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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Aidan Devane - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Aidan Devane Played by Aiden Turner on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Aiden Turner

    Birthday: 1977-04-02
    Birthplace: Hertfordshire, England
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Aiden Turner


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    The Custody Hearing!

    Thursday, January 15 2009

    Greenlee goes to Oak Haven to see Dr. Sinclair. She says she is worried about Annie but is more worried because she can't make peace with the past or with Annie's future. Dr. Sinclair takes her to see Annie! Aidan listens at the vent as Annie apologizes to Greenlee and then says she forgives her! Dr. Sinclair takes Greenlee outside and Greenlee rages on that Annie is lying and is going to kill her! Back inside Aidan reminds Annie to stay calm as she rants about Greenlee.

    I Will Make Zach Pay!

    Wednesday, January 14 2009

    Dr. Sinclair takes Aidan into Annie's room; she calls him Ryan and is thankful that Greenlee hasn't killed him yet! Aidan says he isn't Ryan but Annie can't make the connection. She warns Aidan that Greenlee is coming after him; Aidan starts talking nonsense about a computer chip in her head and Dr. Sinclair drags him from the room. Dr. Sinclair has Aidan locked up in solitary confinement, telling him that she doesn't believe his act at all! Aidan's doctor sneaks in and demands to know why Aidan is so intent on helping Annie. Aidan says she is his friend and he wants to help her before Dr. Sinclair messes Annie's entire life up! "I owe her," he says. The doctor gives in and shows Aidan a vent that leads to Annie's room next door. Aidan listens as Annie tells Dr. Sinclair about her dreams – that Greenlee is going to kill Ryan and that she is stealing Emma from her! She remembers the night at the ConFusion party but then screams for Dr. Sinclair to leave. When he is sure they are alone, Aidan talks to Annie through the vent. He swears he will free her.

    Greenlee Must Die!

    Tuesday, January 13 2009

    At Oak Haven Dr. Sinclair watches the secretly taped footage of Annie's room, wondering about the connection between Aidan and Annie. She calls an attendant and demands that Aidan be brought to her immediately. She comes into the hall as Aidan demands that his 'doctor' get him into the maximum security wing. Aidan quickly hides. Dr. Sinclair asks where Aidan is! The doctor continues to cover for Aidan and Dr. Sinclair leaves. Aidan tells the doctor to get him inside.

    Greenlee arrives at Ryan's. Emma asks about dress fittings and Greenlee says it will be soon. Emma asks if Annie can come to the wedding but Ryan says she is still too ill. Jack arrives with both of their divorce papers; he says Ryan just has to sign but he needs to find Aidan before more can be done with Greenlee's divorce! She calls Aidan, who says he is really busy on his job. She gets to the point and asks him for an address so they can overnight the papers – so she can marry Ryan! Aidan hangs up on her! Ryan tells Jack to leave the papers and they'll figure things out; Jack leaves. Greenlee feels really bad about telling Aidan over the phone but Ryan says none of this is her fault or his! Greens is about to leave for work when Aidan arrives, saying he just returned from D.C. and will sign the papers. He asks about the big day. She gets the papers as Aidan quizzes Ryan about Annie. Ryan tells him about the move to maximum security and Greenlee tells Aidan that Annie escaped and tried to kill her. They both say Annie is out of control; Aidan keeps up his version of events, saying he was protecting Emma. Then he angrily implies that Ryan is only making sure Annie can't contest the divorce! Greens hands over the papers and Aidan signs them. Aidan's 'doctor' calls and says he has to get back to Oak Haven or the whole place will be locked down. Aidan quickly leaves. Ryan takes Greenlee to the terrace, assuring her that Aidan will be fine. He kisses her.

    Aidan manages to sneak back into Oak Haven. He realizes the doors to the maximum security wing are open and goes inside! He looks around until he finds Annie but then Dr. Sinclair surprises him. She asks who he really is and what his connection is to Annie. Aidan watches as Annie becomes fidgety on her bed. She is having another nightmare! This time she is in the penthouse with Ryan and Greenlee is there; she watches as Greenlee kills Ryan! Annie wakes, still delusional, and vows to kill Greenlee!

