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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Jack Abbott - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jack Abbott Played by Peter Bergman on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Peter Bergman (CBS)

    Birthday: 1953-06-11
    Birthplace: Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
    Marital Status: Married MariEllen with 2 children
    Real Name: Peter Bergman
    Height: 6' 1"


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    Y&R Recap: Dirty Affair.

    Friday, March 06 2015

    At the Jabot lab, Jack tells Ashley about Abby sleeping with Austin. Ashley wonders what she was thinking and muses she hasn't had the best role models. "Speaking of Victor..." She grills Jack about their alliance and says he's acting erratically. Jack tells her about seeing Victor coming out of the confessional.

    At the Abbott house, Billy presents Chelsea with a ring and proposes. She accuses him of proposing because he thinks Gabriel has feelings for her. Billy denies it and convinces her to accept. Adam and Sage arrive. Billy announces their engagement. Adam looks flummoxed. He recovers enough to note Billy got the ring size wrong. Billy and Chelsea leave. Adam blames Sage for pushing them together. Sage warns he needs to come to terms with this or he'll ruin everything. Later, Jack arrives. He won't help Adam. Adam warns he'll do whatever it takes to get his family back. Jack compares him to Victor.

    At the Abbott mansion, Jack accuses Billy of rushing things with Chelsea. Billy's going ahead unless Jack has a damn good reason he shouldn't. Jack says he has his support.

    Y&R Recap: Adult Tea Party.

    Thursday, March 05 2015

    At Austin's memorial, Summer rages at Abby. "You slept with my husband!" She screams for her to have the guts to admit it. Summer keeps at her, and Abby tries to leave. Summer screams, "That's right, leave. Leave!" Nick grabs Abby. How could she do this? Abby cries she didn't do it on purpose. Nick says Austin was married. She snaps, "Just like you were every time you cheated." Abby leaves. Nick goes back to Summer, who asks Kyle if he knew about Abby and Austin. Kyle says he came to the cabin to tell her. Summer asks who else? She realizes Mariah knew, so every but her did. Summer asks Avery why people say they love each other and then cheat. She wants to know why Avery cheated with Dylan. Avery says she fell in love. Summer thinks Austin maybe fell in love with Abby. She wonders who Avery blames. Avery doesn't have answers and is sorry she's hurting. Phyllis tells Summer this was not her fault. By the doors, Courtney, Mariah, Kevin, and Kyle argue about what happened to Austin at the cabin. Kyle points out they have no idea who killed Austin or who they're covering for. Later, Nick and Phyllis leave Summer inside alone. Summer approaches the casket. "You son of a bitch!" She hollers about loving him and bangs on the casket.

    Y&R Recap: Book Her!

    Wednesday, March 04 2015

    In the hospital confessional, Victor talks about tending to his family and the other matter. He says Kelly is adamant about pulling Phyllis away from Jack; they will proceed as planned and Jack will never know what hit him. He steps out and Jack is there. They talk about going to Summer's service and getting along. They agree Christine won't make it easy to clear Phyllis but they intend to do it. Victor goes. Jack hears something in the confessional. "Hello?" He is distracted by a call from Phyllis. Later, Victor happens upon Paul, who lashes out at him about driving Nikki back to the bottle. "She got drunk and plowed her car into Chris." He says she's fighting for her life and their baby's life. "This is all on you!" Victor says he had nothing to do with this. Paul says he pushes everyone to the edge and others have to pay. Victor feels terrible. Paul tells him to go to hell. Victor goes. The doctor tells Paul that Christine is out of surgery and stable. Paul goes in. Chris is unconscious, but he tells her she was right and he was wrong. Chris awakens. They both sob as he tells her the baby didn't make it.

    At Austin's memorial, Phyllis talks to the casket. Nick appears. She tells him Kyle is there and she's happy Summer has him to lean on. Avery arrives. She tells Nick the contractor he hired has a history of cutting corners; they can prove Nick isn't to blame for the collapse. Avery then apologizes for her actions with Jack. Phyllis says she's sane and Jack knows it. Summer enters. They all rush to hug her. Summer cries at the casket. Jack arrives. Summer cries about the stupid cabin. Abby and Mariah enter. Summer asks her to put a photo of Austin out front. There she encounters Kyle and they snark at each other. Noah enters. He tells Kyle that Austin had a video of Abby and he was in the background. "What were you doing here?" Kevin and Courtney arrive as Kyle tells Noah to pick a fight elsewhere. Kevin, Courtney, and Noah compare notes on Kyle, who has gone over to greet Jack. Nick begins the memorial. Summer flashes to arguing in the cabin and someone saying, "Sleeping with her husband." Mariah speaks, and then Summer takes the podium. She looks at Abby and begins a heartfelt speech about Austin. Suddenly she flashes to Abby telling Austin they can't do this anymore; it's not fair to Summer. She leaves the podium and seethes at Abby. "You slept with my husband!"

