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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Austin Travers

    Full detailed profile on Austin Travers Played by Matthew Atkinson on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Austin Travers

    Actor: Matthew Atkinson

    Who played Austin Travers over the years

    Austin Travers (April 17 2014 - present)

    Useful information on Austin Travers

    * Is a photographer and cameraman.
    * Was raised by his late mother.
    * Kidnapped Avery.
    * Shot Paul Williams.
    * Married Summer Newman.


    Current: Unemployed
    Past: Cameraman


    Austin Travers first appeared in Genoa City as the cameraman for Avery's internet cooking show. They shot in her apartment, where he also got to know her niece, Summer. Austin and Summer bonded over the loss of their mothers, as Austin's had been killed and Summer's mom, Phyllis, was in a coma. While the show was being shot, Avery had an online stalker leaving disturbing comments for her signed '4MJ'. It turned out Austin was the culprit and actually kidnapped Avery one day and took her to his apartment, where he hoped to videotape her confessing to being responsible for the death of his mother. He blamed Avery for his mother's death because she had legally represented, and helped free, the man who later shot his mother in a convenience store robbery. In the end, Dylan figured out that Austin had Avery and burst in, followed shortly afterward by Paul Williams and the cops. In the ensuing chaos, Austin shot Paul, and was grazed by a bullet himself as he escaped.

    Austin met up with Summer and they briefly went on the run. In a motel near the Canadian border, Summer convinced Austin to make love to her for her first time. Later, the cops arrived and Summer was returned to Genoa City. Austin had disappeared, but soon arrived at the GCPD and turned himself in. Summer worked to convince everyone that Austin wasn't really bad, just torn up over his mother's death. She even asked Avery to help him legally. She couldn't, being the victim, but enlisted Leslie's help. Summer managed to get Austin out on bail and the two eloped so she wouldn't have to testify against him at his trial. Jack became determined to put an end to Summer and Austin's marriage, but came around after his girlfriend Kelly helped him see that he'd only drive a wedge between himself and Summer by pursuing it. Jack and Nick both walked Summer down the aisle when she planned a proper church wedding.

    Austin and Summer settled into an apartment provided by Jack to await his trial. Austin surprised Summer with a Hawaiian set-up in their living room, followed by a Christmas tree. They then celebrated all the holidays of the year together in quick succession in case he went to jail. When it came time for Austin's trial, he never saw the inside of the courtroom. Avery and Paul both refused to help put him away, so a deal was made to put him in a deferment program where he would do community hours and pay a fine. Victor offered Summer access to her trust fund to pay Austin's fine. Austin and Summer went to visit the comatose Phyllis, and Austin spoke to Phyllis at length about his feelings for Summer.




    Summer Newman (wife)


    MJ (mother)




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    Wednesday, February 18 2015: Y&R Recap: A Cover-Up.

    At the Abbott cabin, Courtney hollers at Summer to put the statue down - it could be the murder weapon. Summer flashes to hiding the statue and gasps that she killed Austin. They assure her she would never do it. Kevin notes a woman couldn't have put him in the closet. Bickering ensues. Courtney has to report everything she hears - Summer said she killed Austin. Noah says his sister will not be arrested. Kevin and Mariah suggest a cover-up. "Austin slipped and fell." They debate and eventually agree to do it. Courtney says it's a mistake, but tells them how to do it right. Mariah looks thoughtful as Summer cries that she loved him. They put the body outside. Mariah kneels and tells him they'll keep Summer safe for him. She then flashes to Abby necking with Austin.

    Tuesday, February 17 2015: Y&R Recap: A Weird Feeling.

    At the Abbott cabin, Summer wakes up and panics when she sees Courtney doing CPR on Austin. Noah breaks the news that they can't bring him back. "Austin's dead." Summer sobs. Courtney brushes a hand across his cheek and looks shocked. She says it looked like he was hit in the head. The phone doesn't work. Everyone's freaked out. Courtney shouts at Noah and Fen not to move him. Summer goes berserk when they refer to him as 'the body'. Noah holds her. They talk about someone drugging the punch and argue. Noah spies an empty vial in the trash. Courtney says it's evidence. Fen blurts, "I did it." He spiked the punch but didn't kill Austin. As they all yell at him, he admits he doesn't know what was in the vial, just that it was a party drug. Everyone is upset and soon they're verbally attacking each other. Mariah says it's exactly like the last chapter of Plato's Sphere she read online. Fen and Noah read it too. Kevin says they can't blame Austin's death on fan fiction. They wonder why Kevin's so defensive. Finally he admits he's the author of the series. He never intended for anyone to copycat his stuff. Abby recalls Kevin's history of violent behavior. As they argue, Summer flashes to blood on a statue. She finds the statue in the sofa and screams.

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