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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Lauren Fenmore Baldwin - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lauren Fenmore Baldwin Played by Tracey E. Bregman on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tracey E. Bregman (CBS)

    Birthday: 1963-05-29
    Birthplace: Munich , Germany
    Marital Status: Married Ronald Recht ( December 5, 1987 - present) 2 children
    Real Name: Tracey E. Bregman
    Height: 5' 4"


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    April Arrives!

    Friday, January 11 2008

    Michael and Lauren come into Crimson Lights looking for Gloria who didn't come home last night. Kevin tells them she's with Jeffrey - she called last night and told him so. When Kevin tells them she was pretending to be drunk, they correct him - she was truly sloshed!... Meanwhile, in Jeffrey's hotel room, Gloria wakes up with a terrible hangover and is appalled that she is in Jeff's bed! As she tries to get up, she has to run past the freshly-showered Jeff to be sick in the washroom.

    Michael and Lauren arrive home to find Gloria sitting on the couch. They tell her they know about her scheme from last night. Gloria snarls that she has Jeffrey right where she wants him. She then informs them to circle Valentine's Day on their calendar - it 's her wedding day. After she leaves the room, Michael decries the state of his family, and then tells Lauren it's time he got to know his future stepfather better. He leaves... Gloria has made her way to Crimson Lights and tells Kevin if they get Jana out by Valentine's Day they can have a double-wedding. As they discuss Jeffrey Bardwell, Kevin remarks that in his opinion the wrong brother kicked the bucket. A light goes off in Gloria's mind, "That's it!"... Meanwhile, a hostile Michael greets Jeffrey when he opens the door to his suite... Back at the coffee house, Gloria tells Kevin she's going to make it look like Jeffrey is trying to kill her! Kevin mentions that he'd have nothing to gain unless he was married to her. Gloria says, "Good point."... Michael, in Jeffrey's room, confronts him about blackmailing Gloria and asks him how soon he can leave town. Jeffrey laughs and tells Michael he can't do anything about the blackmail and he knows it!... At the coffee house, Gloria tells Kevin she'll go ahead and get hitched - it's the only way her plan will work!... Back in Jeffrey's room, he and Michael banter back and forth. Finally, Jeffrey says a marriage is going to take place soon! He then rubs salt in the wound by asking Michael to be his best man. Michael leaves without comment and Jeffrey rubs his hands together in glee!

    Punch Drunk Love!

    Thursday, January 10 2008

    At Indigo, Michael tells Lauren he can't stand to watch the floor show of Gloria and Jeffrey anymore. They decide to leave and stop to say good-bye to the pair. Gloria is decidedly drunk, and Jeffrey is pretending to be (he is pouring his drinks into the plant). A disgusted Michael and Lauren leave and Jeff and Glo turn back to their conversation - he is trying to get her to tell the story of her life. Gloria sassily tells Jeff that she worked her way up from nothin' to somethin'. He asks how many people she hurt on the way up. She says none - and she's proud of it. She asks him the same question, but he deflects it by telling her she is smart and he admires her. She says if that were true he wouldn't blackmail her. He responds that blackmail is his way to get close. They laughingly accuse one another of trying to get the other to let their guard down.

    At Michael and Lauren's house, they've arrived home and are beginning to get romantic when Victor phones. He wants Michael to come over immediately. When he arrives at Victor's office, Victor demands to know his strategy for defending him. Michael says that he isn't finished yet, and reminds Victor that he won't get his best work if he keeps looking over his shoulder. Victor tells him to get used to it - or he'll hire someone else! Michael says he's been wondering if there could have been someone else on the portion of the tape that was tampered with. Victor muses, "You mean someone that came in after me." He suggests they hire someone to find out. Michael says they don't have to - they just have to raise the issue to create reasonable doubt! When Michael once again arrives at home, Lauren has candles lit and a sexy outfit on. She orders him to take his shirt off and gives him a massage and they begin to make love on the sofa.

    Backstage Blues!

    Wednesday, January 09 2008

    In their living room, Michael and Lauren discuss the revelation that Gloria is being blackmailed by Jeffrey. Michael says they need to do something - they're accessories after the fact, he's as worried about them as he is Gloria! Lauren and Michael kick themselves for not catching on sooner. Michael assures Lauren he'll get them out of this. She says Michael should be concentrating on Victor's case- she suggests that they don't get involved. Michael makes a sarcastic remark about Gloria's problem-solving skills, but Lauren tells him - Gloria's an adult, and enough is enough!

    At Neil's nightclub, he takes a call and is told the singer he had booked for that night has the flu. He calls Karen, who is in the Newman break room with Lily. He tells her he is in a jam and he needs her to help out - by taking the singer's place! Lily is boosting Karen's confidence, "You can do this!" Later Neil walks in saying he has come to beg her in person. Karen is in disbelief - he's serious! Lily suggests she just pretend she's at home in the shower. Neil adds, "Go deep." Karen rolls her eyes, but agrees to try it. Lily excuses herself and Neil takes over with the pep talk to Karen. He only stops to call Lauren for help in finding Karen an outfit, and asking her and Michael to come out to Indigo that night - Lauren agrees.

