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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Lauren Fenmore Baldwin - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lauren Fenmore Baldwin Played by Tracey E. Bregman on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tracey E. Bregman (CBS)

    Birthday: 1963-05-29
    Birthplace: Munich , Germany
    Marital Status: Married Ronald Recht ( December 5, 1987 - present) 2 children
    Real Name: Tracey E. Bregman
    Height: 5' 4"


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    The Truth Shall Set You Free!

    Tuesday, January 08 2008

    At Michael and Lauren's home, Gloria and Jeffrey propose a toast to their engagement. The kids don't drink until Gloria prompts them. Michael asks if it's all a joke, but Jeffrey pulls out the huge ring and kneels in front of Gloria, proposing in front of them all. With wide eyes, she accepts! Michael caustically asks what the ring cost - about fifty grand?! Gloria asks them to please be happy for her. Kevin says he's fine with it, and Lauren tries to be polite, but Michael is furious as Jeffrey says his goodbyes. Once he's gone Michael confronts Kevin who refuses to reply. Outside the door, Gloria tells Jeffrey her family is not buying it. Suddenly, she offers him half a million dollars cash the next day, if he'll leave her alone forever. He smirks. He replies that he'd make much more by marrying her. As she begins to yell and curse at him, Michael suddenly opens the door and asks if they're having their first quarrel. Gloria plants a kiss on Jeffrey and Michael goes back inside. Jeffrey gets on the elevator and says, "Good night my beloved!" Back inside, Michael confronts his mother, grabbing her by the arms and bellowing that he knows Jeffrey is holding something over her head. Gloria breaks down and admits that Jeffrey is blackmailing her - she has no choice but to marry him! She weeps that she didn't want them dragged into this mess. She says he won't take a pay-off, and she feels he'll send her to prison once they're wed. Michael has a few choice words for Kevin for helping Gloria, and then they discuss Jeffrey's evidence. Michael and Gloria get in a yelling match over whether or not she'll continue to deal with this alone.

    Brad Declares His Love!

    Monday, January 07 2008

    Lauren and Gloria prepare for the dinner party. Lauren continues to pry as Gloria behaves in a tense manner. Gloria tells Lauren she just needs to get to know Jeffrey, but Lauren says, "Why don't you just level with me?!" Gloria leaves the room, asking Lauren to move her purse. As she does so, Lauren discovers the expensive jewelry inside! Gloria comes back into the room and Lauren says, "You're stealing jewelry now?" Gloria tells her it's an investment. Lauren presses her about all this foolishness. Gloria mocks Lauren for playing armchair detective. Michael suddenly comes in toting heavy boxes of files for Victor's case. Lauren holds up the jewelry and tells him the plot has thickened. They check Gloria's purse and find the imprint of the check she wrote to Jeffrey for $50,000. Michael bellows, "Gloria, get out here now!" Gloria comes out of the other room and says he needed a down payment for a property he is buying. As Lauren and Gloria act incredulous, the doorbell rings and Jeffrey arrives. Over drinks, Gloria mentions that Kevin will be late. They all discuss Victor's arrest. Michael asks Jeffrey about the property he's buying and he acts confused. Gloria jumps in and says she floated Jeffrey the loan for a house he found over on Sycamore. Michael and Lauren are very suspicious.

    Kevin arrives home and Michael jokes that they saved him some potatoes and a green bean. Jeffrey jumps up and says it doesn't matter if he's late because he has great news - Gloria has consented to be his wife! Michael, Lauren and Kevin show no surprise, but Gloria looks ill!

    It's War!

