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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Jana Hawkes Fisher - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jana Hawkes Fisher Played by Emily O'Brien on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Emily O'Brien (CBS)

    Birthday: May 28 1985
    Birthplace: Bedfordshire, England
    Real Name: Emily O'Brien


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    Loaded Dice.

    Tuesday, March 29 2011

    Kevin catches up with Daniel at Crimson Lights and asks how he could have thought he had Daisy under control. He lets him know he doesn't buy his explanation. Inside, Chloe grills Jana about the ultrasound photo, which Jana claims belongs to a friend. Chloe says she's going to tell Billy and Victoria how unhinged she is. Jana spots Kevin and joins in his conversation with Daniel, asking, "You found Daisy?" Chloe asks too, but Daniel doesn't want to talk about it. Kevin and Chloe move aside, but Jana interrupts to ask about Daisy. Kevin hollers that he only cares about the kid. Jana thinks he'll find his way to the niece of his one day. She walks away grinning and tells Lucy she'll find the baby for Kevin. Chloe walks to the patio and calls Angelo to meet her at the Athletic Club.

    Fool An Old Fool.

    Monday, March 28 2011

    At Primerose's place, she greets "Stella" who asks if she does adoptions. Primerose wonders where she heard that and reaches to touch her. Jana has a conniption. She apologizes but has a thing about people touching her. She starts asking questions about others who have adopted children and wants to see photos of the children. Primerose is on to her and kicks her out but Jana confesses she's just afraid. She agrees to give Primerose the ultrasound and a medical workup. Primerose agrees to it. Afterward, Jana goes home and starts Googling.

    Nick turns up at Billy and Vikki's place. They discuss Beauty of Nature and Billy suggests they start their own cosmetics company instead of trying to one-up Victor. Billy channels "The Godfather," and mumbles, "It's personal. Not business." Vikki wants to find out how much stock Victor has. Later, Jana heads in and tells Billy she feels better. She takes Lucy while Billy takes a call from Primerose, who accuses him of spilling the beans.

    You'll Be Fluffing Forever...

    Friday, March 25 2011

    Billy brings Lucy's birth certificate to the church and the reverend tells them they're all set. Billy cheers and Victoria feels blessed. Nearby, Jana calls Primrose, saying she heard they help pregnant women. They agree to meet in a half hour. Victoria goes to Jana and tells her how much she appreciates her help with Billy. She wishes she could return the favor with Kevin. Jack and Katherine arrive to the vestibule and discuss the new Jabot project. Katherine doesn't approve of Tucker's business practice so Jack says they should join forces. Katherine refuses to go behind Victor's back. They're interrupted by Jill and Colin and Katherine mentions that Murphy's not feeling well before they head in. Abby and Nick turn up and discuss Abby's position at Beauty of Nature. She thinks she'll wind up as a silent partner. Traci arrives with congratulations to the pair for winning against Victor in court. Inside, Jack and Katherine continue their discussion about partnering up but Katherine tells him that ship has sailed and he should move on. Katherine finds Ashley and rescinds her offer to use the manse for the wedding. Ashley's thrown when Katherine asks her to consider backing out of marrying her son.

    Jana arrives to the house and makes a quick call to Primerose to tell her she's running late.

    Jana arrives on Primerose's doorstep wearing a pregnancy pad under a dress. She explains that Primerose is her last hope and boasts that she's heard good things about her.

    Fix This.

    Thursday, March 24 2011

    Jana is shocked when Ryder calls her to say he knows she went to the church. "Leave me alone," she says. Vikki arrives and they talk about the christening. Jana goes out to check if she has a parking ticket. It's actually a letter from someone asking to meet her about the baby. Jana tells Vikki she has to go and heads off.

    Jana goes to the diner to meet Agnes. "Oh my gosh... you did leave the baby there," Jana gasps. Agnes claims she doesn't know anything. Jana begs her for information. Crying, Agnes explains that they sold the baby to a horrible woman.

    Stranger In A Bar.

    Wednesday, March 16 2011

    At home, Jana interrupts Victoria as she cuddles with a giant stuffed animal. She tells her that she got into a fight with Billy and Jana urges her to fix it right away. "I would do anything to make things right with Kevin again," she says. After she sobs about it, Victoria takes the hint and decides to go after Billy. As soon as she leaves, Kevin pops up at the door. "We can't have any contact anymore," he tells her. She takes the baby out and he tells her that being a nanny suits her. He thinks that her recovery will be smoother if they have space between them. She hoped that their friendship would still survive, but he tells her she'll have to rely on Dr. Mason. After he walks out, she tells the baby that Kevin should be pulling her closer. She decides that she will track down his niece.

    At a church, Angnes cries about a baby that was bought and traded like furniture. Jana comes in. Using an American accent, she asks the priest if a baby was left there. He doesn't know anything about that. Agnes overhears and follows her out as she goes.

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