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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Devon Hamilton Winters - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Devon Hamilton Winters Played by Bryton James on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.


    Birthday: 1986-08-17
    Birthplace: Lakewood, California USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Bryton James
    Height: 5' 9"


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    Y&R Recap: A Hell Of A Ride.

    Tuesday, April 15 2014

    Backstage at the fashion show, Neil and Connie the stage manager offer support to the models. Tyler appears. He tells Neil he's stunned about Leslie's news. Nearby, Chelsea asks Chloe about the finale dress. Chloe says it's perfect. Chelsea takes it to the model. Kevin appears as Chelsea screams, "No!" Chloe tries to hide a grin. In the office, Hilary and Lily are about to start bickering when Connie appears. She tells them to get their fannies backstage pronto. She leaves, and Lily complains. Hilary tells Lily about her attitude. They argue about Cane starting to forgive Hilary. Neil appears and Lily goes. They discuss almost kissing twice. Meanwhile, Tyler sees Abby in a wedding dress. She says it's not hers. Connie is appalled to catch them kissing. Everyone gathers around as Chelsea emerges with the slashed dress and accuses Chloe of doing it on purpose. Chloe admits it. Neil asks if she can fix it. Chelsea says she can, but wants Chloe out of there. Kevin steers Chloe out. Abby talks to Lily and Hilary as Neil tries to stall the show. In the office, Kevin tells Chloe she's scaring him. When Chelsea has the dressed fixed and Esmerelda's in it, the show goes on. Devon and Neil both watch Hilary as she prepares to walk the runway. Esmerelda smiles at Devon as she models the finale gown. Up in the office, Chloe watches Chelsea take her accolades on the feed. Kevin says he thought he could help her, but her anger is getting worse. Chloe doesn't want to hear it. Kevin tells her he was wrong - it was a mistake to marry her. Chloe says of course it was; she's not even a person. Kevin says he got in the way of her getting the help she needs. Later in the dining room, everyone involved applauds for Chelsea. Tyler tells Abby he was imagining her on their wedding day. Devon finds Hilary and tells her she kept her word and went above and beyond. Neil appears and agrees. Devon talks with Lily and tells her about Leslie. She's angry. Hilary tells Neil she won't go to the reception and will see him tomorrow. Chelsea goes to the office. Kevin says he and Chloe will leave, but she wants Chloe to stay. She asks her why she cut up the dress. Chloe says she cut her out. Chelsea says everything changed and she thought they would get through it together, but the ways Chloe has hurt her... "Sabotage? Really?" Chelsea says she can't fix her, and Kevin can't fix her. She implores Chloe to find a way to put herself back together. Chloe knows she needs to get better. She can't lose Chelsea forever. They hug.

    Y&R Recap: Bickering And Bad Shoes.

    Friday, April 11 2014

    At the Club, Lily and Cane talk about making the fashion show a success. He kisses her and suggests some upstairs stress relief. Lily nixes the idea. Nearby, Devon helps Hilary with her dress. They wonder why Neil is late...and Chelsea. They find Lily and ask her. She has no idea and complains about Hilary's hair. Hilary assures her she can work the runway and still do her Jabot job. Devon can't believe Lily's attitude. Neil arrives downstairs and Michael says he looks marvelous before joining Lauren. They talk about the pregnancy and the test that should be run due to her age. They flash to having tests with Fen. Lauren asks if he'd be okay if their baby wasn't perfect. In the office, Kevin warns Chloe about making moves against Chelsea. Chloe says he's not the boss of her. Kevin warns her about her attitude toward Chelsea and the company. In the ballroom, Lily complains to Cane and Neil about Hilary. Cane doesn't think she'll do anything wrong. He wonders why Lily is staying angry. Devon finds Hilary and reassures her. Esmerelda appears and exchanges barbs with Hilary. Summer intervenes. Chloe appears hollering about bickering and bad shoes. She takes charge. Hilary warns Summer to watch Esmerelda doesn’t keep the jewelry. In the office, Neil tells Devon about Leslie’s sudden marriage.

