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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Devon Hamilton Winters - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Devon Hamilton Winters Played by Bryton James on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.


    Birthday: 1986-08-17
    Birthplace: Lakewood, California USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Bryton James
    Height: 5' 9"


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    Y&R Recap: Victor confesses to shooting Jack

    Friday, July 03 2015

    In Devon's suite, he and Hilary have made love. He says it's time to get ready for the fireworks at Chancellor Park. She suggests he call his family. Devon would rather be with her. Downstairs, Cane arrives with the twins. They want Lily to join them at the park. She agrees. Noah arrives as they're leaving. The Club is booked, but Lily will give him a room for Marisa. Devon and Hilary appear. Lily surprisingly agrees they should all go to the park together. Marisa joins Noah. She protests when he offers the room, but eventually agrees. She'll repay him. Up in her suite, Noah invites her to accompany him to the park.

    At the park, Devon asks Lily what made her suddenly forgive him. Lily says the kids missed him. She can't forget he and Hilary hurt Neil, but hopes they can all get past this. Devon appreciates it. Cane deems it a Fourth of July miracle. Nearby, Chelsea and Connor run into Noah and Marisa. He makes introductions. Marisa gushes about her fashion line. Adam appears. Marisa says, "It's nice to meet you...Gabe." After, Chelsea worries about Noah moving on too quickly. Adam is distracted. The fireworks begin. Cane hugs Lily; he's proud of her. She looks guilty. Nearby, Chelsea thinks 'Gabe' looks nervous. He and Marisa exchange a look.

    Y&R Recap: Lily slaps Michael, twice

    Tuesday, June 16 2015

    At the Club, Lauren tells Devon she's moving her boutique; it's not a good fit. Lily appears and says it's certainly not. She wants to throw Lauren's cheating ass out. Devon isn't having this in his hotel. Lily and Lauren keep bickering. Cane appears. Lily doesn't care if everyone can hear - she says Lauren went after him. Cane blurts, "It was Michael. He set all of this up." Hilary enters as Cane makes his case. Lily says it just means Michael's disgusting too. Devon urges Lily to work things out with Cane. She throws his cheating up at him. After, Hilary and Devon debate about whether to have the big wedding celebration Devon wants. Hilary feels they should go small out of respect. Devon won't be ashamed of loving her. Hilary doesn't want to shove it in Neil's face. Devon says this is about them telling the world they love each other. Hilary is won over. Elsewhere, Summer approaches Victor about the Newman-Abbott merger. Victoria wonders if Kyle told her something. Summer doesn't want Kyle caught in the middle. She goes. Victoria and Victor realize the Abbotts are conspiring against them. They discuss the situation and ponder how to get leverage with Jack. Later, Lauren and Cane discuss Michael pushing them together. Cane tells her Michael didn't sleep with the prostitute, it was to push her away. Lauren says he'll use the kiss similarly.

    Y&R Recap: Looks Can Be Deceiving.

    Friday, June 05 2015

    In Devon's suite, he and Hilary cuddle in bed. They enthuse about no more lying and sneaking around. Hilary hopes one day Lily and Neil will understand. Devon's not holding his breath. He pulls out her eternity ring and proposes. Hilary worries it's too soon. Devon says they tried living for others. "No more sacrifices." Hilary accepts. In the dining room, Lauren confides to Cane that Michael wants a divorce. "It's really breaking my heart." Lily sees him rub her shoulder. Lily confronts Lauren. "You need to back off. Just because you can't hold on to your own husband, doesn't mean you have a right to mine." Lauren gasps. "How dare you!" Lily says her husband is off-limits. Devon appears and tells Lily she's out of line. Cane says he's just being a friend. Lily brings up Lauren's history with Carmine. Cane says Devon is right, she is out of line. Later, Devon tells Lily she's the only one doing a number on her marriage. Hilary agrees - it's all about trust. Lily laughs; that's funny coming from her. Devon informs her while she's passing judgement, people are getting on with their lives. "Hilary and I are getting married." Neil appears. He won't congratulate them. Hilary hopes he'll one day forgive his son. Neil says Devon had always done what he wants even if it hurts his family. After, Lily talks to Neil about making things right with Cane.

    Y&R Recap: Obstruction Of Justice.

    Tuesday, June 02 2015

    At the Club, Devon kisses Hilary at the bar. She has divorce papers. Lily comes along and snarks at them. Devon tells her Hilary was only pretending to have been a gold-digger to help his relationship with Neil. Lily clucks, "Aw how sweet," and insinuates that Hilary wants his money. Hilary talks about apologizing to Neil in person when they end the marriage for good. Devon argues, but she insists it's about respect. Devon wants to be there. Lily is appalled that he'd sit there while Neil signs his wife over to him. Hilary agrees with Lily. When Neil arrives, Lily offers to back him up with Hilary. He doesn't want her to witness this. Devon and Lily watch from a distance as they sit down together. Hilary apologizes to Neil, who thinks about the violent revenge fantasies in his mind. He takes the pen and holds it like a knife before signing the papers. Lily gives Neil props as Hilary leaves with Devon.

