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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Sharon Collins Newman Abbott - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sharon Collins Newman Abbott Played by Sharon Case on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sharon Case (CBS)

    Birthday: 1971-02-09
    Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan USA
    Marital Status: Married Sandy Corzine (2007)
    Real Name: Sharon Case
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Y&R Recap: He Suffered Terribly.

    Friday, October 17 2014

    At Sharon and Nick's house, Noah tells Sharon about Madame Isadora, a psychic coming to Fenmore's for publicity. Noah asks Sharon how she's been. Sharon admits she went to talk to Cassie after Phyllis appeared. She tells him about the flashes of Phyllis being at the grave with her. She can't marry Nick until she figures it out. Noah doesn't understand. Sharon explains that Phyllis knows the secret. Noah wonders if Sharon has talked to her therapist. Sharon hollers about Phyllis controlling her life and then apologizes and promises to call her therapist. Noah teases she should go see the psychic. Later, Nick returns and they talk about marrying next week. Sharon calls to schedule a psychic reading.

    Y&R Recap: This Awful Thing.

    Friday, October 10 2014

    At Sharon and Nick's place, Mariah listens as they bicker over Phyllis. Nick says nothing has changed, but Sharon insists everything has changed. Nick wants to set something up to finish their marriage. Sharon insists that they wait. Nick is exasperated - he doesn't care about the secret. Sharon leaves. Mariah appears and jokes about admiring Phyllis. Nick warns her to lay off Sharon. Mariah thinks they're both worried about what Phyllis knows. Nick lectures Mariah about her behavior. She calls it being truthful. Nick calls it rude and disrespectful. They discuss Victor. Mariah admires his ingenuity. Nick snaps at her to consider what Sharon is going through for once. He doesn't want Sharon to slip backward. Nick confides that he went to see Phyllis, who was trying to tell him something. Mariah wonders if her brain is scrambled or she's playing games. Nick takes a call and Mariah flashes to Sharon and Nick insisting she's family. She gets a call from Victor, who wants an update about the impact of Phyllis' return. He chuckles when Mariah says Nick is worried Sharon will go crazy again. She hangs up when Nick appears and says it was a political campaign caller. They discuss Victor. Nick wishes he'd find the secret and reveal it so Sharon could have peace. Mariah says he doesn't seem to want Sharon to have any peace. Nick leaves Victor a message to call him.

    Sharon visits Jack at home. He says Kelly's gone. Sharon muses about Jack's complicated feelings. Jack wonders why she's there. Sharon asks if Phyllis has said anything about her. She doesn't think her return to the wedding was a coincidence. Sharon thinks Phyllis is keeping something from her - some horrible thing she did when she was bi-polar. Sharon apologizes and exits. Outside, she flashes to Phyllis confronting her at Cassie's grave.

    At Cassie's grave, Sharon tells her she's scared. "What could this awful thing be?" She flashes to Phyllis being there with her again.

    Y&R Recap: I Owe You?

    Thursday, October 09 2014

    Phyllis sees Sharon at the door to her hospital room and wonders if it's a dream or nightmare. Sharon implores her to stay awake and help her. "You owe me that much." Phyllis asks, "I owe you?" Sharon asks if she told Nick anything. Phyllis' meds are kicking in. Sharon asks if she recalls her telling her anything in confidence. Phyllis cracks that they aren't best buds. Sharon explains about her shock therapy and says she knows there's a secret she can't remember. She needs Phyllis' help. Phyllis thinks she's trying to push her and slow her recovery. She makes a remark that leads Sharon to believe she remembers something. "You have to tell me." Sharon says it's for Nick - the secret could hurt him. Phyllis is curious why she won't let it go. Sharon doesn't want it coming out and destroying him. "Help me figure this out." Phyllis wonders why Sharon doesn't believe Nick when he says it doesn't matter. Sharon suggests she help her for Summer's sake.

    Nick arrives in Phyllis' hospital room as Sharon has just told her she and Summer bonded while she was gone. Phyllis complains to Nick about Sharon badgering her about some secret. Nick insists it doesn't exist and apologizes to Phyllis, who grows sleepy. Once alone, she smiles.

