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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Lauren Fenmore Baldwin - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lauren Fenmore Baldwin Played by Tracey E. Bregman on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tracey E. Bregman (CBS)

    Birthday: 1963-05-29
    Birthplace: Munich , Germany
    Marital Status: Married Ronald Recht ( December 5, 1987 - present) 2 children
    Real Name: Tracey E. Bregman
    Height: 5' 4"


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    Gloria Gets Her Day!

    Thursday, December 06 2007

    David calls Nikki at the ranch to check if she got the package. She sees it and says she did. They agree to talk later. As Victor comes back into the room, Nikki goes upstairs. Victor takes David's love letter out of the box and sticks it in his back pocket. Nikki comes back and takes the box.....Gloria takes the hot seat and begins to read the letter from John. Ben asks how it's relevant, and Sharon wonders how they even know it's real! Michael stands up and says the letter's contents will undoubtedly prove wrongdoing on the part of Jack Abbott.....Back at the ranch, Victor reads the letter from David, including a portion that says he will never let her down the way her husband has. He suddenly gets up and walks out of the door....

    Back in court, Gloria reads a portion of the letter that says that Jack helped him write a new will, but that he was thinking of Dina at the time. He stipulates how the will is supposed to be distributed, which includes Gloria. Suddenly Gloria goes nuts! She stands up and yells at Jack, "You took advantage of your dying father! What kind of son are you?! I knew you were greedy, but this is burn-in-hell evil! John Abbott loved me until his dying breath and now everyone knows it!" As Michael tries to calm her, and the gavel pounds for order, John asks Jack, "She's right, how could you do this?"

    John Appears at the Hearing!

    Monday, December 03 2007

    Michael and Lauren arrive at Crimson Lights and greet Kevin. Lauren says she decided to take two of her favorite guys to lunch! Kevin asks, "Two or three favorite guys?" Michael jokes that #3 is at home teething on the babysitter's arm! Kevin declines the invitation because he's off to see his soon to be fiancee. Lauren says he's a great guy and she can't understand this! Kevin replies,"Yeah, I know, I shouldn't want to marry Jana, right?!" Michael agrees. Kevin says, "Well, I do." He then leaves. Lauren asks Michael why this family is so complicated!

    Over lunch, Lauren muses to Michael that his brother is obsessed with Jana, "Why would he want to marry the woman who tried to kill him?!" Michael feels there is nothing they can do to change Kevin's mind.

    Lauren approaches Kevin at the coffee house to talk about Jana. He tells her that Jana wants to marry him. Lauren asks, "She said yes?" Kevin shakes his head, "She said no." Lauren is confused, so Kevin explains that she wants to be with him, but is worried that she won't get out of prison. Lauren says that's a reasonable worry! Kevin asks her, "If it were Michael in prison and you knew he didn't do it - what would you do - divorce him?!" Kevin presents Lauren with documentation of twenty cases like Jana's. Michael arrives and shoots down Kevin's hopes for getting Jana off on an insanity plea. He tells him to stop this - it's ruining his life! Kevin leaves. Lauren and Michael are seated and she wonders aloud if Kevin's friends might be of some help. As Michael is saying he thinks not, Kevin returns and tells them that he isn't angry - but one way or another it's going to happen! As he leaves, Lauren says, "He's serious!" Michael agrees, "That would be serious. Big problem."

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Wednesday, November 21 2007

    In Victoria's room Nikki joins J.T. and wishes them a happy Thanksgiving. J.T. leaves to get fresh coffee. Nikki tells her daughter she has brought all the arts and crafts she made for their holidays! At the Winter's, Devon tastes something Lily cooked and spits it out! Lily catches him and pitches a fit - nothing even comes close to what Mom made! Lily makes to leave and tells Devon to tell her guests that she's sick or something! She slams the door on her way out... At Michael and Lauren's house, Michael awakens to a sexy Lauren sipping champagne! She announces that she decided to be stress-free and ordered take-out from the Club! She whips off her robe to reveal skimpy lingerie! Michael whispers, "Scandalous!"

    At the Club, Neil begs Gina for some take-out. She laughs and says he needs to let her know by noon. Neil approaches Lily and asks her what happened. She says it's too soon to have Thanksgiving without Dru. She's afraid she'll freak out in the middle of the meal and make everyone miserable. She tells her father she wants to be by herself. Neil walks away and Karen comes over and asks her to join her at a table for a coffee. Michael and Lauren have come in and are ribbing Neil about getting take-out. They all share a laugh with Gina! Over at their table, Lily opens up to Karen about her mother. Karen tells her Dru raised a great daughter. Karen asks Lily to understand something about tradition - she tells her Dru wouldn't care if Lily's cranberry sauce was perfect. Families add to traditions - and she reminds her whatever Lily adds to Thanksgiving is as important as whatever Dru brought to it. Lily laughs at the idea of her 'bad food' being a new tradition!

    At Michael and Lauren's house, Kevin catches them 'trying to make take-out food look home made'. He offers to keep his mouth shut for $100 bucks! He jokes with them, then informs them that he will not be joining them for dinner. Michael asks what could be more important than family on Thanksgiving, and Kevin replies, "Adding to that family!" Lauren clues in that Kevin is going to ask Jana to marry him. Lauren tells him they're very happy for him. Kevin asks Michael if he'll be the best man. He agrees. They ask if Gloria knows yet. Kevin admits she doesn't - he'll tell her later! Once Kevin has left Gloria turns up with Jeffrey and senses something is up with Michael and Lauren. They play dumb. Gloria asks Lauren to please tell her what is going on! She notices that there are only four place settings. They admit that Kevin is spending Thanksgiving with Jana in prison.

    At Michael and Lauren's table, Gloria announces they'll need a bigger table next year. Michael spits his wine out. Gloria explains it's because Fenn will need a big chair next year! Now her interest is piqued - she asks if Lauren is pregnant! They laugh and tell Gloria that, no, Lauren is not pregnant. Finally, Lauren says, "Kevin is proposing to Jana!" Gloria takes a deep breath. She excuses herself from the table. Jeffrey asks if it would be safe to assume that Jana isn't Gloria's first choice?! Gloria meanwhile, is leaving Kevin a phone message. She says she knows what his plans are and tells him not to do it - it is something he'll regret. At the prison, Kevin is at that moment on bended knee asking Jana to marry him. He asks her not to answer him right now. With tears in her eyes she tells him she can't! He says that doesn't count because he didn't want an answer right now! He urges her to think about it. He tells her she'll see the wisdom in his proposal and they'll be married happily ever after!

    Free at Last!

    Tuesday, November 20 2007

    At the hospital, Nick takes a call from Phyllis on his cell. She asks about Victoria and tells him to think positive. Nick tells her that Michael wasn't expecting to hear about her appeal until next week. She is disappointed. At home, Michael and Lauren prepare for Thanksgiving. As they share a kiss, she asks him to promise to keep Gloria out of the kitchen. He tells Lauren that Gloria will be helping at Crimson Lights. The phone rings and Michael answers and says, "That's great!" He hangs up and tells Lauren that the court will rule in Phyllis's case today!

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