    Y&R Recap: It's A Blessing.

    Friday, May 22 2015

    At the club, Lily fusses and Phyllis hopes that no one strangles anyone else today. Lily spots Hilary and Devon strolling in. She starts lecturing them. They decide to leave. When Lily brings up Rose, Hilary nearly clobbers her. Devon holds her back. He hopes that everyone will come to accept his relationship. Lily thinks he's delusional. Later, Victor stands by the entrance to greet guests. Yack is perplexed to see him fawning over Ben. Victor strolls over to his daughter. She's still miffed about his promoting Gabriel. He advises her to get along with him. Across the room, Phyllis and Nikki worry about Jack. Nikki's children join them. Before Nick can announce his news, they spot Neil walking in with Gwen and their jaws drop. Lily wonders what her father is up to. He tells her that he actually likes Gwen. Hilary approaches Gwen and warns her that Neil has been acting out. Gwen doubts she sincerely gives a damn and tells Devon and Hilary that they disgust her. Neil gets between them all and Gwen decides it's time for her to go. Meanwhile, Ben and Ashley have an awkward conversation. She admits that she developed feelings for him. That doesn't make sense to the doctor. Ash asks him not to say anything to Abby. When he returns to Abby's side, he awkwardly glosses over what Ash said and then makes an excuse to leave. Back across the room, Nick tells his family that he and Sage are having a baby. "It's a blessing," he insists. Sharon arrives with Dylan. When she wanders off, his mom approaches him and suggests that he doesn't need to be spending time with Sharon anymore. He informs her that things are over with Avery and he's with Sharon now. That doesn't go over well. He walks off to see Sharon. Nikki grabs a drink. As someone spies on the guests, Yack calls everyone together to talk about the merger of the families. He reminds everyone that it's the anniversary of Cassie's death and announces that he is funding a pediatric wing dedicated to her. Nick and Sharon thank him. The watcher creeps out and straight over to Victor. "You should not be here," Victor says.

    Y&R Recap: Back Off.

    Monday, May 11 2015

    In Devon's suite, he and Hilary make love. After, they talk about what to say to Neil. Devon won't keep this from him. Hilary gets paged to work. Devon assures her Neil will come around. Downstairs at the bar, Nikki orders vodka.

    Ashley and Billy find Nikki at the Club. They ask her when Jack signed the contract, since she witnessed it. Nikki can't remember. Ashley says, "You didn't see him sign it, did you?" Neil appears. "Back off." Billy accuses him of selling out to Victor too. Neil announces he'll go easy on Billy since Jack is in the hospital. Billy wants to know what Victor offered him to forge the signature. They all argue about what Jack wanted. Billy addresses Nikki and Neil tries to intervene. Neil tells Billy to accept the truth. Billy says Neil needs to see the truth, he's so deluded he couldn't see his own wife cheating with his son. Neil slugs him. Devon and Hilary enter the fray. Billy asks Hilary to look at the contract. Hilary has seen every legal document Jack's signed, but not this one. Neil says Hilary can't be believed. The arguing continues. Nikki thinks Jack will confirm when he wakes up. Ash wonders if she'll perpetuate the lie if he doesn't. Billy and Ash head out to meet a lawyer. They pass Victor and taunt him about what he's doing to his wife. Victor approaches Nikki. She says, "Jack didn't sign that contract, did he?" They argue. Nikki wants the truth. She threatens to drink every drop of alcohol at the bar if he isn't honest. He tells her to say she saw Jack sign the contract for the family's sake. Nikki grimaces. "There it is, the family card." Victor insists Jack signed the contract. Neil, meanwhile, confronts Devon and Hilary about being together. Devon confirms they have reconciled. He adds that everything Hilary said about destroying their family was a lie designed to let them heal their relationship. They are in love, and are going to be together. Neil calls them liars. Devon says they've been making progress and want to make it up to him, that's why Hilary saved him from jail. Neil tells Devon he should run and he wishes them both a lot of pain and unhappiness. "Karma's a bitch." Later, Devon and Hilary decide they did the right thing.

    Y&R Recap: Hiding Out.

    Friday, May 08 2015

    At Crimson Lights, Devon and Hilary are teasing each other about a game they played. Devon hopes it took her mind off Mother's Day coming up. She muses about coming there for revenge and falling in love. Devon wants to kiss her. She reminds him to go slow. They get into a debate about hiding out. Devon wants his family to see them; at least Neil will respect their honesty. They agree to meet for lunch.

    At the Club, Lauren tells Cane she's going to try and talk Michael into coming home. Upstairs, Michael thanks Felicity for listening to his problems all night. She takes his money and stops in the corridor to tell him to call if he wants her services again. Lily hears and calls the police. She goes and tells Lauren and Cane. Michael appears in cuffs; he's under arrest for solicitation. Lauren will meet Michael at the station. Once alone, Cane explains to Lily what's been going on with the Baldwins. He wishes he could help Lauren. Cane exits. Devon appears. Lily tells him her husband cares more about Lauren's marriage than theirs. She says it's going beyond a work relationship and remarks that Lauren has a history. Devon assures her Cane wouldn't cheat.

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