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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Victor Newman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Victor Newman Played by Eric Braeden on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eric Braeden (CBS)

    Birthday: 1941-04-03
    Birthplace: Kiel, Germany
    Marital Status: Married Dale Russell (1966 - present) 1 child - Christian
    Real Name: Eric Braeden
    Height: 6' 1"
    Web site:


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    Y&R Recap: Naughty Nikki.

    Wednesday, May 27 2015

    Neil bangs on Nikki's door at the club until she stumbles out of bed to answer. She doesn't want to talk to him. He notices Walt, the man he punched the other night, in her bed. Nikki gasps. Neil wakes him up. Walt insists that she came on to him. Nikki flashes back to dragging Walt into her room. Neil kicks him out anyway and reminds her that she's married. "This is his fault!" she complains, blaming Victor. He tells her this is all her fault and she needs to be accountable. As he runs her a shower, she calls security. The guard escorts him out. She finds a bottle of vodka in the sheets and looks at herself with disgust in the mirror. In the dining room downstairs,Victoria tells Billy that Nikki is in denial. She wishes she could help her. Billy says she needs to want to help herself, that's the way addicts are. She's sure nothing good will come out of this considering all the meds her mom is on. He offers to help. Meanwhile, Nick helps Sage lotion up on the club's rooftop. He challenges her to go swimming and strips down to his trunks. After they swim, she admits that she's worried about what kind of mom she'll be. Nick tells her everyone makes mistakes and she won't be alone. He gets a call from his sister. They head downstairs and his sister fills him in about GC Buzz calling their drunken mother 'naughty Nikki'. Victor isn't doing anything and she's worried. Neil joins them to explain that Victor enlisted him to help. He's found a therapist to do an intervention but they have to do it immediately. The siblings head up to their mom's room and tell her they need to go to the ranch for dinner with Victor. She looks for excuses but after spotting the vodka bottle in the trash, they insist on taking her. Downstairs, Billy tells Sage about how she will one day be the mother to one of Victor's grandchildren. She doesn't think that she's in the same boat he was. He warns that what happened to Sharon, could happen to her too.

    Y&R Recap: Man Oh Man.

    Tuesday, May 26 2015

    On the rooftop of the club, Summer, Kyle and Mariah discuss knowing who the killer is. Summer still needs to know why Tobias killed Austin. Kevin joins them. He's not convinced that Tobias was the killer. It seems more like he's been framed. The others insist that the case is closed. The bickering continues. Downstairs, Yack and Phyllis stroll into the club and bump into Victor. They discuss the police stumbling on evidence revealing the killer. Phyllis talks about how much better Yack has been sleeping and then heads for the table. The two men discuss the case. Victor accuses Yack of killing Tobias to cover things up. "If I was guilty of all the things you accuse me of, I'd be a very dangerous man," Yack says. Victor threatens him and wanders off. He runs into Neil and Nikki by the door. The mustache asks her about getting drunk last night. Neil won't lie for her and repeats that she needs help. She tells them both to go to hell and storms off. "Man oh man oh man of man," Victor grumbles. He decides that he needs to take 'harsh measures'. In the dining room, Yack and Phyllis have breakfast. They rehash how he wasn't being himself before. She reminds him of their wedding. Later, Kyle and Summer come in. Phyllis and Summer discuss being in a good place with the Abbott men in their lives. Kyle tells Yack that Kevin is having a hard time dropping the murder investigation. "This case is closed," Yack says. On the rooftop of the club, Neil finds Nikki getting drunk. She claims she can stop drinking when she's ready. When he stops the bartender from serving her, she stumbles away. He makes a call to get help. Back downstairs, Victor gets a call from his contact informing him that Jack might have escaped on a boat carrying illegal cargo.

    Y&R Recap: Rich, Entitled, Monsters.