    Chelsea arrives at the Club and questions the accessories the models are wearing. Chloe says she made some changes when she was busy with something more important. Chelsea blurts, “It was Adam. They found Adam’s body.” By the bar, Lauren and Michael discuss Fen’s troubles. She blames herself and laments that she doesn’t deserve this baby. Michael reassures her. Lauren talks about needing to bond with the baby before doing any tests. Upstairs, Hilary hears Neil talking to Devon about Leslie. She enters and asks Devon to intervene with Chelsea and Chloe. Hilary tells Neil to be grateful – he doesn’t deserve to be treated like that. They discuss what love should be, and Neil gives a heartfelt speech before kissing Hilary. Chelsea and Chloe end up by Lauren and Michael downstairs with Chloe screaming she had a right to know Adam was dead. She is glad he died scared and alone. Upstairs, Lauren tells Devon and Kevin that Chloe and Chelsea are arguing in the dining room. Lily tells Cane she’s going to look for Hilary and she’ll be civil. Kevin arrives in the dining room as Chelsea tells Chloe she lost someone too. Chloe says Adam was evil. Chelsea screams that it was an accident, but Chloe won’t accept that because she uses Delia as an excuse to be the spiteful little b**** she’s always been. Chloe slaps her. “You’re a b****!”

    Y&R Recap: Playing Doctor.

    Wednesday, April 09 2014

    At the Club, Devon tells Lily he has a problem with the concept of 'real' people being on the runway. He admits Esmerelda doesn't like it. Lily advises him to tell his girlfriend to stop being a diva or she'll be replaced. Hilary appears and questions Lily's authority to do that. They bicker. Hilary tells Lily to stick to picking tablecloths. She says she needs to try on her dress. Lily snaps that it's in her office. After, Devon tells Lily to chill the hell out or he'll find someone to take over for her. Lily promises she can handle Hilary. Summer arrives and hears Lily leaving a message for Cane about needing his help. Summer says she's there to help. Upstairs, Devon walks in on Hilary as she's changing. Lily appears and asks what's going on. Hilary exits and Devon assures Lily there's nothing going on between them. Lily calls Esmerelda to ensure she'll be in the show. Downstairs, Kelly fills Summer in on everything she'll need to do. They chat about Jack. Kelly asks about Phyllis. Summer says no one knows how she fell. Kelly understands a child and mother being ripped apart.

    Y&R Recap: Stop The Charade.

    Tuesday, April 01 2014

    Hilary and Neil arrive at the Club. Devon asks about their matching sweatshirts and hears the story of them being stuck in Tulsa. He asks if they shared a room. They explain they had no choice and Hilary shows him the video of her on The Price Is Right. Neil walks off and Devon thanks Hilary for taking Neil's mind off Leslie. He adds that she looks cute. Nearby, Jack reassures Summer about her deposition on Ian. Abby appears with good news - her rumored engagement is now true. Jack is happy for something to celebrate in the Abbott family. Neil appears and congratulates Abby, who says Tyler is with Victor - hopefully in one piece. Jack and Summer leave, Abby tells Neil she's sorry about Leslie. Neil advises her not to let anyone keep them from their happiness. Neil then jokes around with Devon, who comments on his improved mood. Neil talks about how great Hilary is - he still thinks things should have worked out for her and Devon. Hilary reappears and leaves for the office with Neil. Devon looks thoughtful.

    Y&R Recap: Suck It Up And Move On.