    Y&R Recap: It's Complicated.

    Monday, March 02 2015

    At the hospital, Jack isn't so sure it's a good idea to work with Victor to help Phyllis. Victor asks, "Are you reneging on our deal?" Jack tells him not to do anything until he's out of there. Once alone, Jack phones someone he needs to see. Soon, Paul and Chris arrive. Jack tells them Kelly is lying about them having sex - she's over the edge. Paul says that doesn't prove Kelly set up Phyllis. Chris thinks Jack would say anything to get Phyllis off and vows she'll pay. Later, Jack is leaving the hospital wearing a sweater when Ashley questions him about sleeping with Kelly. He admits it. Ashley asks what the hell he is doing. He says he and Victor have an arrangement to make sure Kelly is found guilty. Ash gapes. "So now you and Victor are allies?" He says they're not enemies.

    Sage arrives at the Abbott house, where Adam chastises her for telling Chelsea he's in love with her. He delivers a grave warning. She tells him to go to hell. Jack arrives home in a nice grey suit and wants to know why Adam is there. Adam says Billy invited him and his fake wife to stay. Jack warns him that Billy will figure out who he is. Adam says he couldn't figure out how to throw a toga party at a frat house. Phyllis arrives. She takes Jack aside. "Austin's dead." She doesn't know how Summer will survive this.

    Y&R Recap: Mission Accomplished.

    Thursday, February 26 2015

    At the hospital, Jack awakens to Victor standing over him with a pillow - he seemed uncomfortable so Victor was going to put him out of his misery. They bicker. Victor baits Jack. He wants him to admit he lied to Phyllis. "You had sex with Kelly." Jack says it's none of his business. Victor muses that's not a denial. Jack is beyond irritated. Victor reminds him they have to work to help Phyllis. In the waiting area, Kyle tells Abby why he was at the Abbott cabin. Abby wonders how he slipped down a ravine and didn't get a scratch. Abby takes Kyle to Jack's room, and leaves. Victor says he doesn't fault Kyle for what happened at Newman and exits. Kyle tells Jack he came to meet Summer's husband. "But I guess I won't get that chance now." Jack asks why not. Kyle says he's leaving. Jack wants him to move back. Kyle won't commit. As Kyle goes, Victor returns and lets Jack know Kyle's been doing well in New York. Jack is irked. Victor suggests they try getting along. Jack flashes to their past fights. They'll be friendly enemies. In Hilary's room, Devon thanks Neil for saving their lives. Neil did it for Lily - if she weren't there he'd have let them all freeze to death. Neil has the ring Devon gave Hilary - it was what he saw on New Year's that gave him hope. Neil wonders where to send Hilary's things. Devon reminds him she almost died. Neil goes. Devon tells Hilary he's glad the truth is out. Hilary hates the way Neil looks at them. Devon suggests they leave town for a while - no one is going to forgive him anytime soon, if ever.

    In the hospital waiting area, Kevin, Mariah, Summer, and Noah tell Abby they think Kyle may know where Austin's body is and show her the bloody towel. Abby says Kyle claimed to have fell in the ravine but didn't have a scratch. Kyle joins them and asks about his rental car. Noah wonders why he was at the cabin. Kevin asks why he had the bloody towel in his car. Kyle says he took one in the nose at his boxing lesson. They admit they can't find Austin. Kyle asks what really happened to him. Elsewhere, Neil tells Hilary the paperwork is done. She has something to tell him - she's always been that woman who first came to town bent on revenge. "I finally got what I wanted; to take down you and yours. Mission accomplished." She laughs at him as Devon listens from the door. "After what you did to my mother, I could never love you Neil, and I could certainly never love Devon." In Jack's room, he deletes Kelly from his contacts list. In the chapel, Victor enters the confessional and says, "Thank you for coming. My plan is working like a charm. Jack suspects nothing."

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