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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Lauren Fenmore Baldwin - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lauren Fenmore Baldwin Played by Tracey E. Bregman on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tracey E. Bregman (CBS)

    Birthday: 1963-05-29
    Birthplace: Munich , Germany
    Marital Status: Married Ronald Recht ( December 5, 1987 - present) 2 children
    Real Name: Tracey E. Bregman
    Height: 5' 4"


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    Y&R Recap: The Wheels Are Turning.

    Tuesday, February 18 2014

    At the Club, Detective Harding tells an officer to gather information on Womack. Chelsea talks to Paul. Upstairs, Victoria asks Kelly if she slept with her husband. Kelly admits it. Colin reassures Womack in hushed tones, but Jill interrupts. She and Jack try to convince Womack to let Billy go. Those nearby hear Victoria tell Kelly, "Get your hands off my husband, tramp." Kelly tells Vikki to hate her tomorrow - Billy's going into shock and she can help. Jack is dispatched to get tablecloths to cover Billy. Leslie thinks she should offer to help Womack make a deal. Neil is against it. Downstairs, the SWAT team arrives and Paul and Harding strategize. They phone upstairs. Womack tells them he got a better offer on a plane - from Jack Abbott. Paul suggests he release some hostages. Womack hangs up. Kevin shows Lauren that he still has a cellphone in his jacket. He phones down to Harding and lets him hear that Billy is hurt. He leaves the line open. Harding tells Paul, "We've got ears." Meanwhile, Lily whispers to Cane about the guests getting upset. He muses that it may be time to break out the champagne. Downstairs, Chelsea leaves Anita a message that she's okay. In the ballroom, Cane, Tyler, Devon, and Neil have a plan. Lily rants at Womack and Colin gets in on it. After, Womack warns Colin, who assures him the wheels are turning. Devon and Neil stage a fake argument and Tyler hits Womack's sidekick over the head with a champagne bottle. A gunshot rings out. Cane grabs the free gun. The lights go off. Kevin lets Harding know one gunman is down. Paul phones Womack, who hollers about the lights. Paul demands Billy's release. Billy and Victoria exit the ballroom. Vikki answers Harding's questions. Billy says Kelly's name. Upstairs, Jack thanks Kelly for helping Billy but doesn't want to discuss what she did. Colin tells Jill he thinks this will all work out. She asks about the music box - in case they die. He says if they do, it's a moot point. Womack takes a call from Paul saying the plane is ready and to let the hostages go. Womack tells the guests it's time to go - for some of them. Once most of the guests are downstairs, Vikki slaps Kelly. Jill realizes Colin is still in the ballroom. Upstairs, Devon is freed, and Womack says Cane can go but he refuses to leave Lily. Lily insists. Cane turns at the door as Womack tells Lily he warned her that her mouth would get her in trouble.

    Y&R Recap: It Was Only Once.

    Monday, February 17 2014

    At the gala, Jack tries to reason with Womack. Colin encourages Womack to grab the diamonds and run. Womack locks the door and orders Abby to collect the cellphones and Lily to pick up the diamonds.