    At Indigo, Lauren arrives with clothes from the store to assist Karen in finding something to wear that night. Michael arrives soon after and Lauren tells him the surprise talent just finished rehearsing and she's terrific. Lauren also tells him that his mission for the night is to forget his mother exists! Backstage, Lily encourages a very nervous Karen. Lily goes out front and Devon and Roxanne have arrived - they introduce her to Alan. Lily pastes on a smile and says to Devon, "Obvious much?" Suddenly, Lily looks across the room and notices Cane come in with Jill and Kay. Cane comes over and says hello. Lily introduces him to Alan. Cane awkwardly goes back to his table. Kay and Jill turn toward the sound of loud laughter and see Gloria and Jeffrey canoodling in the doorway. Jill muses that it's suspicious. Michael and Lauren notice the lovebirds next and Michael becomes uptight. As Gloria and Jeffrey sit down, she tries to be lighter with him as she takes Kevin's advice. She offers to get their drinks and goes up to the bar where she proceeds to order Jeffrey a triple rum! At that point, Neil takes the stage and to the surprise of Lauren and Lily, introduces a piano player, Lenny Marks! Backstage, Karen is too scared to go on! Neil tries to make her feel better by saying they'll laugh about it tomorrow. As they kiss, Lily comes in and after checking that Karen is ok, leaves again. Out front, everyone is wondering what happened to the singer Neil had been promoting. Lily, shaken after seeing her father kissing Karen, goes out to get some air. Across the room, Gloria suggests to Jeffrey that they order more drinks as she tries to charm him. As Jeffrey appears to loosen up, he admits he finds her attractive and really wants to marry her - the blackmail is just insurance! But when their drinks arrive, Jeffrey dumps his in a plant as Gloria turns to take a drink from hers! Outside, Cane joins Lily. She tells Cane that Alan isn't really her date. Cane says, "This isn't working for me." He admits that seeing her with Alan has made him jealous. He reaches out and strokes her face and then kisses her.

    The Truth Shall Set You Free!

    Tuesday, January 08 2008

    At Michael and Lauren's home, Gloria and Jeffrey propose a toast to their engagement. The kids don't drink until Gloria prompts them. Michael asks if it's all a joke, but Jeffrey pulls out the huge ring and kneels in front of Gloria, proposing in front of them all. With wide eyes, she accepts! Michael caustically asks what the ring cost - about fifty grand?! Gloria asks them to please be happy for her. Kevin says he's fine with it, and Lauren tries to be polite, but Michael is furious as Jeffrey says his goodbyes. Once he's gone Michael confronts Kevin who refuses to reply. Outside the door, Gloria tells Jeffrey her family is not buying it. Suddenly, she offers him half a million dollars cash the next day, if he'll leave her alone forever. He smirks. He replies that he'd make much more by marrying her. As she begins to yell and curse at him, Michael suddenly opens the door and asks if they're having their first quarrel. Gloria plants a kiss on Jeffrey and Michael goes back inside. Jeffrey gets on the elevator and says, "Good night my beloved!" Back inside, Michael confronts his mother, grabbing her by the arms and bellowing that he knows Jeffrey is holding something over her head. Gloria breaks down and admits that Jeffrey is blackmailing her - she has no choice but to marry him! She weeps that she didn't want them dragged into this mess. She says he won't take a pay-off, and she feels he'll send her to prison once they're wed. Michael has a few choice words for Kevin for helping Gloria, and then they discuss Jeffrey's evidence. Michael and Gloria get in a yelling match over whether or not she'll continue to deal with this alone.

    Brad Declares His Love!

    Monday, January 07 2008

    Lauren and Gloria prepare for the dinner party. Lauren continues to pry as Gloria behaves in a tense manner. Gloria tells Lauren she just needs to get to know Jeffrey, but Lauren says, "Why don't you just level with me?!" Gloria leaves the room, asking Lauren to move her purse. As she does so, Lauren discovers the expensive jewelry inside! Gloria comes back into the room and Lauren says, "You're stealing jewelry now?" Gloria tells her it's an investment. Lauren presses her about all this foolishness. Gloria mocks Lauren for playing armchair detective. Michael suddenly comes in toting heavy boxes of files for Victor's case. Lauren holds up the jewelry and tells him the plot has thickened. They check Gloria's purse and find the imprint of the check she wrote to Jeffrey for $50,000. Michael bellows, "Gloria, get out here now!" Gloria comes out of the other room and says he needed a down payment for a property he is buying. As Lauren and Gloria act incredulous, the doorbell rings and Jeffrey arrives. Over drinks, Gloria mentions that Kevin will be late. They all discuss Victor's arrest. Michael asks Jeffrey about the property he's buying and he acts confused. Gloria jumps in and says she floated Jeffrey the loan for a house he found over on Sycamore. Michael and Lauren are very suspicious.

    Kevin arrives home and Michael jokes that they saved him some potatoes and a green bean. Jeffrey jumps up and says it doesn't matter if he's late because he has great news - Gloria has consented to be his wife! Michael, Lauren and Kevin show no surprise, but Gloria looks ill!

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