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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Mariah Copeland

    Full detailed profile on Mariah Copeland Played by Camryn Grimes on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Daniel Tanner/
    Mariah Copeland

    Actor: Camryn Grimes

    Who played Mariah Copeland over the years

    Camryn Grimes (January 27 2014 - present)

    Useful information on Mariah Copeland

    * Was previously engaged to Tyler Michaelson.
    * Has been in trouble with the law.
    * Was hired by Victor Newman to gaslight Sharon.
    * Has a connection to Ian Ward.




    Mariah was first mentioned by Tyler Michaelson as his ex-fiancee. It became clear that someone assumed to be Mariah was stalking him and Abby as they grew closer and searched for a home to buy together. Later, Mariah was revealed to be the Cassie Newman lookalike hired by Victor Newman to torment Sharon and to find out what secret she was keeping from Nick. Mariah appeared to have some compassion for what she was putting Sharon through and left town, but returned. When Mariah was spotted by Nick outside the Newman ranch the night of Tyler and Abby's engagement party, Nick followed her back to her hotel and made her confess that she had worked for his father.

    When Tyler and Abby got a room in the same hotel, Mariah kissed Tyler and after a confrontation with Abby, pressed him to protect her from Abby calling the police. He did. Later, Ian Ward showed up at Mariah's door and it was clear they had a past connection. When Mariah's money went missing, she paid Sharon, who was sympathetic toward her because of her resemblance to Cassie, a visit and Sharon helped her out.

    After Abby asked Victor to get rid of Mariah, she was arrested and extradited back to Portland on outstanding charges. Tyler panicked, and explained to Abby that he had to help Mariah because she had once kept him out of jail after he was accused of stealing from a wealthy client - by sleeping with the man.




    Tyler Michaelson (ex-fiance)


    Helen Copeland (mother)




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    Monday, January 26 2015: Y&R Recap: The Woman With No Pants.

    At Crimson Lights, Mariah tells Kevin she feels better. He asks why she was crying. She doesn't answer but accepts a ride home.

    At home, Sharon takes a call from David Sherman. Kevin and Mariah arrive and Sharon leaves. Faith tells them the full story on the lady who had no pants. Kevin wonders if Mariah will tell Sharon the truth. Mariah argues it's Sharon's one chance to block Nick from getting full custody. Kevin thinks Mariah wants them back together like Faith. Nick and Noah arrive. Kevin goes. Mariah tells them Sharon is with her lawyer.

    Sharon returns home as Nick warns Faith not to tell her story to anyone else. Noah and Mariah take Faith upstairs. Sharon accuses Nick of coaching Faith on what to say. Nick says Sage got wet and her clothes were in the dryer. Sharon wonders if he even stopped to think how it would affect Faith. "Where are your priorities?" Sharon is frustrated that they're battling. She wants him to find a way to get over her betrayal. He can't; they're going to trial. Sharon warns he leaves her no choice but to put Faith on the stand - she doubts he'll end up with full custody then. Nick warns her not to make Faith lie. Sharon says she only needs the judge to ask Faith who she wants to live with. "We both know what she'll say." Upstairs, Noah and Mariah reassure Faith.

    Thursday, January 22 2015: Y&R Recap: Don't Ruin A Good Thing.

    At The Underground, Austin tells Mariah he knows she kissed him because she was upset and acting out. It can't happen again. He warns her about screwing things up with Kevin. Kevin arrives. He hopes she's learned her lesson about running scared. She wonders why he cares so much about what happens to her. He complains about her putting up walls and tells her if he can keep her in check, maybe it will keep him from imploding. He doesn't want to let his brother down. She donates to his cancer run. After, Austin tells her not to ruin a good thing. Mariah says her and Kevin aren't a 'thing'. Austin thinks it could happen and talks about Summer being amazing. Summer appears. Mariah tries to apologize but Summer won't let her. She calls her an awful human. Mariah walks off with tears. Austin chastises Summer for being cruel. Summer brings up what Fen said. Austin said Fen doesn't think he's good enough, but he doesn't kick people when they're down, which is more than he can say for Summer.

    Kevin finds a downcast Fen at Crimson Lights. He reassures him about Michael, but Fen says he had a fight with Summer about Austin. "She should let Mariah have him." Kevin defends Mariah. Fen realizes he's into Mariah. She appears, upset. Kevin rushes to hug her.

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