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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Lauren Fenmore Baldwin - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lauren Fenmore Baldwin Played by Tracey E. Bregman on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tracey E. Bregman (CBS)

    Birthday: 1963-05-29
    Birthplace: Munich , Germany
    Marital Status: Married Ronald Recht ( December 5, 1987 - present) 2 children
    Real Name: Tracey E. Bregman
    Height: 5' 4"


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    Empty Promises.

    Thursday, July 18 2013

    Lauren arrives at Boulevard and quizzes Billy about Carmine and Michael. Billy says Carmine never came back from taking out the trash. Victoria arrives and trades barbs with Adam. Billy sends him to his table. Vikki and Billy discuss the Summer situation and agree not to butt heads over their brothers. Adam spots Melanie and hopes there are no hard feelings. She's upset with him and Victor. He offers her a good job reference, and even to sleep with her, for information on Victor. She tells him he's the worst. Victoria, meanwhile, tells Billy she'll set up a visit for him with Johnny since Chloe said he went to a meeting. Billy vows to prove himself. Out back, Carmine doesn't think Michael is man enough to pull the trigger. Lauren appears. "Michael no!" She says Carmine's not worth going to jail for. Michael takes off. Carmine reaches out to Lauren for saving him but she pushes him off. Carmine returns to the bar and receives a warning from Billy.

    At home, Lauren confronts Michael, asking where he got the gun. Paul arrives. Basco called 911; he's there to arrest Michael.

    Paul brings Michael into the station. Kevin says he took the video down and then learns Michael pulled a gun on Carmine.

    Lauren confronts Carmine at Boulevard about baiting Michael. Carmine says he cares about her. He asks for one more night with her and he'll drop the charges. She never wants him to touch her again. He muses, "Never say never." Nearby, Melanie complains to Billy about Adam. Billy says she could use what happened to her advantage, and to his.

    That Is Epic.

    Wednesday, July 17 2013

    At Boulevard, Carmine looks at the video of him and Lauren in bed...on Genoa City Buzz. Chloe enters and sees Billy with his bookie. She confronts him about not going to a meeting last night. He protests. She wonders if he'll deny they kissed too. Billy lets her know the guy wasn't a bookie but his sponsor. Chloe wants to discuss the kiss. Her lips got carried away. Billy shrugs that he's irresistible. Chloe assures him it won't happen again. Billy talks about winning Victoria back. Chloe doesn't think he'll be able to get Newman back for her.

    At home, Michael and Lauren argue with Fen about him seeing a therapist. He wants Carmine arrested. His phone dings. Fen flips out and shows his parents. Lauren gasps and stammers. Fen tells her not to bother talking. Michael vows Carmine will pay. He can't believe they made a sex reel. Lauren had no idea about it. She apologizes. Suddenly, Lauren realizes Carmine didn't just send it to Fen - he posted in online. She goes ballistic.

    Phyllis arrives at Michael and Lauren's. Lauren is about to leave. Michael tells Phyllis that Lauren needs a friend and goes. Lauren blows out but Phyllis brings her back. Lauren tells her about Fen overdosing and the sex video. She says she wants that bastard dead. Later, Lauren tells Fen she's going out. Fen says she's a real hit with his friends and leaves. Lauren paces.

    From T-Ball To Overdose.

    Monday, July 15 2013

    Gloria arrives at the hospital and starts moaning to Lauren, who informs her that Fenmore has been using drugs. "He went from t-ball to overdose," sobs the redhead. Gloria blames her for this and lectures her for having an affair with the 'low life in a speedo'. Lauren reminds Gloria that her mothering skills are questionable too, but she still takes the blame. Gloria's relieved to hear that she and Michael are back together anyway. The topic turns back to the 'Adonis' with a 'six pack you can suck through a straw'. Gloria offers to have him whacked. Lauren turns that down. Later, Michael arrives after Gloria is gone. Lauren blames herself for what happened to their son but he blames Carmine and promises to stop him from hurting them again.

    Carmine is at Crimson Lights watching a sex video he made of himself and Lauren.

    Falling Into Place.

    Wednesday, July 10 2013

    Carmine looks into Fen's hospital room. Lauren spots him and confronts him. Carmine looks confused when she says he's the reason Fen's in the hospital. "You were the one who gave Fen the drugs." Carmine says he tried to warn her that Fen was looking for drugs but she didn't answer her phone. "I didn't do this." Michael and Paul arrive as Carmine appeals to Lauren to believe him. Michael goes ballistic. Carmine protests that Fen got the drugs from someone else. Paul takes him for questioning. Lauren and Michael rejoin Fen. Michael asks Fen if he's certain Carmine supplied the drugs. Fen claims Carmine came looking for him and offered to hook him up. Michael says one way or another he'll pay.

    It's All Been A Lie.

    Tuesday, July 09 2013

    Michael and Lauren enter Fen's hospital room. Michael orders Carmine out and follows. "What did you do to my son?" Carmine explains what happened. He hopes Fen can get through this. Michael tells him to shut up. Carmine insists he may have saved Fen's life. Michael returns to Lauren and tells her what Carmine said. Lauren blames herself. The doctor says Fen ingested a powerful methamphetamine. Lauren pleads with Fen to wake up. Michael leaves. Lauren worries he's gone after Carmine. He returns with coffee. Fen awakens. Michael asks how this happened. Fen says, "Carmine."

    Our Lips Sort Of Met.

    Monday, July 08 2013

    At home, Lauren tells Michael they're out of time. He knows it's been thirty days - he has to decide whether to file for divorce. Lauren says they can't keep sleeping separately or it's a marriage in name only. Upset, she says they still love each other and it was a privilege to date him this month. She wants more time. He admits this time together has reminded him about all the wonderful things about her. He confirms he's staying. They embrace.

    Fen visits Carmine at Boulevard. He wants help scoring drugs. Carmine say he's not a dealer or a user - he thought Fen was smarter. Fen leaves angrily. Carmine tries to call Lauren.

    At home, Lauren ignores Carmine's call and tells Michael not to let him ruin this. Michael rips up the divorce petition while she cheers. He pulls her into the bedroom.

    Carmine takes the garbage out at Boulevard and spots Fen unconscious behind a dumpster. He tries frantically to wake him and phones 911.

    Michael is about to make love to Lauren when her phone rings - it's Carmine. Michael answers. Carmine says Fen is in the hospital - he OD'd on some drugs.

    Loyalty's Hot.

    Wednesday, July 03 2013

    Michael arrives home to find Lauren waiting with wine and music on. He says she looks dazzling. They eat, and when it's time for dessert, Michael pulls her close. They start kissing, but Michael stops. Lauren's frustrated. Michael says things are improving. She wants to know where they stand. Michael has to take this one step at a time.

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