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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Lauren Fenmore Baldwin

    Full detailed profile on Lauren Fenmore Baldwin Played by Tracey E. Bregman on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tracey E. Bregman (CBS)
    Lauren Fenmore Baldwin

    Actor: Tracey E. Bregman

    Who played Lauren Fenmore Baldwin over the years

    Tracey E. Bregman (1983 - present)

    Useful information on Lauren Fenmore Baldwin

    * Married to Michael Baldwin.
    * Resides at an upscale apartment at 250 Market Street #632.
    * Sang in Danny Romalotti's band.
    * Was terrorized for years by Shelia Carter.
    * Sent her son, Scott, away to boarding school as a way to keep him safe.
    * Was kidnapped by Tom Fisher while on her honeymoon, then held in a farmhouse with Shelia Carter.
    * Experienced postpartum depression-like symptoms after giving birth to Fen.
    * Sheila Carter kidnapped her son Fen.
    * Was kidnapped by Sheila's lookalike sister and her kids.


    Current: CEO Fenmore Department Stores, Owner of Fenmore's Boutique, Partner in Glow By Jabot Boutique
    Past: worked at Spectra Fashion in Los Angeles
    Past: Worked at Forrester Creations in Los Angeles


    Lauren Fenmore, daughter of that late rich Neil Fenmore of Fenmore Department stores, appeared in Genoa City in 1983. Although she and her father were very close, Lauren's mother Joanna left her as a child and only occasionally has shown up in GC over the years. As a teen, Lauren sang in Danny Romalotti's band along with her rival Traci Abbott, then went on to fall in love and marry Detective Paul Williams.

    Despite Paul's mother Mary's interference, the two remained happy until a crazed man named Sean whose main purpose was to make Paul believe that he and Lauren were having an affair stalked Lauren. The plan worked and Paul divorced Lauren, but later found out the truth after rescuing Lauren from Sean! However, though they tried, Lauren and Paul never reconciled. Lauren's father soon passed away and she took over the Fenmore department store empire.

    Lauren's life became the obsession of another crazy person, Shelia Carter, after marrying Dr. Scott Grainger. After drugging Scott, he and Shelia had sex and she became pregnant. Scott divorced Lauren out of obligation, then found out that Lauren was pregnant too! Unbeknownst to anyone, Shelia had a miscarriage, but was determined to still have Scott's child. Shelia then bought a child on the black market and switched it with Lauren's baby! Lauren's baby, Dillon, ended up dying of meningitis and Shelia went on to raise Lauren's real child Scotty!

    After the truth came out, Shelia tried to kill Lauren, but in the end Lauren and Scott were reunited with their child, leaving everyone to believe that Shelia had died in a fire. While traveling to Los Angeles, Lauren found herself facing a ghost after attending her good friend Eric Forrester's wedding and finding his bride to be Shelia! Through a series of events, Scott came down with a mysterious disease and managed to convince Lauren that Shelia had changed. Scott died and Lauren moved to LA to work with Spectra Fashions to promote her new clothing line.

    While in LA, Lauren had an affair with Psychiatrist James Warrick during a time when he had Shelia committed to a mental institution for Eric Forrester! After his divorce from Shelia, Lauren and Eric had a brief affair but found themselves at the hands of a manic after their plane crashed on their way back from Venice. In the end, the maniac was killed and Lauren and Eric went their separate ways.

    For years, Lauren was content to travel the world while keeping together the Fenmore Empire. With Scotty tucked safely away in boarding school, Lauren moved back to Genoa City in 2001 and partnered up with Jabot to open the Glow by Jabot Boutique. Although Lauren would have liked to reconcile with her ex-husband Paul Williams, she found herself at the center of another obsessed person, Kevin Fisher, who claimed to love Lauren. In an attempt to help Kevin through his emotional state, Lauren fell for and married his brother Michael Baldwin.

    When Lauren's son Scotty, now an adult, showed up in Genoa City to help plan his mother's wedding, Lauren became worried for his safety after finding out that Shelia escaped the mental hospital! Soon Shelia returned to GC in disguise as a student who Scotty was tutoring and convinced Scotty to write her memoirs. During their time spent on Scotty's new book venture, Shelia managed to poison Lauren and even worked with Michael's stepfather Tom Fisher to kidnap Lauren on her and Michael's honeymoon!

    While everyone had thought Lauren died in an explosion during her and Michael's honeymoon, Tom Fisher had turned the tables on Shelia and held both her and Lauren hostage! Amazingly, Shelia and Lauren had worked together to try to escape Tom's hold, but in the end failed. After Scotty had found out that his co-author partner was a fake and later found out and realized that the story for their novel was in fact a horror replica of his mother's life, Paul Williams was able to track Lauren and Shelia down in an old abandoned farmhouse and save Lauren's life. However, once again, Shelia escaped.

