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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Jana Hawkes Fisher - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jana Hawkes Fisher Played by Emily O'Brien on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Emily O'Brien (CBS)

    Birthday: May 28 1985
    Birthplace: Bedfordshire, England
    Real Name: Emily O'Brien


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    Secret Exposed.

    Wednesday, January 19 2011

    Kevin and Jana arrive at the movie theater. She remains upbeat and happy much to Kevin's chagrin. When he goes for popcorn he sees Chloe in the back. He stops and whispers that this is where Jana was kidnapped - something's got to spark. After the movie starts, Jana tells Kevin agitatedly that she remembers. She asks if he brought her there as a trick. Kevin suggests they go home.

    Back at home, Jana tells Kevin she recalls being in a cage screaming for him - she was afraid he thought she had left him. Kevin assures her he knew the truth. She says she loves him and asks him to take her to bed.

    Mama's Got You.

    Monday, January 17 2011

    Kevin is about to leave the apartment, but Jana asks him to stay because she has a headache. He says he has to check on Daniel and leaves. In the hall, he meets Jana's psychologist and tells her to hurry up the process - pretending to be married is hell! Jana listens from behind the door as the doctor assures him they'll try to ease Jana toward the present. Kevin thanks her, saying his life is good right now and Jana's not a part of it. The doctor goes in with Jana, who pretends to remember being held prisoner by Daisy and Ryder. She says she knows it was Kevin's love that kept her alive. She becomes agitated when the doctor suggests their relationship might have shifted.

    She's Good...Very, Very Good.

    Monday, January 10 2011

    At Kevin's place, he feigns sickness to avoid sleeping in the same bed with Jana. The phone rings and Jana answers - it's Chloe. Kevin takes the phone and learns Daniel is waking up. He grabs his coat and Jana does the same. As Kevin is trying to convince her to stay behind, Jana steps into the other room to find something. Just then, Gloria blows in. She doesn't think it would be so bad if someone jarred the ex's memory. Kevin tells her to be good and leaves. Jana comes back and sighs when Gloria tells her Kevin is gone. Gloria tries to get Jana to slip up by asking about the kids at the nursery school, Noah, and Gloworm, but it doesn't work.

    Kevin and Chloe get to Crimson Lights and kiss on the patio. He assures her nothing is going on with him and Jana, and promises that the situation is temporary. Chloe pouts about how she thought 2011 was going to be better for her and Delia. He asks if she's going to wait for him. She asks how they're going to do this. Jana calls him and asks how Daniel is. She wants her husband to come home. He hangs up and promises Chloe he'll tell Jana the truth soon. They kiss some more.

    Kevin gets home and Gloria tells him Jana is good...very, very good. Kevin muses that she may not be faking. Gloria says the doctor doesn't know her like she does. Once alone, Kevin tells Jana he's taking some medicine and going to bed. He sits and smiles while thinking about Chloe. Jana spies from the other room.

    Home To Your Husband.

    Thursday, January 06 2011

    Chloe calls Kevin at home and asks how Jana is doing. He asks about Daniel. She tells him he's still unconscious. Kevin remembers how great it was when she chased him down in her pajamas. Jana wakes up so he lets her go. Jana asks Kevin how much champagne she drank last night - she has a terrible headache. She tells him how ashamed she feels that he went to so much trouble to be romantic and she didn't appreciate it. He realizes she's talking about the night he took her to dinner at the Club before she was kidnapped. He insists on taking her to the doctor.

    At the hospital, Kevin whispers to the doctor about Jana. The doctor tells her he'd like to run some tests. She goes with him, and Kevin calls Chloe. He tells her Jana has lost 2010. Chloe says she's on her way. When she gets there, Kevin fills her in. Chloe asks if he thinks it's legit. He has no idea. The doctor calls them into Jana's room. When Jana sees Chloe she asks why she's there, and hopes it's not because of Chance. Chloe is stunned, but shakes it off. She leaves the room and spots Phyllis and Nick in the waiting room. She asks about Daniel, and says Jana has had a setback. Meanwhile, the doctor and Kevin explain to Jana that she's blocked out an entire year. They step out, and Chloe joins them. The doctor says they need to humor Jana. Kevin is upset, but the doctor insists. Kevin tells Chloe he feels obligated to see her through this. The doctor goes back in and tells Jana she can go home to her husband. Once alone, Jana rejoices.

    The Great Escape!

    Monday, January 03 2011

    In the alley outside Jimmy's Bar, Jana picks up a block of concrete and looks thoughtful. Chloe and Kevin continue to kiss nearby. Suddenly, Jana appears with blood on her forehead asking Kevin to help her - Daisy has escaped! Kevin calls Daniel and puts Jana on the phone. She tells Daniel that Daisy pulled a knife on her, took her money, shoved her down, and took off. Daniel tells Jana it's not her fault. When the paramedics and police arrive, Chloe and Kevin are asked if they believe Jana's story - they place the blame on Daisy. Chloe and Kevin talk about their relationship, deciding they'll figure it out as they go. Jana waves Kevin over - she wants him to accompany her to the hospital.

    Daniel gets a call in the waiting room and learns that they're tracing Daisy's ankle monitor. Abby says Daisy is risking her baby's life. Phyllis notes that she'll lose her parental rights. Daniel shouts at Phyllis to just let it go! He stalks off, and then returns, saying he's going to look for Daisy - she once threatened to harm the baby. Lauren and Michael arrive. Lauren tells Phyllis she's the reason Daisy is out there. Kevin, Chloe, and Jana come in. Lauren hollers that Jana could have been killed! Lauren and Phyllis argue heatedly. Michael and Jack have to pull them apart. Abby's phone rings - it's Daniel saying the tracking device was found by itself. Lauren hisses to Phyllis that if Daisy hurts anyone it's on her! Abby turns to Chloe and Kevin and says, "Remind me never to piss Lauren off." Kevin steps away, and Chloe and Abby discuss their relationships. Michael, meanwhile, tells Lauren she can't be attacking people - otherwise they're going home. She promises to stay calm. Phyllis tells Jack that Lauren is right and cries, "I just wanted my son to be able to connect with his daughter." Jack reassures her she only wanted to do right by the baby. Jana emerges, saying she can't be alone. Kevin sighs and says he'll take her to his place. The police appear, and everyone learns that Jana recanted her statement against Daisy yesterday. Kevin says she did it for him. Michael wonders how Jana could have been making deals with Daisy. Jana protests that Daisy threatened to kill her. Lauren sighs, saying she understands. Jack and Michael decide to join the search. Phyllis leaves a message of apology on Daniel's voicemail. Lauren and Abby listen as she says she supports his decision. Lauren is pleased. Abby is worried.

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