    Friday, January 04 2008

    At the Club, Gloria, Kevin, Lauren and Michael sit eating when he takes the call from Nick telling him about Victor's arrest. Amid comments about "Teflon Jack" from the Fisher clan, Michael excuses himself. On his way out the door he runs into David and Nikki coming in. He tells her what has happened and she immediately ditches David, and their scheduled meeting, to go find Nicholas! Still at the table, Lauren, Gloria and Kevin exclaim about the possibility that Victor killed Ji Min. Kay and Jill come in for a meeting and overhear. They join the table and an angry Jill huffs, "Victor didn't go that far, Jack went that far!" Katherine suggests they all get down to business and they begin to discuss the Fresh Faces of Jabot campaign. A catty Jill asks Gloria if work is interfering with her social life. Surprised, Gloria asks what she means. Jill tells her she had lunch with Jeffrey Bardwell and he was gushing about her! Kevin excuses himself, Kay jumps up to go greet Cane, and Jeffrey himself shows up and joins Jill and Gloria. Across the room, Kay whispers to Cane about Victor's arrest and how it may change everything. When Kay returns to the table, Gloria tells her she'll accompany them back to the office, but Jeffrey stops her. Once alone, he fills her in on his plan to propose to her in public. She refuses the idea, but says she'll allow him to do it in front of her family. He says fine and asks her for $50,000 to buy an engagement ring! Gloria reluctantly makes out a check and Jeffrey makes a remark to her about liking jewelry. She looks up in surprise, and he admits that he knows she has been buying up expensive baubles. She realizes that he is having her followed! As he kisses her and leaves, Gloria grimaces. Lauren, who has been hovering, approaches the table and asks Gloria why she wants to have a dinner party for that man, when her body language says she can't stand him. She tells her mother-in-law if she's in trouble, she'd better confess because she and Michael don't want anymore surprises!

    Gloria catches up with Kevin at Crimson Lights and fills him in on Jeffrey's plan to propose and the fact that he is having her followed. Kevin is impressed, but Gloria says she needs his help - this is war!... Lauren, meanwhile is telling Michael about the dinner party and how strange Gloria is acting, like she loves Jeff and hates him at the same time!

    Christmas Gifts!

    Monday, December 24 2007

    As Lauren, Kevin and Gloria make a video for Fenn of his first Christmas, Gloria announces that she will be spending Christmas with Jeffrey, and a sympathetic Kevin tells her he'll join them. Just then, Michael calls and tells his wife that he is stranded in St. Louis and they've canceled his flight!

    Lauren and Fenn come into the tack house. She explains Michael's absence and Phyllis proposes a toast. "To all of you, because we've had quite a year, right?!" They discuss all of the things that happened and Phyllis says, "I am definitely the luckiest woman in the world to be here with everybody I love. So from my less than perfect heart, I just want to say, I love you all, and here's to a great New Year! Cheers!" They all dissolve into laughter as Summer dips her hand repeatedly into Phyllis's drink. Phyllis says, "There's no alcohol in this, thank goodness." Jack and Noah arrive at the tack house, and Noah goes with a helpful Daniel to visit Aunt Victoria. Phyllis and Nick commiserate with Jack about Sharon's decision to move out. They assure him that things may still work out. Nick tells Jack they're pulling for him. Jack informs Nick that things are going to get worse before they get better, because he's joined Nikki and Katherine in the suit against Victor!

    At the hospital, J.T. jubilantly announces to Victor that Reed has gained two ounces. They agree it's a great Christmas gift!... At the tack house, Noah hears a noise outside and Phyllis goes to check it out. She opens the door and Michael is outside shushing her. As Phyllis goes back inside, Michael follows with a Santa hat on. Lauren is thrilled! Michael takes Fenn in his arms and they all wish one another a Merry Christmas!

    Summer Turns One!

    Wednesday, December 19 2007

    Gloria sneaks into Kevin's apartment and thinking she's alone, is startled by Kevin. She wants to hide Michael and Lauren's presents there, but suddenly, Michael and Lauren are at the door with the same idea! When talk turns to Jeffrey Bardwell, Michael lays into Gloria for buying gifts for him and forbids her to spend time with him over the holidays. Gloria tells them they all need to give him a chance! After the couple has left, Kevin asks her how long she intends to keep up with this act. She ignores him and says she's going to meet Jeffrey right now. He insists that he is going too. She reminds him that she told Jeffrey she wouldn't marry him until her children were convinced they were in love! She decides that Kevin should accompany her to the Club - and sit at the bar glaring at Jeffrey! Kevin rolls his eyes, but agrees. Gloria says, "Glare as hard as you can, baby! I don't know how long I can stall him."

    Meanwhile, Michael turns his attention back to Summer's party and the news that Nikki is suing Victor! They says their good-byes and Phyllis and Nick relax on the sofa. Nick asks her what she and Sharon talked about. Phyllis tells him that she hinted that Sharon should give Jack another chance.

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