    At the Club, Womack orders the women to take off their jewelry. His sidekick says the cops are out front. Devon claims he called them and Womack aims to shoot him. Lily and Cane both jump in. Womack's sidekick sticks his gun in Cane's back. Colin intervenes. Womack makes everyone sit down. Jill whispers to Colin, "Since when are you a good guy?" He says she's made him a better man. Downstairs, Paul and the cops learn the security cameras have been turned off. Upstairs, Kevin tells Womack to give up; the place is surrounded. Womack decides to take the former D.A.'s wife as insurance. Lauren cowers against Kevin, who declares that someone has to stand up to this bully. Downstairs, they hear a gunshot ring out. In the ballroom, Billy was hit by a falling chandelier and Chelsea's arm was grazed. Jack, Victoria, and Jill fuss. Kelly looks panicked. Womack bellows for them to shut up and let him think. Whispering ensues. Leslie says Womack's a criminal but not a killer. Downstairs, Paul wonders how to get in. He phones Womack, who tells the crowd they're about to find out how much they're worth to the GCPD. Womack tells Paul he wants a plane; fueled up and waiting on the tarmac. Paul wants the hostages released. Womack says no one gets out until the plane's ready. Downstairs, Harding shows Paul an air duct that might be a way in. Upstairs, Colin has a hushed conversation with Cane, Lily, Devon, and Jill about Womack and the doll. Colin says he's a small town thug who lucked into a big score. Billy tries to take Womack by surprise but gets punched in the stomach. Jack sits next to Kelly, who says she didn't know he and Billy were brothers. Jack says Billy mentioned her - they're grateful she was a friend to him. Downstairs, Detective Harding tells Paul he pulled Fen out of the duct work. Fen protests that he knows Womack. Upstairs, Vikki hollers that Billy needs a doctor. Kelly tells Womack she knows first-aid and joins Vikki at Billy's side. Disoriented, Billy tells Victoria he's sorry. "I didn't mean for it to happen." Kelly tells him to stop talking. Billy says, "You told her didn't you? You swore you wouldn't tell her." Nearby, Jack tries to negotiate to get Billy out. Womack says if he can walk out, he can go. Jack also agrees to call his pilot if Chelsea is freed. Chelsea exits. Jack is told he has twenty minutes to line up his pilot or he'll start shooting people. Downstairs, Chelsea fills Paul in. Upstairs, Vikki wants to know what Billy meant. Kelly tries to keep him quiet, but he says it was only once and meant nothing to him. Vikki realizes Kelly slept with her husband.

    Y&R Recap: Tomorrow's Another Day.

    Friday, February 14 2014

    At the gala, Chloe asks Chelsea why she came - her husband is the reason they're all there! Chelsea worries she shouldn't have come. Neil spirits her away. Lily and Cane wonder if Jill will bring Colin. Downstairs, Jill tells Colin she's only in the marriage to find out what he knows about the music box. Colin says she needs to convince everyone she wants to be with him at the gala. Jill thinks he'll hurt Cane and Lily. He promises to be a good boy. In the steam room, Devon and Esmerelda kiss while Hilary shakes her head outside the door. Nick, Sharon, Summer, and Faith arrive at the Club, followed by Victoria and Billy. Vikki takes a call from Nikki, who says she doesn't feel up to coming. Meanwhile, Chloe finds Chelsea and apologizes. Chelsea says she came to support her. Chloe wants her there. Nearby, Abby asks Neil why he's making Tyler work tonight. Neil says he's not. After, Leslie wonders to Neil if Mariah has anything to do with Tyler's absence. Kelly goes downstairs and sees Vikki kissing Billy. They exchange pleasantries. Upstairs, Cane spots Colin and Jill as the twins get ready to perform. Lauren is appalled to hear Jill married Colin. Billy is upset too. Victoria starts the show. As the kids perform, Chloe flashes to Delia. She has to go, but tells Kevin to stay. She says she'll never forget how he's been there for her. After the show, Nick and Victoria are glad Victor hasn't showed up. Billy tells Faith that Delia would be smiling from heaven. Colin talks to Cane, hinting they'll believe he's changed soon. Fen says goodbye to Lauren and catches up with Summer, who is taking Faith home. They make plans to get together. Once alone, Fen is confronted by Womack. He warns Fen not to tell anyone he saw him there tonight. Upstairs, Jill tells Kevin not to worry about Chloe - tomorrow is another day. Billy is sorry Chloe left before he could talk to her. Devon agrees to meet Esmerelda later, which causes Hilary to snark at him. He thinks she sounds jealous and says he and Esmerelda are just having fun. Womack enters the gala and locates the doll. Colin appears. He says Michael Baldwin's out of town - everything should go smoothly. Colin rejoins Jill and Lauren, who were talking about Fen. Womack slyly enters the code on the doll case. Nearby, Vikki and Billy tell Jack that Victor's out of their lives. Downstairs, Sharon sees Cassie and takes off outside after her. Nick follows. Tyler returns and Abby is furious that he went to see Mariah. Chelsea tells Jack she's leaving but Lily starts the auction. She unveils the doll, but it's gone. Womack is exiting with it. He's caught and diamonds fall out of the doll during the struggle. Womack pulls a gun.

    Y&R Recap: Healer Of The Heart.

