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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Jana Hawkes Fisher - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jana Hawkes Fisher Played by Emily O'Brien on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Emily O'Brien (CBS)

    Birthday: May 28 1985
    Birthplace: Bedfordshire, England
    Real Name: Emily O'Brien


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    I Thought You and I Were Family.

    Thursday, December 09 2010

    Daisy and Daniel arrive at his place. He talks about it being the scene of the crime and how ironic it is that he's having a kid. Daisy says her child will know she's loved. Daniel reminds her she's not raising her, saying he wants the child adopted out and raised far away from there. Daisy says she won't give her up. Jana comes to the door and brings Daisy flowers. Daniel is bewildered. Jana tells Daisy they'll have to have a chat over tea sometime, and then leaves.

    Buckle Your Seatbelt.

    Wednesday, December 08 2010

    Chloe, Kevin, and Delia are at the Christmas tree yard. Chloe tells a photographer friend she has an idea for a photo for their Christmas cards. As they joke around, Jana, who is nearby, notices them and looks grim. Chloe and Kevin dress up in old style Christmas costumes and mullet wigs. Delia is a little snowman. They pose in a sled and with red noses. Jana looks on with gritted teeth, then walks to a payphone and calls Child Protective Services to tell them there is a couple taking inappropriate photos with a child! Sofia arrives and laughs at Chloe and Kevin's photo shoot. Gloria also shows up, just as Kevin poses with Chloe and Delia under the mistletoe. Jana makes a nasty comment to Kevin about taking photos with Chloe and then suggests Delia bring a picture to school. When she walks away, Gloria says she's creepy. Gloria then learns that Kevin has hired a lawyer with regard to Daisy's baby. After the others have left, Gloria confronts Jana and asks what she's up to. She warns her that she's watching her.

    Freak in the House.

    Wednesday, November 17 2010

    Jana finds Daniel slamming things around on the patio of the coffee house. He tells her that he's the father of Daisy's baby but has no plans to have anything to do with Daisy or the child. When Jana hears that Kevin is concerned about the baby, she thinks back to Daisy's offer to help her get him back. She leaves. Kevin and Chloe come in and Daniel informs Kevin he told Daisy he wants to put the child up for adoption. Daniel leaves, and Chloe lets Kevin know she'll always be on his side. Kevin muses that he might need Delia's old baby clothes. Chloe says if he's serious about guardianship, he should find out if it's possible. They look up some cases on the internet. Chloe warns this would be forever.

    In jail, Daisy tells the baby someone will come through for them. Jana shows up to see her. They discuss Daisy's offer to help get Kevin back if Jana refuses to testify against her. Jana admits it seems like a win/win situation. Daisy wants to tell her lawyer the good news, but Jana hisses that she is going to testify against her - she can't wait! Jana yells at her and says she'll never let her use her and Kevin! After Jana leaves, a doctor checks Daisy out. She hollers about not having the baby in jail.

    Jana goes to Lauren and Michael's house. She says she came to check on Lauren after hearing about Daisy's baby. Michael leaves to see Victor. Jana and Lauren discuss Daisy's baby. Lauren says she doesn't want the baby to make people sympathize with Daisy, adding that she's fighting with everyone. Jana pledges her support. Lauren tells Jana that Kevin wants to raise Daisy's baby himself. Jana is stunned, but feels Kevin thinks he can identify with the baby. They agree that family is Kevin's weakness and Daisy will use it against him. Jana decides to try talking to Kevin.

    Get Out of Jail Free Card.

    Thursday, November 11 2010

    Michael and Lauren are at home. He tells her he stopped by the hospital to check on Daisy and she is handcuffed to the bed and wearing an ankle monitor. Michael answers his phone - it's Gloria asking about Kevin. Michael says he's in jail for being a bookie. Jana arrives, and Michael excuses himself. Jana and Lauren discuss Daisy. Jana says when the jury hears what she did to them she'll never go free. Lauren worries she will use the baby as a get out of jail free card.

    Heather is at Lauren's house to interview her and Jana about Daisy's case. She says both of them are going to have to testify. Lauren isn't sure she can, but decides that Daisy will win if she becomes paralyzed by fear. She tells Heather she'll do it if it means that bitch will stay behind bars. Jana leaves and Michael comes home. Heather tells him Daisy will be back behind bars after the test. Once alone, Michael reassures Lauren.

    In the hospital, Daisy signs a consent for the test. Kevin comes in and warns her to stay away from the people he cares about. Daisy thinks he should help her because of the baby. Kevin says he'll see what he can do. As he leaves, Jana arrives to confront Daisy. Jana says she'll taunt her this time. Daisy brings up Ryder and Kevin, telling Jana that neither one of them mentioned her when she spoke to them. Daisy makes an offer - if Jana refuses to testify, she'll help her get Kevin back.

    We'll Never Be Safe!

    Monday, November 01 2010

    At Billy's party, Kevin and Noah tell Jana that Daisy was definitely there earlier. Jana is concerned about her safety, and Kevin's. Kevin won't go home with Jana; he tells her he wants to go looking for Daisy and put her away. Noah and Jana leave and Michael arrives with Ronan. Kevin asks how Lauren is doing. He tells Michael that Daisy better hope the police find her first.

    Noah and Jana get back to her place. She asks him to spend the night. There is an awkward moment when she catches him undressing, but then she talks about how there is nothing left of her old life. Noah starts to kiss her, when she notices a text from Kevin saying he's on his way. She suddenly tells Noah to just leave. Confused, he dresses and goes. From outside, he watches as Jana deliberately trashes her own room! Kevin arrives and Jana tells him that she thinks Daisy ransacked her room. She asks him to stay. He agrees, but goes to the next room to make a call. Noah knocks and Jana steps outside. He wants to know why she turned the room upside-down. Jana tersely informs him that her post traumatic stress is none of his business. She goes back inside, where Kevin is making up the couch to sleep.

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