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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Mariah Copeland

    Full detailed profile on Mariah Copeland Played by Camryn Grimes on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Daniel Tanner/
    Mariah Copeland

    Actor: Camryn Grimes

    Who played Mariah Copeland over the years

    Camryn Grimes (January 27 2014 - present)

    Useful information on Mariah Copeland

    * Was previously engaged to Tyler Michaelson.
    * Has been in trouble with the law.
    * Was hired by Victor Newman to gaslight Sharon.
    * Has a connection to Ian Ward.




    Mariah was first mentioned by Tyler Michaelson as his ex-fiancee. It became clear that someone assumed to be Mariah was stalking him and Abby as they grew closer and searched for a home to buy together. Later, Mariah was revealed to be the Cassie Newman lookalike hired by Victor Newman to torment Sharon and to find out what secret she was keeping from Nick. Mariah appeared to have some compassion for what she was putting Sharon through and left town, but returned. When Mariah was spotted by Nick outside the Newman ranch the night of Tyler and Abby's engagement party, Nick followed her back to her hotel and made her confess that she had worked for his father.

    When Tyler and Abby got a room in the same hotel, Mariah kissed Tyler and after a confrontation with Abby, pressed him to protect her from Abby calling the police. He did. Later, Ian Ward showed up at Mariah's door and it was clear they had a past connection. When Mariah's money went missing, she paid Sharon, who was sympathetic toward her because of her resemblance to Cassie, a visit and Sharon helped her out.

    After Abby asked Victor to get rid of Mariah, she was arrested and extradited back to Portland on outstanding charges. Tyler panicked, and explained to Abby that he had to help Mariah because she had once kept him out of jail after he was accused of stealing from a wealthy client - by sleeping with the man.




    Tyler Michaelson (ex-fiance)


    Helen Copeland (mother)




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    Tuesday, April 07 2015: Y&R Recap: Free Pass.

    At the cabin, Kevin says Courtney got too close to the truth. Mariah worries the person who left the note is trying to pin this on them. Kevin feels they're trying to warn them. Paul arrives with cops and paramedics. The gang tells him what happened. He says Courtney's phone was found in the trash beside the computer Kevin hacked. He wants answers. They tell him Courtney was trying to find out who murdered Austin. They come clean about the Valentine's Day party, Austin's death, and the cover-up. Paul rages at them for not coming to him. Noah knows they screwed up and cost Courtney her life - now he wants to focus on finding the bastard that did this.

    At the Abbott cabin, Paul tells everyone to follow him to the station. Noah is allowed to stay with Courtney until they take her.

    At the station, Summer talks to Paul about Abby and Austin - she didn't know about them until after he died. She admits she thought she killed him briefly. Kevin tells Paul that he hacked into the computers to find the footage from the park - Courtney must have found something. Paul says a virus corrupted the system. Kevin tells him about Austin's documentary. Abby and Stitch tell Paul about her mugging and how he got involved. Kyle tells Paul he didn't like Austin but didn't kill him. He urges Paul to look at Sharon. Mariah tells Paul that Sharon isn't capable of killing two people; The Mustache and his son had more to lose. Elsewhere, Nick arrives. Sage shows up - she heard the news. Sharon arrives. Sharon snaps at Sage for being there. Noah enters. Paul wants to question him but Sharon and Nick protest. Noah asks Paul what he wants to know. Paul wants to know who he suspects. Noah says Dylan - he knows all about it and told them he would get to the bottom of it. In the waiting area, Sharon informs Sage that she and Nick will take their son home together, but Nick tells Sage to stay. Paul lets the gang go so the killer will believe they're still treating Austin's death as an accidental death. Nick and Sharon comfort a distraught Noah.

    Monday, April 06 2015: Y&R Recap: The Body Shop.

    At the park, Noah and the others speculate about why Courtney would call him to the cabin. Suddenly they all get texts from Courtney - she wants them all at the cabin. Kevin learns she went to the station and thinks she got access to the computer. She may know who the killer is.

    At the cabin, Courtney's car is out front but she's nowhere to be found. Noah and Stitch argue when Noah wants to walk to the cell tower to see if she's there. They bicker about who the suspects are, and Stitch speculates that maybe Courtney didn't send the messages. Only one other person would have lured them up there. Noah says they need to call the police. More bickering ensues.

    At the cabin, Noah rushes over to Abby, who is screaming. They all gather and see Courtney's body in the closet. They lift her onto the floor and Noah wants to do CPR but Stitch confirms she's been gone for a while now. Noah sobs as Mariah calls in a police emergency. Kevin notices a note in Courtney's hand. 'I warned you to stop digging'.

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