    Y&R Recap: Inspired To Fight.

    Wednesday, October 08 2014

    At home, Sharon tells Nick she doesn't remember the secret, but would like to know if Phyllis does. She worries she would use anything against her that she can. Nick announces he's going to see Phyllis. Sharon protests. Nick is concerned about her. He leaves. Sharon has a nightmare about Phyllis stopping their wedding to whisper in Nick's ear.

    Y&R Recap: She's Really Back.

    Monday, October 06 2014

    At the church, Sharon meets Nick at the altar. He says, "Let's do this." The ceremony begins. Abby whispers to Nikki about Victor. Nikki says it's not like him to miss this. Sharon flashes back to when they first married and their romance over the years. Mariah glares as Nick and Sharon each say they're ready and willing to marry. The minister asks if anyone can show just cause why this man and this woman may not be lawfully wedded to speak now or forever hold their peace. Family members are invited to speak by the minister. Noah wants to go first. Victoria has contractions, so Abby takes her to the hospital.

    At the church, Noah talks at length about Sharon coming a long way from the very dark place she was in just a year ago, and how proud he is of his parents' enduring love. Summer goes next. She talks about growing up with Nick's love and reads a poem. Sharon embraces her as does Nick. Mariah looks sour. The minister continues with the vows. Sharon has something to say first. She has a promise to make, and a request. She promises to trust his love for her and to come to him with everything. She requests that he forgives her for all her mistakes. He says it's done. Sharon thanks him for believing in her when no one else did. Nick declares he's skipping right to the kiss his bride part. He kisses her. Nick talks about his own mistakes and promises to be open with her and make her feel safe. He gets emotional about all of them standing by them and supporting what they're doing. Jack gazes at Kelly as Nick says they're love will win out over everything else. They exchange rings. As the minister is saying, "By the power vested in my by the state of..." Phyllis blasts the church doors open. Clad in a white dress, she stares as Jack slowly rises to his feet in shock. Everyone gawps as realization dawns. Summer croaks, "Mom?" Phyllis and Sharon lock eyes. Summer rushes into Phyllis' arms. Phyllis collapses. Avery calls 911 while Jack and others hover. Mariah whispers with Kevin about that being the Phyllis. Lauren and Michael are stunned. Lauren mutters about Sharon's worst enemy appearing at her wedding. Michael muses that Phyllis must have had an agenda. Lauren says that means she's really back. Neil and Cane talk about the marriage not being official. Lily is concerned about what this means for the reception. Devon heads to the Club. Lily comforts Kelly, who is clearly rattled. Nikki suggests to Nick that they postpone. Sharon runs out. Jack, Summer, and Avery hover over Phyllis. Nick finds Sharon outside and asks why she ran away. Inside, Nikki comforts Avery, and Mariah hugs a worried Faith while Kevin looks on approvingly. Kelly listens with concern as Jack says to Phyllis, "Come on, Sweetheart, open those beautiful eyes," and thanks God that she's back.

    Y&R Recap: Swoon-Worthy.

    Wednesday, October 01 2014

    At home, Sharon gives Nick aspirin and coffee. They looks through photos from last night. Summer, Austin, and Noah arrive with gifts for Faith. They're all whispering. Faith rips downstairs screaming. Phyllis' note to Nick is on the floor. Nick says they'll have a party for Faith after the wedding since Nikki is resting after her stint in jail. Faith refuses to open gifts until Mariah arrives. Sharon warns she may not come. Noah finds Phyllis' note. Faith receives a bicycle and Austin comments on the Newman-size gifts. Later, Faith opens a doll from Summer as Noah snarks about Mariah not showing. Faith shouts that Summer's the best sister in the world as Mariah arrives. Mariah has Faith's favorite cupcakes. Austin whispers to Summer that Mariah came through. Sharon's glad. Mariah says she wouldn't miss a chance to hang out with her favorite cellmates. Faith chirps, "What's a cellmate?" Noah diverts Faith and then chews Mariah out. Summer defends her. Mariah is rude. Sharon tells Nick their wedding can't come soon enough. They puzzle over the unfinished note. Nick muses about the familiar handwriting. Sharon throws it away.

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