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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Victor Newman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Victor Newman Played by Eric Braeden on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eric Braeden (CBS)

    Birthday: 1941-04-03
    Birthplace: Kiel, Germany
    Marital Status: Married Dale Russell (1966 - present) 1 child - Christian
    Real Name: Eric Braeden
    Height: 6' 1"
    Web site:


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    Y&R Recap: Cane and Lily clash

    Wednesday, July 29 2015

    In Victor's office, Billy comes upon Abby and Victoria arguing after Abby calls Vikki's ideas 'too 1988'. They get to talking about types of love. Billy looks pointedly at Victoria. Adam enters and says charges were dropped against him. Billy tells him to get out. Victor appears. "Gabriel isn't going anywhere." He says Jack is alright with it and the rest of them should be too. Billy argues against it and Victor invites him to resign. Victoria and Billy exit. Once alone, Adam asks Victor what's going on. They spar verbally. Victor irks Adam by saying he has everything. Adam tells Victor he doesn't have a damn thing he wants.

    Y&R Recap: Adam takes Connor but returns him

    Tuesday, July 28 2015

    In Victor's office, he tells Victoria and Abby he and Jack will be running the company together. They're going to put their differences behind them. Victoria and Abby snark at one another. Victoria complains the C.O.O. position isn't for on-the-job training. Victor talks about Gabe being gone and Jack returning. Paul arrives. He tells Victor he's free of charges but remarks on how seamlessly his and Jack's stories dovetailed together. After, Abby and Victoria also comment on how conveniently things worked out. Victoria demands the truth about the park and how it got to that point. She gathers the shooting was about getting the corner office. Victor trashes Gabriel. Victoria points out he didn't act alone and Victor gave him the C.O.O. position. Abby questions Jack not backing up Gabe and sending Victor to prison. Victor thinks he and Jack have become better people. Abby wonders if Jack's just pretending to call a truce. Victor says Jack needs him. Victoria thinks Victor needs Jack more.

    Y&R Recap: Jack backs Victor up

    Friday, July 24 2015

    Victoria pressures Abby to step down at the office. Victor interrupts. He approves of the warehouse deal Abby made and wants her to remain in her job. Once he's gone, Victoria tells her sister that she's out of her depths. She warns that Ashley will be out for her job and isn't crazy about her involvement with Stitch. "Pot, kettle," Abby points out.

    At the club, Nikki is relieved when Neil informs her that Jack is back in the land of the living. Now she needs to know if her husband has been lying to her. Victor suddenly appears. He spreads the good news concerning Jack before explaining that Gabe is an 'absolute liar' and is out at Newman. Nikki kicks herself. Victor asks Neil to stay out of this. When Nikki refuses to speak to the mustache privately, he stomps out. Neil and Nikki go upstairs to continue their conversation. She feels guilty for not believing in her husband. He thinks Victor should feel bad for not believing in her. She assures him that she won't be falling under Newman's spell again. Meanwhile, Victor runs into Ashley in the club. She tells Victor that Jack backed up his story. Victor's sure that he and Jack can put everything behind them and get back to work. She's more than a little skeptical.

    Y&R Recap: Jack and Victor reach an understanding

    Thursday, July 23 2015

    At the hospital, Jack angrily confronts Victor about the lengths he went to to get what he wanted. Victor tells him to calm down. Jack barks that he's calling the shots now! Jack tells Victor he is going to pay. Victor denies everything. Jack mentions the shooting. Victor says he thought he was shooting Marco and it was self defense. Victor wonders how much of the sordid story Jack wants the world to know since he killed Kelly and the men on the cargo ship. He thinks Jack could be extradited and get the death penalty. Jack agrees to stick to Victor's version of the park that night. Victor tells him Marco is dead. Jack says there is one other person who knows Marco was impersonating him - Gabe Bingham. Elsewhere, Abby tells Stitch she can't wait to get back to their bed. He stays quiet. Adam arrives to check on Abby. They discuss the warehouse deal. Adam is supportive. When Adam mentions visiting Jack, Ben tells him to visit tomorrow - doctor's orders. Adam gets a call from Chelsea, who asks him to come to her place right away - he's in trouble. Later, Abby wonders if Ashley pressured Ben to keep visitors away from Jack. Ben mutters that he and Ashley are friends and she's not doing that. Ben goes to Jack's room and Victor leaves. Jack asks Ben for one more favor.

    In her suite, Marisa frets and starts packing. Noah shows up and tells her she has nothing to worry about. She kisses him, apologizes, and they kiss again. She doesn't want to ruin things by rushing into bed. Noah will see her tomorrow. Downstairs, Chelsea is pleased that Adam neutralized Billy and Phyllis. Adam promised to do right by her and Connor. She leaves and Victor appears. He figures Victor heard he stepped down as CEO and isn't Jack's son. He warns Jack will tell the truth about the shooting when he wakes up. Victor's sure he will.

    Y&R Recap: Jack opens his eyes and speaks

    Wednesday, July 22 2015

    In Marisa's suite, she fills Victor in on her adventures with Jack and how she overheard Marco's plan once they were back in Genoa City. She notes Victor seems relieved Jack is alive. He asks where Marco is. She says he's at the bottom of a lake. She won't tell anyone about his connection to Marco. Victor notes that when Jack regains his consciousness he'll have a hell of a story to tell. Marisa doesn't think anyone will believe him. Victor warns her not to underestimate Jack and says what happens now is no longer her concern. He tells her to leave town without a trace. She's not interested in his money or in leaving. He thinks she has her eye on his grandson, who has lots of money. Marisa insists Noah is just a friend. Victor learns Marisa was an orphan. She says he couldn't possibly understand.

    In Marisa's suite, Victor gets a call from Ben regarding Jack's recovery. He exits.

    At the hospital, Ben tells Jack that Victor is coming. After, Kyle enters and gives a heartfelt speech to Jack, who feigns being comatose. When Victor shows up, Ben runs interference between him and Kyle. After, Victor enters Jack's room. He asks, "Is it really you, Jack?" Jack opens his eyes and replies, "You bet your ass it is." Elsewhere, Ash gets Abby settled back in and Ben joins them. Ash exits and Abby apologizes for her voicemail. Ash looks in as Ben kisses Abby's hand.

    Y&R Recap: Marisa tells Victor he shot Jack

    Tuesday, July 21 2015

    At Newman-Abbott, Victor wants Adam out of his chair, but Adam thinks he's going back to jail. He produces the contract naming him as CEO. "Kindly see yourself out." Victor smirks. Adam says it's good as long as Jack's in a coma. Victor mutters that he's really something and reminds him of his son Adam. Victor says he kicked Adam out and warns him not to cross him in business. Billy arrives, complaining that 'Gabe' let Abby screw up. He gets up to speed on the gun in the penthouse. Billy decides to go see Jack. Chelsea follows him out. They bicker about whether 'Gabe' was set up. She warns there will be a battle for power and he'll have to choose sides. Inside, Victor gets a call and tells Adam not to get too comfortable before leaving. Chelsea and Billy rejoin Adam. Billy says he'll be choosing the Abbott side of things, and not the Abbott-come-lately. Elsewhere, Victor returns his phone call and is pleased to know they found out where 'she' is. Once alone, Chelsea worries the more time Adam spends around Victor, the more he risks exposure. He should just give Victor's chair back. Adam insists he won't do that to Jack. Chelsea warns he'll never get what he wants from Victor. Adam won't let anything come between him and her and Connor. Chelsea says if he means that, he'll step away from this job.

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