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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Victor Newman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Victor Newman Played by Eric Braeden on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eric Braeden (CBS)

    Birthday: 1941-04-03
    Birthplace: Kiel, Germany
    Marital Status: Married Dale Russell (1966 - present) 1 child - Christian
    Real Name: Eric Braeden
    Height: 6' 1"
    Web site:


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    Y&R Recap: Are You High?

    Tuesday, April 28 2015

    At Jabot, Ashley overhears Victoria telling Victor they need to repackage Hex for a younger demographic. Ash barks that it's not intended for a younger demographic. They bicker. Ash learns Jack isn't coming in. Victoria asks Ash for figures. Ash wonders if she wants coffee too and tells her not to dare treat her like an assistant. Once alone, Victoria admits to Victor she's surprised Jack didn't show up today. She thinks Phyllis has made a change in him. Victor muses that he was a different person after the honeymoon. Later, Chelsea is there and Ash listens as Victor and Victoria tell her she will have to submit her work to focus groups. She won't listen to paid amateurs. Adam appears and defends Chelsea. Chelsea announces she quits - she apologizes to Ashley, but says she won't be caught in the middle of all this. She and Adam speak privately about what happened between them. He reassures her he won't tell Billy.

    At Jabot, Victoria gets a call from Nick, and Ashley and Victor discuss Chelsea walking out. Ash wonders what if Chelsea won't let him see Connor now? They discuss Adam. Ash wonders how Adam would feel about his and Jack's alliance.

    Y&R Recap: Not My First Rodeo.

    Monday, April 27 2015

    At Jabot, Neil runs into Gwen. He tells her she did a damn good job of pretending she was dating his son while he was cheating with his wife. In an office, Victor catches Yack ordering a Ferrari and stops him. Neil enters. They try to talk him into being CFO. Neil is suspicious when Yack doesn't remember his jazz music and casual attire management style. Victor covers. Yack leaves to take a call from Phyllis who tells him they'll have Nikki and Victor for dinner. Yack returns and Neil signs on. Gwen stops Neil on his way out. Meanwhile, Yack and Victor debate about dinner. Yack thinks it will send up red flags if they cancel. Victor warns him to behave at dinner or he'll send him back to the Peruvian prison.

    At the Abbott house, Nikki and Phyllis discuss their plan. Yack and Victor arrive. They share the news about Neil. Phyllis wonders if Jack could fire Victoria since he had to fire Billy. Nikki says Billy's not the caliber of employee Victoria is, and Yack takes no offense. They talk about who could fire who. Yack insists the past is behind them. Phyllis says she has orchids on the table tonight and asks Yack to explain the significance. He can't, so distracts her with a speech about bonding with Victor in the hospital - their motivation is no longer destruction but love. The women go to get dinner. Victor tells Yack, "Good job." Yack goes to finish ordering the Ferrari.

    Y&R Recap: Brave New World.

    Thursday, April 23 2015

    At Jabot, Yack tells Ashley that Victor and Victoria will be by today. "We're one big happy family now." Ash thinks he's lost touch with reality. Yack says if she's against him, she should quit. Victor appears with Victoria and Victor says they'll do everything to make Ash comfortable. They snipe back and forth. Yack is distracted by a text. Ash refers to working with Victoria. Victor says she won't work with Victoria, she'll work for Victoria. Ash turns on Yack. She seethes that Hex is a huge success and she's still not co-CEO. Victoria suggests she stay in the lab if emotion will cloud her judgement. Yack says, "Welcome to our brave new world." Ash will stay and fight for John's legacy. Yack takes Victor on a tour. Outside the lab they bicker. Yack says Ash is pain in his ass. Victor warns him not to make her question his behavior - it's becoming a little cuckoo. Meanwhile, Victoria wants Ash's office. Abby and Ben arrive. Abby says the merger is like her - Newman and Abbott. Ash tells them Victoria is now the boss. Ben is a little overwhelmed at the thought of them all working together. Victoria says she'll see them individually in her office. Ash whispers to Abby and Ben that they have to stick together. Vikki calls Ben in. She says it hasn't even been one day since they broke up. "Focus on business. That's all that's left." Meanwhile, Abby tells Ashley that Ben and Victoria broke up. Abby assures Ash she's loyal to her. Abby is next in Victoria's office. Vikki says they'll always be sisters but asks her to be on time and focus on work not her personal life. In the lab, Ash confronts Ben about his bed-hopping. She warns there will be war here and suggests he resign. He won't. Chelsea arrives. Ash tells her Victoria's in her office - the one with her name on the door. Chelsea enters. She informs her she won't allow her business to be threatened to keep Billy in line and threatens to take her line elsewhere. Victoria recognizes her value. Chelsea goes and Vikki notices Ben and Abby kissing. Elsewhere, Ash leaves Jack a voicemail - if he's John Abbott's son he wouldn't do this.

