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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Victor Newman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Victor Newman Played by Eric Braeden on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eric Braeden (CBS)

    Birthday: 1941-04-03
    Birthplace: Kiel, Germany
    Marital Status: Married Dale Russell (1966 - present) 1 child - Christian
    Real Name: Eric Braeden
    Height: 6' 1"
    Web site:


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    Y&R Recap: It's Complicated.

    Monday, March 02 2015

    At the hospital, Jack isn't so sure it's a good idea to work with Victor to help Phyllis. Victor asks, "Are you reneging on our deal?" Jack tells him not to do anything until he's out of there. Once alone, Jack phones someone he needs to see. Soon, Paul and Chris arrive. Jack tells them Kelly is lying about them having sex - she's over the edge. Paul says that doesn't prove Kelly set up Phyllis. Chris thinks Jack would say anything to get Phyllis off and vows she'll pay. Later, Jack is leaving the hospital wearing a sweater when Ashley questions him about sleeping with Kelly. He admits it. Ashley asks what the hell he is doing. He says he and Victor have an arrangement to make sure Kelly is found guilty. Ash gapes. "So now you and Victor are allies?" He says they're not enemies.

    Victor meets with Kelly in the Club office. She knows he's helping Phyllis and asks, "Who are you playing?" Victor says his interest is to get Jack Abbott away from Phyllis. Kelly asks how she could help him achieve that goal. He says his plan will work if she does her part. Kelly is in as long as she gets Jack. Later, Paul shows up to question Kelly. He suggests she may have hurt herself to get Jack back. Kelly says no man is worth that and she's given all the information she has. Paul looks thoughtful and leaves. Downstairs, Ashley grills Victor about working with Jack. Victor thinks the near-death experience changed Jack and soon everyone else will see the same thing.

    Y&R Recap: Mission Accomplished.

    Thursday, February 26 2015

    At the hospital, Jack awakens to Victor standing over him with a pillow - he seemed uncomfortable so Victor was going to put him out of his misery. They bicker. Victor baits Jack. He wants him to admit he lied to Phyllis. "You had sex with Kelly." Jack says it's none of his business. Victor muses that's not a denial. Jack is beyond irritated. Victor reminds him they have to work to help Phyllis. In the waiting area, Kyle tells Abby why he was at the Abbott cabin. Abby wonders how he slipped down a ravine and didn't get a scratch. Abby takes Kyle to Jack's room, and leaves. Victor says he doesn't fault Kyle for what happened at Newman and exits. Kyle tells Jack he came to meet Summer's husband. "But I guess I won't get that chance now." Jack asks why not. Kyle says he's leaving. Jack wants him to move back. Kyle won't commit. As Kyle goes, Victor returns and lets Jack know Kyle's been doing well in New York. Jack is irked. Victor suggests they try getting along. Jack flashes to their past fights. They'll be friendly enemies. In Hilary's room, Devon thanks Neil for saving their lives. Neil did it for Lily - if she weren't there he'd have let them all freeze to death. Neil has the ring Devon gave Hilary - it was what he saw on New Year's that gave him hope. Neil wonders where to send Hilary's things. Devon reminds him she almost died. Neil goes. Devon tells Hilary he's glad the truth is out. Hilary hates the way Neil looks at them. Devon suggests they leave town for a while - no one is going to forgive him anytime soon, if ever.

    In the hospital waiting area, Kevin, Mariah, Summer, and Noah tell Abby they think Kyle may know where Austin's body is and show her the bloody towel. Abby says Kyle claimed to have fell in the ravine but didn't have a scratch. Kyle joins them and asks about his rental car. Noah wonders why he was at the cabin. Kevin asks why he had the bloody towel in his car. Kyle says he took one in the nose at his boxing lesson. They admit they can't find Austin. Kyle asks what really happened to him. Elsewhere, Neil tells Hilary the paperwork is done. She has something to tell him - she's always been that woman who first came to town bent on revenge. "I finally got what I wanted; to take down you and yours. Mission accomplished." She laughs at him as Devon listens from the door. "After what you did to my mother, I could never love you Neil, and I could certainly never love Devon." In Jack's room, he deletes Kelly from his contacts list. In the chapel, Victor enters the confessional and says, "Thank you for coming. My plan is working like a charm. Jack suspects nothing."

