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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Kelly Andrews

    Full detailed profile on Kelly Andrews Played by Cady McClain on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Nikki Nelson/
    Kelly Andrews

    Actor: Cady McClain

    Who played Kelly Andrews over the years

    Cady McClain (April 16 2014 - present)
    Cynthia Watros (November 15 2013 - April 15 2014)

    Useful information on Kelly Andrews

    * Went to a grief therapy group with Billy.
    * Had a one night stand with Billy.
    * Knew Dr. Ben 'Stitch' Rayburn in the past.
    * Dates Jack Abbott.


    Current: Assistant at the Genoa City Athletic Club
    Past: Employed by a non-profit organization
    Past: Teacher


    Kelly met Billy and Victoria when they began attending a grief therapy group after Delia's death. Billy continued to go alone and bonded with Kelly, whose young son had been killed in an accident as well. Billy found Kelly crying in the park one day and took her home where they wound up having grief sex. Kelly ran into Victoria soon after and she invited Kelly to dinner. Meanwhile, Kelly had a couple of run-ins with Stitch, during which they alluded to knowing each other in the past and his wife having found out something from Kelly.

    At a gala at the Club, a disoriented Billy let the cat out of the bag about his fling with Kelly. At the same gala, Kelly had her first flirtation with Jack. Later, Jack tried to pay Kelly to leave town, but she elected to stay and work with Lily at the Club while seeking another teaching job. She and Stitch continue to have run-ins, in which she alludes to him having murdered a man, and he asks her to keep his secret. Kelly told him she would never forgive him, but would keep quiet. Kelly and Jack overcame their animosity and have begun dating.


    Unnamed ex-husband, father of her late son


    Jack Abbott
    Billy Abbott (one night stand)




    Sam (son, deceased)


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    Tuesday, December 16 2014: Y&R Recap: Steal Your Thunder.

    At the Club, Joe and Kelly plan his development party. Lily points out a few drinks won't change anyone's mind. Joe observes that she's genuinely upset by it and offers to move the event. Lily says the GCAC will hold the event. Joe wants to prove he's one of the good guys. After, Lily complains to Kelly that Joe is always 'on'; working it. She feels slimy after being around him. Kelly agrees - she hates the guys who ooze charm. They discuss Phyllis pushing her buttons. Kelly says she wanted her to hurt too.

    In the Club office, Lily tells Neil she's concerned that he's not talking to them and might start drinking again. Neil admits he's felt tempted. Lily is glad he told the truth and reminds him how many people love him. Lily gives him Braille books to read to Moses. Neil admits he hasn't done well with Braille. Lily falls asleep on his shoulder as he tries to read. Downstairs, Kelly runs into Jack, who tries to explain Phyllis to her. Kelly says all that time asleep did was give her an excuse to be a bigger b**** than she was before. Jack feels she's being cruel. Kelly mocks not living up to his standards. Jack tells her to be mad at him. She says Phyllis is a bully and she will not back down and be her victim.

    Thursday, December 11 2014: Y&R Recap: Liar In The Room.

    At the Club, Kelly hollers at Phyllis that when Jack told her he loved her, he was free of her. Jack appears. "Kelly!" Kelly tells them to leave. Jack drags Phyllis upstairs. In the office, Jack rants about her not coming to him and attacking Kelly. She says she would have been onto him next. Jack orders her to stay put while he checks on Kelly. Downstairs, Summer gets filled in by Kelly. Jack appears. Summer goes to Phyllis. Kelly tells Jack he made a horrible mistake and will spend the rest of his life regretting it. She can't believe Jack chose that woman over her. Kelly knows what kind of man he really is now. Upstairs, Phyllis realizes Summer knew about Kelly and kept it from her. Summer was scared. Phyllis won't put his on her. Summer says she was a brat about Kelly initially, but eventually accepted it. She confirms Jack visited Georgia to tell Phyllis goodbye. Phyllis goes downstairs. Kelly snarks to Jack, "Oh look, it's your fiancee." After, Summer tells Kelly she's sorry she got hurt. Once alone, Kelly throws out Jack's rose and cries.

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