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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Lauren Fenmore Baldwin - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lauren Fenmore Baldwin Played by Tracey E. Bregman on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tracey E. Bregman (CBS)

    Birthday: 1963-05-29
    Birthplace: Munich , Germany
    Marital Status: Married Ronald Recht ( December 5, 1987 - present) 2 children
    Real Name: Tracey E. Bregman
    Height: 5' 4"


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    Y&R Recap: Still Standing.

    Tuesday, October 21 2014

    At the Club, Cane tells Devon he wants him to stay away from Hilary. He's actually glad Neil lost his eyesight so he didn't see them in bed. Devon wants Cane to keep quiet. Nearby, Lauren and Lily do business. Lily tells Lauren that Neil went to New York - she thinks Hilary might be the key to his happiness. Lauren wonders what's keeping Michael. They spot Cane and Devon. Lily asks if Hilary was surprised by Neil. Cane muses that it was quite a reunion. Devon realizes his phone's missing. Lily suggests he call it. By the bar, Maureen tells Victor she and Nikki have something in common. She explains that she's Ben's mother. He asks where Nikki is. Maureen tells him she's at a charity meeting. Victor offers her a drink and accuses her of working on Nikki to put in a good word for Ben with Victoria. Maureen says he's very much in love with her. Vic says he was disappointed to hear he was a convicted killer. Ben hurt his daughter, that's something he won't forget.

    At the Club, Michael spots Lauren and kisses her deeply. He's 'ready to go' so they head up to a suite. After intense sex, Michael crows about being alive. When Lauren showers, Michael calls to schedule his biopsy. In the dining room, Devon joins Cane, who tells him he's done enabling him and Hilary. Cane joins Lily and Joe appears. He tells them Avery is his ex-wife. Lily asks if he's seen her. He says yes, and he met Dylan today. He's happy for them. Lily thinks that's pretty noble of him.

    Y&R Recap: He Suffered Terribly.

    Friday, October 17 2014

    At the Club, Lauren wows Michael with her sexy outfit. They kiss and talk about being so happy - their problems are over. Madame Isadora the psychic arrives. They sign a contract with her. Lauren gets called away. Madame Isadora shakes hands with Michael and looks stricken. "Take care of yourself, Mr. Baldwin." Michael calls Dr. Botnik's office back and learns he needs to come in. Upstairs, Maureen spots Nikki. She assumes Nikki is taking some alone time. Nikki says she has a meeting and enters her suite. She eyes up the mini bar. Paul enters and startles her. He tells her he thinks the burner phone Ian gave her was bugged, so he'll come here. They'll be ready for him. Nikki marvels that they make a good team. Paul feels Victor probably isn't thrilled about this. Nikki says he's out of town and she's not returning his calls. She has to do this and Paul makes her feel strong.

    Y&R Recap: She's Really Back.

    Monday, October 06 2014

    At the church, Sharon meets Nick at the altar. He says, "Let's do this." The ceremony begins. Abby whispers to Nikki about Victor. Nikki says it's not like him to miss this. Sharon flashes back to when they first married and their romance over the years. Mariah glares as Nick and Sharon each say they're ready and willing to marry. The minister asks if anyone can show just cause why this man and this woman may not be lawfully wedded to speak now or forever hold their peace. Family members are invited to speak by the minister. Noah wants to go first. Victoria has contractions, so Abby takes her to the hospital.

