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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Lauren Fenmore Baldwin - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lauren Fenmore Baldwin Played by Tracey E. Bregman on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tracey E. Bregman (CBS)

    Birthday: 1963-05-29
    Birthplace: Munich , Germany
    Marital Status: Married Ronald Recht ( December 5, 1987 - present) 2 children
    Real Name: Tracey E. Bregman
    Height: 5' 4"


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    Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder!

    Thursday, April 03 2008

    Amber goes to Crimson Lights and tells Jana all about her argument with Daniel. Jana tells her the make-up sex will be great! Amber laments that sex is what started all of this. Jana picks that moment to ask Amber to be her maid of honor at her wedding. As Amber accepts and offers to design her wedding dress, Kevin happily joins the celebration. Next, Michael and Lauren come in. He tells Kevin he'll make an exception if they still want to have their wedding at the Mansion, but Kevin says he doesn't - if they have it there it will be all about Gloria. Kevin then asks Michael to be his best man. Michael accepts and they share a man hug!

    Keys To His Heart...

    Wednesday, April 02 2008

    At Michael and Lauren's house, Gloria wants to know why Michael won't let her stay the night. Michael tells her that Lauren got hurt and he blames her - her dramas can no longer involve him or his family. Gloria says she'll beg if that's what he wants. Lauren gives in and says she can stay one night. They tell her however, that they have had enough of the Gloria and Jeffrey stage show! Gloria shocks them by admitting that she thinks she has actually fallen in love with him! Michael tells her she's crazy and it is twisted to think she can build a healthy relationship with someone who took part in a scheme to scare her out of her own home! Gloria says in her entire life she has never felt that a man was her equal - until Jeffrey Bardwell! Michael says he wonders what it would be like to have a normal mother. Gloria tries to defend herself, but Michael walks away, telling her she has less than twenty-four hours left in his home - then what she chooses to do is her business - he no longer cares! With that, he leaves, slamming the door as he goes! Lauren's curiosity gets the better of her and she asks Gloria how she could think she's in love with Jeffrey. Gloria describes their kiss in the Abbott living room. Lauren says that's chemistry, not love. Suddenly, Gloria's phone rings, but she sees that it's Jeffrey and ignores it. Lauren wonders if Jeff is really the kind of man she wants to be in love with - consider her track record with men like Tom! Gloria defensively says John was a good man. Lauren says if she continues to live her life this way, she should not involve them. "The way you live your life is exhausting. And it's bad for my family. It's as simple as that!" Gloria apologizes for bringing so much trouble onto Lauren and Michael. Lauren warns her to get the kiss out of her head.

    Back at Lauren and Michael's house, Gloria calls Kevin to pick up some things for her at the Mansion. He refuses, telling her he is tired. She apologizes for being a burden and hangs up. Michael comes home, and she confronts him about having gone to speak to Kevin. Michael says he is glad Kevin turned her down. She says she won't be staying the night where she is not wanted and leaves. Lauren and Michael catch up on the latest goings on. Michael tells her that apparently Gloria feels both her sons have deserted her. Lauren notes that she can tell he's feeling guilty. He replies that he did what he had to do, now the rest is up to Gloria.

    My Headache is About to Become a Migraine!

    Tuesday, April 01 2008

    Michael tends to Lauren as she lays on the sofa nursing a headache. He remarks how the whole Gloria drama has gotten out of control. Lauren notes that Sharon called to see how she was doing. Michael sneers that she is playing for the other team and says he should sue for the Mansion and dismantle it! Lauren comments that if Michael kicks Jack out of the Mansion, Gloria will be alone with Jeffrey. Michael muses that he wouldn't hurt her because he'd be the only suspect. Lauren mentions that Scott called, and Michael notes that he is very smart - he stays far away! Michael says he'd like to move - somewhere that his family wouldn't find them! He says every time he is tempted to tell Gloria 'no more', he remembers how hard she had it in Detroit, and how he got out and she and Kevin didn't. Lauren acknowledges his love for his mother, and says she loves her too. Lauren then suggests that unfortunately, there is danger to the family in all the craziness, and perhaps now is the time to tell her no more life jackets - it's time to sink or swim!

    Gloria arrives at Crimson Lights looking for Kevin and Jana. The girl working calls her Mrs. Bardwell and she chastises her, telling her never to call her that horrible name again! The surprised waitress says she doesn't know where Kevin and Jana went. Meanwhile, at home, Michael and Lauren discuss whether prison time would do Gloria any good. Michael suggests that it certainly taught him a lesson! Lauren asks if he is going to keep enabling his mother. Suddenly, Gloria calls and says she is coming over. As Michael starts to say 'no', she hangs up. Lauren remarks, "Let me guess. My headache is about to become a migraine!" Lauren tells Michael if this doesn't stop now, it is never going to stop! Gloria then comes in and wants to stay there for the night. Michael tells her that she is not welcome in his home with his wife and son. "From now on, you're on your own."

    Once an Ambulance Chaser...

