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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Victor Newman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Victor Newman Played by Eric Braeden on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eric Braeden (CBS)

    Birthday: 1941-04-03
    Birthplace: Kiel, Germany
    Marital Status: Married Dale Russell (1966 - present) 1 child - Christian
    Real Name: Eric Braeden
    Height: 6' 1"
    Web site:


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    Y&R Recap: The End Of The Line.

    Friday, September 26 2014

    In Stockholm, Victor calls Dr. Cutler to check on Phyllis. He thinks his son has been deceived and Phyllis is the one who can confirm it. After, Victor meets with the doctor who will do the DNA testing. The man says he'll get Victor a definitive answer. Victor wants efficient results.

    Y&R Recap: A Step In The Right Direction.

    Tuesday, September 23 2014

    At Nick and Sharon's place, Victor bags up Nick's champagne glass and Faith's hairbrush. Nick reappears and questions Victor's apparent change of heart about Sharon. They bicker about Victor going after Sharon's secret. Victor reassures him. Sharon comes downstairs. She invites Victor to the wedding. After, Nick tells Sharon his father was putting on an act. Sharon suggests they play along. She says there is something each of them need to do for the wedding.

    In the car that picked her up, Phyllis doesn't respond to the driver, who asks where she's going. Meanwhile, at the facility in Georgia, Dr. Cutler orders someone to find Phyllis and then takes a call from Victor wondering about Phyllis' progress. Cutler says her situation is still unresolved. Victor gets a recommendation for a DNA lab in Sweden and rings off. In the car, the driver puts his hand on Phyllis' leg. She hits him. After, she stands by a sign that says 285 miles to Genoa City.

    In Victor's office, Nikki is skeptical to hear that he just shared a toast with Sharon and Nick. Nikki figures he forgot to mention his little meeting with Mariah, and that he paid her off. Victor lies that Mariah came to him for money to pay her bills. Nikki muses that she'll find out soon enough if it's true. Victor says he's going on a business trip. They embrace. Later, Victor doubles security around the house. Mariah arrives. Victor says if his trip is successful, Sharon's secret will be blown wide-open and that wedding will never take place.

    Y&R Recap: Emergency Cocktail.

    Monday, September 22 2014

    At Victor's office, Mariah wants enough money to leave town in return for Sharon's secret. She assures Victor what Sharon's done is worse than she could have imagined and will send Nick running. Victor won't pay until she tells him. Mariah says Sharon is lying about his granddaughter, and who her real father is. She says Sharon talked in her sleep. "Faith is not Nick's daughter." Victor muses that Sharon really got around and could have faked the paternity results. He worries this would hit Nick hard after Summer. Mariah replies, "Check please." Victor hands her cash as Nikki enters. Nikki offers support to Mariah who declines. Victor sends Mariah packing. Nikki asks Victor what he's using Mariah for now. Victor insists he's not the villain. Nikki warns him about interfering in his children's lives and leaves.

    Victor arrives at Sharon and Nick's place and makes a toast to the bond of their children always being with them. Sharon goes upstairs and Nick asks what Victor's up to. Victor fakes a headache. While Nick goes for aspirin, Victor bags up Nick's champagne glass and Faith's hairbrush.

    Y&R Recap: Weird Comatose Love Triangle.

    Friday, September 19 2014

    At the Club, Jack and Abby talk about Ashley's new lab. Abby complains about Stitch. Jack trusts Ashley's judgement and warns things need to run smoothly. Kelly stops by the table briefly and overhears Jack talking about Scarlet Mist and Phyllis. After, Abby talks about Kelly trying to fill Phyllis' shoes. Jack disputes that view. Abby says she'd feel like part of a weird comatose love triangle. Jack reiterates that Kelly's not competing with Phyllis. Abby says she couldn't compete, and then spots Victor, who joins them and needles Jack before getting a table with Abby. He asks her about Ashley hiring Stitch. Abby says she love him, but won't let him use her as a pawn. Victor chuckles and fishes for information on Ashley's new fragrance. Abby won't talk, but warns Victor to take her seriously as a businesswoman. Meanwhile, Jack finds Kelly, who assures him she didn't mind him talking about Phyllis. He tells her one day he'll name a fragrance after her, but then apologizes - he did that for Phyllis. Kelly reassures him. Later, Abby clears the air with Kelly, telling her she's been good for her Uncle Jack. Abby shares her perspective on Phyllis - she pities the woman who would go up against her for a guy.

    In his office, Victor calls Dr. Cutler to press him about Phyllis' progress. Cutler says he has something to report - Phyllis has reached a plateau. She's attempting to communicate but he isn't sure of her cognizant abilities. Victor barks about upping her dosage. Cutler wants to call the family. If she doesn't improve soon on the powerful drugs he'll have to stop treatment. Victor orders him to move forward without her family. Later, Mariah arrives - she's there about Sharon's secret.

    Y&R Recap: Touch Of Doom.

    Tuesday, September 16 2014

    At the station, Victor admires Paul's fishing lures and then grills him about Ian's disappearance. He wonders if Dylan knows anything but Paul refuses to discuss it. Elsewhere, Mariah teases Kevin about writing a screenplay. He says they haven't found Ian yet. She's worried about paying a lawyer to deal with the marriage. Kevin reminds her she's a Newman. She retorts that she's not and says she spent the night on the couch at The Underground. Kevin thinks she should be armed because of Ian. He offers up his own 'touch of doom'. Mariah calls him a weirdo and leaves. Victor lurks. Later, Harding tells Paul that Ward's jacket containing business cards were found behind the old quarry. Harding says Ward must have walked to the quarry from the track. Paul says someone could have moved Ian there. He notes the quarry mud on the jacket and heads out.

    Victor finds Mariah in the park. They bicker about whether he knew she was Cassie's twin the whole time. Victor muses that sometimes things happen for a reason. He calls it 'destiny'. Mariah complains about Nick and Sharon wanting to play house. She's pretty sure he didn't see that coming. Victor doubts that Nick wants her there. Mariah says Nick's always the one tracking her down. Victor says she'd wear out her welcome now that they're engaged. He wonders if she's sticking around for another reason. Mariah realizes he thinks she knows where Ian is and says if she did, she'd hold out for a major payoff from Victor. Victor chuckles and offers to protect her. Mariah says he'd sacrifice her in a heartbeat if it led him to Ian. Victor hopes it doesn't come to that. They decide they have some mutual respect. He tells her to keep her eyes open until Ian's found.

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