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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Devon Hamilton Winters - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Devon Hamilton Winters Played by Bryton James on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.


    Birthday: 1986-08-17
    Birthplace: Lakewood, California USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Bryton James
    Height: 5' 9"


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    Y&R Recap:The Great Houdini.

    Monday, April 20 2015

    At the Club, Neil tells Devon that he's only had coffee and will face the court sober. Devon warns it will be a difficult day with dirty laundry coming out. Neil assures him it won't drive him back to the bottle. In a suite, Hilary cozies up to ADA Mobley. Once he leaves she comes downstairs and asks Devon how Neil is holding up. He wonders why she cares. They bicker. He asks her not to go into the gory details of their affair on the stand. He warns Mobley doesn't lose. Hilary shrugs that he's human. Later, Ashley and Billy discuss Jack's bizarre behavior. They wonder how they'd stop him from selling to Victor. Ash says it's a family business and family does what it has to do. "We have to remove Jack as CEO."

    At the court, Christine gets into it with Nikki, and says that if she and Paul didn't share a son, Nikki would be up there beside Neil getting what she deserves. Neil arrives to find Cane and Lily there for support. Victor arrives and tells Nikki she doesn't have to do this. She can do it - she has to. They go into the courtroom where Christine takes the stand to tell of her loss. Leslie grills Chris about blaming Nikki even after Neil came forward and her irrational hatred for her. Chris leaves afterward. Meanwhile, Mobley questions Nikki about her changing stories and calls her and Neil a couple of drunks. Victor jumps in. "Don't speak to my wife that way!" Neil gets on the stand and admits he was drunk. Devon hollers that he's responsible. Neil explains it was the alcohol that made him grab the wheel; nothing but his own sickness. Leslie calls Hilary to the stand. Mobley turns and Hilary smirks and vows to tell the whole truth.

    Y&R Recap: Pass The Torch.

    Thursday, April 09 2015

    On the patio at Crimson Lights, Neil tells Devon nothing he can say will help his case. Devon will try. He joins Hilary inside. He wants her to come with him to meet the ADA to tell him their actions are partly responsibility for Neil's accident. Hilary will pass. Later, she watches as Devon talks to Mobley about the evil woman who tried to destroy their family and tells him what a great man Neil is. Mobley is unmoved; an unborn child was killed and he'll ask for the maximum sentence. Devon leaves. Hilary calls Mobley and says it's Ann. She invites him to her suite.

    At the Club, Adam berates Sage for telling Chelsea his plan. Mr. Tipton appears and asks when they're going to admit this marriage is a sham. Sage says she's not moving back into the condo - she got her own place and is filing for divorce. Adam drags her aside. She tells him she's done with this twisted arrangement. He pleads with her not to do this. Sage tells Tipton she wants out. He'll do the paperwork. Adam and Sage argue heatedly. He's concerned about money. She tells him to work for it. Later, Sage sees Nick. She tells him she ended her farce of a marriage. Nick asks what made her go for it. She says, "You." He grins. She tells him she got a suite there. Nick is proud of her. She is relieved. He asks if she's sure she's ready to move on. She's never been more sure than everything. They go up to her suite and have sex. Upstairs, Hilary massages ADA Mobley in her suite. She begins to undress him. After sex, he gets a call from Leslie about a plea deal. Hilary smiles as Mobley tells her for Neil to plead out it would take something extraordinary. In the dining room, Neil gets his back up when Nikki tries to help him. She wonders if he likes the guy he sees in the mirror and asks if he'll drink himself into oblivion until he goes into a cell. She urges him not to throw his chance away. After, Devon tells Neil that Mobley intends to throw the book at him. He can set him up somewhere. Neil won't run.

    Y&R Recap: Change Of Plans.