    Monday, March 31 2008

    A frustrated Michael, unable to catch Alistair, comes back into the Abbott Mansion and berates Jack and Sharon who feign complete denial. Michael warns that Lauren got hurt and they're responsible. Again, he demands that they tell him the truth about John Abbott's double! He turns on Sharon and says he thought she was Lauren's friend! To stop Michael's attack on Sharon, Jack tells him the truth about hiring Alistair. Michael is furious that they hired an actor who may have been totally insane. He threatens a lawsuit and Jack retorts, "Once an ambulance chaser, always an ambulance chaser, huh, Mikey?!" Michael lunges at Jack and Sharon pulls them apart. Meanwhile at Lauren's place, Kevin and Gloria decide to go looking for John's double and leave Lauren with Jana! At the Club, Jeffrey takes a call from Jack, who fills him in on Michael knowing the truth. Jeff realizes this means Gloria and Kevin will both soon know as well, and decides to head to the coffee house!

    Michael arrives back at home and Jana leaves the room. Michael thanks her for staying with Lauren. Michael tells Lauren that Jack and Sharon hired someone to play John's ghost. Lauren exclaims, "That's crazy!" Michael snaps about what could have happened to his wife, and she tries to calm him down. Michael settles down, but vows to Lauren that Jack is through torturing his family - he won't let him get away with this! Meanwhile, down at the coffee house, Gloria and Kevin pretend to know nothing when Jeffrey comes in and approaches them. Jeff, relieved, beats a hasty retreat home! Back at Michael and Lauren's house, a stressed out Michael heads into the other room with law books and a determined air. Lauren tells Jana that when it comes to Jack Abbott, she's afraid of what her husband might do! Jeffrey, meanwhile, has arrived back at the Abbott Mansion and he, Jack and Sharon speculate on what Gloria and the gang will do next and where Alistair has gone. They hope that he has disappeared for good. Jack worries that Michael will use this to keep Gloria in the house forever. Sharon sighs and says she is so tired of this. Jeffrey notes that he certainly doesn't want to stay in the house. Just then, Gloria comes in with Kevin. Not far behind is Michael. Once they are all gathered in the living room, Michael asks for someone to tell Gloria the truth. When no one speaks up, Michael tells her himself that they hired an actor to play John. Gloria smirks that she's known for days, and that once again, Jack has insulted the memory of his father! Kevin decides to leave and Gloria announces that she is going upstairs for a nice hot bath - and then they'll talk about what she expects from all of them to make amends! Sharon calls Lauren and apologizes to her - she asks if she can come over, but Lauren says she is going to bed. Sharon then says she'll come over first thing in the morning!

    Brad Raises the Stakes on David!

    Friday, March 28 2008

    At Crimson Lights, Gloria is filling Kevin and Jana in on seeing Jeffrey and Sharon together last night. Kevin adds that the third man in the room took a delivery from MacDougalls Liquor Store! They all wonder what they have to gain by being in cahoots. Meanwhile, as Jack and Sharon speculate on the missing Alistair's whereabouts, Jeffrey returns to the Abbott Mansion and discovers Lauren on the floor at the bottom of the staircase! She tells him she saw someone who looked just like John Abbott!

    Back at Crimson Lights, Gloria laments to Jana that they really didn't contact John after all. Jana still holds out hope, but Kevin makes fun of her. Gloria says it's time to turn the tables. She says she won't let on that she knows anything and intends to remain 'terrified' about the Abbott Mansion haunting! Jack and Sharon, meanwhile, continue to confer on the possible whereabouts of Alistair who is nowhere to be found. At the Abbott Mansion, Lauren asks Jeff for her cellphone and she calls Michael to tell him she has fallen and that she saw someone who looked just like John. Michael notes that Gloria said the same thing at the party. He tells her to stay put, he's on his way over - he wants to talk to Jeff! Michael soon arrives and checks Lauren over, while asking Jeffrey what's up with the ghost of John Abbott sighting. Jeff tries to laugh it off, but Michael simply says he's taking Lauren to the hospital and Jeff had better be there when he gets back! Later, Michael takes Lauren home after the hospital visit. She is still puzzled about seeing John and asks Michael to get to the bottom of it. Michael leaves the room and calls Gloria, telling her that Lauren thought she saw John too - and fell and got hurt as a result. He gets Kevin on the line and demands that he come over and sit with Lauren so he can deal with this! Back at the Abbott Mansion, Jack and Sharon come home and Jeffrey tells them they are in big trouble. He fills them in on Lauren's misadventure, reminding them that it's their home, their actor, and their ghost! Michael arrives and presents Jack and Sharon with transfer papers for the Mansion! Jack says he'll have his lawyer look them over. Michael warns all of them that he isn't scared of any of them, and his wife got hurt in the process of them trying to scare Gloria enough to stay away from the house! Over at Lauren's house, Kevin and Gloria arrive and Glo pouts to Lauren that this is all her fault - Michael will hate her now! Kevin snaps and berates her for making everything about herself! Back at the Abbott Mansion Jack warns Michael not to get ahead of himself. Claiming that they hired someone to impersonate John is going to be hard to prove! At that moment, Michael looks up and sees Alistair looking in the door! He chases him as Sharon gulps, "Oh,oh!"

    Her Kiss is On His List!

    Thursday, March 27 2008

    At Crimson Lights, Gloria takes a call from Michael asking where Sharon went last night when she followed her. Gloria brushes off his question saying she'll tell him later. She then turns to Kevin and insists that she is being haunted! Kevin laughs and tells her only Jana could buy into that! Meanwhile, back at the Abbott house, Lauren hangs out with Jeff and snoops after he takes a call from Jack. Jack tells Jeff to "abort mission" and afterward, Lauren checks the caller ID and realizes that the pair are in cahoots.

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