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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Lauren Fenmore Baldwin - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lauren Fenmore Baldwin Played by Tracey E. Bregman on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tracey E. Bregman (CBS)

    Birthday: 1963-05-29
    Birthplace: Munich , Germany
    Marital Status: Married Ronald Recht ( December 5, 1987 - present) 2 children
    Real Name: Tracey E. Bregman
    Height: 5' 4"


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    Proposal at Madame Chauvin's!

    Friday, April 18 2008

    At Crimson Lights, Kevin, Jana, Lauren and a griping Michael meet for one of Gloria's mandatory family meetings. Gloria comes in wearing a white sweatsuit and flat hair! She says she has changed and wants to move back in with Lauren and Michael! Kevin giggles. Gloria ignores him and talks about how she will babysit Fen and so on. Michael gently tells her that it isn't going to happen. She then suggests going back and forth between her two boys' homes. Kevin says she can't live with him and Jana. Michael tells her it's a soft market - go and find a dream home! With that, they all leave, except Jana who puts a hand on Glo's shoulder. Meanwhile, at the Club, Jeff is looking for Gloria, banging on her door and hollering. When the maid comes out, he excuses himself. Back at Crimson Lights, Gloria tells Kevin and Jana that she is over Jeff Bardwell! Kevin reminds her that she could go to prison, but Gloria seems to have a plan.

    Dining at the Club, Lauren tells Michael that if he would've let Gloria move back in, she would've hurt him! Over at the bar, Jack tells Colleen that he and Sharon are back in the house. As she goes to get his takeout, Jack sits down. Gloria comes in and heads to the bar. As Michael approaches her, she asks him to drop the lawsuit against Jack - it's wrong and it will come back to haunt him! Jack, meanwhile is listening to this conversation thoughtfully. Gloria leaves the bar and Alistair spots her. He asks her to have dinner with him and when she spots Jeff she agrees. Alistair runs off to find a table, and Jeff wonders if Alistair would still admire her behind bars! She tells him to go ahead and do whatever! Jill comes up to Jeffrey and she again offers to be a confidante for him. He asks to buy her a drink. Gloria watches jealously. Once they're seated, Colleen serves Gloria and Alistair and is stunned by his resemblance to her grandfather! Across the room, Jill tries to convince Jeff that Gloria is very attracted to Alistair. Jeff becomes glum. Later, Alistair walks Gloria back to her room and she leaves the door ajar, when she knows Jeffrey is outside, she pretends to kiss Alistair!

    Lily arrives at Crimson Lights and takes a call from Madame Chauvin asking her to come to the studio. She tells her she will be there right away! Over by the counter, Lauren and Michael get heck from Kevin for eating their Club food in his establishment. Michael explains that they had a run-in with Gloria, and that she wants him to drop his lawsuit! Lauren suggests that they find out if Glo is really sincere by inviting her for dinner! Michael agrees. Back at the Abbott House, Jack and Sharon remark on Gloria first giving back the house, and now asking Michael to drop the lawsuit! As they sit on the sofa and plan a celebration, Jack notes that there is only one way he wants to celebrate right now! They hold hands and head upstairs! Meanwhile, Lily arrives at the ballet studio and finds a single rose. Cane appears and tells her he thought that this would be the perfect spot to propose. He gets down on one knee. "Will you marry me?" She says she always imagined being proposed to, and it was always like a fairytale. She says she loves him for doing this, but in her fairytale, the Prince proposes because he wants to, not because he has to! She says she just needs more time. He accepts her answer. She tells him that she loves him very much - he is truly her Prince. They kiss and she runs out. Cane appears to be emotionally crushed.

    Monster With Mascara?!

    Tuesday, April 15 2008

    At Crimson Lights, Lauren is welcomed home from visiting her mother by Michael. She asks about his mother and reminds him that Gloria loves her sons more than the Abbott Mansion. A skeptical Michael, however, says he's not buying it. "There's an angle. There's always an angle!" Lauren tells her husband she is worried about him. She points out that the space from Gloria has been great - but he's a wreck! Michael says he'll feel better when he gets a check from Jack, but Lauren urges him to call his mother - that's what is going to help him! Over at the counter, Jana suggests that they ask Gloria to move in with them, now that she has proved she is turning over a new leaf. Kevin asks if she's on drugs! "No way!" As Jana talks to Lauren, Michael and Kevin step away. The girls discuss Gloria and agree that she has changed, while at the same time, the boys discuss Gloria and agree that she is totally insincere and is definitely up to something! Lauren and Jana come over and say, "We believe her!" Michael replies, "We don't!" Michael claims that they've known her longer, but Lauren and Jana insist on giving her another chance. The boys agree not to push her away anymore, but they're not welcoming her with open arms either!

    Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder!

