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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Lauren Fenmore Baldwin - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lauren Fenmore Baldwin Played by Tracey E. Bregman on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tracey E. Bregman (CBS)

    Birthday: 1963-05-29
    Birthplace: Munich , Germany
    Marital Status: Married Ronald Recht ( December 5, 1987 - present) 2 children
    Real Name: Tracey E. Bregman
    Height: 5' 4"


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    Y&R Recap: Modify His Behavior.

    Thursday, March 12 2015

    At the hospital, Lauren is proud of Michael's progress with his treatments, but he's not as positive.

    At the Club, Michael hangs up from Fen. He tells Lauren he is worried about him, and about Summer. Michael is down - even if he's cancer-free it could come back, and there could be side effects. He wonders what she'd do if she outlived him. She couldn't find anyone she loved as much. That's what worries him. Michael grumps about becoming impotent and goes to the restroom. Lauren chats with the bartender. Michael returns. He thinks she's auditioning his replacement. Lauren hisses that he's being a jackass. They argue. Lauren storms off. She later returns - she thinks Michael is frightened. They go home.

    Y&R Recap: I Did What?

    Tuesday, February 24 2015

    At the station, Kevin and Mariah claim Summer is so upset because they were telling stories at the cabin. Paul gets a call and the kids convene in the interrogation room. Kevin says, "He's onto us." He complains Summer keeps blurting things out. Fen agrees. In his office, Paul, Michael and Lauren discuss the plane wreck. Lauren hopes for good news. Michael asks Paul if he feels the kids aren't giving them the whole story. Lauren thinks they're just worried. Paul decides to call the FAA. Michael goes to the interrogation room and pulls Fenmore aside and grills him about Summer. Fen says he's just worried. Fen tells the others that his dad is asking questions. Summer can't take it. "We have to tell the truth." Summer rants. Kevin hisses they need to stick to the plan. Mariah hollers that it's not just about her anymore and calls her names. Summer says the cover-up wasn't her idea. Noah arrives and shares the news about Jack. Lauren feels for Nikki having to wait. Michael knows she's thinking of Jill. Lauren says she finally had the life she wanted. Michael urges positivity. Paul appears and tells them the wreckage was found and the only fatality was the pilot. Meanwhile, Noah joins the kids and tells them to close ranks and protect themselves. Lauren and Michael appear to take Fen with them. Paul tells the others they found Austin - he's fine.

    Y&R Recap: Mad Passionate Love.

    Monday, February 23 2015

    At the station, Michael gives Lauren a pep talk about the plane crash. Lauren tries unsuccessfully to call Jill's cellphone. She leaves a message that people are looking for them. Kevin and the others from the cabin arrive. They tell Lauren what happened. Paul then informs them about the collapse at The Underground and Jack and Victor not making it out. Noah and Abby leave. Michael watches the others with suspicion. He and Lauren try to convince Kevin to go to the hospital, and Mariah hisses at Summer to stop crying or she's going to blow everything. Courtney gives her statement to Paul, who thinks she seems nervous. Paul asks an officer for the word on Travers. He says, "Sorry Chief." Summer freaks out that they found his body. Paul wonders why she'd think he was dead.

    Y&R Recap: Doing Penance.

    Friday, February 20 2015

    At the station, Michael tells Lauren he couldn't reach Fenmore, probably due to the storm. Lauren is frantic about Jill. Michael says they have an approximate location but the weather is still preventing a rescue attempt. Lauren notices Michael seems exhausted and implores him to call his doctor. He admits he missed a radiation treatment. Lauren snaps but then apologizes. Michael tells her a helicopter will be going in soon - they'll know to stay where they are. They talk about Jill having the survivor instinct. Michael says they can pray for the best but be prepared for the worst.

    Y&R Recap: Repaying His Debt.

    Thursday, February 19 2015

    At Crimson Lights, Ashley leaves Jack a voicemail, asking him to let her know he's made it home okay. Michael enters as the lights go out, followed by Paul and a crew of officers. Victoria and Stitch arrive. Paul explains they'll use the coffee house as triage - The Underground roof collapsed.

    Dylan, Sharon, and Faith arrive at Crimson Lights. Paul tells them about The Underground. Dylan offers to go help on search and rescue. Lauren finds out there's been an explosion and fire at the Towers. Victoria gasps that Chelsea and Billy live there - her children are there! She leaves. Michael and Lauren feel grateful they are safe and Fen's at the cabin. Michael muses that you never know what's going to happen - you have to appreciate every moment. They kiss. Stitch tends to Sharon and assures her he'll be discreet.

    At Crimson Lights, Sharon worries about Nick while Ashley worries about Billy. Stitch has had no word from Victoria. Avery, Sage, and Joe come in. Stitch checks them over. Avery tells Ashley and Paul that Nick and Dylan are looking for survivors - she didn't see Jack. Sharon worries Nick and Dylan could be killed. Stitch says Sage and Joe have to go to Memorial. Avery tells Joe she's waiting for Dylan. Sharon says she'll let Nick know where Sage went. Paul gets a phone call. He tells Lauren that Jill's plane went missing.

    Y&R Recap: Highest Bidder.

    Friday, January 30 2015

    At the Club, Sage and Adam meet with the estate manager, Tipton, who is upset 'Gabriel' put the house on the market without telling him. He warns if their marriage is fraudulent they'll lose everything. He says he'll stop by occasionally - unannounced. Nearby, Lauren frets over Michael working. He says there are other things he would like to do - like jump out of a plane or book a trip to Paris. Lauren thinks it sounds like a bucket list. Michael suggests they both make a list. Lauren just wants to be together. Jill joins them and complains about Victor. Meanwhile, Nick runs into Sage and reassures her again about his custody case. He asks about her arguing with Gabe. She appreciates his concern. At the bar, Jill gets a call from Victor, who tells her if she wants Chancellor to bring him the full price by tonight or as of tomorrow it will be for sale to the highest bidder.

    Y&R Recap: Reckless And Crazy.

    Wednesday, January 21 2015

    On the coffee house patio, Michael assures Lauren he feels fine. He urges her to go. Kevin arrives. He's thrilled to hear Michael began treatment. Lauren leaves. Michael needs something important from Kevin - he is rewriting his will and wants Kevin to be his executor. Kevin wonders why he's doing this now and why he'd choose him. Michael has no one else. Kevin finally agrees. Michael teases that he'll have to pick up his dry-cleaning every Tuesday.

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