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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Jack Abbott - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jack Abbott Played by Peter Bergman on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Peter Bergman (CBS)

    Birthday: 1953-06-11
    Birthplace: Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
    Marital Status: Married MariEllen with 2 children
    Real Name: Peter Bergman
    Height: 6' 1"


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    Y&R Recap: Blow Smoke.

    Tuesday, January 27 2015

    At the Abbott house, Phyllis worries to Jack that she's been wrong in thinking she was okay all this time. Jack assures her it's not her fault. He's enlisted the help of a psychiatrist at Memorial. Phyllis is angry. She doesn't know if she did those things to Kelly. "She's winning."

    At the hospital, Jack lays out Phyllis' issues for the psychiatrist. Jack goes to wait outside. The doctor asks Phyllis if she thinks there's a problem. Phyllis wonders, "Do you want me to blow smoke so we can both get out of here, or do you want the truth?" They discuss Kelly. Phyllis doesn't know if she actively tried to remove her from Jack's life. Phyllis describes all she's gone through. The doctor thinks her insecurity is a bigger threat than any outsider and urges her to make amends if she wants to move on. In the corridor, Kelly runs into Jack - she's there for a follow-up. He tells her he's truly sorry and claims Phyllis has side effects from the treatment she was given through Victor. Kelly says she's not pressing charges. Jack embraces her. Phyllis appears. To their surprise, she apologizes to Kelly. Jack is proud.

    At the Abbott house, Phyllis talks to Jack about making amends and feeling insecure about them. He reassures her of his love.

    Y&R Recap: I Am Not Amused.

    Friday, January 23 2015

    At the Abbott house, Kelly tells Jack that Phyllis poisoned her. Phyllis says she's insane. Jack wants Kelly to leave. She shows Jack her hospital papers - she's lucky to be alive. Kelly explains about leaving Phyllis alone with her tea. Phyllis calls her a looney b****. Kelly pulls out what's left of the tea and dares Phyllis to drink it. Jack shouts, "No!" Phyllis accuses Kelly of poisoning herself to set her up. Kelly says if she wanted revenge, they'd be leading Phyllis out in handcuffs right now. More bickering ensues. Jack asks Kelly to leave again. She warns him to be careful. After, Phyllis asks Jack if she can get him tea. He says he's not amused. Jack tells her Cutler has other patients with issues. Phyllis screams at him for taking Kelly's word over hers and smashes a vase. She's cut and cries. She wonders if she's losing her grip. Jack is on her side no matter what.

    Y&R Recap: Don't Ruin A Good Thing.

    Thursday, January 22 2015

    At the Abbott house, Jack makes nice with Phyllis, who doesn't think he trusts her. He wants to make sure there no lasting effects from her coma. Phyllis says he fell in love with a crazy woman while she was gone and now they're stuck with her. Later, Dr. Cutler arrives and Jack wants to know about his other patients. Cutler says that's confidential. Jack warns his trial would end if it came to light he took a payoff. Cutler admits some have had changes in behavior, including a lack of empathy. Jack says Phyllis would be capable of almost anything.

    At home, Jack tells Phyllis they're arguing all the time, he wants it to stop. She doesn't think that will happen until Kelly's out of their lives for good. Phyllis said she made that clear to her. Jack asks how. Kelly enters. "She poisoned me."

    Y&R Recap: Your Last Hope.

    Tuesday, January 20 2015

    At the Abbott house, Jack tells Dr. Cutler he needs to know if other patients who've used his protocol have lost their grip on reality. He says Phyllis has changed. Phyllis arrives. Jack introduces them. Phyllis tells Cutler that a woman named Kelly is making Jack think she's crazy. Jack says he called Dr. Cutler because he loves her. Cutler wants to examine Phyllis - he'll be in town until tomorrow. After, Phyllis is upset that Jack thinks she's crazy. Jack argues she left the facility without being checked out. Phyllis insists she wouldn't waste her time setting Kelly up. Jack complains that Victor played games. She snaps that it's more than he did.

    Y&R Recap: Not My Strong Suit.

    Monday, January 19 2015

    At the Abbott house, Phyllis tells Jack she's never seen the blonde wig before. He wants to know if she pretended to be Kelly. Phyllis asks if he thinks she's lying. He doesn't know what to think. Phyllis asks why she would use a wig and then give the florist her name. Jack wonders if it's possible she forgot about the wig. She asks if he thinks she's crazy. He's worried some damage happened with the coma or Victor's treatment. Phyllis says it's all Kelly. Jack leaves. Phyllis calls someone. "I need to see you, now."

    At Newman-Chancellor, Victor asks Joe what he was thinking sending two thugs after McAvoy. Joe said he heard it was a robbery - nothing to prove otherwise. Victor warns him he told everyone this was business and not to make a liar out of him. Joe admires how he can separate his personal and business lives. "Not my strong suit." Later, Victoria tells Victor she doesn't believe he had Dylan beat up, but can't understand how he can sell Crimson Lights from under him. Victor says the sale has to go through. He shows her his laptop and the financial mess. Victoria has a different idea - bring back Brash & Sassy. Victor would need her to do it quickly - the vultures are circling. Jack arrives and breaks the news that he's Katherine's godfather. Victor questions Victoria, who says she supports Billy's choice. Arguing ensues. Victoria exits. Jack tells Victor he's there to find out what drugs his doctor pumped into Phyllis and what side effects there might be. "She is not the same woman I lost last year." When Jack asks him to do it for Summer, Victor hands over Dr. Cutler's information.

    Y&R Recap: Bad Dream.

    Friday, January 16 2015

    At home, Phyllis crows about great make-up sex and says she's glad Jack now knows Kelly was the one who set her up. Jack had no idea she was so deranged. Jack's phone shows a text from Kelly wanting to talk. Phyllis clucks that some women will do whatever it takes to hang onto a man. Phyllis leaves and Jack sees Kelly's text.

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