    Thursday, April 03 2008

    Adam arrives at Newman Enterprises and shares with Victor that he dreamt about his mother last night, and she told him that she was glad that they had talked the previous day. Victor smiles that they will talk again about Hope soon. Victor then tells Adam he is off on his trip. Adam asks if it's business, but Victor admits it is actually personal. As Adam thinks back to the kiss he witnessed between Victor and Sabrina, Victor tells Adam that if anyone asks, tell them Victor is away on business. Adam heads over to Restless Style. Nick has just been called away when Adam comes in and tells Phyllis that he is there to discuss the Beauty of Nature ad. When he presents her with a wrapped gift, Phyllis sighs and says he needs to stop hitting on her! He accuses her of having a big ego. She confirms that she is happily married to his brother. He says he knows that, but she was his first friend in Genoa City and he wanted to make a gesture. He apologizes for having a flirtatious style and Phyllis suggests he get a new one! Just then, Michael and Lauren come in. Phyllis jumps up to greet them and introduces them to Adam, who is polite, but decides to leave. Nick comes out and they all dish on the decorating at Restless Style. As Nick takes Michael on a tour, Lauren and Phyllis decided to discuss the column Lauren is going to write. Suddenly, Amber runs over and greets Lauren and asks if she would like to see some of her designs. Phyllis cuts her short and tells her to go answer the phones - that's her job! Daniel comes out and notices that Amber is a little down. Later, Daniel and Amber argue over her designs and Phyllis and Nick overhear. Afterward, Phyllis mentions to Nick about Adam bringing her a gift and their ensuing conversation. She says Adam claims it was just innocent, but Nick smirks, "I think he has a crush on you." Phyllis then seeks out Daniel and warns him about mixing pleasure and work. He says he has already started regretting it!

    At Crimson Lights, Kevin and Jana are kissing when Gloria comes in and interrupts. She says she's left Kevin at least 12 messages! He says he knows. She tells them they are invited to a celebration she's holding, but Kevin cuts her off and says that no matter when it is, they can't make it! As Kevin walks away, Jana tells Gloria she's sorry. After Gloria leaves, Jana and Kevin argue about his attitude, but he is firm - it's time to cut the strings! Later, Gloria goes to visit Michael and begs him to come and celebrate the family's new home. He refuses. She asks if he and Kevin are trying to cut her out of their lives. She starts talking about how this is all Jeffrey's fault, but Michael cuts her off. He informs her that it has nothing to do with Jeff - only her. He tells her that until they see a different Gloria they will not be setting foot inside the Abbott house. "You wanted it. It's yours." Gloria is stunned. She heads down to the Club and meets Jeffrey, where he informs her that he has decided to stay in a room there for a few days. "Let's see if absence makes the heart grow fonder."

    Amber goes to Crimson Lights and tells Jana all about her argument with Daniel. Jana tells her the make-up sex will be great! Amber laments that sex is what started all of this. Jana picks that moment to ask Amber to be her maid of honor at her wedding. As Amber accepts and offers to design her wedding dress, Kevin happily joins the celebration. Next, Michael and Lauren come in. He tells Kevin he'll make an exception if they still want to have their wedding at the Mansion, but Kevin says he doesn't - if they have it there it will be all about Gloria. Kevin then asks Michael to be his best man. Michael accepts and they share a man hug!

    Keys To His Heart...

    Wednesday, April 02 2008

    At Michael and Lauren's house, Gloria wants to know why Michael won't let her stay the night. Michael tells her that Lauren got hurt and he blames her - her dramas can no longer involve him or his family. Gloria says she'll beg if that's what he wants. Lauren gives in and says she can stay one night. They tell her however, that they have had enough of the Gloria and Jeffrey stage show! Gloria shocks them by admitting that she thinks she has actually fallen in love with him! Michael tells her she's crazy and it is twisted to think she can build a healthy relationship with someone who took part in a scheme to scare her out of her own home! Gloria says in her entire life she has never felt that a man was her equal - until Jeffrey Bardwell! Michael says he wonders what it would be like to have a normal mother. Gloria tries to defend herself, but Michael walks away, telling her she has less than twenty-four hours left in his home - then what she chooses to do is her business - he no longer cares! With that, he leaves, slamming the door as he goes! Lauren's curiosity gets the better of her and she asks Gloria how she could think she's in love with Jeffrey. Gloria describes their kiss in the Abbott living room. Lauren says that's chemistry, not love. Suddenly, Gloria's phone rings, but she sees that it's Jeffrey and ignores it. Lauren wonders if Jeff is really the kind of man she wants to be in love with - consider her track record with men like Tom! Gloria defensively says John was a good man. Lauren says if she continues to live her life this way, she should not involve them. "The way you live your life is exhausting. And it's bad for my family. It's as simple as that!" Gloria apologizes for bringing so much trouble onto Lauren and Michael. Lauren warns her to get the kiss out of her head.

    Back at Lauren and Michael's house, Gloria calls Kevin to pick up some things for her at the Mansion. He refuses, telling her he is tired. She apologizes for being a burden and hangs up. Michael comes home, and she confronts him about having gone to speak to Kevin. Michael says he is glad Kevin turned her down. She says she won't be staying the night where she is not wanted and leaves. Lauren and Michael catch up on the latest goings on. Michael tells her that apparently Gloria feels both her sons have deserted her. Lauren notes that she can tell he's feeling guilty. He replies that he did what he had to do, now the rest is up to Gloria.

    My Headache is About to Become a Migraine!

    Tuesday, April 01 2008

    Michael tends to Lauren as she lays on the sofa nursing a headache. He remarks how the whole Gloria drama has gotten out of control. Lauren notes that Sharon called to see how she was doing. Michael sneers that she is playing for the other team and says he should sue for the Mansion and dismantle it! Lauren comments that if Michael kicks Jack out of the Mansion, Gloria will be alone with Jeffrey. Michael muses that he wouldn't hurt her because he'd be the only suspect. Lauren mentions that Scott called, and Michael notes that he is very smart - he stays far away! Michael says he'd like to move - somewhere that his family wouldn't find them! He says every time he is tempted to tell Gloria 'no more', he remembers how hard she had it in Detroit, and how he got out and she and Kevin didn't. Lauren acknowledges his love for his mother, and says she loves her too. Lauren then suggests that unfortunately, there is danger to the family in all the craziness, and perhaps now is the time to tell her no more life jackets - it's time to sink or swim!

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