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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Sharon Collins Newman Abbott - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sharon Collins Newman Abbott Played by Sharon Case on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sharon Case (CBS)

    Birthday: 1971-02-09
    Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan USA
    Marital Status: Married Sandy Corzine (2007)
    Real Name: Sharon Case
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Y&R Recap: Adult Tea Party.

    Thursday, March 05 2015

    Dylan arrives at Sharon's place. She wanted to do something for him in return for his help the night of the storm. She's preparing dinner and has wine. Dylan asks where Faith is, and Sharon says they're alone. "An adult version of a tea party." Dylan hopes he didn't give her the wrong impression about him and Avery. Sharon knows they're just friends. Dylan is going to leave, but decides to stay. They'll order Chinese food. Later, Sharon wipes some food off Dylan's mouth. She thanks him for keeping her company and he goes. After, Sharon opens a fortune cookie that says 'he who has friends is never alone'.

    Y&R Recap: Doing Penance.

    Friday, February 20 2015

    At Crimson Lights, Avery has dozed off at a table and says, "Joe." She awakens and Sharon notes she's having quite the dream. Avery is asking what she meant when Nick and Dylan come in. Nick asks what happened to Sharon's head. She tells the truth. Nick gets angry and Dylan intervenes. Sharon explains. Dylan chews Nick out for trying to twist it around. He admits he was prepared to say he was driving the car. Avery is taken aback. Sharon explains to Nick that she's on eggshells. Nick doesn't want her to live like that - he's sorry.

    Y&R Recap: Repaying His Debt.

    Thursday, February 19 2015

    At Sharon's house, Dylan worries she may need stitches. She argues because she's worried it will come out she was driving and Nick will find out. "Don't make me risk losing my child." Dylan decides they should call Stitch and go to Crimson Lights. Faith awakens on the sofa. Dylan assures Sharon everything will be okay.

    Dylan, Sharon, and Faith arrive at Crimson Lights. Paul tells them about The Underground. Dylan offers to go help on search and rescue. Lauren finds out there's been an explosion and fire at the Towers. Victoria gasps that Chelsea and Billy live there - her children are there! She leaves. Michael and Lauren feel grateful they are safe and Fen's at the cabin. Michael muses that you never know what's going to happen - you have to appreciate every moment. They kiss. Stitch tends to Sharon and assures her he'll be discreet.

    At Crimson Lights, Sharon worries about Nick while Ashley worries about Billy. Stitch has had no word from Victoria. Avery, Sage, and Joe come in. Stitch checks them over. Avery tells Ashley and Paul that Nick and Dylan are looking for survivors - she didn't see Jack. Sharon worries Nick and Dylan could be killed. Stitch says Sage and Joe have to go to Memorial. Avery tells Joe she's waiting for Dylan. Sharon says she'll let Nick know where Sage went. Paul gets a phone call. He tells Lauren that Jill's plane went missing.

    Y&R Recap: A Cover-Up.

    Wednesday, February 18 2015

    Sharon and Faith enter the house. Sharon apologizes to Faith - she wanted to get her to a hotel but couldn't keep the car on the road. Faith says it was an accident and she's fine. Sharon is stressed about finding out they crashed the car. She decides they should go back and try to start it. Dylan is at the door. "Thank God." He saw their car. Sharon is frantic. Dylan suggests she take meds. He offers to say he was driving to calm her. After making a fire, he notices Sharon's head bleeding.

    Y&R Recap: Silk Panties.

    Friday, February 13 2015

    At home, Sharon thinks back to a romantic Valentine's Day with Nick. Nick arrives with Faith and says Amy bailed on him. Sharon is grateful for the chance to prove herself. Later, Faith writes Nick's name on a valentine for Sharon, who calls her on it. Faith asks if she'd be sad if her daddy gave someone else a valentine.

    At Sharon's house, the lights flicker off and on. Sharon reassures Faith but looks concerned.

    Y&R Recap: Live With It.

    Tuesday, February 10 2015

    At Crimson Lights, Chelsea asks Sharon how her custody case went. She says she took her advice and fought Nick with everything she had and Nick got full custody. Chelsea feels bad. Sharon shrugs that it was going well until Mariah had an attack of honesty. They discuss Sage. Sharon is puzzled she's a couple with Gabriel. Chelsea wonders why she cares - does she still think there's a chance for her and Nick? Sharon thinks they might be friends one day. Chelsea worries Sharon is setting herself up for more pain. Sharon points out she and Adam worked out their issues. Chelsea says they never got their happy ending.

    Sharon comes upon Dylan icing his hand in the park. She guesses it was Joe. She thanks him for his support and offers to listen. Dylan says Avery's ex-husband can't seem to let go. She takes him home, where the photo frames are broken on the floor. Sharon insists she's fine now. Dylan warns if Nick had seen this room, Faith could be out of her life for good. Sharon thanks him for the reminder. They bond over ruining things. They agree to call each other out if they are sabotaging their happiness.

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