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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Victor Newman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Victor Newman Played by Eric Braeden on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eric Braeden (CBS)

    Birthday: 1941-04-03
    Birthplace: Kiel, Germany
    Marital Status: Married Dale Russell (1966 - present) 1 child - Christian
    Real Name: Eric Braeden
    Height: 6' 1"
    Web site:


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    Y&R Recap:The Great Houdini.

    Monday, April 20 2015

    At the Abbott house, Ashley and Billy argue with Victor about having an investigator examine the video footage of Jack to ensure it's not doctored. Victor says their desperate measures won't save their brother. Yack appears with Phyllis. "Save me from what?" He invites Victor to make his accusations to his face. He does. Instead of denying, Yack says he'll have to call his lawyer. Victor goes. Billy and Ashley try to get answers from Yack, who advises them to try going to the islands. Ash warns he is facing federal charges; they could be left with no option but to cut a deal with Victor. Yack asks if that's really such a bad thing. They think he's lost his mind. Yack won't share his strategy with Billy and Ash - it's his company. Ash and Billy look floored. Once alone with Phyllis, Yack expresses confidence that Victor won't put him in prison. "Victor thinks things are going one way, and I know they're going another."

    At the court, Christine gets into it with Nikki, and says that if she and Paul didn't share a son, Nikki would be up there beside Neil getting what she deserves. Neil arrives to find Cane and Lily there for support. Victor arrives and tells Nikki she doesn't have to do this. She can do it - she has to. They go into the courtroom where Christine takes the stand to tell of her loss. Leslie grills Chris about blaming Nikki even after Neil came forward and her irrational hatred for her. Chris leaves afterward. Meanwhile, Mobley questions Nikki about her changing stories and calls her and Neil a couple of drunks. Victor jumps in. "Don't speak to my wife that way!" Neil gets on the stand and admits he was drunk. Devon hollers that he's responsible. Neil explains it was the alcohol that made him grab the wheel; nothing but his own sickness. Leslie calls Hilary to the stand. Mobley turns and Hilary smirks and vows to tell the whole truth.

    Y&R Recap: Business And Pleasure.

    Wednesday, April 15 2015

    Victoria finds Nick in a grouchy mood at The Underground. They discuss Sharon's arrest. Nick wonders if he ever knew her at all. Victoria feels the same way about Billy - he used her to get the upper hand in business. She confides they'd had some close moments. Victor arrives. Victoria leaves to meet Lily. Victor asks how Nick is doing with the Sharon news. Nick tells him to butt out. They debate. Victor tells him to take his head out of the sand.

    Sage arrives at The Underground as Victor finishes advising Nick to stay away from Sharon, and keep Faith away from her. Once alone, Sage tells Nick she served 'Gabe' with divorce papers. She has no money, no job, and needs a place to live, but is happy. He worries about people forgetting about The Underground. She suggests he set up a booth at the street fair. Nick offers her the job of managing his nightclub. She muses about mixing business and pleasure. Nick doesn't see a problem. They kiss and fall onto the sofa.

    At the Abbott house, Ashley and Adam discuss how to proceed with Victor. She thinks he has an ulterior motive with Jack. He says he's lost his inheritance and needs the job. She wonders if Chelsea is part of it. Victor arrives. Ash thanks him for coming. She asks when he'll let the vendetta go. Victor says it's not personal, it's business. Adam scoffs. He won't stand there while he destroys his friend Jack. Victor calls him impertinent. Ashley gets between them. Adam leaves. Ashley and Victor argue. She asks Victor to wait until Jack's back from his honeymoon to make his next move. Victor gives her 24 hours, and then he goes to the authorities.

    Y&R Recap: Go With The Ghost.

    Tuesday, April 14 2015

    At the Club, Victoria tells Victor that Ben is going to claim his sister's ashes. She says the investigator found footage of who hacked their servers - it's Jack. Victor chuckles. He wonders how Jack got the code and proposes that Billy took it from her phone.