    Thursday, February 13 2014

    At the gala, Lily rants at someone on the phone about security for the doll. Cane kisses her cheek and says he took care of it. Cane puts Kelly in charge and spirits Lily away. Kelly spots Jack at the bar. Lauren chats with Neil and Leslie about marriage. Neil avoids answering if they've set a date but admits they decided not to use David Tutera. Upstairs, Cane takes Lily into a beautifully decorated suite. "Happy Anniversary. Happy Valentine's Day." He starts undressing and they kiss on the bed. Back at the gala, Chloe tells Kevin and Esther she'd planned to get Delia a doll today. Leslie tells Chloe that Delia must have been special. Chloe excuses herself. Neil asks Jack how he's holding up and says he's always available. Hilary arrives, followed by Abby and Tyler. Devon notices Esmerelda. Tyler suggests he talk to her. Devon greets Hilary first. "Hello, friend." By the bar, Jack and Kelly introduce themselves. He chuckles at her assuming he's her blind date. Hilary appears. Kelly's real date introduces himself. She and Jack gaze at each other as she goes. Hilary fixes Jack's ties and kisses him. Shocked, she rambles an apology. He reassures her. Devon hears and shakes his head. Tyler gets a call from Mariah and agrees to meet her. He makes an excuse to Abby. Devon talks to Chloe about the gala and Delia. She thanks him, but squirms. Esther asks if she's okay, and Chloe snaps at her. Lily and Cane rejoin the gala and kiss. Neil tells Leslie they need to define how they're moving forward. She says she has something for him - tickets to a jazz concert in Chicago. She says she loves him if they're married or not. Devon approaches Esmerelda, who is rude until she learns he's the owner. He offers a private tour. Abby tells Chloe she feels bad about Adam and offers to come up with a marketing project for the Delia fund. Chloe snaps that she's not a project. Kevin asks if she's okay. She tells him to stop and goes to chat with Cane and Lily. Jack goes downstairs to call Phyllis and tell her he wishes she were there. He gets teary. Upstairs, Hilary looks for Devon. Kevin tells Lauren that this is hard for Chloe, and he's worried about her obsession with Connor. Esther tells Chloe she has to run home and get the collage she made. Neil talks to Chloe about Delia and she thanks him and walks off. Kelly tells the blind date it's not working.

    Chelsea arrives at the Club and spots Jack downstairs. She tells him she's afraid to go upstairs to the gala. He says he loved Adam too and will escort her. Upstairs, Devon is making out with Esmerelda in the steam room when Hilary looks in. In the gala room, Abby tells Leslie that Tyler will be back soon. Lauren asks Chloe how Chelsea is doing. Chloe loses it and starts yelling about Chelsea's sick bastard of a husband killing her little girl as Jack enters with Chelsea.

    Y&R Recap: Mission Accomplished.

    Monday, February 10 2014

    At the station, Michael, Kevin, and Lauren look on as Christine signs Fenmore out. She warns them to never divulge that Carmine's alive. Lauren is still worried about Womack. Christine finds out he's being released that day. After, Kevin and Michael talk about Chloe. Kevin says she has developed an unhealthy obsession with Connor. Michael thinks she'll get perspective in time. Christine returns Fen's belongings and Lauren and Michael watch Fen and Kevin play fight.

    Y&R Recap: Front Row Seats.

    Monday, February 03 2014

    At the courthouse, Chris, Lauren and Fen whisper about this supposed new evidence Michael may have. The judge arrives and makes it obvious he's going to be hard on Fen. Lauren rants about Carmine driving her son to a desperate act. She says Fen is a good boy, an honor student, and her affair destroyed their family. Fen talks about how Carmine tortured the family and how he had to protect his mom.

    At the courthouse, the judge is about to sentence Fen when Michael bursts in and says the crime never occurred. He shows them a video of Carmine holding up today's newspaper. The case is dismissed.

    Y&R Recap: A New Low.

    Friday, January 31 2014

    At the prison, Chris tells Lauren and Michael that since Fen took the deal she's moving him to a prison out of town. Michael asks to postpone the hearing, but Fen and Chris don't want to. Chris steps out. Fen asks his parents to try and be strong. Michael gets a call and says he has to go - he can't tell them where. When Chris returns, Lauren wonders when Michael will be back.

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