    Y&R Recap: Woman Scorned.

    Wednesday, February 25 2015

    At the ranch, Victor's children are overjoyed to see him. Victor takes Nikki's drink. "I need that more than you do." The children fuss over Victor, who suddenly collapses.

    At the hospital, Adam and Chelsea have a conversation about fighting for love. She thinks they're talking about Sage. Billy appears - Jack will be fine. Adam is visibly relieved. Billy wonders how close they are. Adam says Jack gave him a second chance when no one else would. Sage arrives. She tells them their building is closed down. Once alone, Chelsea tells Sage that Gabe told her about the will but they can build a life. After, Sage tells Adam he's shameless. They discuss Jack. Adam admits he knows who he is. Sage is panicked because he's on medication and could talk. Adam can trust him. In Jack's room, Kelly bursts in ranting about how he ripped her clothes off and made love to her. Jack is appalled. He can't believe he thought Phyllis was the cause of the trouble. Kelly hollers he's made fools of them both. Kelly becomes completely unhinged when they accuse her of being delusional and poisoning herself. A doctor intervenes. Kelly goes. Jack asks Phyllis to forgive him. She is subdued because he almost died, and agrees they'll take it from here. She leaves, looking for Kelly. Adam enters Jack's room. He reminds him when he visited him in the hospital a couple of years ago. Jack says Victor saved his life. Adam tells him to ask Billy how he got out of the burning building. Jack worries he may have said something to Victor. Adam says he's still under the rubble. Jack is stunned. Later, the Newmans learn that Victor has a concussion. Nikki insists Victor stay overnight. The nurse says he'll have to share a room. He reluctantly agrees. Nick spots Sage and reiterates he wants to know her better. Adam sees them embrace. Sage tells Adam that Nick's father is alive. Adam muses it must be true that Victor Newman is immortal. Adam warns Sage again that Nick will never cut loose from Sharon. Meanwhile, Victor is installed in Jack's room. They bicker. Victor asks for a transfer and Jack wants another hospital. Abby chastises them, but once alone, they bicker again. In the waiting area, Victoria and Nick confront Nikki about her drinking. "When you nearly dropped Katie and blamed it on the MS you were drunk, weren't you?" Nikki tearfully admits it; she's been drinking for months. Nick blames Victor's stunts, but Victoria argues the point. They assure her they'll get her help.

    Phyllis returns to Jack's room and laughs at him sharing a room with Victor. She complains about Kelly. Victor asks, "What's your plan?" In the waiting area, Abby spots Kyle, who says he came to crash her killer party.

    Y&R Recap: I Did What?

    Tuesday, February 24 2015

    Nick, Victoria, Abby and Nikki arrive at the ranch. Nikki pours a vodka and downs it as they watch in horror. Victor appears. "You might as well pour me one while you're at it."

    Y&R Recap: Doing Penance.

    Friday, February 20 2015

    At The Underground, Nick and Dylan try to reach Nikki, Victor, Phyllis, and Jack. Phyllis urges an ailing Jack to hold on. Phyllis thought Jack had left. He says he came back - he was worried about her. He regrets the plan to provoke Phyllis. Victor asks Jack what he wanted to tell him about Adam. In the rubble, Nick and Dylan bicker about how to proceed. More debris falls. Dylan thinks they need to get out.

    At The Underground, Jack tells Victor, "Adam is..." Just then the rescue workers appear. They'll take them out one at a time. Nikki and Phyllis are out and Victor and Jack bicker about who will go next. Debris collapses on Jack.

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