    At the Abbott house, Billy calls out for Jack. Ashley says they went off to get married in a secret location. Billy says he found out how the server got hacked, and by who - Jack. Ashley says it's got to be a mistake. Billy shows her the footage. Ash asks, "Why would he do it?" They try unsuccessfully to reach him or Phyllis. Ash warns to keep this between them. Victor and Victoria arrive. Victor says it's convenient that Jack is away just as he's about to be charged with cyber-theft. Ash and Billy's reaction shows they're not surprised. Bickering ensues as Victoria accuses Billy of stealing her security code - it's their wedding date. Victor says he'll hand the footage over to the authorities. Ashley follows him to the door. Victoria rants at Billy about the act he put on when they spoke at the Club - it was all a lie. After, Ash and Billy discuss how Jabot will take a major hit when this leaks. Ash is suspicious of how Jack got the code to Newman Enterprises' data room.

    At the Club, Victoria questions why Jack would break into their files - there must be more to the story.

    Y&R Recap: Bottomless Pit Of Need.

    Friday, April 10 2015

    At the Club, Lily, Victoria, and Cane discuss Brash & Sassy sponsoring the gala. Victoria runs down Jabot's Hex. Victor and Nikki appear. Victoria, Nikki, and Victor whisper about Jack and the charity. Victoria steps away. Nikki and Victor bicker about Neil and Leslie briefly but he says she's beautiful. Kyle and Summer arrive. They agree not to discuss the murders. Phyllis, Ashley, and Jack arrive. Jack tries to talk to Summer about the case but Kyle cuts him off. Victor and Nikki join them. Victor suggests to Jack and Ashley that they team up to find the hacker. Jack questions them working together. Victor says he's evolved and drifts off. Jack asks Nikki what her husband is up to this time. Nearby, Michael and Lauren arrive. Cane has a business proposition for Lauren. She can't wait to hear the details. Michael encourages her to go with Cane and find out. Joe makes a speech about Avery and presents her with the Better Days Award. Avery makes a speech about abuse and Joe. She is honored to know him. After, Kyle bickers with Jack about his responsibilities. Kyle is taking Summer home. Jack gets another silent caller. Meanwhile, Victor baits Ashley about whether Jack has named her co-CEO yet. She warns him not to pit them against each other. He says Jabot is an Abbott business, and she's not really an Abbott. Ashley wonders why he's doing this. Jack intervenes. By the bar, Cane tells Lauren he would like to join the team at Fenmore's - being second to Jill at Chancellor with Colin involved isn't working for him. Michael's all for it. They toast to new horizons. Michael pretends to have to leave for a client and leaves them talking. By the stairs, Avery gets news about the lab results and phones Dylan. Joe stops her to tell her the Bingham inheritance is being given to the Better Days foundation. They go up to a suite to celebrate. Phyllis and Jack talk about leaving. Jack gets another silent caller. Victor looks on. Phyllis and Ashley tease Jack that the missed calls are Victor. Jack will talk to Ashley about the CEO position when he returns from getting married. Victor calls someone and warns them to stop calling Jack. On Joe's terrace, he and Avery toast to Constance. He talks about how she changed him, especially when she left him. They kiss. Avery pushes away, but Joe can't pretend; things have changed. He says Dylan wants to rescue someone and they have to try and make this work. He kisses her again. She pushes him away and he falls over the balcony. She screams. "Joe!"

    Y&R Recap: Pass The Torch.

    Thursday, April 09 2015

    At the ranch, Victor listens as Leslie questions Nikki about Neil's state of mind the night of the accident. When Leslie asks how Nikki reacted when Neil lashed out at her in the car, Victor tells Nikki not another word. He thinks Leslie is angling to make Nikki look bad. Leslie leaves. Nikki is angry at Victor for telling her what to do. Victor says that woman is not her friend. Nikki intends to help Neil. Victor insists she can't trust his attorney. Nikki changes the subject to his plot against Jack. Victor's tired of fighting. She doesn't want any tension at the charity event - the Abbotts will be there. Victor promises to be on best behavior. Later, he tells someone on the phone they will blow the Abbott hierarchy to smithereens and change the order of it. "You and I will be at the top."

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