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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Billy Abbott (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Billy Abbott (Past) Played by Billy Miller on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Billy Miller (CBS)

    Birthday: September 17 1979
    Birthplace: Grand Prairie, Texas
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Billy Miller
    Height: 5' 11"


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    Y&R Recap: In Hell.

    Thursday, January 30 2014

    At gunpoint by Delia's roadside memorial, Adam tells Billy not to do it. "I have a son." Billy says he had a daughter. Adam says he should have come forward after the accident, it was an accident. The crime was in him not owning up to it. He didn't want to miss a minute with his son. Billy says now he'll miss minutes, hours, and years. He says he brought Adam there to confess because he thought he'd feel better. Adam suggests they go to the police, but Billy thinks jail is too good for him. Adam swears he didn't know he'd hit her. He reminds Billy he'll go to prison and miss Johnny growing up if he shoots him. Billy forces Adam into the vehicle and makes him drive. Adam tells Billy he's being impulsive. They swerve. Billy hollers at him to watch the road. They go to Delia's school and Billy talks about her triumph that night in the auditorium. He says Connor will go to that school and Adam won't see any of it. Adam's phone goes - Chelsea begins to talk about them being a family. Billy hangs up.

    In the vehicle, Billy taunts Adam about the phone call and having people know what he did. He orders him to drive. Adam wonders if he'll make him confess to everyone. Billy says everyone needs to know what he did so they'll keep Connor away from him forever. Billy's single goal is to make sure he never sees Connor again. Adam thinks Billy shares the blame for leaving Delia in the car by herself. He grabs for the gun. It goes off. The car crashes.

    Y&R Recap: Sorry's Not Enough.

    Wednesday, January 29 2014

    At the roadside memorial, Billy forces Adam, who is on his knees, to say that he did it - he killed Delia. Billy falls to his knees as well. He says he feels nothing. Adam asks what he can do to help. He wishes he could bring her back. Adam says it's time for him to go to jail. Billy says they're not done, not at all. Billy asks about the impact. Adam says there was not impact - that's why he didn't think he was responsible. Billy talks to him about going to jail - he says Adam's never feared the legal system, what's different now. Adam says he has a son, that's what this is all about. He hollers, "What are we doing out here? What do you want from me?" Billy wants him dead. Adam sighs that he's not a murderer. They discuss the corneas. Adam says he's haunted by the guilt - he has dreams about Delia. Billy tells him to go to hell. Adam has no doubt that's what's waiting for him. Billy sneers about his donation and his messages in the chat room. Adam says he wanted to honor Delia, and wanted to help. Adam sobs that he is so so sorry for all of it. Billy says sorry's not good enough. Adam wonders if he plans to kill him. Billy says what he has planned is much worse.

    Y&R Recap: Three Words.

    Tuesday, January 28 2014

    At the roadside memorial, Adam tries to tell Billy he's sorry and cannot imagine... He says he was going to turn himself in - they want the same thing. "I want this to be over." Billy cocks the gun. He intensely recounts the events of that night and demands that Adam tell him what happened in the two minutes he was in the store. He screams, "What happened?" Adam cries. "It was an accident." Adam recounts the events from his point-of-view; how he swerved for the dog and stopped and checked. He was relieved he didn't hit anything, and drove home. Billy says he left his daughter to die in the dark. Adam says he had no idea until he found the scarf. Billy asks where is the scarf. Adam sobs that he burned it. Billy refuses to take him to the station. He wants to know what else Adam did to cover up Delia's death. Adam tells him about the signal light. Billy wants to hear three more words. Adam falls to his knees. "I did it. I killed Delia."

    Y&R Recap: Say It!

    Monday, January 27 2014

    At the penthouse, Adam tells Billy he's on his way to do something he should have done a long time ago. Billy says right now he has to deal with him. Adam insists he has to go. Billy gets intense. Adam says Connor's asleep upstairs. Billy talks about how he used to watch Delia sleep. Adam asks why he came there, and what he wants. Billy doesn't answer. Adam says he's leaving. Billy pulls his gun out. "You're coming with me."

    Adam drives his vehicle while Billy holds the gun on him. Adam asks where they're going. Billy says nowhere he hasn't gone before. At the roadside memorial, Billy asks him about the flower, and mentions the foundation and being anonymous. Billy says he was here before - the night Delia died. Billy points the gun at Adam and hollers through gritted teeth for Adam to say it. Adam says he's sorry. Billy wants him to say it was him. "Say it!"

    Y&R Recap: Beautiful Experience.

    Friday, January 24 2014

    In the parking garage, Billy looks at Adam's license plate and flashes to their previous conversations. He punches the SUV. "You son of a bitch! You killed my daughter." He stops himself from taking a crowbar to the vehicle, and leaves.

    Billy arrives at home where Victoria chats away about Johnny. Billy says he's had a thought haunting him the past few days. "I think now I've got something figured out." Billy wants to tell her but Chelsea arrives to say goodbye to Johnny. Chelsea chatters about their wedding and plans. Vikki thinks it sounds great. Billy mutters about them just leaving everything behind. Victoria asks if he's okay. He says he will be. Chelsea tells him they'll always remember what his loss of Delia meant to their son. Billy slips away and gets his gun. After, Chelsea and Victoria wonder where he went. Chelsea says goodbye to Johnny and they talk about being family. Vikki thinks she and Connor are Adam's first real shot at happiness.

    At home, Adam tells Connor he has to say goodbye for a while. He says he'd never earn Connor's respect or get out from Victor's thumb no matter how far he went. He loves him and will be back after he faces his crime. Adam sits and writes a note that says 'I love you and always will. Adam'. He takes his jacket and opens the door. Billy's there.

    Y&R Recap: Once Upon A Winter Evening.

    Thursday, January 23 2014

    Adam, Chelsea, and Connor are at the courthouse to get married. Chelsea wonders why Adam doesn't seem happier. He is reassuring her when Billy arrives. Chelsea says they're seeing the judge and getting married. Billy learns they're leaving the country that night and says it's too soon. Adam says tonight is just right. Chelsea tells Billy she'll stop over to say goodbye to Johnny later. Billy looks at Adam and says he hopes he gets all the happiness he deserves. Later, Anita arrives and gushes that she always knew Adam was the right guy for her girl.

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