    After Lauren was reunited with Michael, she became pregnant but lived in fear that Shelia would come back and harm her and her child. However, Paul came forward with evidence that Shelia had undergone surgery to look exactly like Phyllis Abbott, but ended up dying somewhere along the line. In 2006, after Lauren gave birth to baby Fenmore, she experienced panic attacks and refused to leave the apartment due to the hidden fear for her child's life!

    Just when she finally started letting her guard down, Lauren found out that Paul and Michael were holding Shelia, with the face of Phyllis, in a cell! However, Lauren's terror had just begun because Shelia went on the run with Fen, Summer, and Phyllis Newman in her evil clutches!

    After Sheila was dead, Lauren settled in to her life with Michael and their son. Lauren lived relatively happily until she was kidnapped by Sheila's sister, who had undergone surgery to look exactly like Lauren! Sara and her kids, Ryder and Daisy, held Lauren and her sister-in-law, Jana, captive. After they were rescued by their husbands, Lauren went through a period of post-traumatic stress. She no sooner recovered from that ordeal when she learned that Jill Foster is her long lost half-sister. Lauren and Jill have made peace and share Fenmore's Boutique.


    Paul Williams (divorced)
    Dr. Scott Grainger (deceased)


    Danny Romalotti
    Dr. James Warwick
    Jonny Carrera
    Michael_Baldwin (husband)


    Neil Fenmore (father - deceased)
    Joanna Manning (mother)
    Dot (aunt)
    Gloria Fisher Abbott Bardwell (mother-in-law)
    Jeffrey Bardwell (stepfather-in-law)
    Lowell/River Baldwin (father-in-law)
    Kevin Fisher (half brother-in-law)
    Jana Hawkes Fisher (half sister-in-law)
    Eden_Baldwin (half sister-in-law)
    Jill Foster Abbott Fenmore (half-sister)


    Scott "Scotty" Grainger Jr. (son with Scott)
    Dylan Lawrence Fenmore (Son switched at birth with Scotty - deceased)
    Fenmore "Fen" Michael Baldwin (son with Michael Baldwin)



    Wednesday, June 24 2015: Y&R Recap: Adam figures out that Marco is an impostor

    At Crimson Lights, Cane gets Lily's voicemail and talks to Lauren about his frustration. Lauren urges him not to give up. He doesn't think he can fix this. Lauren says Lily is furious; she still cares. She tells Cane she signed her divorce papers and apologizes for the pain Michael's plan caused. "Go to her and make it right."

    Phyllis arrives at the Club and asks Billy and Kyle if they've seen 'Jack'. They invite her to join their conversation about 'Gabe'. They agree they're skeptical. Billy's gut says Gabriel Bingham is no Abbott. Phyllis wonders if they can say the same about 'Jack' - he's not acting like one lately. They all agree. Billy says he'll get answers to their questions. By the door, Cane asks Joe if he's seen Lily. Joe hasn't. They walk to the bar. They discuss marriage over beers. Cane says Lily would never cheat on him. Joe warns him not to put her on a pedestal. Cane assures him she would never jeopardize their marriage. Paul arrives and talks to Lauren by the door. He learns of the divorce. Marco arrives and joins Billy and Kyle. He agrees 'Gabe' should have a DNA test. Billy thinks it will prove Bingham is not his son. Once alone, Marco bags up Kyle's drinking glass. Later, Paul knocks on Joe's suite door and asks for an alibi. Joe says Lily saw him at the bar and he then went for a walk. Paul will be watching him. Downstairs, Lily appears as Lauren is checking on Cane. Lauren goes. Cane doesn't want to fight. Lily wants to start over. They embrace.

    Tuesday, June 23 2015: Y&R Recap: Lily has sex with Joe

    At the Club, Joe chats up Lily, who is online trying to find out if her marriage can be saved. At the door, Lauren tells Cane she tried to get out of her lease. Cane says he told Devon not to let her. They understand why Lily was upset. Lauren hopes his flowers help convince Lily she's the only woman for him. Cane interrupts Lily and Joe to apologize to her again and give her the bouquet of lilies. Lily smiles. Cane gets called to a delivery. Lily looks at her laptop and says, "You liar."

    At Crimson Lights, Michael leaves Fen a voicemail that he loves him. Lily appears and shows him something on the laptop that is time-stamped. It proves Lauren and Cane are having an affair. Lily exits and Lauren appears. Michael confronts her about going to Cane's room at midnight. Lauren wonders why he cares. She says he thought she knew her better - he's not the man she married. Lauren tells him the man she married would do everything to keep their family together, not run from one problem. Michael says they don't belong together anymore. Lauren is done. She asks for the divorce papers and signs them. Lauren hopes he is in as much pain as she is.

    Lauren spots Cane at the coffee house and they compare notes on Lily misconstruing the footage. Lauren urges him to try again with Lily before it's too late.

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