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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Kelly Andrews

    Full detailed profile on Kelly Andrews Played by Cady McClain on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Nikki Nelson/
    Kelly Andrews

    Actor: Cady McClain

    Who played Kelly Andrews over the years

    Cady McClain (April 16 2014 - present)
    Cynthia Watros (November 15 2013 - April 15 2014)

    Useful information on Kelly Andrews

    * Went to a grief therapy group with Billy.
    * Had a one night stand with Billy.
    * Knew Dr. Ben 'Stitch' Rayburn in the past.
    * Dates Jack Abbott.


    Current: Assistant at the Genoa City Athletic Club
    Past: Employed by a non-profit organization
    Past: Teacher


    Kelly met Billy and Victoria when they began attending a grief therapy group after Delia's death. Billy continued to go alone and bonded with Kelly, whose young son had been killed in an accident as well. Billy found Kelly crying in the park one day and took her home where they wound up having grief sex. Kelly ran into Victoria soon after and she invited Kelly to dinner. Meanwhile, Kelly had a couple of run-ins with Stitch, during which they alluded to knowing each other in the past and his wife having found out something from Kelly.

    At a gala at the Club, a disoriented Billy let the cat out of the bag about his fling with Kelly. At the same gala, Kelly had her first flirtation with Jack. Later, Jack tried to pay Kelly to leave town, but she elected to stay and work with Lily at the Club while seeking another teaching job. She and Stitch continue to have run-ins, in which she alludes to him having murdered a man, and he asks her to keep his secret. Kelly told him she would never forgive him, but would keep quiet. Kelly and Jack overcame their animosity and have begun dating.


    Unnamed ex-husband, father of her late son


    Jack Abbott
    Billy Abbott (one night stand)




    Sam (son, deceased)


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    Tuesday, March 17 2015: Y&R Recap: Always A Price.

    In Kelly's suite, she knocks Phyllis out with the champagne bottle and then calls someone. "We have a problem." Downstairs, Lily and Cane discuss him sleeping in the guestroom and him keeping Devon's secret. Nearby, Hilary approaches Devon to ask about Neil. She says they drove him to drink and cause the accident so it's her business. Devon insists it won't affect her. He tells her she's good - he couldn't have been more convinced that she loved him. Cane stops her on her way out. He knows she's still in love with Devon. Kelly comes down the stairs and runs into Lily. She says she's going to see her lawyer. Upstairs, Phyllis groggily answers Jack's call. He asks where she is. Phyllis croaks, "Kelly." Later, Jack and Paul find her in the suite. Phyllis tells them Kelly hit her and is leaving town. Paul puts out an APB. Phyllis figures Jack's wondering if she manufactured this whole thing. He isn't, but chastises her for confronting Kelly. They wonder who paid Kelly's high bail. Downstairs, Cane doesn't believe Hilary's claim she doesn't love Devon. He wonders how long she can keep this up. Hilary says she's leaving town soon, but mentions Neil. Lily interrupts - she saw Devon leaving upset and lashes out at Hilary. Lily is angry that Cane's still buying her lies. Paul stops Lily to ask about Kelly. Lily says she left with a suitcase and said she couldn't face one more hour in a jail cell. Lily talks with Cane, who tells her he thinks Hilary trashed her relationship with Devon to give him and Neil a chance to reconcile. Lily thinks of the lengths Kelly would go to hang onto Jack. They discuss their own marriage. Lily agrees it starts with forgiveness.

    At the ranch, Nikki's lawyer tells her multiple witnesses saw her car swerve. Nikki denies it. She shouts when he asks if her passenger distracted her. Victor arrives and the lawyer goes. Victor tells Nikki if she can't tell the truth then come up with a believable story. He warns her the evidence will corroborate what the witnesses say. "Are you protecting Neil?" Nikki complains about blaming the drunk. Victor insists she's keeping something from him. Kelly arrives at the door and tells Victor that Phyllis saw her itinerary and she bonked her over the head. Victor is appalled she wants him to clean up her mess. Kelly complains Phyllis was going to ruin the plan. Victor says she did that on her own. He agrees to help her, but warns there is always a price. Kelly exits when Jack and Phyllis appear. They accuse Victor of bailing Kelly out. Victor asks why he'd help Kelly. Jack says he'll figure that out. Victor thinks Jack should be happy Kelly's leaving. Jack's phone rings - it's Kelly. She couldn't leave without saying goodbye. Jack tells her to come back, but she says she loves him and hangs up. Phyllis rants. Jack is concerned about what Kelly might do to herself.

    Monday, March 16 2015: Y&R Recap: I'm Always Watching.

    At the station, Kelly complains to Victor that she spent the night in jail despite doing everything he asked her to do. "Are you double-crossing me?" Victor reassures her. He tells her the lawyer will get her out on bail, and warns her to stop acting confident and let Jack think she's a jilted and fragile bird. Kelly is upset that Phyllis is with Jack. Victor warns her to have patience and rest - she'll need strength for what's to come. Later, Stitch arrives. He is taken aback when Kelly seems offended at him believing she did what she confessed to doing. She says she wasn't herself.

    At the Club, Ben gets Kelly settled in her room and asks who paid her bail. She acts cagey. He says she's not telling him everything. Kelly reassures him. After, she orders champagne, looks at an airline ticket on her tablet, and dons a robe. Phyllis arrives. She wants to know Kelly's real reason for confessing and notices the travel itinerary. Phyllis says she's reporting this and Kelly knocks her out with the champagne bottle.

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