    One Big Mistake!

    Friday, January 02 2009

    Aidan listens at the door as Dr. Sinclair asks if Annie remembers leaving the hospital. She talks about hurting her 'daddy' because he was with 'mean lady'. The doctor asks who the mean lady is and Annie says it is Greenlee! "She needs to be dead," Annie says and demands to be released. The doctor has Annie sedated. They leave to find Aidan sitting alone in a corner of the hall. Dr. Sinclair questions him. Aidan says he is fine but they have to find out how many there are. He pretends to grab people from the air and starts counting. Dr. Sinclair leaves. Aidan picks the lock and goes into Annie's room! He keeps counting and grabbing at the air, making his way around the room until he finds the hidden camera! Aidan leaves and bumps into his psychiatrist who tells him that he has to be more careful or everyone at the hospital will figure out he isn't really a patient. Aidan brings up the camera in Annie's room but before he can explain a nurse comes into the hallway. Aidan sees Dr. Sinclair entering a locked room and watches. Ryan arrives a while later; Dr. Sinclair offers to let him see Annie one last time before she is transferred to a more secure area. Aidan turns away when Ryan leaves and then begins to catch more 'aliens'. Dr. Sinclair exits Annie's room and Aidan says he has finally caught them all. Dr. Sinclair and the orderlies take Annie to the maximum security ward. Dr. Sinclair goes back into the locked area, takes something out and leaves. Aidan goes back to the door.

    Annie Finds Ryan and Greenlee Together!

    Monday, December 29 2008

    At Oak Haven, the doctor is confronted by an angry Jesse. He wants to know how it was possible for Annie to escape a lockdown facility. She explains that she was unconscious and that Annie is probably still on the grounds. Outside the corridor where they are talking, Aidan listens in on their conversation. Jesse reminds the doctor that Annie is a murderer. The doctor says she left her guard down. Jesse asks to speak to the patient who found her, ‘Mr. Stone'. The director sees Mr. Stone (who is Aidan), and asks why he hid his face from Jesse. Aidan goes into his usual spy story explanation. He acts out with her and is wrestled to a gurney by staff.

    Annie Escapes From Oak Haven!

    Friday, December 26 2008

    At Oak Haven, Aidan goes into Annie’s room. She wakes up, recognizes him and asks what he’s doing there. She recognizes him as Aidan. Annie says he is the `Mean lady's' friend. She means Greenlee. Annie says her name is Emma, and that she misses her Mommy. She asks Aidan to take her home. He thinks it’s safer for them to stay in the hospital. Aidan leaves and wishes her `Sweet dreams'. He finds the doctor and asks what’s wrong with Annie, but he is escorted back to 'Mr. Stone’s' room. The doctor goes to Annie’s room to talk to her about her visitor and what they talk about. Annie says they talk about when she can go home. She misses her mommy and daddy. She claims she is Emma. The doctor shows her a photo of Emma and says that her name is Annie. They fight over the photo and the doctor bumps her head and is knocked out. Annie is very upset but she puts on the doctor’s white coat and walks out of the hospital. From his locked room, Aidan sees her leave. An orderly opens the door, Aidan overtakes him and finds the doctor on the floor. She comes to and they both realize Annie is gone.

    I Need Answers!

    Tuesday, December 23 2008

    At Oak Haven Aidan breaks into Annie's room again. He tries to tell her he isn't her father but she thinks he is joking. Dr. Sinclair comes in and Aidan pretends to be the secret agent alien fighter again; he leaves. Annie finds a horde of pills in her pocket and takes them all, thinking the pills are candy.

    Aidan is watching Annie and Dr. Sinclair through a window. He hides as Ryan arrives, livid that Annie was allowed to overdose. Dr. Sinclair says she doesn't know how this happened and then says he was called by mistake! Ryan is livid. Dr. Sinclair says she isn't wrong about Annie's treatment and tells him to leave Annie alone or the next overdose could be fatal! Ryan says he needs concrete answers about Annie's prognosis and progress so he can be honest with Emma. A nurse leaves Annie's room and Aidan hurries inside before the door can close. She looks at him and recognizes him as Aidan! "What are you doing here?" she asks.

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