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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Devon Hamilton Winters - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Devon Hamilton Winters Played by Bryton James on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.


    Birthday: 1986-08-17
    Birthplace: Lakewood, California USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Bryton James
    Height: 5' 9"


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    Y&R Recap: The Mommy Jackpot.

    Wednesday, August 20 2014

    At Neil's apartment, Lily complains to Cane that the place is a deathtrap. Lily says she warned him Hilary would ruin his life and now she has. Outside, Neil, Devon and Hilary arrive. Neil talks about belonging at home in bed beside his wife. Hilary and Devon exchange a look. Once inside, Neil seems overwhelmed by everything. He wants to get his own glass of water and crashes into a table. He yells at Lily for moving it. He hollers about being treated like a child or an invalid. Cane straightens him out and they leave. Neil goes to the kitchen and Hilary and Devon whisper about their predicament. She has to be there for her husband. "I"m sorry, Devon." Devon goes. Neil rejoins Hilary and feels bad about his behavior. Hilary reassures him. They embrace and Hilary looks at a family photo.

    At the Club, Ben tells Kelly he terminated his residency at the hospital today. They talk about Vikki's miscarriage scare. She wonders why he's not with her. He says she's with Billy now. Kelly gives him a pep talk about Victoria and urges him to fight for her. He deserves happiness. Up at the Dive Bar, Cane tells Lily to give Neil time to deal with his struggle. She worries he'll drink and is concerned about Hilary hurting him. By the Club bar, Nikki spots Devon and asks him to keep mum about her being at that bar the other night. Victor overhears part of the conversation and wonders what she's talking about. Devon covers by discussing Neil. Victor thinks Nikki seems anxious and reassures her.

    Y&R Recap: Poking The Tiger.

    Thursday, August 14 2014

    Hilary enters Neil's hospital room. He realizes he's blind. Outside the door, Lily tells Cane she's going in. She enters, followed by Devon and Cane. Neil is panicking. "I can't see anything." Dr. Shelby rushes in and looks in Neil's eyes. He orders the room cleared to speak to Neil alone. Outside the door, Cane reassures the others. Shelby comes out and Hilary asks when Neil will see again. He says Neil will be assessed by an expert shortly. Cane and Lily walk off and Devon assures Hilary they'll get through this together. She smacks him and rants about Neil's situation. Devon says they're all scared but will get through it. Hilary makes it clear she's all about Neil right now. The specialist checks Neil and tells the family the loss of vision could be permanent. Devon takes Lily into Neil's room. Neil says he'll wake up and his vision will return. He asks to talk to Devon alone. Outside, Hilary cries to Cane that she shouldn't have waited. He asks, "Waited for what?" Lily reappears. Inside, Neil tells Devon he's scared and asks him to look after Hilary. Neil is concerned about her thinking this is a bad sign for the marriage or blame herself. Devon agrees to look out for Hilary. He rejoins the others. They all agree to keep the faith.

    Y&R Recap: The Old Battleaxe.

    Wednesday, August 13 2014

    At the hospital, Hilary is frantic about Neil. Cane meets Lily and Devon as they arrive. Devon and Hilary exchange a look. Lily wants to know why Neil was in an old house, and how they found him. Dr. Shelby can't promise that Neil will be okay just yet, but says his heart is okay. If he has internal injuries it's a game-changer. Lily demands to know what happened. Hilary also asks about the house. Cane says he bought the house as a surprise for Hilary. Lily hisses at Hilary, "This is all your fault!" Hilary cries that she had no idea. Lily cries that she's poison and Devon intervenes. Cane finally tells Lily he's the reason this happened. Devon assures Hilary it's not her fault. Devon says it's a freak accident. Dr. Shelby reappears - Neil's clear for internal injuries but remains unconscious. Hilary and Devon step away to discuss things. Devon promises everything will be okay. He embraces her and Lily and Cane see them. Lily complains to Cane that Devon is falling for her act. Shelby says Neil is waking up and wants his wife. Hilary goes in and finds out Neil can't see.

    Y&R Recap: Merry Christmas.

    Monday, August 11 2014

    At the bar, Hilary gets Neil's voicemail and hangs up. She tells Devon she can't leave him a message saying as much as she loves him their marriage was a mistake. The next time she leaves a message that she'd like to meet at home. Devon reassures her. Hilary says he'll have to tell Lily. Devon's not looking forward to it, but knows Neil will need her.

    Devon arrives at the Club and approaches Lily at the bar with something to tell her. She says Cane already told her the good news about the Club, but then realizes that wasn't what he wanted to tell her. Meanwhile, Hilary stops Cane and tells him she's desperate to find Neil. In the dining room, Sharon and Ian face-off over Faith being hurt by the tabloid story. Ian tells Sharon Helen Copeland's not to be trusted and says he's grateful Mariah has Sharon in her life since she's susceptible to bad influences. They talk about Nick. Ian warns he needs to be a father figure. Sharon sneers that he can offer something Ian never could and leaves. Kelly arrives and leaves Jack a phone message that she loves him.

    At the Club bar, Lily takes a call from Cane about Neil. Devon asks, "What happened?"

    Y&R Recap: Should I Buy A Black Dress?

    Friday, August 08 2014

    At the Club, Cane talks to Devon about a file but he's distracted by Neil and Hilary dining nearby. He flashes to asking Hilary to meet him at a bar later. Devon and Hilary exchange a look when Neil leaves the table. When Neil returns, he talks to Hilary about surprises again. She says he's wonderful. Neil tells her to go on to work while he works on the surprise. Cane watches her leave and Neil invites him to see the new house. Cane reiterates that he's not in favor of this, but agrees.

    At the out-of-the-way bar, Nikki contemplates her vodka martini. She raises the glass to her lips but Devon enters. She hastily puts it down. The bartender thinks she looks familiar. She glances at the tabloid and leaves Victor another message. Next, she starts to leave Paul a voicemail, but then has a better idea. She leaves. Later, Devon is paying when Hilary walks in. They embrace. She couldn't let him leave town. Devon says she's given him every reason to stay. They kiss. Hilary talks about how she tried to stop this, but loves him. Devon says he loves her too. They agree to tell Neil the truth and make a clean break. They both hate hurting him. Hilary declares that she'll do it - alone.

    Y&R Recap: What's A Love Child?

    Thursday, August 07 2014

    At the park, Devon bumps into Hilary. She doesn't think it's by chance and asks if his new girlfriend knows he's stalking his father's wife. They bicker about who is more connected to the park and then about his date with Abby. He alludes to having had sex with Abby and she says she's happy for him. He wonders, "Who is the worst liar? You or me?" He admits he and Abby are just friends. Hilary drops her files and their hands touch as they reach to retrieve them. She tells him Neil is planning some big surprise and she told him she didn't deserve it. She feels guilty about her feelings for Devon. Devon says Neil is going to figure this out. Something needs to happen - now. He gives Hilary the address of a little known bar and asks her to meet him there - otherwise he'll leave town.

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