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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Rebecca Kaplan (Current) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rebecca Kaplan (Current) Played by Lorna Raver (Johnson) on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lorna Raver (Apega/

    Marital Status: Lives with Yuri Rasovsky
    Real Name: Lorna Raver (Johnson)


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    Senator Abbott Resigns!

    Tuesday, December 11 2007

    Sharon arrives home and Jack tells her he has looked at all the choices and has made the only one that is right for them - he will be resigning. She tells him that it's a step in the right direction. He steps toward her and she tells him to back off! Doing one thing right will not fix them! He asks her to come and stand by his side at his last press conference.

    A Mother's Concern

    Tuesday, February 13 2007

    Gathered in Victor's office, Brad and Rebecca find Victoria and Victor hovering over a laptop trying to figure out the code. Together, they uncover more clues: 'Grave' and 'Czechoslovakia.' When Victoria suggests that maybe a tomb or graveyard was used to hide stolen treasures there, Victor says, "I know what to do next. I'm making plans to go to Czechoslovakia!"

    Tables Are Turned!

    Wednesday, January 31 2007

    At Brad's, Rebecca shows Colleen the inscription on the Reliquary and states that they have no idea what it means. When Victoria comes home, Colleen informs her that she's moving in with Lily. "I don't think that's a good idea," Vikki says. "Well, I don't need your permission." Against Victoria and Rebecca's protests, Colleen leaves Victoria with one last statement. "Adrian and I are over, Victoria. I thought you would be happy about that."

    The Lost Boy

    Tuesday, January 30 2007

    At Brad's, he's furious when Victoria tells him that Colleen is sleeping with Adrian! Although Rebecca suggests that they let the relationship take its course, Brad disagrees!

    Arriving at Brad's, JT tells him everything that his knows about Adrian. Brad becomes more irate and he and JT take off to find Colleen.

    As Rebecca is coming down the stairs holding the Grugeon, Adrian pounds on the door and walks right through after Victoria opens it! Demanding to speak with Colleen, Adrian tells Victoria that although Colleen didn't want her paper on the Grugeon published, it's too late. "It's already gone to press." Just as Rebecca joins them - empty-handed - Victoria gets a call from Victor warning her to stay safe! Just then, Brad busts through the door with Colleen close behind! Vikki hangs up and holds Brad back as he warns Adrian to stay away from his daughter! "I'll report you to the college!" Although Colleen begs Brad not to report him, Adrian says it'll never happen again and leaves. "Goodbye, Colleen." Before storming off, Colleen tells Brad that she refuses to let him control her life!

    Hidden Words

    Monday, January 29 2007

    Brad and Victor finally arrive home to Brad's. After Colleen leaves, Brad shows Victoria the Reliquary. As Victoria looks over the piece, Rebecca shows up to see and hear Victor and Brad's story of how they obtained the Reliquary. Rebecca recognizes the piece - even sees a scratch that she had caused to it. Looking through a magnifying glass, Rebecca sees an inscription, but has no idea what it means.

    While Rebecca walks Victor out, Victoria informs Brad that Colleen and JT broke up and that she's now involved with Adrian. Someone, somewhere is listening in on their conversation.

    I Have A Right!

    Thursday, January 25 2007

    At Indigo, Victoria expresses her worry to Rebecca that something awful has happened to Brad and her father. When Rebecca goes to check her messages, Vikki sees JT at the bar and the two share some small talk. Shortly after, Rebecca joins them and lies when JT asks where Brad is! Suddenly, Victoria gets a text message and appears upset that it's from her assistant. "Looks as though you were expecting someone else," JT says. Rebecca takes the that time to say her goodbyes, then leaves…

    Depths Of Despair

    Wednesday, January 10 2007

    Back at Brad's, Brad tells Victoria, Rebecca and Colleen that although Victor has a plan to find the Grugeon, Brad wants them all to go into hiding again! Victoria immediately objects and surprisingly, Rebecca agrees and says, "I'm done hiding!" After they explain Victor's plan, Brad and Victoria tell Rebecca about the Reliquaries that the obtained during Sharon's kidnapping. Rebecca remembers the pieces and says that they just might work to draw out the missing Grugeon!

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