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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Kelly Andrews

    Full detailed profile on Kelly Andrews Played by Cady McClain on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Nikki Nelson/
    Kelly Andrews

    Actor: Cady McClain

    Who played Kelly Andrews over the years

    Cady McClain (April 16 2014 - present)
    Cynthia Watros (November 15 2013 - April 15 2014)

    Useful information on Kelly Andrews

    * Went to a grief therapy group with Billy.
    * Had a one night stand with Billy.
    * Knew Dr. Ben 'Stitch' Rayburn in the past.
    * Dates Jack Abbott.


    Current: Assistant at the Genoa City Athletic Club
    Past: Employed by a non-profit organization
    Past: Teacher


    Kelly met Billy and Victoria when they began attending a grief therapy group after Delia's death. Billy continued to go alone and bonded with Kelly, whose young son had been killed in an accident as well. Billy found Kelly crying in the park one day and took her home where they wound up having grief sex. Kelly ran into Victoria soon after and she invited Kelly to dinner. Meanwhile, Kelly had a couple of run-ins with Stitch, during which they alluded to knowing each other in the past and his wife having found out something from Kelly.

    At a gala at the Club, a disoriented Billy let the cat out of the bag about his fling with Kelly. At the same gala, Kelly had her first flirtation with Jack. Later, Jack tried to pay Kelly to leave town, but she elected to stay and work with Lily at the Club while seeking another teaching job. She and Stitch continue to have run-ins, in which she alludes to him having murdered a man, and he asks her to keep his secret. Kelly told him she would never forgive him, but would keep quiet. Kelly and Jack overcame their animosity and have begun dating.


    Unnamed ex-husband, father of her late son


    Jack Abbott
    Billy Abbott (one night stand)




    Sam (son, deceased)


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    Thursday, October 23 2014: Y&R Recap: Any Guy You Want.

    At the Abbott house, Jack introduces Kelly to Phyllis as the event planner at the Athletic Club. Phyllis wonders if they're having a party. Jack lies that Kelly's there to see Billy. Phyllis thinks Billy could use a friend. Jack says Kelly's relatively new in town. Kelly adds that Genoa City's become her home. Phyllis asks, "Where do you live?" Kelly stammers, "At the Club." She has to go. Jack says he'll let Billy know she came by. Kelly tightly thanks him. Phyllis wonders why Jack won't admit who Kelly really is - the woman who came between Billy and Victoria. Kelly admits it and leaves. Jack chastises Phyllis about cornering people. Billy appears. He hugs Phyllis, who says she met Kelly. Jack blurts that she came to see Billy. Phyllis knows he got a divorce because of that woman. Billy wonders if that's all Jack told her. Exasperated, Phyllis pleads for them to tell her what happened while she was gone. They won't. Phyllis pries about his affair, but Billy begs off. Phyllis keeps working on Jack for info. Jack tells her to stop fighting him and takes her upstairs to rest. She kisses him and says sometime soon they'll do more than rest. Once alone, Phyllis pulls out a tablet and reads about her tragic accident.

    Wednesday, October 22 2014: Y&R Recap: Walking On Eggshells.

    At the Club, Kelly frets to Ben about a lost file and complains about Maureen lurking. They commiserate about getting mixed signals from Jack and Victoria. Ashley appears to work with Ben. They all chat. Ashley lets Kelly know Jack is working to figure things out. Ben and Ashley sit and she tells him she was also arrested for murder. She was trying to protect someone she loved from going to prison. He wonders if the person hadn't come forward, would she have kept the truth to herself. Ash says of course.

    Jack finds Kelly at the Abbott house. He didn't mean to hurt her. She says he is - she almost wishes he'd tell her what they had wasn't real so she could move on. Jack says it's real and he still loves her. Kelly warns he has to stop giving her hope. Jack's not ready for them to be over. Kelly can't compete with Phyllis' miraculous return. Jack doesn't know what he's going to do. He's walking on eggshells with the doctor's advice. Kelly wonders if that's really what it is. Phyllis arrives. "Who's this Jack?"

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