the shooting. Nick believes his dad. Later, Faith asks Sharon about it. Sharon says Victor admitted to shooting Jack, but only to protect himself. Faith doesn't think 'Grandpa' would hurt someone for no reason. She asks to go see him.

    At the station, Victoria visits Victor and complains about 'Gabriel' promoting Abby. She's not sure she can even spell COO. Victor warns her not to underestimate Abby, and advises her to give 'Gabe' enough rope to hang himself. Elsewhere, Joe arrives with his lawyer, David Sherman and informs Dylan and Paul that he's filing suits against them and GCPD. Dylan challenges Joe, who says he'll see them in court. After, Chris appears. She wants to nail Joe. Dylan says Avery's word is good enough for him. Chris agrees. In the interrogation room, an officer tells Victor it's time to go back to his cell. Victor asks about Jack's well-being and makes remarks about taking care of his friends. "Get my drift?" The officer later lets him wear normal clothes for Faith's visit. Sharon enters. Victor's surprised she arranged the visit, not Nick. Sharon knows he cares about Faith, and she loves him. Victor assures her she was right to allow the visit - he'll never forget this. Faith has her visit. Victor assures her he did nothing wrong. Victor thanks Sharon again, who mentions Nikki's in the hospital. Victor is stunned. Elsewhere, Paul tells Chris she won't convict Joe with no evidence. "I don't believe Joe Clark did this." Paul says rape is about power, if Joe did it he'd want Avery to know it was him. Chris says, "Unless he wanted to drive her over the edge."

    Y&R Recap: Cane will forgive Lily when hell freezes over

    Tuesday, July 07 2015

    At Crimson Lights, Dylan is comforting Avery when Sharon appears. She tells them she was also raped and shares her story. Sharon suggests counseling to Avery. While Dylan checks orders, Sharon presses Avery to make an appointment. They talk about how great Dylan is. Sharon says she can't think of a better father for her child. Avery is confused. Sharon thought she knew. "We're having a baby." After, Avery congratulates Dylan and leaves. Sharon tells Dylan she's worried about Avery. She explains she ran into Joe, who thinks Avery's setting him up. Sharon questions Avery confronting him after he attacked her. She feels Avery's on a dangerous path and Dylan may be the only person who can help her.

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