    At the church, Noah talks at length about Sharon coming a long way from the very dark place she was in just a year ago, and how proud he is of his parents' enduring love. Summer goes next. She talks about growing up with Nick's love and reads a poem. Sharon embraces her as does Nick. Mariah looks sour. The minister continues with the vows. Sharon has something to say first. She has a promise to make, and a request. She promises to trust his love for her and to come to him with everything. She requests that he forgives her for all her mistakes. He says it's done. Sharon thanks him for believing in her when no one else did. Nick declares he's skipping right to the kiss his bride part. He kisses her. Nick talks about his own mistakes and promises to be open with her and make her feel safe. He gets emotional about all of them standing by them and supporting what they're doing. Jack gazes at Kelly as Nick says they're love will win out over everything else. They exchange rings. As the minister is saying, "By the power vested in my by the state of..." Phyllis blasts the church doors open. Clad in a white dress, she stares as Jack slowly rises to his feet in shock. Everyone gawps as realization dawns. Summer croaks, "Mom?" Phyllis and Sharon lock eyes. Summer rushes into Phyllis' arms. Phyllis collapses. Avery calls 911 while Jack and others hover. Mariah whispers with Kevin about that being the Phyllis. Lauren and Michael are stunned. Lauren mutters about Sharon's worst enemy appearing at her wedding. Michael muses that Phyllis must have had an agenda. Lauren says that means she's really back. Neil and Cane talk about the marriage not being official. Lily is concerned about what this means for the reception. Devon heads to the Club. Lily comforts Kelly, who is clearly rattled. Nikki suggests to Nick that they postpone. Sharon runs out. Jack, Summer, and Avery hover over Phyllis. Nick finds Sharon outside and asks why she ran away. Inside, Nikki comforts Avery, and Mariah hugs a worried Faith while Kevin looks on approvingly. Kelly listens with concern as Jack says to Phyllis, "Come on, Sweetheart, open those beautiful eyes," and thanks God that she's back.

    Y&R Recap: I'm Over It.

    Thursday, October 02 2014

    At the Club, Gloria and Lauren enthuse about Fen being in town. Lauren says Michael will join them. Glo says Jeff's at the track. Gloria remarks that Lauren's glowing and apologizes for warning her about Avery. Later, Michael arrives. Glo asks why he was at the doctor. Fen appears and Glo fawns over him. Nearby, Michael reassures Lauren about his doctor's appointment. Gloria takes a photo of Fen and his parents. By the bar, Joe Clark reads about Dylan's arrest and steps out. Nikki enters, leaving Victor a voicemail saying she needs him. She orders a lemonade and pulls a mini-bottle from her purse.

    Y&R Recap: Swoon-Worthy.

    Wednesday, October 01 2014

    At the Club, a hungover Michael tries to convince Lauren to get a room, but she reminds him of his appointment. Fenmore appears. They hug. Lauren grills him about eating. Michael asks if he's in trouble. Fen notes Michael's black eye and wonders if he should be worried about them.

    Kevin arrives at the Club to see Fen, who has somewhere to go. Michael walks him out. Kevin chats to Lauren who notices the man in the suit at the bar. Kevin snarks, "He's not that good looking!" Lauren says he's pretty swoon-worthy. Kevin tries to convince Lauren he's in a good place with his 'good place face'. Lauren thinks it looks demented. She challenges him to remove his ring. He refuses. Later, Lauren leaves a sappy message for Michael, and Kevin removes his ring at the door.

    Y&R Recap: You Little Tramp.

    Thursday, September 25 2014

    At Dive Bar, Summer is stunned to see Austin in a lifeguard shirt. He explains getting hired there. Summer loves the outfit. Austin assures her he only rubs sunscreen on his wife. She gives him a new tie and he says she'll have to return it because it's too expensive. Summer convinces him to accept it. Nearby, Jill teases Lauren, who is smiling and distracted. Jill says, "Oh you little tramp." She realizes that Lauren and Michael finally got lucky. Lauren coos that everything is fine now. Jill wants details, but Billy appears with Chelsea. Jill chides Billy about a new invention called the phone. He tells her he's on a date with Chelsea. Jill doesn't think she'll make Victoria jealous. Billy says Chelsea is smart, funny, and beautiful. Jill reminds him she drugged him. Bill counters that Colin was a monster and she married him. They say they love each other. Billy and Chelsea leave. Jill looks perturbed.

    Y&R Recap: Emergency Cocktail.

    Monday, September 22 2014

    At the Club, Michael and Avery are sharing a laugh when Lauren appears. She teases them about an affair. Michael's ready for a romantic evening with Lauren. Avery leaves. Lauren tells Michael not to feel pressured. Michael says he's feeling much more himself. They agree to meet later. Michael looks at his pills.

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