    Friday, April 03 2015

    In her suite at the Club, Abby tells Stitch that Noah and Courtney are suddenly getting married, but she won't go because they have a plane to catch. He thinks she should attend, but Abby argues Stitch needs her with him. Stitch decides they can go to the wedding first, and then leave to get Kelly's ashes. Downstairs, Neil and Devon have a cryptic conversation about telling the truth. Leslie is there. Neil surmises that at least the jury will think the truth matters. By the door, Lily rants at Joe as she assumes he was flirting with her. "Find someone else to help with your personal issue." Lily joins Neil's table, where Leslie plans to show in court that Neil's a decent man. Lily and Devon concur. Neil says maybe they can highlight his parenting skills by calling Devon. Neil makes Lily and Devon leave. Leslie urges Neil to stop punishing Devon and let him help. Neil says what happened to the baby was his fault. Leslie asks about the consistency of his vision. Neil won't do anything in the court that will take away anymore of his self-respect. By the stairs, Lily speaks to Stitch about the loss of Kelly. Joe approaches Lily again. Stitch and Abby go. Joe really has a favor to ask Lily. They are discussing a gala for the charity when Avery joins them. It's decided that Avery will be honored to draw people in. Neil pulls Lily away to apologize. She says it's not acceptable to let Hilary win - he must fight those charges.

    At Crimson Lights, Hilary runs into ADA Winston Mobley again. He introduces himself. They sit down and flirt. He asks 'Ann' out. Devon appears as Winston kisses her cheek goodbye. Devon says he should warn the poor guy what he's in for. Hilary snaps, "Don't you dare." They bicker. Devon says if the guy's as dumb as he was, he deserves it. Later, Hilary takes a call from Mobley and makes dinner plans.

    Devon returns to the Club and advises Neil to take Leslie's advice and let him take the stand. He wants to rightfully take the blame for Neil's state of mind. Neil thinks he wants to clear his conscience. Devon says if he believes he was laughing behind his back, he doesn't know him. "I love you." Nearby, Lily apologizes to Joe.

    Y&R Recap: Witch Hunt.

    Tuesday, March 24 2015

    At the Club, Lily and Devon discuss Neil getting out on bail. Hilary is listening and snarks about Neil needing a dream team. Devon asks if she is there to gloat - why is she still so invested? Hilary hints about finances and says she wants Neil to get out of this. She goes back to eavesdropping as Devon tells Lily he knows someone who would fight for Neil.

    At the Club, Lily tells Neil they found him the perfect lawyer. Devon is there with Leslie, who says she took a leave to come when Devon called. Neil declines, but she tells him to have a seat. Devon urges him to think of Moses. Neil agrees. Cane arrives and asks Lily if he can move back into the bedroom tonight. He remembered watching her sleep when she had cancer and isn't happy unless he sees her at night and in the morning. She agrees.

    Y&R Recap: Always A Price.

    Tuesday, March 17 2015

    In Kelly's suite, she knocks Phyllis out with the champagne bottle and then calls someone. "We have a problem." Downstairs, Lily and Cane discuss him sleeping in the guestroom and him keeping Devon's secret. Nearby, Hilary approaches Devon to ask about Neil. She says they drove him to drink and cause the accident so it's her business. Devon insists it won't affect her. He tells her she's good - he couldn't have been more convinced that she loved him. Cane stops her on her way out. He knows she's still in love with Devon. Kelly comes down the stairs and runs into Lily. She says she's going to see her lawyer. Upstairs, Phyllis groggily answers Jack's call. He asks where she is. Phyllis croaks, "Kelly." Later, Jack and Paul find her in the suite. Phyllis tells them Kelly hit her and is leaving town. Paul puts out an APB. Phyllis figures Jack's wondering if she manufactured this whole thing. He isn't, but chastises her for confronting Kelly. They wonder who paid Kelly's high bail. Downstairs, Cane doesn't believe Hilary's claim she doesn't love Devon. He wonders how long she can keep this up. Hilary says she's leaving town soon, but mentions Neil. Lily interrupts - she saw Devon leaving upset and lashes out at Hilary. Lily is angry that Cane's still buying her lies. Paul stops Lily to ask about Kelly. Lily says she left with a suitcase and said she couldn't face one more hour in a jail cell. Lily talks with Cane, who tells her he thinks Hilary trashed her relationship with Devon to give him and Neil a chance to reconcile. Lily thinks of the lengths Kelly would go to hang onto Jack. They discuss their own marriage. Lily agrees it starts with forgiveness.

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