    Friday, March 28 2014

    At the Club, Abby bickers with Jack about Kelly. He points out they've all made mistakes they regret. They joke about Tyler sparring with Victor. Devon approaches Jack, who teases him about the car he bought Esme. He realized it was a PR move. Devon says Neil didn't get that. Jack muses that he wants to protect him. Esmerelda hears. Elsewhere, Stitch gets a call that Jenna is taking his son and moving away. Back in the dining room, Jack takes a call from Neil about the grounded flight. Jack assures him he'll look into it. After, Jack and Avery sit down together. Jack complains about Victor calling about Phyllis. Avery has been talking to Daniel - there's been nothing new for a few months. Jack says the recovery is a marathon, not a sprint. Avery gently suggests they need to talk about what to do about Phyllis. She talks to him about making legal plans in case her condition deteriorates. Jack spots Kelly enter and says he knows some things should be looked after sooner rather than later. He follows her to the office and soon learns she has seen Billy. She says she was crying over the confrontation with Abby and Billy offered a handkerchief - that's it. She tells him Victoria had Billy sign separation papers. Jack says he told Abby that it's up to Victoria to decide now. "She can't blame you for any of this." When Kelly gets called away, Jack phones someone with a special request. He returns to Avery and they talk about how hard it is to let go. Avery says they'll have a conference call with Daniel to discuss financial and legal matters. Jack tells her Red is coming back, and he'll be waiting. In the office, Kelly finds the white rose of surrender left by Jack.

    Y&R Recap: Come On Down!

    Wednesday, March 26 2014

    At the Club, things are tense when Lauren, Lily, Chelsea and Chloe all meet about the fashion show in Lily’s office. When Chelsea asks Chloe a question, she replies, “Oh do you trust me to make that decision?” Lily takes Chelsea down for lunch. Lauren and Chloe talk. Lauren reminds her this is business. Chloe assures her she and Chelsea will find a way to co-exist. Downstairs, Devon shows Lily the GC Buzz. He says the article mentioned the fashion show five times. Lily rejoins Chelsea who doesn't want to be in the position of having to apologize to the woman who stole her son.

    At the Club, Devon calls Esmerelda to go out that night. Nearby, Lily talks to Chelsea about reconciling with Chloe. Chelsea is speculating on what other ‘psycho moves’ Chloe might make when Chloe appears with Lauren. Chloe and Chelsea speak alone. They decide if they are going to work together they can’t discuss Adam or Connor. Lily spots Devon and teases him about his extravagant gift to his girlfriend. Michael and Kevin arrive. Michael joins Lauren, and Kevin interrupts Chloe and Chelsea to give Chloe a wedding ring. Chelsea smiles.

    Y&R Recap: Love Doesn't Conquer All.

    Thursday, March 13 2014

    Lily is surprised to find Cane working on Bonaventure at the Club. He says Victor thinks someone set him up. Colin listens, unseen. Lily is taken aback that Cane wants to help Victor. Cane says Bonaventure's research impressed him during her cancer scare. Lily loves his big heart, but points out that he doesn't want his Chancellor job back. Cane agrees - he doesn't. Lily goes. Colin approaches Cane. "Why are you lying to your wife?" Cane insists he's not. He's just following up on Bonaventure because he convinced Victor to keep it and thinks Victor's innocent. Cane says he and Lily are fulfilling a dream. Colin is skeptical that Cane's dream is to work in the Athletic Club. Later, Neil complains to Devon about his split with Leslie. Esmerelda appears and kisses Devon. Elsewhere, Lauren talks to Lily about Kevin marrying Chloe to save her. Lauren says it works when love is there. Colin appears with Cane and crows about true love, like he and Jill share. Neil overhears and pipes up bitterly that sometimes love doesn't conquer all. Esmerelda whispers to Devon about Neil. Later, Neil apologizes. He tells everyone Esmerelda's the featured model for Chelsea's line. Esmerelda hangs all over Devon. Neil warns Devon, after, to be careful. Lauren questions Colin at a table about why he's in Genoa City. He says Jill wants him there. Lauren insists Jill doesn't, and she doesn't want her hurt. Colin says Jill isn't in need of protecting - she's a lioness. He talks about how she lights up when they work together.

    Hilary arrives at the Club where Esmerelda tells her Lily is pulling for her and Devon. Lily and Devon approach with Neil and Cane. Hilary says she's there about the fashion show - Jack wants her and Neil to go to Los Angeles. Lily says it's not happening; she'll call Jack.

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