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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Victor Newman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Victor Newman Played by Eric Braeden on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eric Braeden (CBS)

    Birthday: 1941-04-03
    Birthplace: Kiel, Germany
    Marital Status: Married Dale Russell (1966 - present) 1 child - Christian
    Real Name: Eric Braeden
    Height: 6' 1"
    Web site:


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    Y&R Recap: Jumping The Gun.

    Monday, December 15 2014

    In the Club elevator, Adam strikes up a conversation with Victor. His father doesn't know him. Elsewhere, Cane tells Joe that Genoa City residents don't like change. Joe talks about how Cane was a big player in this town and his opinion holds sway. "Are you on board?" Lily tells Cane not to answer. She says Joe can schmooze her husband all day but he won't help him carve up this town. Joe asks Cane, "Is she speaking for you?" Cane says he and Lily are a team. Joe's inspired by that. He only wants Cane to extend an invitation to Mr. Newman. Cane joins Victor at the bar. Joe tells Lily that Cane's in his element, and adds that behind every great man there's a great woman.

    Jill arrives at the Club in time to hear Victor tell Cane he has some interest in the development and will consider coming to the party. After, Jill warns Victor he may end up on the wrong side of history. Victor asks when she became a sentimentalist. She says when Katherine died. He suggests she talk to Cane. Meanwhile, Lily complains to Cane about Joe doing business through him.

    Y&R Recap: Eye-For-An-Eye.

    Friday, December 12 2014

    At Victoria's house, Victor holds Katie. He can hardly wait for her to run Newman-Chancellor. Victor asks what Victoria's next move will be. Victoria says she's deliriously in love - with the baby. Victor presses. She says men aren't her top priority right now. He talks to her about coming back to work. She'll return when she's ready...on one condition. She wants a full nursery at work. Victor agrees. They discuss Ashley's project. Victor doesn't think they realize what they're up against. "Us." Later, Nick visits and Victoria assures him he's doing right by Faith. Nick asks about Billy and Victoria confides she's hoping to make things work with Ben. Nick warns her to be on guard. Victoria says he's not Sharon. Nick talks about the bear trap incident and his angel of mercy.

    At the Club, Victor hangs up from Tobias and greets Ashley. He thanks her for joining him. They catch up. Ash says Jack warned her he might fish for information. Victor plunks down an envelope and says it's a compensation for when she leaves Jabot and joins him at Newman-Chancellor. Ash finds his power games with Jack tedious and turns him down flat.

    Adam and Victor get in the same elevator at Newman-Chancellor.

    Y&R Recap: Cold Shower.

    Monday, December 08 2014

    At the Christmas tree lot, Victor tells Jack, "That tree is taken." They try to outbid each other until Victor offers to buy the whole lot. Nikki intervenes. Jack thinks Victor tricked him into coming there, but Nikki says she was behind the call to his assistant. Jack accuses Victor of wanting information on Ashley's project. Victor chuckles that it's sure to fail. Nikki reminds them they're there for charity. They argue about where Summer will spend Christmas, and then bicker about Jack staking a claim on Adam. Jack says he might still be alive if not for Victor's blackmail. Jack goes to look at 12 footers, Nikki leaves for Victoria's, and Victor calls someone to come there.

    Victor meets Tobias at the park, who assures him Ashley has no idea he's working for him. Victor wants project information by New Year's Eve.

    Y&R Recap: Outside Looking In.

    Tuesday, December 02 2014

    At home, Victoria hands Katie to Billy, who talks to the baby about the unique house. Nikki and Victor arrive. Victor wonders why Billy's holding his granddaughter. Victoria tells him to get used to it; Billy is Katherine's father. Nikki wants to celebrate the new member of the family. Billy remarks that she's a new member of the Abbott family as well. Nikki and Vikki take Katie upstairs. Billy thinks even Victor must be happy that he's the father rather than a murderer. Victor realizes he hasn't heard and tells him Ben's a hero. Billy thinks it's idiotic that Ben gave up half his life. Victor snarks that he knows nothing about honor. They argue. Victor says he can't compare to Stitch. Victoria and Nikki return - Nikki will stay to help out. Nikki gets a call from Maureen. Nikki can't believe her nerve. Maureen asks her to come to Chancellor Park. Nikki announces she forgot a charity meeting and leaves. Billy goes upstairs and Victor tells Victoria the name on the baby's birth certificate is Newman - as it should be. Victoria says Billy's a good father. Victor worries she's softening towards him and says Ben's more worthy of her. Later, Victoria and Billy discuss Victor. Billy says he got to him until he looked at the baby.

    Paul finds Joe at the Club and grills him on his recent whereabouts. Joe is sorry to hear about the brick incident. Paul muses about a connection with the development. Joe denies it. Later, Victor joins Ben and urges him to get over to Victoria's house to prevent her from making a big mistake.

    Y&R Recap: Only One Choice.

    Wednesday, November 26 2014

    At the ranch, Nikki eyeballs the alcohol as Victor appears. He's sad about those who will be missing. Faith runs in, followed by Sharon. She understands they don't want her to stay. Nikki walks Sharon out and says they'll protect Faith from what she's done. Nikki slams the door. Later, Paul and Christine arrive and greet Victor. Nikki offers wine. Chris declines; she may be pregnant. Dylan plays with Faith and Avery gets a Happy Thanksgiving text from Joe. She joins Dylan and Faith, who leaves them alone. Avery says awkward family get-togethers are what Thanksgiving is all about. Nikki calls for a toast - it's been a year since she announced she was Dylan's mother. They're both glad they took the journey. Dylan is proud to call Nikki and Paul his parents. Victor clinks Dylan's glass. "Cheers."

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