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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Adrian Korbel - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Adrian Korbel Played by Eyal Podell on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eyal Podell (CBS)

    Birthday: 1975-11-11
    Birthplace: Israel
    Marital Status: Married with one child
    Real Name: Eyal Podell
    Height: 5 10


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    The One.

    Tuesday, March 22 2011

    Chance and Paul drive along looking for the kidnappers. Chance blames himself for this mess. Paul wonders if Ronan's disappearance is connected to Heather being kidnapped. They pull over at a diner and question the waitress. She hasn't seen anything. Angelo is at the counter but the men mosey out and drive off without noticing.

    Take the DNA Challenge!

    Tuesday, August 05 2008

    Adrian heads into Crimson Lights and sits down with Amber at the counter. He tells her all about how bummed he is about the 'hack job' with his name on it written about Sabrina. She says he could always go back to teaching if he is disillusioned. He tells her he has decided to leave town. He expresses appreciation for her friendship, and they share a quick hug. Colleen makes a beeline for Daniel's table and as they watch the hug, she asks him on a date. He agrees.


    Friday, August 01 2008

    At Restless Style, Phyllis takes Jack and Sharon to task for ordering another printing of the magazine without consulting her and Nick. Suddenly Adrian walks in. "What did you people do to me?!" He and Jack go head-to-head about Adrian's reputation, but Jack is blunt and dismissive. Sharon tells Adrian it was the right thing to do! Adrian slams out as Jack answers the phone and gives a terse statement to a reporter. Phyllis then tells Jack she understands how Adrian feels - it isn't nice having your name on something you didn't sign off on! Jack finally says that if she and Nick are so unhappy, they should let them buy them out. "You can leave today!"

    Leave me if you Want.

    Tuesday, July 15 2008

    Adrian walks in on a tense moment between Daniel and Amber at Restless Style. Jack interrupts, calling the professor over as he explains to Nick that he'll be sending him to Australia. Jack takes a quick call and then informs everyone that the new issue has printed and is on the trucks for distribution. Adrian tells him that if leaving that night is his only opportunity to go down under, he's going to have to let it pass. As he heads for the elevator, Daniel corners him. "So how was it for you," he prods. Adrian glances over at Amber and realizes their indiscretion is out. She rushes over just as Adrian explains that they were old friends who got very drunk and crossed a line. This only makes Daniel gets angrier. Adrian tells him that Amber loves him very much and he shouldn't let her slip away. Adrian leaves. Amber begs Daniel to go somewhere else and discuss this. He could have fooled around too, he says, but he didn't because he wanted to be a nice guy. Now he just feels like an idiot. After he storms off, Amber cries at her desk. Nick tells her to go home.

    At home, Amber lays on her couch crying. Adrian comes to the door. He hands her the phone she left at the office. She checks for messages from Daniel. There aren't any. He can't believe that she confessed to Daniel. She begs him to go to Australia so she'll have room to fix things with Daniel. He is the first man who has made her feel loved and important and special. Korbel agrees to go. She throws her arms around him in thanks just as Daniel walks through the door.

    A Rabbit Out of a Hat.

    Monday, July 14 2008

    At Restless Style, Sabrina tells Adrian that she's thrilled with his work. Adrian is humble. "Writer's only as good as the subject." Sabrina laughs and they discuss the gala. Sabrina shares her argument with Adrian, but he thinks she'll work it out. She's generous, forgiving and loyal…

    Jack meets Adrian at the Club with compliments on his work and a new job to write about Aboriginal art. He wants him to fly out to Sydney tonight. A famous anthropologist is going to be there in two days and Jack has arranged for them to meet. Jack only trusts Adrian to write this. Adrian will consider it.

    Adrian walks into the magazine, and greets Amber. Daniel seethes!

    Newmans Sell!

    Thursday, July 10 2008

    Victoria and Sabrina are having a meeting at the Gallery with regard to the Charity Ball. Sabrina suggests going to Chicago to taste test a caterer. Victoria stops and says, "Philippe is in Chicago. He has a big showing there." Sabrina says she wasn't aware, and isn't following his life. She says Victor has made her forget about Philippe. Victoria is skeptical. After Victoria leaves, Victor comes in to go over the article on Sabrina. Adrian joins them and Victor thanks him for leaving out her personal life.

    At Restless Style, they are rushing to meet deadlines and Nick and Phyllis are worrying about the last minute cover shoot with Alexa Taylor. Nick wonders where Jack is, and Sharon says he is at a meeting. Suddenly, Phyllis informs them that Alexa will not be showing up - she got arrested for stealing! "Jack sure knows how to pick 'em!" Once Nick confirms that Alexa can't make it, Jack comes in. They all are at a loss as to what to do, when Nick suggests that Sharon do the cover! Jack says putting a partner on the cover might not be a great solution. Phyllis pipes up, "Absolutely not!" Daniel comes in and Phyllis greets him enthusiastically. He tells her they need to talk, and she says she is too busy dealing with a crisis. Amber comes in and notes that Phyllis got out of that smoothly. Daniel notices Adrian and Amber nervously explains that he is doing an article on Sabrina. As the fab four continue to puzzle over a cover model, Lily's name is brought up. Jack says she's too new, but he has another idea - Victoria Newman! Adrian comes over and turns in his article on Sabrina, then leaves. He and Amber say an awkward goodbye that Phyllis witnesses. Jack asks if they're ready to call Victoria yet. When Nick hesitates, Jack says, "Newmans Sell!" Phyllis can't believe that Jack can say that without cringing! Daniel, unable to wait any longer, then corners his mother and accuses her of deliberately trying to break up him and Amber.

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