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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Sharon Collins Newman Abbott - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sharon Collins Newman Abbott Played by Sharon Case on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sharon Case (CBS)

    Birthday: 1971-02-09
    Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan USA
    Marital Status: Married Sandy Corzine (2007)
    Real Name: Sharon Case
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Y&R Recap: She Came Home.

    Monday, December 22 2014

    At Sharon's house, Nick tells her Faith was upset because Santa said he couldn't put families together. Sharon is frantic - anything could happen to her.

    At Sharon's house, Nick tells her Faith isn't with Summer, Noah, or Mariah. Paul arrives and asks questions. Sharon and Nick argue. Sharon wonders how much more proof Nick needs that he's hurting their child. Nick says she did this to all of them. They bicker until Paul interrupts - he's going to look for Faith. Later, they still haven't found her. Nick reminds Sharon that Dylan found Faith before - she came home. They reminisce about Faith's first time on skates. Sharon cries. Nick holds her.

    Y&R Recap: Touch And Go.

    Friday, December 19 2014

    At Sharon's place, Kevin produces mistletoe, which Mariah calls a glorified piece of parsley. They almost kiss as Sharon enters. Kevin leaves. Sharon, grinning, asks Mariah to share. Mariah isn't sure she knows what love is. Sharon tries to describe how it feels. Mariah doubts it's worth the risk. Sharon loves her and says one day she'll find the kind of love she and Nick shared. Mariah says Nick doesn't stand a chance against the two of them.

    Nick arrives at Sharon's house and tells her Faith ran away.

    Y&R Recap: You Had Me At Foot Massage.

    Thursday, December 18 2014

    At Jabot, Sharon pleads her case to Jack. She needs this job or she could lose her daughter, which isn't fair or right. Jack asks if she really wants to talk about what's fair or right with him. He reminds her he was deeply hurt by her. Sharon regrets that, but she's not the same person - like he's not the same person he was on pills. Sharon complains Phyllis fired her because she hates her. Jack will give Sharon a recommendation, but won't second-guess Phyllis...and he won't forget what Sharon did.

    At The Underground, Noah and Nick bicker about the custody case. Nick insists he has no choice, but Noah reminds him he always has a choice. Nick thinks Sharon put him up to this. Noah admits she asked him to reason with him. Nick says Sharon is using her children to get what she wants. Mariah appears and says by that logic, the children need protecting from him. She reminds Nick he used her to get dirt on Ian. Noah backs her up. Nick is glad they care about Sharon; she's going to need them both. Mariah makes a speech about forgiveness. Sharon appears. Nick tells Sharon to stop putting the kids in the middle. Sharon says he's the one doing this to them. He asks if she's having a manic phase. Sharon says that's low, but then he's Victor's son. Sage listens as they argue. Mariah pulls Sharon aside to warn about making things worse. Noah is disappointed in Nick. Nick spots Sage and doesn't want her to think he's a jackass. He urges her to come back again. Meanwhile, Sharon vows to Noah that Nick won't take Faith away.

    Y&R Recap: Steal Your Thunder.

    Tuesday, December 16 2014

    At Crimson Lights, Dylan reminds Sharon they're friends. He encourages her to fight for what she wants. Sharon cautions him about being seen giving her a pep talk. Dylan isn't concerned. He suggests she and Nick use a mediator. Sharon says Nick wouldn't do it, and her lawyer wants her to fight dirty. They talk about Victor's pull. Sharon mentions Phyllis firing her. Dylan urges her to go to Jabot and get her job back. Sharon says Jack's a decent guy, but she hurt him. Dylan thinks she needs this. "Do it for Faith." On the patio, Neil tells Hilary he's good. "Why wouldn't I be?" Devon appears. Neil senses his presence. Devon is surprised. Neil talks about what a great catch Hilary is and tells Devon to stick with him, he'll show him how to land the right woman. After Neil heads to the Club, Hilary makes it clear she's upset about Gwen. Devon reminds her how it feels for him to see her with Neil. He doesn't know what else they can do. They decide to get out of there.

    At Jabot, Sharon tells Phyllis she came to see Jack. Phyllis advises her to get a grip. "He will never, ever, side with you over me." They argue. Sharon tells her to take a good look at herself before she comes after her.

    Y&R Recap: Eye-For-An-Eye.

    Friday, December 12 2014

    Nick arrives at Sharon's place to get Faith. David Sherman is there. He accuses them of brainwashing Faith and coaching her so she'll stay with Sharon. Sharon reminds him he started this custody suit. They argue about going to court. Nick insults Sherman, who goes to the kitchen. Nick wonders what Mariah thinks of her hiring the man who defended Ian. Sharon says it can all go away with one word from him. Faith appears and notes they're fighting. She won't sleep at Nick's - he can't make her punish mommy too. Sharon tells Faith it's okay to stay over there and that families change. She heads outside. Nick confronts Sharon about telling Faith he was punishing her. They argue about the custody case again. Sharon says she was sick. Nick says people suffered because of her choices. She won't give up her daughter so he can have an eye-for-an-eye. After, Sherman asks Sharon how dirty she's willing to fight - her only shot is to fight and strike first. Sharon doesn't want to trash Nick. She thinks something can be done. She has to try.

    At Crimson Lights, Adam complains about Sage staying too close. He says a lot of the locals hang out there and he wants to test his identity. Noah enters. Adam says his first guinea pig just arrived. He explains that's his nephew, Nick's son, who used to be his stepson too. He warns if Noah suspects him, he'll bolt. Sage steps away and Sharon enters. Adam watches as she greets Noah. Sage walks back to Adam. "Who is she?" Adam says it's his ex-wife and worries she looks upset. Sage wants him to get out of there. He says, "Goodbye." Sage warns him not to tank this. Across the room, Sharon asks Noah to help her protect Faith. Adam asks them to pass the sugar and says he feels like he knows Sharon. She says it was probably from a tabloid. He asks about a hotel. Noah recommends the Club. After, Noah tells Sharon he won't run interference for her. Sharon's worried it's going to get ugly and needs Noah to help her stop this.

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