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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Jack Abbott - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jack Abbott Played by Peter Bergman on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Peter Bergman (CBS)

    Birthday: 1953-06-11
    Birthplace: Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
    Marital Status: Married MariEllen with 2 children
    Real Name: Peter Bergman
    Height: 6' 1"


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    Y&R Recap: Weird Comatose Love Triangle.

    Friday, September 19 2014

    At the Club, Jack and Abby talk about Ashley's new lab. Abby complains about Stitch. Jack trusts Ashley's judgement and warns things need to run smoothly. Kelly stops by the table briefly and overhears Jack talking about Scarlet Mist and Phyllis. After, Abby talks about Kelly trying to fill Phyllis' shoes. Jack disputes that view. Abby says she'd feel like part of a weird comatose love triangle. Jack reiterates that Kelly's not competing with Phyllis. Abby says she couldn't compete, and then spots Victor, who joins them and needles Jack before getting a table with Abby. He asks her about Ashley hiring Stitch. Abby says she love him, but won't let him use her as a pawn. Victor chuckles and fishes for information on Ashley's new fragrance. Abby won't talk, but warns Victor to take her seriously as a businesswoman. Meanwhile, Jack finds Kelly, who assures him she didn't mind him talking about Phyllis. He tells her one day he'll name a fragrance after her, but then apologizes - he did that for Phyllis. Kelly reassures him. Later, Abby clears the air with Kelly, telling her she's been good for her Uncle Jack. Abby shares her perspective on Phyllis - she pities the woman who would go up against her for a guy.

    In their apartment, Summer notices Austin's perusing the classifieds. He says he's looking for a second job and points out all the help they've taken from her family. She had no idea he was so unhappy. Austin says he's frustrated he can't get a camera job because of his notoriety on the internet. They talk about what Summer might do. She suggests working in The Underground office. Austin doesn't like it. Nick arrives and breaks the news of his engagement. They congratulate him. Summer says Sharon took the time to become her friend even with all she's been through. They discuss Mariah. Nick assures Summer it doesn't change the way he feels about her. After, Summer tells Austin that everyone's moving on with their lives while her mom lies in that hospital bed. She wishes a miracle would bring her back. Jack arrives to tell Summer about Nick and Sharon. Summer says he stopped by. She talks about how great it was when she, Nick, and Phyllis were a family. They talk about discovering they were father and daughter and embrace. Jack goes. Summer tells Austin she's going to visit her mom.

    Y&R Recap: You Made Your Single Bed.

    Thursday, September 18 2014

    At the Club bar, Jack and Kelly discuss her mother. Kelly hasn't sought her out. She doesn't want Jack involved either. "Wither my mother goes, trouble follows." Kelly confesses she'll never trust Maureen. Jack thinks Kelly bounces well, but also walks away. Kelly says Maureen's always been distant from her, and her reaction after her father's death was disappointing. She upsets her too much. Sharon appears, looking for help booking her wedding reception. Jack congratulates her, and leaves. Kelly and Sharon firm up reception plans. Sharon tells her she's glad she's with Jack and mentions having once been married to him. Kelly asks about her history with Phyllis. Sharon confesses she doesn't remember how they left things before the accident. Upstairs, Ben asks Maureen about why she's sticking around. Maureen wants to spend time with him and Kelly and see the baby. They talk about moving forward from 'that day'. Stitch leaves as Jack arrives. He tells Maureen her visit has upset Kelly. He suggests Maureen give Kelly some answers. Maureen protests she's worked hard to put the tragedy behind her. She talks about trying to protect Kelly when she was young and says she's become a strong woman. Jack exits as Nikki approaches the door. She hides, and then knocks. Maureen assures her she'll call her Nikki whenever their paths cross. Nikki acts nervous about her staying in town. She blames the tabloids and the pressures of being Mrs. Victor Newman. Maureen pours a toast to their kids. Nikki protests, but then says one drink won't hurt. At the Dive Bar, Victoria approaches Billy and Chelsea, who are kissing. "Look who's back in town." Billy assures Chelsea they owe Victoria no explanation. Stitch appears, followed shortly by Abby for a meeting. Billy learns Stitch is the new chemist. Victoria tells Abby that Nick and Sharon are getting married. After, Vikki watches Abby and Stitch work and banter, and Billy and Chelsea talk about having a relationship. As Chelsea walks past, Victoria confronts her. Chelsea says she can't have it both ways. "You made your single bed, now sleep in it." Abby interrupts their argument. Chelsea goes. Victoria accuses Abby of flirting with Ben. Abby denies it. They look over at Stitch, who tells Kelly that Jack visited Maureen; he shouldn't stir things up with mom. Downstairs, Chelsea and Billy agree they're looking forward to spending time together.