    Billy arrives at the Club and discusses the merger with Kyle and Phyllis. Billy says he's going to make Jack see this is a colossal mistake and they're going to help him. Phyllis and Kyle want to support Jack. They argue. Billy insists Victor will have a plan to pummel Jack and it's too big a risk. Yack and Victor appear. Victor mocks Billy for not understanding that change is inevitable. Kyle takes Yack aside to ask if he has a plan. Yack confirms there's more to the merger than Victor knows. Billy watches as Victor, Yack, and Phyllis take a table. Phyllis excuses herself and Yack watches her. Victor barks, "Eyes on me." He warns him about sticking to the script and threatens to put him back in the Peruvian prison.

    Y&R Recap: Family Drama.

    Wednesday, April 22 2015

    At home, Victoria talks to Katie about Billy. Victor appears. They bicker about Billy. Victor warns her there are big changes coming in the company and he needs her commitment. Victoria promises to leave the company to Katherine. Talk turns back to Billy and Ben. Victoria says she's had enough of men in her life, Abbott and otherwise. Ben appears. "I guess I'm otherwise." Victor is interested to hear about the Abbott family meeting at the Club. He leaves. Ben tells Vikki they need to talk. She confronts him - keeping Abby safe turned into more. They love each other, but it's not the kind of love that keeps two people together. Vikki thinks he needs to find someone who can make him happy. He thinks she needs to find out if her happiness is with Billy. Stitch leaves his key and goes.

    In the Jabot lab, Billy and Ashley wonder why Jack has called this meeting. Elsewhere, Abby complains to Kyle about their schizo family and Jack having flashbacks to his playboy days. Abby won't take sides. She leaves. Yack arrives in the lab with Victor and Victoria. Yack announces, "Victor and I are now partners." Billy pulls Victoria aside. She's as surprised as he is about this. Victor says he's dropped charges against Jack for cyber-theft. Yack insists it's not the reason he formed the alliance - Victor saved his life and got Kelly to confess - he's an ally not an enemy. A reporter appears and photographs Victor and Yack shaking hands and grinning.

    Y&R Recap: Mind Meld.

    Tuesday, April 21 2015

    In court, Hilary takes the stand. ADA Mobley insists on a recess. Leslie whispers to Neil that Mobley's rattled. Devon approaches Hilary to question why Mobley seems worried. Her phone rings - it's Mobley, who confronts her about tricking him. She says it was about her helping her husband, who doesn't belong in prison. Mobley says if he recuses himself he'll be replaced; Christine won't stop. Hilary tells him not to recuse himself. Devon eavesdrops. Mobley and Hilary argue. Hilary warns if he recuses himself because he had sex with her, his career will be over. Nikki and Victor confer with Paul, who says the only thing that will bring Christine peace is a guilty verdict. Court reconvenes. Hilary is called to the stand, but Mobley approaches the bench and proposes a plea deal. Leslie and Neil agree to a deal for two years probation and community service. Paul hisses angrily at Mobley. Court is adjourned. Leslie marvels at the ADA. Victor offers Neil a position at Newman. Neil declines. Devon and Neil shake hands and embrace. Outside, Paul asks Victor if he's the reason Neil got away with murder. Victor denies it. Paul storms away. He confronts Mobley, who says there was no foul play. Paul thinks someone got to him. Mobley denies it. By the elevator, Devon tells Hilary he knows she made that happen. He realizes she used the ADA the same way she used him. Hilary blurts, "It's not the same." Hilary says it's different because she loved him; she still loves him.

    In the confessional, Victor isn't happy his co-conspirator came back early. He won't be disobeyed again. Yack tells him to relax. "They seem to think I'm making a deal with the devil. I'll show them who's boss."

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