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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Kelly Andrews

    Full detailed profile on Kelly Andrews Played by Cady McClain on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Nikki Nelson/
    Kelly Andrews

    Actor: Cady McClain

    Who played Kelly Andrews over the years

    Cady McClain (April 16 2014 - present)
    Cynthia Watros (November 15 2013 - April 15 2014)

    Useful information on Kelly Andrews

    * Went to a grief therapy group with Billy.
    * Had a one night stand with Billy.
    * Knew Dr. Ben 'Stitch' Rayburn in the past.
    * Dates Jack Abbott.


    Current: Assistant at the Genoa City Athletic Club
    Past: Employed by a non-profit organization
    Past: Teacher


    Kelly met Billy and Victoria when they began attending a grief therapy group after Delia's death. Billy continued to go alone and bonded with Kelly, whose young son had been killed in an accident as well. Billy found Kelly crying in the park one day and took her home where they wound up having grief sex. Kelly ran into Victoria soon after and she invited Kelly to dinner. Meanwhile, Kelly had a couple of run-ins with Stitch, during which they alluded to knowing each other in the past and his wife having found out something from Kelly.

    At a gala at the Club, a disoriented Billy let the cat out of the bag about his fling with Kelly. At the same gala, Kelly had her first flirtation with Jack. Later, Jack tried to pay Kelly to leave town, but she elected to stay and work with Lily at the Club while seeking another teaching job. She and Stitch continue to have run-ins, in which she alludes to him having murdered a man, and he asks her to keep his secret. Kelly told him she would never forgive him, but would keep quiet. Kelly and Jack overcame their animosity and have begun dating.


    Unnamed ex-husband, father of her late son


    Jack Abbott
    Billy Abbott (one night stand)




    Sam (son, deceased)


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    Monday, November 24 2014: Y&R Recap: Way Too Close.

    At the Club, Jack tells Kelly they need to talk. They discuss her mother. After several attempts, Jack finally says he doesn't want to hurt her. She replies, "Then don't." Kelly keeps talking over him. He finally tells her they can't have a future, but Phyllis appears and cuts him off. She gushes to Kelly, "Did Jack tell you? We're getting married!" She goes on about Kelly being the event planner. Kelly glares at Jack, who says Kelly was just leaving. Phyllis wants to set a meeting with Kelly first. Ben interrupts to tell Kelly that Maureen left the hospital. Jack offers to help. Kelly tells him to leave with his fiancee. Ben asks Kelly what that was about. She stammers. Ben has something to say that can't wait. He tells her he didn't kill their father - Maureen did. He explains about the abuse Maureen hid from her and how she couldn't take it anymore. Kelly sobs about how their mother could do that to Ben. "So selfish!" They argue about whether to look for Maureen. Kelly says they have to look after themselves now. He asks what's going on. She won't discuss it - he needs to focus on his life.

    Friday, November 21 2014: Y&R Recap: You Belong Together.

    At the Club, Kelly looks at a photo of her and Jack on her phone. Lily appears. They discuss Jack seeming distracted at the hospital and then go over an upcoming wedding reception. Kelly worries about Jack. Lily is sure he's just letting Phyllis down easy. They joke about Phyllis coming after Kelly with a machete. They finish and Jack appears. "We need to talk."

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