    In Neil's living room, he tells Hilary they both know this isn't going to work out. "We both know why." Hilary thinks this is about his eyes. Neil says she didn't sign up for this. Hilary argues. Neil ends up hollering that she should have a life with someone who can see her. He won't think less of her if she walks out the door. Hilary shouts, "I would think less of me." Neil insists it would make him happy to see her free. Hilary flashes to Neil proposing and tells him she'll never leave him. She says he cannot push her away; they're going to get through this. Jack stops in. Hilary heads to the office. Neil confesses he was trying to let Hilary go. Jack argues with him to embrace his wife's support. Neil muses that he went about this all wrong.

    Y&R Recap: It Makes Sense.

    Friday, September 12 2014

    At the Abbott mansion, Kelly tells Jack she's going to meet her mother for coffee. Jack wants to meet her. Kelly says it's not the best time. She talks about always being distant from her mother and things got worse after her dad died. Jack thinks he could help.

    At the Club, Christine tells Lauren they need to keep Paul's gathering low-key. Chris feels it will be a nice surprise for Paul. They discuss Paul's recovery. Chris admits they haven't moved ahead with their pregnancy plans yet. She asks about Lauren and Michael. Lauren says they're fine. Upstairs in Maureen's suite, she and Ben discuss Kelly. Maureen complains she was always daddy's girl. Ben tells his mother not to feel obligated to stay, but she says she was given the advice to face her demons. Maureen presses Ben to get a paternity test and learns that the mother-to-be is Victoria Newman. Maureen says she's sorry about Jenna and Max too. Kelly arrives with Jack, who gushes about Kelly. Ben mentions he'll be working for Ashley. Jack warns that he'll actually be his boss. Maureen thinks Kelly is fortunate to have a man like Jack. Jack says he is the fortunate one. Downstairs, Nikki and Victor greet Lauren and Chris. Dylan and Avery arrive next. Victor thanks Dylan for protecting Nikki from Ian. Nikki tells Dylan she's proud of him. They start to wonder where Paul is. Lauren is surprised to hear Avery say she and Michael have lightened their caseloads - he worked late the other night. Paul appears. Chris says, "Surprise." He looks disapproving, but accepts everyone's congratulations on being chosen for the distinguished citizen award. Michael arrives and pulls Paul away to tell him Dylan was spotted at the racetrack. Paul lets Dylan know he will have to question him at the station. Meanwhile, Maureen spots Nikki and calls her 'Sherry'. Victor hears.

    Kelly and Jack arrive home to find 'welcome home' flowers for Kelly from Summer. They are pleased at her change of heart.

    Y&R Recap: We Are Sisters!

    Tuesday, September 09 2014

    At home, Jack takes a call from Nurse Hathaway. Kelly bursts in. Jack asks if something's happened to Phyllis, but the nurse has hung-up. Kelly urges him to call the clinic directly. He does. Dr. Cutler assures him the nurse called in error - there's been no change with Phyllis. Jack tells Kelly something doesn't add up. Kelly wonders if he goes to check on Phyllis, what he hopes to find. Jack apologizes for being insensitive. Kelly gets that grief doesn't have an expiration date. Traci appears. Kelly leaves them to talk. Jack tells Traci he's thinking of seeing Phyllis again. Traci thinks he's having trouble letting go. Jack explains about the strange call from the nurse, and his earlier dream. He decides to relax - if anything is going on at the clinic, Avery or Summer will be notified.

    Y&R Recap: Liquid Courage.

    Monday, September 08 2014

    At home, Jack dreams of waking up beside Phyllis but he's in bed with Kelly. Kelly teases him about having bad dreams and Jack talks about making her feel welcome there. Later, Jack tells Kelly the movers are putting Phyllis' boxes in storage. Kelly recalls when her father died and then apologizes - Phyllis is still alive. Jack says she's not coming back. They discuss Summer being happy with Austin. Jack worries he's let Summer down by giving up on Phyllis. Kelly reassures him. Kelly suggests he keep photos of Phyllis in the house. Jack says he has the best reminder of all in Summer. Kelly decides to go get food and cook him dinner. Jack flashes to teasing Phyllis about almost burning the house down trying to boil water.

    At the Abbott house, Jack signs for Phyllis' boxes to be taken away. The phone rings - no one speaks on the other end.

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