    Monday, May 25 2015

    In Sage's room at the club, Nick tries to talk Sage out of going to the party. She's insistent. Downstairs, Victor orders Tobias to leave. Ashley reminds him that she threatened to have him arrested. Tobias nonchalantly grabs a drink. Yack informs him they don't need any spies. Tobias threatens to tell the guests all of Victor's secrets. When he's commanded to leave, Tobias jumps on the bar and rants about them being 'rich, entitled, monsters'. Ashley declares that he's useless. Neil drags him off the bar and then bickers with Billy, who just wants to dump the interloper in a car. After Billy drags him out, Jack thanks him. Nikki sneaks drinks. Kyle and Summer admit to Yack and Phyllis that they caught Tobias spying on them at Crimson Lights. Abby looks uncomfortable as they discuss this. When her friends approach her, they discuss whether or not Tobias has something to do with the killer. Yack glares over at them. Meanwhile, Victoria and Billy talk about how nice it is to work together again. She spots her brother and Sage walking in. Nick introduces her to his parents. Noah arrives in time to hear the latest mention of the baby. They fill him in and toast. Nikki announces that she doesn't drink and heads off to powder her nose. She bumps into Dylan on the way and starts complaining to him about how her sons are saddling themselves with awful women. Sharon pops up, who refuses to argue on the anniversary of Cassie's death. She advises Nikki not to antagonize Sage while she's pregnant. Nikki accuses her of taking advantage of the family and strides off. Across the room, Sage assures Victor that she's not a gold digger. She walked out on Gabriel's money and she's confident that Nick will be a good father. Sirens start to ring. Lily comes in and says there has been an accident involving a party guest. It was Tobias. Kyle, Abby and Summer decide to run over to the hospital to see if he's doped up enough to spill the truth. Nikki returns. Victor wonders if she's been drinking and she starts slurring her insults of the mustache. She complains about how dirty she feels for following Victor's orders and blames him for driving Tobias over the edge. She storms out and heads to the roof. Neil trails after and finds her getting plastered with some dude. She teases Neil about walking into the party with his son's ex. Neil takes her aside and she tells him that Victor is not winning tonight, she is. Neil asks the dude to step off and gets threatening. Meanwhile, Nick brings Sage back to her room. He advises her to 'duck and cover' when it comes to his dad. They make out. Back downstairs, Phyllis notices that Yack has gone missing. By the bar, Billy and Victoria discuss the pregnancy and start brainstorming their new project. When they stroll upstairs, they catch Neil punching the guy who was with Nikki.

    Y&R Recap: It's A Blessing.

    Friday, May 22 2015

    Neil is at the ranch with Victor. Newman explains why he asked Nikki to the party. Neil worries that she's too vulnerable for that. Nikki appears. She's not coming home. She just needed some fresh clothes. Neil tries talking her out of going to the party. It could get ugly and she'd be caught in the crosshairs. Meanwhile, Victor gets a call from the guard, who informs him that Jack is gone and Kelly is dead. That sounds awful to Victor. The guard assures him they will recapture Jack. "You make that your priority, or else," Victor threatens. Someone watches him through the door. Victor returns to the others. Nikki insists on going to the event to support the family and show everyone that she's fine.

    At the club, Lily fusses and Phyllis hopes that no one strangles anyone else today. Lily spots Hilary and Devon strolling in. She starts lecturing them. They decide to leave. When Lily brings up Rose, Hilary nearly clobbers her. Devon holds her back. He hopes that everyone will come to accept his relationship. Lily thinks he's delusional. Later, Victor stands by the entrance to greet guests. Yack is perplexed to see him fawning over Ben. Victor strolls over to his daughter. She's still miffed about his promoting Gabriel. He advises her to get along with him. Across the room, Phyllis and Nikki worry about Jack. Nikki's children join them. Before Nick can announce his news, they spot Neil walking in with Gwen and their jaws drop. Lily wonders what her father is up to. He tells her that he actually likes Gwen. Hilary approaches Gwen and warns her that Neil has been acting out. Gwen doubts she sincerely gives a damn and tells Devon and Hilary that they disgust her. Neil gets between them all and Gwen decides it's time for her to go. Meanwhile, Ben and Ashley have an awkward conversation. She admits that she developed feelings for him. That doesn't make sense to the doctor. Ash asks him not to say anything to Abby. When he returns to Abby's side, he awkwardly glosses over what Ash said and then makes an excuse to leave. Back across the room, Nick tells his family that he and Sage are having a baby. "It's a blessing," he insists. Sharon arrives with Dylan. When she wanders off, his mom approaches him and suggests that he doesn't need to be spending time with Sharon anymore. He informs her that things are over with Avery and he's with Sharon now. That doesn't go over well. He walks off to see Sharon. Nikki grabs a drink. As someone spies on the guests, Yack calls everyone together to talk about the merger of the families. He reminds everyone that it's the anniversary of Cassie's death and announces that he is funding a pediatric wing dedicated to her. Nick and Sharon thank him. The watcher creeps out and straight over to Victor. "You should not be here," Victor says.

    Y&R Recap: That's Absurd.

    Wednesday, May 20 2015

    Victor is in Yack's office questioning him about the killings. Yack insists he wasn't involved. It sounds like Victor has more of a motive than he does. "That's absurd," Victor grumbles. They discuss the crimes they've committed together. Yack insists that he has consistently come through for Newman. Victor barks that he doesn't want any more games or improvisation. He walks out. Later, Chelsea shows up with her designs and tells him that Victoria wasn't interested in them. She worries that Victoria may have a vendetta against her. He offers to green light her ideas and double her budget. She's thrilled. He takes her hand and tells her how much he trusts her.

    Neil is with Nikki in her room at the club. He tries to sober her up. They discuss being alcoholics. He thinks her life is out of control. She refuses to go to rehab and suffer from the public indignity. Nikki reminds him of what happened to Christine after she tried forcing him into rehab. He reminds her that she needs to set an example for her family. Victor shows up. He's not thrilled Neil is there and accuses him of trying to drag her into the gutter. After he sends Neil out, Nikki tells Victor that he is the one who has driven her to drink, not Neil. She starts smashing bottles as she lectures him for being a manipulative control freak. "You're coming home with me," he orders. She refuses. He doesn't understand. Nikki begs him to go and bursts into tears. When Victor gets to the bar downstairs, he tells Neil that he appreciates him trying to help Nikki. Neil tells him that acknowledging it's out of their control in the first step.

    Y&R Recap: It's A Miracle.

    Tuesday, May 19 2015

    At the club, Nikki and Neil discuss how nauseating aiding Victor in his latest scheme is. She's worried for her soul. Victor appears. "Every time I see you, I want to take a drink," she tells him. Neil decides to duck out of the domestic dispute. She informs Victor that she's booked a room at the club. He insists the ranch is her home. When Neil stands up for Nikki, Victor threatens to fire him. He orders Nikki to go home and leaves. Neil gives her a little pep talk and walks out. She stares at the booze behind the bar. On the stairs, Dylan and Sharon discuss his break-up with Avery. He's sure that they have trust and other things to build on. She doesn't want the past to hold them back. In her room, Nick comforts Sage through her morning sickness. She worries about Sharon. He's sure that the sooner she knows about the baby, the better off they'll be. Later, Neil visits Nikki in her room. She's been drinking so he starts dumping her bottles in the trash and orders a pot of coffee. She doesn't want to hear any self-righteousness from him and complains about them all being on Victor's payroll. The coffee comes and he forces her to drink it. She rails about Victor. "Only you can help save that man," he says.

    Yack is at the office with Kyle and Ashley. He's eager to get to business on the Newman-Abbott merger. "Who are you and what did you do with my brother?" Billy asks as he enters. He interrogates him about the signature. Yack assures him that the Abbotts will have a meaningful voice in the new merger. He wants his brother to come back. Ash says it's what their dad would want. Billy finally relents and shakes his brother's hand. Once alone, Yack assures Kyle that he is the future of the company. He hands him an envelope to deliver. Kyle worries about the killer on the loose. Yack quizzes him about what the kids know and learns that the cops may have the killer's DNA. Victor arrives in time to eavesdrop on this. After Kyle leaves, Yack fills Victor in. "You killed those two people, didn't you?" Victor asks. Down the hall, Gabriel wanders into Victoria's office. They begin bickering about his 'bed buddy' Chelsea. The woman in question arrives. Gabriel argues that they need to expand the fashion line. The three of them bicker until Gabe and Chelsea walk out together. They argue. She won't fall back into bed with him for doubling her budget. "Do it because it's what you want," he suggests. Billy and Ash interrupt to inform them that he's back at the company. Victoria comes into the conversation. They all argue about funding. Gabe talks up Chelsea and tells them they're all pathetic. After they walk off, Ash suggests that Victoria up her game. Left alone, Billy thanks Victoria for having his back. No one messes with her family. "It feels good to be back," he says.

    Y&R Recap: Winner Takes All.

    Friday, May 15 2015

    Yack dreams in Spanish of Victor visiting him in a cell. He wakes up in his bed and finds Phyllis recording him. After he nearly snaps her wrist, she quizzes him about his dream. He's evasive and heads for the shower. She rushes downstairs and shows Victor the video of Yack talking in his sleep. Yack interrupts their chat. Victor worries about all the stress he's under and suggests they call the merger off. Yack refuses to scuttle the deal and assures them he'll sleep like a baby when the in-fighting is over. Victor offers to keep a close eye on him. They send Phyllis off for a nap. Victor lectures Yack for talking in his sleep. He orders him to alienate Phyllis out of his bedroom. Yack refuses. Newman urges him to use his brain, not the rest of his anatomy. Yack demands to be treated as his partner, not an employee. Victor threatens to turn him over to the FBI. Yack threatens him back, warning that he doesn't play by the same rules as Abbott. Victor plays by his own rules too: winner takes all.

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